Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 18

Homecoming Upset

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 11, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Quotes

    • (Ron calls Brick on the phone)
      Ron: Hey, hey, Brick old buddy, how's college life treating you? It's Ron, Ron Stoppable. Middleton High? Dude, okay work with me here. Yeah, okay you know what? Brick, it doesn't matter if you remember me. Cause you know something? I know you remember a special lady, your precious Bon-Bon! Bonnie? Bonnie Rockwaller, your high school girlfriend. What? I, okay, I think it's a little harsh to call her the mean girl. Yeah, I mean, that's true. She is pretty bossy. And she can be cruel, but I mean, come on! Isn't that part of what we love about her! Hey! Uh huh, okay! (laughs nervously) All right, bye bye!
      Wade: So?
      Ron: You know, college has actually made him smarter. He's completely moved on.