Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 18

Homecoming Upset

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 11, 2007 on Disney Channel
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When the Homecoming dance comes to Middleton High, things begin getting edgy when Bonnie ends up as Homecoming Queen and Ron as Homecoming King. Kim must now figure out what happened while getting to the bottom of a kidnapped scientist.

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  • I'm not sure where people got "good episode" from Bonnie being an insufferable twit for 22 min with no worthy payoff. Steve Loter said fans would be buzzing from this episode. The only buzz I got was the desire to see Bonnie dead. One of KP's worst.moreless

    This episode, to use an old football analogy was like "having your team pulling off a well-executed running play, but going the wrong way and scoring a touchdown for the opposing team". Sure there's the odd glimer of entertainment (like Donald Faison, the tv host, Ron as homecoming king the boat chase, and the Kim/Ron stuff) but it's all ruined due to us the viewer having to sit through Bonnie's shrill and annoying character portrayal.

    I'm not sure where the VIPs or the writer got it in their heads that building Bonnie up as an annoying and unlikable b*%#h for the entire episode without a satisfying payoff somehow = a compelling episode. "It doesn't"

    Throughout the episode, Bonnie annoying me for the entire episode left me feeling like "this better have a reward for sitting through her "nails on a chalkboard" annoyance." "but it didn't", leaving me wondering what the writer/VIP's thought was supposed to be appealing about this episode?

    To be fair there are at least two ways to turn this episode around and make this episode concept work:

    1.) To expose Bonnie as the fraud she is in front of the school.

    2.) To redeem Bonnie's character to a certain degree after what she did to Kim and Ron, especially after Kim & Ron had to put up with her.

    But since the episode didn't do either of these things the episode is a failure. And don't give me this bs excuse that Bonnie not graduating (in Graduation) is the payoff, BECAUSE IT'S NOT. Wasting 22 minutes of her being a whiny ass runt just for a "supposed" payoff that happens in another episode doesn't make the episode any less of a waste.

    You can't really do #1 because it would take away Bonnie's purpose as a character (to keep the series grounded, Kim needs one primary antagonist that she must suffer instead of sucker punch. But when we get 2 or 3 scenes of her, her schtick becomes irritating). My suggestion for #2 you have her apologize to Ron about what she did to him. When Ron asks Bonnie if things between him and her are cool, she'd respond with "yeah sure." Then he would ask the same question about things between her and Kim, and her response would be "that'll never happen."

    The above mentioned accomplishes two things, it shows Bonnie does have a range of emotion, instead of being just a one dimensional jerk all the time; it also keeps her true to her character as being the one person that will always hate Kim and get on her nerves.

    This episode seems to be remembered mostly for the shock value of Bonnie kissing Ron then of any actual story happening. If watching Wrestling under Vince Russo's influence has taught me anything, it's that shock value alone "does not inspire or create resonance". Also the ending with Bonnie not changing or learning anything felt like a swerve. Once again "swerves" (along with shock value) alone "do not inspire or create resonance". You need a good story first, and that story needs to remain intact. I'm not sure whose idea of a good story this was, because it was far from it.

    Seriously all this episode does is prove how much of an absolute b*%ch Bonnie is. But we as viewers don't need massive amounts of Bonnie screen time to reinforce this, because we already know it.

    I still don't know what it is the writers set out to do in this episode, but this episode just left me with an urge of wanting to see Bonnie get run over by a semi truck. Why am I supposed to give a rats a$# about Bonnie being all whiny about wanting a boyfriend. Why is this an episode that the vip's were so hyped up about? This episode just bomb's and it's all because of Bonnie.

    If the premise was mainly to go around watching Ron trying to get Bonnie a new boyfriend, then that's a really dumb premise, and here's why:

    -Bonnie is not a likeable character, nor is she an inherently interesting one. So getting viewers to sympathize with her/or care about her situation won't work if she has no desire to change (even in the slightest) especially in mega b*#@h mode, why should my opinion on Bonnie change if she's not willing to change? And why should I care about a plot revolving around her if all she does is act like the queen of b@#%hes for 22 min.

    The writer just spends the entire episode building up Bonnie to be the most cringeworthy, most repellent character on the show that I just wanted punch her, or for someone else to.

    Some people have defended this episode saying that there's development for Bonnie, but that's where they're still wrong, as I once again point to the unofficial Boyd Kirkland rule "Good story telling always has to begin with characters you care about and can relate to on some level. If you don't have that, who cares what their powers are, or what happens to them?"

    While Bonnie doesn't have superpowers I'm not given a reason to care about Bonnie at all, so why should I care about what happens to her? There's a difference between development and actually caring about a character. Without the latter, the former is useless.

    One of the worst KP episodes of all time. Episodes like this in the last half of season 4 are why kp's fan base has taken a drop since the last episode of the series aired.moreless
  • Although full of action and plot, the way the two were presented felt lacking to me...

    Let me begin by saying that this definitely was one of the better episodes of this, the last season of Kim Possible. There was plenty of action throughout the entire episode, which, with this season, was somewhat of a surprise to be honest. The episode began right off with a battle with Killigan, and quickly shifted to the revealing of the Homecoming Court and the ensuing fallout. The pivotal part of the episode would beyond a doubt be when Bonnie kissed Ron. The way Kim handled this moment was one of the most forgettable moments in this terrible season. She just went along with it like it was just an everyday occurance. Kim just going along with Bonnie's break down (or anything for that matter)? Can you say OOC? The four of them (Ron, Kim, Bonnie, and Wade) each worked throughout the rest of the episode to find Rotiffle, a missing computer scientist, and find Bonnie a new boyfriend. First of all, why the hell should any of them help her out after all she has done to them? What has she ever done for you? And of course there was the ending of this episode. Bonnie finds her 'true love', and lives happily ever after (until she gets summer school in the finale anyway). What kind of message is this showing kids? You can steal someone's boyfriend and still get it all your way? Granted Kim beating the living snot out of Bonnie isn't exactly the right message for kids either, but that sure would have made this episode more entertaining. Eh, what do I know?

    Overall I'd give this one a seven out of ten.moreless
  • This episode was by far the topping that ruined the Sundae known as season 4. It could've ended better

    If the writers were trying to pass the "sometimes the badguys win" message to the viewers... THEY FAILED!

    All this episode did was promote cheating, stealing someone else's courting match, and still getting what you don't deserve. If Disney channel won't listen to making a new season, they could at least change the ending of this episode to expose Bonnie as the fraud she is, and give her the punishment she deserves, because...well let's face it, needing summer-school and getting hit in the face with a volleyball just isn't enough. I mean, the Ron and Bonnie kiss just made it worse.Also, Bonnie saying that she was "Superior" even though she cheated...... that really gave me an ulser. As I said before, if Disney Channel won't make a new season, the least they can do is make an alternate ending where Bonnie gets immediate gratification as far as getting what she truely deserves. And if her being teased at home by her sisters was the factor of her being a total b**ch, then that is a poor excuse, since it was only explored once.

    It won't kill the disney executives to change the ending to one episode, nore will it rupture the continuity, it'll just make the fans happy... and isn't that what show biz is really about? or did the DisChan execs forget that?moreless
  • When Ron wins Homecoming King, a suprising turn of events occurs when Bonnie wins Homecoming Queen. Bonnie takes this oportunety to make Kim jealouse.

    This was by far the best episode in the series so far! There were many plot twists and thats what kept me watching. First, Bonnie tries to make Kim jealouse, then, they find out that she "needs" a new "hotty" because Brick broke up with her. Her crying over him was a bit overly dramatic, but very accurate to us girls reaction to a break up (when its not us ending the relationship). The next twist was that the "kidnapped" scientist was not actually kidnapped but hired by Senor Seniour Juniour to search the personals. Bonnie and Junior are the perfect couple. Kim's reaction to Bonnie kissing Ron (EEEWWW) was both realistic and entertaning. She looked like an agery rino! I was VERY satisfied.moreless
  • When Bonnie makes homecoming queen and Ron homecoming king things get a little scary when Kim starts to become jealous.

    OMG! This episode is just another reason not only why I started watching this show, but it's also another reason why this is one of my favorite shows of all time! If I had the physical ability to, I would give this episode of Kim Possible more than 2 thumbs up! Not only is this episode funny as hell, but it's also touching and heart-warming! In my opinion, Homecoming Upset is one of the best episodes created so far! The writters totally had their work cut out for them this time! I know I've said things like this about a million time, but this episode truly takes the cake!moreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Ricky Rotiffle

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Phill Lewis

Coco Banana

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Kirsten Storms


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Brian George

Duff Killigan

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Señor Senior, Jr.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • "Anything is possible for a Possible"...except, apparently, apologizing. As in, "Ron, I'm sorry I doubted your commitment to me when I saw Bonnie kissing you." (KP had to have seen the shock in Ron's eyes when Bonnie laid the smooch-down on him.) Her semi-"apology" at the end of the episode left a LOT to be desired.

    • Freudian slip? Kim stated it took Ron "twelve stinkin' years" to kiss her. Apparently her attraction to Mr. Stoppable goes back further than she's admitted to even herself.

    • Kim should have figured out that it was Junior who had Rotiffle when she saw the man she encountered at his house. The man was dressed exactly the same as the henchmen Junior began using in the episode And the Molerat will be CGI.

    • The restaurant that Ron and Bonnie appear at for its "grand reopening" is the same restaurant destroyed in Car Alarm earlier in the season.

    • For one shot while she and Wade are researching Dr. Rotiffle's second disappearance, Kim is wearing her old mission clothes. While her whole body cannot be seen, you can tell that she is wearing a black shirt instead of her new purple one.

    • When Ron is on Coco Banana's plane on his way to Venice, he is in his mission clothes. However, when they arrive in Venice, he is wearing his usual clothes. Later, when he is in the boat, he has returned to his mission outfit.

    • We learn that Kim is seventeen years old when she says she had to wait twelve years to get a kiss from Ron.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Bonnie: I can't believe no one in Italy wanted me!
      Ron: There she goes again.
      Bonnie: I don't do pathetic.
      Ron: You could have fooled me.
      Bonnie: What?!
      Ron: You can count on me.. when this over!

    • (Ron and Bonnie are trying to find her a new boyfriend)
      Bonnie: I want somebody else on my team.
      Ron: Trust me, this will work.
      (A line of guys are standing in front on Bonnie's table)
      Bonnie: (signing a yearbook) Thank you for coming. Go Mad Dogs.
      Bonnie: (to Ron) Mark him down as never.
      Ron: Ah ha, yes, very popular catagory today. Next! Hey Tiny!
      (A very tall guy walks up)
      Tiny: Yo.
      Bonnie: He's a big no.
      Ron: 'Big' was not a shot at your size by the way. It's about how she is hugely not into you. So no hard feelings?
      (Tiny walks away as Larry walks up)
      Larry: Hey Ron. Wow, you didn't say she was this fascinating. You know, you bear a strong resemblance to my favorite queen, Udillia of the planet Gropnos.
      Bonnie: This is not happening to me!
      Ron: Okay, Lar. Alright, so I'll see you at next week's Netherworld battle strategies meeting?
      Bonnie: Abandoning hope now.

    • MHS Sign: Meet the Queen at 3pm

    • (Bonnie is crying histerically)
      Kim: Bonnie, uh, I wish I could help.
      Bonnie: Me... needing help from you? I should be horrified, but I don't even have my pride anymore. Fine, I accept.
      Kim: Accept what?
      Bonnie: Your offer to find me a new hottie.
      Kim: Okay, there's plenty of seniors out there... that aren't Ron.
      Wade: But what about Rotiffle?
      Bonnie: Never heard of him. Does he even go to Middleton High?
      Ron: No, he's the idle of serious snackers everywhere! Do not tell me he's missing again!
      Bonnie: Who cares? I have a real problem here.
      Kim: Which is much more important than my mission.
      Bonnie: Finally, you're getting it.
      Kim: Okay, we'll split into teams.

    • (Kim witnesses Bonnie kissing Ron)
      Kim: (furiously) What is the sitch?
      Ron: I was the kissee here, not the kisser!
      Kim: No kidding! It took you twelve stinkin' years to kiss me!
      Ron: Ah, whew. Hey, wait a minute...
      Kim: (to Bonnie) I don't know what you're up to, but this is a new low, even for you.
      Bonnie: Oh yeah, well speaking of low...
      Kim: ...which I am.
      Bonnie: You... you're...
      Kim: Well...?
      Bonnie: Well... well... I, uh...
      (Bonnie suddenly breaks down crying)
      Kim: Okay, um...
      Bonnie: Bri, bri, oh, bro, bro, ohh, broke, uuup, wit, eeeeeeeeee...
      Ron: Uh, I don't speak hysterical.
      Kim: Brick broke up with you?
      Ron: How do you know what she said?
      Kim: It's a girl thing.
      Ron: So I'm the rebound guy? Cool! I've never been the rebound guy!
      (Kim frowns)
      Ron: Uh, but you know, it's not as wonderful as being your guy.

    • (Ron and Bonnie are at the grand re-opening of the pizzeria)
      Bonnie: Try the supreme, your supreme highness.
      Ron: Yum, don't mind if I do. You know, I never pictured you as the pizza party-torium type, Bonnie.
      Bonnie: Oh Ronnie, there's so much you don't know about me.
      Ron: Well you know, I guess you can't judge a book by its cover... or by the fact that said book called me cruel names from K through twelve.
      Bonnie: That's all behind us, my king.
      Ron: (sarcastically) Ha ha, sounds great. But you know, even though you are officially my queen, Kim is much more than that. She's the only girl for me...
      (Bonnie kisses Ron right when Kim and Wade walk in)

    • (Ron and Bonnie are getting a picture at the grand re-opening of the pizzeria)
      Ron: One more for the yearbook! Ahh, JP, thanks for inviting us to the grand re-opening.
      JP: We appreciate your loyalty. Fifteen years as a preferred customer. Easy to see how you got elected king. Let's get this party-torium started!
      Ron: (sniffing the air) Burnt pizza! My favorite odor!

    • (Kim and Wade are watching a blog entry from Rotiffle)
      Rotiffle: Ricky here. Today on the blogcast a new meaty sweet treat...
      Kim: This must have been his last blog entry.
      Rotiffle: ...bored by bland burger buns? Stuff that patty into a cinnamon roll. Mmm mmm, that's good!
      Kim: Gr-oss!
      Wade: According to the timestamp, this is the last thing Ricky did at his work station before he disappeared.
      Kim: He gets rescued by us, comes back to update his blog, then gets captured again?

    • (Kim has just been soaked by a fire hose at the firehouse when the Kimmunicator beeps)
      Kim: (in an irritated manner) What's the sitch, Wade?
      Wade: Kim, I just... have you been swimming?
      Kim: Nope, just a little hosedown.
      Wade: Uh, okay. Well... I just got an emergency hit on your site. Rotiffle's missing... again. And the people at his computer company are freaking!
      Kim: Duff Killigan?
      Wade: Still in custody.
      Kim: His Ronness is tied up with the royal tour. Feel like sidekickin'?
      Wade: All in!

    • Fireman 1: Okay, picture time! Everyone in!
      (As the picture is taken, a lady next to Kim starts talking to her)
      Lady: That king and queen sure make a cute couple.
      Bonnie: We do, don't we?
      (The fire hose Ron is holding goes off onto Kim)
      Ron: Ha ha ha! Ohhh... sorry KP!
      Bonnie: Ronnie, kings never apologize! It shows weakness!

    • Kim: Morning, Bonnie. Nice job here on the firehouse fundraiser.
      Bonnie: So it doesn't bother you at all?
      Kim: Hey, I have to be honest. You're doing a great job as queen... and I'm sorry if I seemed jealous before.
      Bonnie: Oh, well... that's alright...

    • Fireman 1: (to everyone) Come and get it, flapjacks-a-hot!
      Fireman 1: (to Bonnie) Ha ha, you kids have done a great job! We're way ahead of last year's sales.
      Bonnie: Well, yeah.
      Fireman 1: I think King Flapjacks there is pretty serious about all this.
      (we see Ron talking to some kids)
      Ron: Welcome citizens! Welcome to all!
      Kids: Thank you si'er!
      Ron: It is our pleasure! Oh, welcome Ms. Possible. Care for a crown?
      Fireman 2: My leege, excuse me, but we need your expertise again. The new batch of batter doesn't taste right.
      Ron: I'm on my way! Duty calls.

    • Monique: So, what are you and 'the king' doing tonight?
      Kim: Oh, the royals have been summoned to the Charity League Bowl-a-thon.
      Monique: You're handling it suspiciously well.
      Kim: Well, just because Bonnie's obnoxious doesn't mean Ron should suffer. He's serious about this stuff.
      (They are interrupted by the sound of trumpets from two students)
      Students: All hail the Middleton queen and her king!
      (Ron and Bonnie are brought in on a throne carried by football players)
      Monique: Oh yeah, it's real serious. Uh huh. They do own the wave.
      Kim: You know, in her own way, she's more evil than any super villain.
      Bonnie: I thought the commoners would be cleared out by now. Ronnie, where is my throne?
      Monique: Oh, someone needs to get thrown down.
      Bonnie: Right here, this will do boys.
      (The football players let the throne down and Bonnie approaches Kim and Monique)
      Bonnie: Does the wannabe want to say something?
      Kim: Want to, won't. Might not be able to stop at words!
      Ron: Kim, uh, did you hear? We got a ginormous donation for the senior center.
      Kim: That's great! You should be proud.
      Bonnie: Have you seen the school newspaper? I think Ronnie looks super cute.
      Kim: Ha! For your scrapbook, Ronnie.

    • Camera Operator: Back in three... two... one.
      Sterges: Welcome back, Middleton! Glad you could join us. And in case you missed our last segment, our producer, Skellmen, is officially the worst jumproper in the world. Guess who beat him? That's right, me, Mr. Big Shot. Okay, I have here with me the town's newest royal couple, the Homecoming Queen and King of Middleton High. Welcome Bonnie Rockwaller and Ron Stompable...
      Ron: Uh, yeah, it's 'Stoppable'. Two P's...
      Sterges: a pod. Ha ha. Look at you kids.
      Bonnie: You know, Sterge, I think I was destined to be queen. Plus there was no real competition.
      (the on-set camera turns into the computer in Kim's locker as Kim and Monique watch the show)
      Kim: Can you believe her? Destined. She totally cheated her way into that crown.
      Monique: Don't go there, girl.
      Kim: I mean who does she think she is? Ms. My Life is so Perfect?
      Monique: Kim, you know she wants you gellin'. Don't give her the satisfaction.
      Kim: Ahh, you're right. She probably knows I'm watching.
      Bonnie: (on the show) Yes, Sterge, everyone at school is so excited for me. Isn't that right, Kim?
      Kim: Grr!
      Sterges: Hey, you think I'd look good in a crown, Skellmen? Don't answer.
      Ron: Okay, paws off Sterges! They don't hand these things out to no body.
      Monique: Does he know he's not a real king?

    • Barkin: Okay, folks, we're at a battle for our football lives here today, so I won't dally. As you know, this year we replaced our old paper ballots with our own state-of-the-art electronic voting system which snagged second place for Ron Reager in the tri-city science fair. Reager assures me that his system is one hundred percent incorruptable.
      (Bonnie gives the 'call me' sign to Reager as he types at his computer and presses print)
      Barkin: And here we go, the results...
      Kim: (to Ron) I voted for you.
      Barkin: ...this year's Homecoming King...
      Ron: (to Kim) I voted for me too.
      Barkin: Ron Stoppable!
      Ron: Computer voting rocks!
      Barkin: Congratulations, Stoppable. And this year's Middleton Homecoming Queen...
      Bonnie: (to Kim) Buckle up, sister.
      Barkin: ...well, why even read on, we all know that it's Ki... Ms. Bonnie Rockwaller?!
      Bonnie: Me me me! It had to be me! It had to be me!
      (She poses for a photo with Ron as he looks confusingly at Kim)

    • Bonnie: Kim, will you still be able to cheer the second half after losing Homecoming Queen to me or will you be way humiliated?
      Kim: I'll take my chances.
      Monique: Back off Bonnie! In case you didn't notice, now Kim is the one dating the star of the football team.
      Kim: That's not important to me, Monique. Although Ron has broken more school records than Brick ever did.
      Bonnie: Brick. If he had just flunked senior year one more time he'd be here to rule at my side... instead of off at college.

    • (Ron has just tied the game at halftime)
      Barkin: My grandmother runs faster than that, Stoppable! Adequate result though.

    • (Ron calls Brick on the phone)
      Ron: Hey, hey, Brick old buddy, how's college life treating you? It's Ron, Ron Stoppable. Middleton High? Dude, okay work with me here. Yeah, okay you know what? Brick, it doesn't matter if you remember me. Cause you know something? I know you remember a special lady, your precious Bon-Bon! Bonnie? Bonnie Rockwaller, your high school girlfriend. What? I, okay, I think it's a little harsh to call her the mean girl. Yeah, I mean, that's true. She is pretty bossy. And she can be cruel, but I mean, come on! Isn't that part of what we love about her! Hey! Uh huh, okay! (laughs nervously) All right, bye bye!
      Wade: So?
      Ron: You know, college has actually made him smarter. He's completely moved on.

    • (Kim and Ron are at the homecoming dance)
      Ron: Well, it looks like our trip to Venice really was a success.
      Kim: Hmm-mm. We got to see a beautiful city, have a semi-romantic boat ride, and it put an end to the queen kissing.
      Ron:(Stammering) Ah, you know I didn't...
      Kim: It's okay, I get it.
      (They are about to kiss, but stop when they hear Bonnie)
      Bonnie:(Giggling) Oh, Junior!
      Ron: So, happy ending?
      Kim: Yep, weird happy ending.

    • Killigan: (after Kim and Ron defeat him) Ahh, should have gone with the Wood.
      (He is placed into a helicopter and taken away as we see Kim and Ron talking to Dr. Rotiffle
      Ron: To meet my snack master in person... awesomeness!
      Rotiffle: Thanks for the rescue.
      Kim: No big.
      Rotiffle: It was kinda big. I had no idea my work would make me a target.
      Ron: You put your snackage opinions out there like that, enemies are made...
      Kim: I think he meant the stuff he does with computers.
      Ron: Really? Who cares about that?
      Rotiffle: Dude, my newest creation, the MDD...
      Ron: Wait, wait! Don't tell me. The Mini Donut Diet?
      Rotiffle: No, the Massive Data Digestor.
      Ron: Sounds techy, not snacky.
      Rotiffle: The MDD processes information at a rate that blows away all existing technology.
      Ron: Yeah, can't eat it, not interested...
      Kim: Just so we can be prepared, does the MDD have evil applications?
      Rotiffle: Information is power.
      Ron: And the evil dudes do like themselves some power.
      Kim: If you have any more trouble, you know how to reach us.
      (Rufus tries to get Ron's attention)
      Ron: Oh, the Homecoming Game! KP, we've gotta go. I'm on the team, remember?
      (They rush off to the game)

    • Kim: What's the deal with this guy Killigan captured?
      Wade: Kim, this isn't just "some guy", it's Ricky Rotiffle.
      Ron: (overhearing the conversation) The snack blogger?!
      Kim: The who?
      Ron: He photographs, catalogs, and critics every single snack he eats. It's a must bookmark.
      Kim: Hmm, missed it.
      Ron: Oh, you can catch up on archive. Oh, his piece on Pop Pop Porter's pork puffs was poetry.
      Kim: (to Wade) Why would Killigan care about a "snack blogger"?
      Wade: Well, in addition to his snack obsession, Ricky happens to be one of the world's top computer programmers. He's been working on some super secret break-through program.
      Kim: So, we're looking at a highest bidder situation?
      (An exploding golf ball rolls over to Kim and Ron as Killigan appears)
      Killigan: No lassy, you're looking at your doom.
      (They continue to dodge golf balls)
      Killigan: You cannot dodge me forever.
      (Kim uses her wrist Kimmunicator to take his golf club)
      Ron: Nine iron, not the way to play this hole.
      Kim: Not when I've got my super magnet loaded into my new Kimmunicator.
      (A golf ball explodes thus knocking Killigan out)
      Kim: Poor Duff.
      Ron: Meh, you know, I looked worse when I hit the cliff.

    • (Kim is parachuting down to Killigan's hideout)
      Kim: Wade, I made it, but I lost visual contact with Ron.
      Wade: Should be hearing from him in just about now...
      (Ron comes crashing in)
      Kim: There he is.
      Ron: Ugh, okay, round one goes to the cliff.

  • NOTES (2)


    • From Russia with Love:

      As Kim and company are chasing Junior through the canals of Venice, Junior plows into a dock loaded with barrels. He then looks back over his shoulder and blows them up with a flare gun to try to slow Kim up. In From Russia With Love, James Bond does the same exact thing while trying to escape to Venice.

    • Dr. Rotiffle:

      Dr. Rotiffle's name is a reference to his hobby as a blogger. If you sound out his last name, it is the phonetic spelling and pronunciation of the popular acronym "ROTFL", which is internet slang for "rolling on the floor, laughing".