Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 18

Homecoming Upset

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 11, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • I'm not sure where people got "good episode" from Bonnie being an insufferable twit for 22 min with no worthy payoff. Steve Loter said fans would be buzzing from this episode. The only buzz I got was the desire to see Bonnie dead. One of KP's worst.

    This episode, to use an old football analogy was like "having your team pulling off a well-executed running play, but going the wrong way and scoring a touchdown for the opposing team". Sure there's the odd glimer of entertainment (like Donald Faison, the tv host, Ron as homecoming king the boat chase, and the Kim/Ron stuff) but it's all ruined due to us the viewer having to sit through Bonnie's shrill and annoying character portrayal.

    I'm not sure where the VIPs or the writer got it in their heads that building Bonnie up as an annoying and unlikable b*%#h for the entire episode without a satisfying payoff somehow = a compelling episode. "It doesn't"
    Throughout the episode, Bonnie annoying me for the entire episode left me feeling like "this better have a reward for sitting through her "nails on a chalkboard" annoyance." "but it didn't", leaving me wondering what the writer/VIP's thought was supposed to be appealing about this episode?

    To be fair there are at least two ways to turn this episode around and make this episode concept work:
    1.) To expose Bonnie as the fraud she is in front of the school.
    2.) To redeem Bonnie's character to a certain degree after what she did to Kim and Ron, especially after Kim & Ron had to put up with her.

    But since the episode didn't do either of these things the episode is a failure. And don't give me this bs excuse that Bonnie not graduating (in Graduation) is the payoff, BECAUSE IT'S NOT. Wasting 22 minutes of her being a whiny ass runt just for a "supposed" payoff that happens in another episode doesn't make the episode any less of a waste.
    You can't really do #1 because it would take away Bonnie's purpose as a character (to keep the series grounded, Kim needs one primary antagonist that she must suffer instead of sucker punch. But when we get 2 or 3 scenes of her, her schtick becomes irritating). My suggestion for #2 you have her apologize to Ron about what she did to him. When Ron asks Bonnie if things between him and her are cool, she'd respond with "yeah sure." Then he would ask the same question about things between her and Kim, and her response would be "that'll never happen."
    The above mentioned accomplishes two things, it shows Bonnie does have a range of emotion, instead of being just a one dimensional jerk all the time; it also keeps her true to her character as being the one person that will always hate Kim and get on her nerves.

    This episode seems to be remembered mostly for the shock value of Bonnie kissing Ron then of any actual story happening. If watching Wrestling under Vince Russo's influence has taught me anything, it's that shock value alone "does not inspire or create resonance". Also the ending with Bonnie not changing or learning anything felt like a swerve. Once again "swerves" (along with shock value) alone "do not inspire or create resonance". You need a good story first, and that story needs to remain intact. I'm not sure whose idea of a good story this was, because it was far from it.

    Seriously all this episode does is prove how much of an absolute b*%ch Bonnie is. But we as viewers don't need massive amounts of Bonnie screen time to reinforce this, because we already know it.

    I still don't know what it is the writers set out to do in this episode, but this episode just left me with an urge of wanting to see Bonnie get run over by a semi truck. Why am I supposed to give a rats a$# about Bonnie being all whiny about wanting a boyfriend. Why is this an episode that the vip's were so hyped up about? This episode just bomb's and it's all because of Bonnie.

    If the premise was mainly to go around watching Ron trying to get Bonnie a new boyfriend, then that's a really dumb premise, and here's why:
    -Bonnie is not a likeable character, nor is she an inherently interesting one. So getting viewers to sympathize with her/or care about her situation won't work if she has no desire to change (even in the slightest) especially in mega b*#@h mode, why should my opinion on Bonnie change if she's not willing to change? And why should I care about a plot revolving around her if all she does is act like the queen of b@#%hes for 22 min.
    The writer just spends the entire episode building up Bonnie to be the most cringeworthy, most repellent character on the show that I just wanted punch her, or for someone else to.

    Some people have defended this episode saying that there's development for Bonnie, but that's where they're still wrong, as I once again point to the unofficial Boyd Kirkland rule "Good story telling always has to begin with characters you care about and can relate to on some level. If you don't have that, who cares what their powers are, or what happens to them?"
    While Bonnie doesn't have superpowers I'm not given a reason to care about Bonnie at all, so why should I care about what happens to her? There's a difference between development and actually caring about a character. Without the latter, the former is useless.

    One of the worst KP episodes of all time. Episodes like this in the last half of season 4 are why kp's fan base has taken a drop since the last episode of the series aired.