Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 18

Homecoming Upset

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 11, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Quotes

    • Camera Operator: Back in three... two... one.
      Sterges: Welcome back, Middleton! Glad you could join us. And in case you missed our last segment, our producer, Skellmen, is officially the worst jumproper in the world. Guess who beat him? That's right, me, Mr. Big Shot. Okay, I have here with me the town's newest royal couple, the Homecoming Queen and King of Middleton High. Welcome Bonnie Rockwaller and Ron Stompable...
      Ron: Uh, yeah, it's 'Stoppable'. Two P's...
      Sterges: a pod. Ha ha. Look at you kids.
      Bonnie: You know, Sterge, I think I was destined to be queen. Plus there was no real competition.
      (the on-set camera turns into the computer in Kim's locker as Kim and Monique watch the show)
      Kim: Can you believe her? Destined. She totally cheated her way into that crown.
      Monique: Don't go there, girl.
      Kim: I mean who does she think she is? Ms. My Life is so Perfect?
      Monique: Kim, you know she wants you gellin'. Don't give her the satisfaction.
      Kim: Ahh, you're right. She probably knows I'm watching.
      Bonnie: (on the show) Yes, Sterge, everyone at school is so excited for me. Isn't that right, Kim?
      Kim: Grr!
      Sterges: Hey, you think I'd look good in a crown, Skellmen? Don't answer.
      Ron: Okay, paws off Sterges! They don't hand these things out to no body.
      Monique: Does he know he's not a real king?