Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 1

Ill Suited

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 10, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Worried that his relationship with Kim will go sour if he didn't become a jock, Ron "borrows" Kim's supersuit to join the football team. Meanwhile, Professor Dementor becomes jealous of the suit and devises a system to control it.

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  • Ron makes the Football team while Professor Dementor hacks into Kim's battle suit

    Ron tries to step up and makes it to the football team mainly to impress Kim after misunderstanding a conversation with Monique on upgrading (they were talking about cell phones). In order to make the team Ron 'borrows' the battle suit. Not only does he make the team by cheating, he becomes a star player. Meanwhile Professor Dementor is trying to gain control the battle suit after Kim defeats him wearing it. Professor Dementor succeeds in creating a device that allows him to control the suit and its wearer. In Professor Dementor's excitement, he falls victim to his own device. At the end Ron proves himself a worthy player without the battle suit and Kim now has to be more careful when using it. A great start to the fourth season.moreless
  • In this episode, after Bonnie lectures Kim on how she should be dating a jock because she's now a senior cheerleader, Ron starts to wonder whether Kim would ever dump him for a jock. So he steals her battle suit and cheats his way onto the football team.moreless

    This episode is pure genius and shows all of us the correct way to start a new season. It was funny, romantic, and an overall crowd pleaser! In my opinion Ill Suited is one of the best episodes ever created! Like the fans wanted Disney really did follow up on what the fans wanted by throwing in a heap of humor mixed in with a dash of love and romance between Kim and Ron! This episode was most deffinetly 2 years worth waiting for! The only thing this show needs is a little bit more romantic connection towards Kim and Ron. I give this show 2 thumbs up!!!!!!moreless
  • A great start to an even greater season

    I liked how Ron rang Kim in the middle of the night to make sure that they were actually dating. And how he thought Kim was going to trade up her boyfriend. That made him try out for the football team, and that in turn made him "secretly borrow" Kim's supersuit to maek sure he got on the team. But turns out, he got on the team without the suit, because he had these mad running away skills, as he called them. Adn Dementor was the villain of this episode. I like the dude. And he tried to take control of Kim's supersuit. I can still remember how ugly he looked when he got it on. And of course, the dress he was wearing as a disguise. Of course he called it a housecoat. Hiarious. As the summary says, a great start to an even better season.

  • Good way to start the year!

    Much of this episode was well-summarized by beeftony, but I wanted to add a few words also. It's always interesting---mostly in live-action but sometimes in animated shows---what happens when the male and female leads of a program start a romantic relationship. For many series, it has been the kiss of death. It doesn't seem that way with KIM POSSIBLE, however. Ron wondering if he was dreaming about Kim being his girlfriend was well done. He definitely had a right to wonder---here's KP the straight-A student, head of the cheerleading squad, and world-class adventurer giving her heart to her best friend, a below-average student and a well-meaning yet bumbling (perhaps even goofy) sidekick. Ron's self-doubt (as to whether he was "good enough" for Kim) was perfectly captured by the writers in this episode. In earlier seasons we saw him struggle somewhat with his role in his and KP's partnership (constantly being "saved by a girl"), and now we see his unsettled behavior in being her boyfriend. Kim's reassurances to Ron while fighting him (actually, battling her supersuit under Professor Dementor's control while Ron happened to be wearing it), as we saw, eased his mind---though he WAS sorry for hurting KP (both by how he deceived her and what happened while Dementor was the suit's "puppeteer").

    It's amazing that the announcer at the football game thought the "suit"-less Ron was off his game when Middleton had 44 points on the board with just seconds left. True, he wasn't able to do all the things he had done while wearing the suit, but amazingly he still led the Mad Dogs to those 44 points. If he set the school's rushing record, he must have been doing something right (although by running toward his own goal line to start the final play he actually lost yardage before he switched his direction). But that's a superfluous point, I guess.

    It will be intriguing to see the development of Kim and Ron's relationship throughout this season. I just hope the writers keep the balance between battling members (new and old) of Ron and Kim's rogues' gallery and this development. Also, Dr. Drakken has surprisingly been mainly a supporting character in the first four episodes of the series this season, but we'll see his smirking blue face causing mayhem (not only for Kim and Ron but also for himself) before long (in the episode "Mad Dogs and Aliens", according to the preview).

    "Ill Suited" was a fine way to start Season Four. The writing was brilliant and the animation was top-notch. Ron as the Mad Dogs' running back, huh? Could be a hoot. Great job to everyone involved in this episode. (I wonder if Mr. Dr. Possible reiterated the “one-way-ticket-on-a-deep-space-probe” talk with Ron again…)moreless
  • A GREAT start to a brand new season(they're back!!!!!!)

    This was a fantastic episode and I am SO glad they brought this show back. This episode shows why it should never have been cancelled in the first place!

    From the first scene, a recap of where we left off (and an added surprise!!), to the last, whereby Ron proves that his place in the Possible/Stoppable team has it's benefits, this episode is fast-paced and action-packed, leaving the viewer craving more Kim Possible (exactly what a TV show should do)! It is great to see more of Monique, as filling out her character adds a depth to the show, as does the return of Professor Dementor (a break from Drakken and Shego was refreshing). Bonnie's spat ("he's the reason for the rule") is hilarious as is the 'fight' Kim and Ron have ("Kim, our first fight!") Though the two main characters becoming romantic involved sometimes signals the end of a show and the romantic interaction between Kim and Ron is very noticeable this does not let the show down. It has just the right amount of chemistry and quirks to become successful.

    Welcome back Kim Possible!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • The game Ron was playing at the arcade was reused footage from the episode Dimension Twist.

    • Jim and Tim took back their rockets after the events in So The Drama, as Ron's scooter is back to its original slow pace.

    • When Ron is wearing the supersuit at Bueno Nacho he isn't wearing the leg pack that Kim usually wears with the supersuit, but when Dementor puts on the supersuit it appears on his leg.

    • When Ron is wearing Kim's battlesuit under his football jersey, you can see his hands, but when his football jersey is ripped off, he's now wearing the gloves that are a part of the suit.

    • For perhaps the second time in the whole series (during the Kim Vs Remote Ron fight), we get a KP panty shot and just like the last one, she's in her cheerleading outfit at the time. However, this one fails to make the opening titles. And, inevitably, shortly afterwards Ron is stripped to his boxers yet again, for the rest of the scene.

    • When Ron goes to get a second chance to try out for quarterback he's wearing a number 7 jersey and in the same scene one of the other football players is wearing the same jersey

    • After Doctor Drakken was removed as head of Bueno Nacho in So the Drama, the company brought back the bendy straws, as shown when Kim and Ron are eating.

    • When Dementor remotely activates the shield on the supersuit, it rips off the football uniform, yet Ron was able to use the shield during the football game without the uniform being affected.

    • When the cat shoots a beam at Kim and it hits the supersuit, it forms a small rip on Kim's thigh, but in the next frame when we see through the cat's eyes, the rip is gone, without any time for the supersuit to heal in between.

    • This is the first episode of Kim Possible to feature continued action during the closing credits, similar to The Emperor's New School and American Dragon: Jake Long. In this case, it's Ron making another 3 A.M. call to Kim to distinguish his dreams from reality.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • (After Ron tries to kick her)
      Kim: You cheated your way onto the football team.
      Ron: Yeah, but that was just a perp. I was really trying to cheat on you.
      (He realizes what he just said)
      Ron: For you... to win you!

    • Bonnie: (about Ron) If he can't step up, trade up!
      Kim: Not everyone has to date the quarterback, B.
      Bonnie: Not everyone can, K.
      Monique: (Watching Bonnie leave) Aww, that girl is as sweet as ever.

    • (Dementor has controlled Ron grab Kim and swing her around)
      Ron: I'm sorry Kim. I never meant to hurt you.
      Dementor: Not yet.
      (he pushes on his joystick and Ron throws Kim)
      Ron: No! It's not me, it's your battlesuit!
      (Kim crashes into an ice machine)
      Ron: Oh, K.P, our first fight!

    • Ron: Kim, I heard you talking to Monique. You agreed with Bonnie about dating jocks. You said trading up was the only option.
      Kim: What? Oh, Ron! I was talking about Monique's cell phone!
      Ron: Oh yeah. She's got that new one like Bonnie's. That's a nice phone!
      Kim: Uh huh!

    • Ron: KP, we're seniors. Seniors don't sweat the small things!
      Kim: Because they're all small things?
      Ron: No, because we're big things, baby!

    • Kim: (after noticing that Ron is wearing her supersuit) Y-You stole my battlesuit!
      Ron: Secret borrowing!
      Kim: (gasps indignantly) You were in my closet!

    • Dementor: (Sees Ron wearing the super suit) So who's wearing the girly clothes now?
      Kim: Ron!

    • Bonnie: But you're a cheerleader! Cheerleaders are supposed to date jocks. It's non-optional. It's like a rule!
      Kim: Ron's the exception to the rule.
      Bonnie: He's the reason for the rule!

    • Bonnie: Is that your boyfriend out there running like a sick chicken?
      Kim: Yeah, that's my guy.

    • Ron: (about stealing Kim's supersuit) Wait, wait, it's not what you think!
      Kim: Oh, so you're not a cheater, a liar and a thief.
      Ron: Okay, it is what you think.

    • (While Professor Dementor escapes, Kim notices that the robotic cat she is holding is beeping and brushes away some of its fur to reveal a timer, meaning that the cat is a bomb)
      Ron: See, this is why I'm not a cat person.

    • Kim: (about Ron trying out for football) Jock thing? (giggles) You?
      Ron: Are you kidding? Ron Stoppable has always been about the sportage.
      Kim: Okay, even if that was true. . . football?
      Ron: Ah, who doesn't like to toss around the old pig puck?
      Kim: You mean pig skin.
      Ron: Whoa, KP one sport at a time.

    • Kim: (to Ron) Well, I guess football reads better than flooding the school cafeteria.
      Monique: Huh? Oh right, the chess club incident!
      Ron: (putting on a grim face) The first rule of chess club is you do not talk about chess club.

    • Ron: Actually, Mr. Barkin, you're looking at the new Middleton quarterback! (other players start laughing)
      Mr. Barkin: (laughing as well) You think you're quarterback material? With your name?
      Ron: Ron?
      Mr. Barkin: Stoppable! Sends the wrong message to the opposition.

    • (Henchman rips sleeve of supersuit, but it repairs itself)
      Dementor: Oh, look at that. For Pete's sake. Maybe next time someone might take a minute next time to fill me in on a little detail like my Strügwhol enemy becoming suddenly über!

    • Mr. Barkin: As you all know, after seven years, Brick Flagg finally graduated last June, leaving the Mad Dogs without a quarterback. (looks at Ron and leans in closer to emphasize his point) You understand that these tryouts aren't for towel boy! That position is already filled. (Points offscreen. Camera switches to Rufus leaning on a stack of towels)
      Rufus: Uh-huh!

    • Ron: You heard her, Rufus. Now that we're seniors I'm not good enough for Kim! If only she wasn't a cheerleader. Or. . . (sees a flyer for football tryouts)
      Rufus: Uh-oh.
      Ron: Time for Ron Stoppable to step up and become. . . Ron Steppupable!

    • Ron: (to himself) Okay, chill. Kim is not Bonnie. Me and KP live in a trade-up free zone.
      Monique: (from around corner, unaware that Ron is listening) Whoa, Kim, are you serious? Trading up?
      (Ron gasps)
      Kim: Yeah, I hate to admit it, but in this one case. . . Oh, I actually agree with Bonnie.
      Monique: Never thought I'd hear those words from you Kim. It's a little scary.
      Kim: I know Monique, but a girl has to have standards, especially now that we're seniors. (Ron runs away, not bothering to hear the rest of the conversation) It's time you traded up.
      Monique: (pulling out her cell phone) But my little cellie has been with me since freshman year!
      Kim: You have to admit, Bonnie's new cell phone is ultimate.

    • Dementor: Ha! No top secret underground science facility can hide from Professor Dementor!
      Kim: (emerging from the cloud of dust) And no smug villain can hide from--
      Dementor: Kim Possible!
      Ron: And boyfriend!
      Dementor: I seriously doubt that.
      Ron: No, dude, it's true. Really.
      Dementor: Sorry, just can't believe it.

    • (End Credits: Ron calls Kim in the middle of the night again)
      Kim: Hello?
      Ron: Yeah, Kim. I know it's late, but-
      Kim: How many times do I have to tell you? We kissed. We're dating.
      Ron: So you leaving me for Rufus was?
      Kim: Dream.
      Ron: Me being Middleton's new running back. Dream?
      Kim: No. That actually happened.
      Ron: Oh. I'm on a team. That's cool. Okay, how about you water-skiing over a shark? (Kim hangs up) Hello? Hello? Kim?

    • (Professor Dementor is in escape pod about to launch)
      Kim: Ugh! I have been foiled by a man in a dress?
      Dementor: (as escape pod launches) It's a housecoat!

    • Kim: Cute little trap, Professor.
      Dementor: Yes, I do rather like it. It's the little details that sell it, don't you think? (rips curtain off of wall) I picked out the curtains myself!
      Ron: Dude, you're totally wearing a dress!
      Dementor: It's a housecoat!
      Ron: Yeah, uh-huh. Dress!

    • Dementor: This is not fair! You have never had the springy-jump, self-healing supersuit before!
      Kim: I'm full of surprises.
      Dementor: (pulling out laser pistol) You are not the only one, Frauline! (Fires pistol. Kim morphs her hand to absorb the energy and throws it back at Dementor, knocking the pistol from his hand) Oh now with the hand? You get a hand thing too?

    • Ron: Wait! Before that part where you melted, we were at the dance and--
      Kim: We kissed.
      Ron: Yeah! did you have the same dream?
      Kim: No, that part really happened, Ron.
      Ron: Heh, yeah.
      Kim: But it won't happen again if you keep calling me in the middle of the night! (hangs up phone)
      Ron: (leans back onto pillow) Man, love is complicated.

    • Ron: I don't care what time it is, this is an emergency! (picks up phone and dials) Kim! Pick up! Pick up! Pick up!
      Kim: (answering phone) Ron?
      Ron: Are you a synthodrone, KP? Be honest, I can take it!

    • Dementor: I am impressed, Frauline Possible. How did you know I would be HERE?!
      Kim: Uh, your to do list helped.
      Dementor: Doh! I dropped that when I stole the ultra-sonic drill, yes?
      Kim: Yeah, mm-hmm, you did. And thanks for making our job that much easier. (hands list to Ron)
      Ron: (Reading from list) Steal ultra-sonic drill, break into top secret lab, call mother, conquer world. . .
      Dementor: Agh! I knew I was forgetting something! Mama gets so cross when I don't jingle.
      Kim: You can call her from prison.

    • Dementor: Whoa! Whoa! Hey! Hold on! Time out! You have a battle suit? Where did you get this suit with the powers?
      Ron: It's relatively new.
      Kim: And indestructable. So if you want to just give up now. . .
      Dementor: Oh, it's most impressive, but we will take the springing out of your stepping shoe! (pushes button, causing henchmen to emerge from holes in the ground)

  • NOTES (2)

    • Kim Possible was originally intended to run for only three seasons, however, due to the show's popularity and the strong efforts by many fans, Disney Channel renewed the show for its fourth and final season.

    • This episode was first offered as a video on the Disney Channel website on February 3, 2007, one week before it premiered on TV.


    • Donnie Darko:

      Kim: Well, I guess football reads better than flooding the school cafeteria.

      This act is an allusion to an incident in the cult film Donnie Darko in which the titular protagonist (like Ron, also an oddball outcast) breaks a water pipe in the school basement, flooding the entire campus.

    • Professor Dementor: All your battlesuit now belongs to me!

      This is a reference to the widely popular Internet phrase, "All your base are belong to us." The phrase is most often used in connection with some kind of takeover, in this case Dementor taking control of Kim's battlesuit. It originated in a 1991 U.S. adaptation of Toaplan's "Zero Wing" for Sega Genesis, and is widely regarded as the worst--and most amusing--Japanese-to-English translation in the history of video games.

    • Ron: Oil can.

      Ron says this line while he is paralyzed due to the fact that the supersuit he is wearing is under Dementor's control. This is a reference to The Wizard of Oz, in which the Tin Man, who was also unable to move (for a different reason), said the exact same line.

    • Hummels:

      The collectibles in Professor Dementor's trap are a parody of Hummel collectibles. Hummels originated in Austria and now occupy homes all over the world. It was originally under the brand name Hummel, but the term has since come to signify anything that involves Teutonic-style ceramic collectibles. It is mostly older people living alone who collect Hummels (or so says the stereotype), which is why they are included in Professor Dementor's trap.

    • Ron: How about you water skiing over a shark?

      This alludes to 1974's Happy Days where in one episode the Fonz water skis over a shark. Many see that episode as the last good episode and is referenced in other shows that have outlived themselves as "Having jumped the shark." The fact that Kim hanging up implies "dream" as her answer means that the reference symbolizes that the show has not outlived itself, despite what Disney or certain critics might say. It was also believed by some fans that Ron and Kim becoming a couple would irretrievably ruin the show.

    • Ron: The first rule of Chess Club is don't talk about Chess Club.

      This references 1999's Fight Club with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton as leaders of an underground fight organization. The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club.