Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 1

Ill Suited

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 10, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Ron makes the Football team while Professor Dementor hacks into Kim's battle suit

    Ron tries to step up and makes it to the football team mainly to impress Kim after misunderstanding a conversation with Monique on upgrading (they were talking about cell phones). In order to make the team Ron 'borrows' the battle suit. Not only does he make the team by cheating, he becomes a star player. Meanwhile Professor Dementor is trying to gain control the battle suit after Kim defeats him wearing it. Professor Dementor succeeds in creating a device that allows him to control the suit and its wearer. In Professor Dementor's excitement, he falls victim to his own device. At the end Ron proves himself a worthy player without the battle suit and Kim now has to be more careful when using it. A great start to the fourth season.
  • In this episode, after Bonnie lectures Kim on how she should be dating a jock because she's now a senior cheerleader, Ron starts to wonder whether Kim would ever dump him for a jock. So he steals her battle suit and cheats his way onto the football team.

    This episode is pure genius and shows all of us the correct way to start a new season. It was funny, romantic, and an overall crowd pleaser! In my opinion Ill Suited is one of the best episodes ever created! Like the fans wanted Disney really did follow up on what the fans wanted by throwing in a heap of humor mixed in with a dash of love and romance between Kim and Ron! This episode was most deffinetly 2 years worth waiting for! The only thing this show needs is a little bit more romantic connection towards Kim and Ron. I give this show 2 thumbs up!!!!!!
  • A great start to an even greater season

    I liked how Ron rang Kim in the middle of the night to make sure that they were actually dating. And how he thought Kim was going to trade up her boyfriend. That made him try out for the football team, and that in turn made him "secretly borrow" Kim's supersuit to maek sure he got on the team. But turns out, he got on the team without the suit, because he had these mad running away skills, as he called them. Adn Dementor was the villain of this episode. I like the dude. And he tried to take control of Kim's supersuit. I can still remember how ugly he looked when he got it on. And of course, the dress he was wearing as a disguise. Of course he called it a housecoat. Hiarious. As the summary says, a great start to an even better season.
  • Good way to start the year!

    Much of this episode was well-summarized by beeftony, but I wanted to add a few words also. It's always interesting---mostly in live-action but sometimes in animated shows---what happens when the male and female leads of a program start a romantic relationship. For many series, it has been the kiss of death. It doesn't seem that way with KIM POSSIBLE, however. Ron wondering if he was dreaming about Kim being his girlfriend was well done. He definitely had a right to wonder---here's KP the straight-A student, head of the cheerleading squad, and world-class adventurer giving her heart to her best friend, a below-average student and a well-meaning yet bumbling (perhaps even goofy) sidekick. Ron's self-doubt (as to whether he was "good enough" for Kim) was perfectly captured by the writers in this episode. In earlier seasons we saw him struggle somewhat with his role in his and KP's partnership (constantly being "saved by a girl"), and now we see his unsettled behavior in being her boyfriend. Kim's reassurances to Ron while fighting him (actually, battling her supersuit under Professor Dementor's control while Ron happened to be wearing it), as we saw, eased his mind---though he WAS sorry for hurting KP (both by how he deceived her and what happened while Dementor was the suit's "puppeteer").

    It's amazing that the announcer at the football game thought the "suit"-less Ron was off his game when Middleton had 44 points on the board with just seconds left. True, he wasn't able to do all the things he had done while wearing the suit, but amazingly he still led the Mad Dogs to those 44 points. If he set the school's rushing record, he must have been doing something right (although by running toward his own goal line to start the final play he actually lost yardage before he switched his direction). But that's a superfluous point, I guess.

    It will be intriguing to see the development of Kim and Ron's relationship throughout this season. I just hope the writers keep the balance between battling members (new and old) of Ron and Kim's rogues' gallery and this development. Also, Dr. Drakken has surprisingly been mainly a supporting character in the first four episodes of the series this season, but we'll see his smirking blue face causing mayhem (not only for Kim and Ron but also for himself) before long (in the episode "Mad Dogs and Aliens", according to the preview).

    "Ill Suited" was a fine way to start Season Four. The writing was brilliant and the animation was top-notch. Ron as the Mad Dogs' running back, huh? Could be a hoot. Great job to everyone involved in this episode. (I wonder if Mr. Dr. Possible reiterated the “one-way-ticket-on-a-deep-space-probe” talk with Ron again…)
  • A GREAT start to a brand new season(they're back!!!!!!)

    This was a fantastic episode and I am SO glad they brought this show back. This episode shows why it should never have been cancelled in the first place!
    From the first scene, a recap of where we left off (and an added surprise!!), to the last, whereby Ron proves that his place in the Possible/Stoppable team has it's benefits, this episode is fast-paced and action-packed, leaving the viewer craving more Kim Possible (exactly what a TV show should do)! It is great to see more of Monique, as filling out her character adds a depth to the show, as does the return of Professor Dementor (a break from Drakken and Shego was refreshing). Bonnie's spat ("he's the reason for the rule") is hilarious as is the 'fight' Kim and Ron have ("Kim, our first fight!") Though the two main characters becoming romantic involved sometimes signals the end of a show and the romantic interaction between Kim and Ron is very noticeable this does not let the show down. It has just the right amount of chemistry and quirks to become successful.
    Welcome back Kim Possible!
  • When a new season comes out after a break, a viewer worries whether it will be as great a quality as the one prior, or if they’re about to see it go down in flames. But this viewer was fortunately eased of those worries.

    ‘Ill Suited’ felt just like it was supposed to feel, like a good, old-fashioned, but long-awaited KP episode. It wasn’t perfect, but it was still undeniably KP and I can’t ask for much more than that. I could, but I won’t. Like any cartoon adventure, the plot was pretty straight-forward: Villain de Jour is Professor Dementor who’s stunned by Kim’s newly donned battle suit. He goes about trying to use the suit to his advantage while Kim, Ron and Monique adjust to their new social lives as Seniors. A few words from Bonnie and a misunderstood eavesdropping makes Ron believe that the only way to keep Kim as his GF is to become Middleton High Quarterback, which, coached by Mr. Barkin, goes as well as you’d think. Later on, he ‘secret-borrows’ Kim’s super suit, not only to gain the title of quarterback, but to excel at it, much to Kim’s pride, and later, surprise and confusion. Of course, glory is fleeting, as Dementor finds a way to use the suit for his own purposes. ‘Man, love is complicated.’

    I’ll start with Dementor. His first appearance, ‘Ron the Man’ really didn’t make me think too much of him. Not in the negative sense, but literally, I didn’t have too much to think about him. He basically seemed like a yellow-skinned, helmet-headed, smarter, more competent version of Drakken, so he seemed more like Blue Boy’s rival than a Possible foe. ‘Bonding’, however, corrected that misconception, showing the Professor’s true brilliance, true insanity, and true love for German stereotypes (which was expanded upon in this episode), which sets him apart from the other KP villains. After all, Drakken’s evil (kinda), but not crazy. Dementor actually managed to be quite entertaining in this episode, from not believing the changes in Kim and Ron’s relationship, to his witty banter with Ron over their ‘cross-dressing issues’ (if you’ve seen the episode, you know). We were also allowed some more screen time to his previously ‘camera shy’ character, giving us some more insight, and laughs, at his expense.

    Now the big issue: Kim and Ron. Many people (even those who had read the interviews with creators Schooley and McCorkle, who stated that they would be together for the remainder of the show’s run) were worried over this new development, questioning how the new couple would get along now that they WERE a couple. And I for one, think they pulled it off very well. There’s still some awkwardness, which makes sense considering such a drastic change in their relationship, but they’re still tight (something the StD Ron would’ve been happy to know).

    Overall, it didn’t take much for me to give this a good rating, especially considering that it cleared up an important K/R matter, that Kim would accept Ron (more or less) for who he is, and that their Prom hook-up wasn’t just a product of her rebounding feelings off of Eric, though Bonnie would probably still dispute that…

    ‘I don’t care about dating a jock, I care about dating you: Ron Stoppable, no matter who he is…as long as he’s honest.’

    As corny as this line looks on paper, the girl really brought it across, to the audience and to Ron. Oh, and the end credits scene? I love how they squeeze in a few jokes to wrap it up, and it was a pretty cool change from the previous ‘normal’ credits, but my favourite so far is not from this episode. I’ll give you a hint: ‘Can you hear me okay through that pillow?’
  • This episode was one of I think the best yet from Kim possible.

    This episode was one of I think the best yet from Kim possible. The whole thing was summoned around the battle suit and now it improves your ability to kick butt against bad guys or on the football team. In this case Ron took it from Kim's closet without asking her so he would make it on the football team. His basis on taking the suit and becoming a jock is that he thought that kim was going to dump him for a jock and that trading up was the only option. He had overheard this conversation and did not understand what was actually taking place in this conversation. It was over a cell phone not a relationship this being realigns when Dr. Dementtore tried to steal it from them when Ron was wearing it. With the help from Rufus they were able to stopped Dr. Dementtore. and kim forgave Ron. This was a great episode. Need to see.
  • My summary is in my review.

    Kim and Ron fight Dementor in a top secret lair. He finds out about Kim’s super suit and is angry about it. Dementor escapes because Kim has to save Ron from a Drill. Ron overhears Kim talking about trading up in school. Little does he know that she is really talking about a cell phone. Ron tries to become a jock but fails at the first attempt. Kim and Ron go to a mysterious hit on the site. It winds up being Dementor trying to get some details on Kim’s super suit. He escapes again and Ron gets an idea. Ron “secret borrows” Kim’s super suit and gets on the football team. Kim is suspicious about Ron’s success on the team. They go to Bueno Nacho, Kim is proud of Ron. Dementor comes in saying that he has full control over Kim’s super suit because he secretly analyzed it during the last encounter. Ron is really the one wearing it and Dementor makes Ron and Kim fight. Kim is mad at Ron for stealing the super suit and cheating his way onto the team, also for going into her closet. Every ting peters out in the end and Ron is the new Middleton Running back.

    I found this episode interesting. I just cannot understand one thing. Why haven’t we seen any senior cheerleaders in earlier seasons. Otherwise, it was one of the better episodes of the shows until I saw some of the other episodes of season four.
  • Kim and Ron are now a couple, and for a bonus, they are now in their senior year in high school! After Ron overhears a conversation that Kim and Monique have and takes it the wrong way, he decides to step up and try out for the football team.

    OMG! This episode was great! I especially loved the K/R ness that was going on. It was also hilarious. They even made a joke out of that "jumping the shark" thing. Kim and Ron are so cute as a couple, and I'm glad that their relationship is still very strong. I'm still kinda sad that they deleted that kiss that was supposed to be in there, but that kiss on the cheek and the hug at the end made it all up for it. Plus that fight scene in Bueno Nacho was planned out great, but one thing that I wonder is why does Bueno Nacho let Kim and Ron still go there after the 6+ times it's been destroyed because of them and the villains. LOL! :D
  • You can't keep a good girl down.

    Not unlike a person who has been revived upon a hospital gurney, clutched from the maw of death, so too does “Kim Possible” appear to have been ‘reborn’ with a renewed sense of purpose and drive.

    When last we saw of KP and crew, she and Ron had ‘sealed the deal’ on their newfound (and I mean NEWFOUND) romantic feelings for one another via a full bodied lip lock on the dance floor of their Junior Prom.

    Flash forward through the ensuring summer vacation, and hail, hail, the gang’s all here. Everyone is a Senior now, and Kim and Ron are very much a couple. And it is this new undercurrent of romantic togetherness that ups the enjoyment factor of the show three fold. Which is the great irony of the whole thing.

    The very concept that had been written into the show in a P.I.S.S. (Pretty Incredulously Shotty Scripting) Poor manner late in Season 3 is the same one that heightens the quality of the show in Season 4.

    One of the things that soured me on the show initially was the way in which Ron was treated by his supposed ‘best friend’ Kim. Condensation, embarrassment, disavowment, all sentiments that did not do the lead of the show credit. As the series progressed, these elements receded more and more as Ron’s necessity to Kim’s success was played up more and more. However, respect and romance is not the same thing.

    The idea of Ron and Kim having ‘feelings’ for each other (of the romantic variety) was never even hinted at until the concept was born full bloom in “Emotion Sickness”, late in the show’s scheduled run. How late? 80% of the series’ episode commitments had been fulfilled before the subject was even broached. There is a certain way of going about this sort of thing—and that isn’t it. No foreshadowing, no series of events leading up to an inevitable conclusion, nothing. Just ‘boom’, one day it comes out of left field.

    And what is more, the idea, once brought up, was seemingly put to rest just as quickly in a decidedly decided manner. The idea came, it saw the light of day, it died; all in the same episode.

    And yet, after its ill-timed debut, after its quick (supposed) demise, the concept was once more revived. Huh? That can mean only one of two things:

    1. The writers of the show don’t know how to write. As stated above, there are certain conventions, certain formulas for this sort of plot development. The key words there being ‘plot’ (i.e. to find, to search) and ‘development’ (i.e. to put together).


    2. The writers put it in at the last minute.

    However, since the show’s runners have stated that they intended to pair Kim and Ron together from the very beginning, that would seem to exclude number two, leaving only number one.

    And it is in this, the poor development of Ron and Kim’s romantic relationship, that makes the irony of their current situation truly unique. While poorly initialized, the romance between the two characters works on a very salubrious level. Out of bad scripting comes good scripting. Fascinating.

    It is this new development that adds an ongoing undercurrent to every episode, a never-ending subplot to an extent. And it is on full display in this episode. It is especially noted by Ron. The enormity of the shift in relations with Kim is of such a magnitude that his mind literally refuses to accept it as reality. He keeps waking up with nightmares, thinking that their getting together was a dream, to which Kim has to repeatedly reassure him that they are in fact a romantic item now.

    As if the romantic linking wasn’t enough of a ‘shift’, Ron is now competent to the degree that he has become a ‘jock’ by making his way onto the school’s football team as the starting Running Back. That’s huge in the character development department.

    Throw in Kim’s ‘alternate look’ (i.e. her cyber battle suit), and the upgrade of screen time for certain minor characters, the show seems to stronger now than it was before. This seems to be the season of change in regards to “Kim Possible”. And sometimes, just sometimes, change can be a good thing. Booyah.

    The use of a minor villain and the ‘teaching of a lesson’ (classic Disney), only serve to enhance the new set of circumstances. It does a good job of presenting the audience with the answer to the immortal question posed by the show: “What’s the sitch?”
  • It’s the start of their senior year, and Kim and Ron face new challenges as a couple. Not to mention, Professor Dementor who has eyes set on Kim’s new battle suit.

    I guess it’s true! Nothing is impossible for Kim Possible! Thanks to her millions of fans the show has returned for a much deserved 4th season, and if the first episode is any indication, we are in for a great ride. “Ill-Suited” takes place several months after the “Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama.” Kim (Christy Carson Romano) and Ron (Will Friedle) are officially a GF and BF, and they are starting the senior season at Middleton High School. After some ribbing from Bonnie (Kirsten Storms), Ron decides to try out for the football team. He believes that it is the only way to keep Kim from trading up. Ron also decides to secretly barrow Kim’s battle suit to further advance his grid iron goals. But also Professor Dementor (Patton Oswalt) as his sights set on the suit, as he tries to steal it for his own use. “Ill-Suited” gets the new season of Kim Possible off to a perfect start. All the actors are back reprising their roles, and they are all perfectly in character. It is understandable that Ron would be freaking out over every little thing since he and Kim hooked up. Like waking up every night, scared that is was all just a dream. Speaking of which, that was a nice freaky dream sequence that the episode started out with. Ron cheating his way on to the football team, using Kim’s suit was a stroke of genius. I thoroughly enjoyed those sequences. As someone who played football, I can tell you from experience that crab walking is not fun. I also got a big laugh out of Mr. Barkin’s (Patrick Warburton) punishment for Ron, disciplinary action. You will get the joke if you follow sports, and how coaches deal with their star athletes who get into trouble. I was also very glad that the first villain of the new season was Professor Dementor, the conqueror of everybody! I always felt that he was underused, and hopefully we will see more of him. He devises a machine that controls the battle suit and he uses it while Ron is wearing the suit, forcing Ron to attack Kim. Another great thing about this episode, was that it showed that Kim and Ron’s romance, would not drastically changed the show, or have a negative impact. It is still basically the same, it is just that now Kim and Ron exchange kisses, and go out on dates. It was also fantastic that the big fight in the episode was Kim vs. Ron. These two are laying the smackdown on each other, while Ron is explaining his reasons for stealing the suit, telling her of his fears of losing her, and Kim reassuring him that he is her guy as long as he is honest. Of course, in the end Demontor is defeated, and the young couple’s romance survives its first stumbling block. As this episode shows, there are a lot more stories to be told for Kim Possible, and “Ill-Suited” gets things started on the right note.
  • A Very Special Episode Indeed! (recap added)

    I was unable to watch the season premeire on Feb. 10th so I watched this episode Feb. 13th and was not disappointed.
    I had been nervous about what the new episodes would bring once 'Kim Possible' came back, but thanks to this episode, I was throughly pleased and not at all disappointed.
    III-Suited sees Kim and Ron back to school starting senior year and dating. After Bonnie tells Kim she shouldn't date Ron because she's a cheerleader and Ron's not a jock, he feels and fears that Kim will dump him if he's not a jock after overhearing a conversation with Monique and Kim that is more of a misunderstanding about Bonnie being right. Ron tries out for quaterback but fails at it. He takes Kim's supersuit which gives him the advantage. Kim is surprised by Ron's recent athletic agility, but surpresses her sucipiousness. Dementor, whose been after Kim's supersuit since seeing it in battle, comes crashing through the roof of Bueno Nacho with a device that controls the supersuit. Everything comes out in the open as Dementor controls the suit that Ron is still wearing and Kim is angry by Ron's cheating. While in fight mode with her, Ron explains that he did it because he was afraid of losing her and that he overheard Kim's conversation about Bonnie being right about cheerleader-jock dating. Kim defends it by saying that she was talking about more better cell phones and tells him that she doesn't care about dating a jock, she only cares about dating Ron when he's honest and himself. It makes Ron happy and apologizes to Kim and that he never meant to hurt her. Dementor ends up wearing the suit, but Rufus takes control of the suit, saving the day and Kim accepts Ron's apology. Later, Ron proves he's a fast runner when he scores the winning touchdown for the team and breaks the high school record. Kim's proud of him and Ron gets disciplinary action from Barkin, but makes Ron the new running back.
    All in all this was a phenomonal episode that surpassed my expectations. The animation was better than ever and Dementor was hilariously demented. The best part about it was the sweet moment between Kim and Ron at the end during their fight. Kim and Ron together now is the icing on the cake for me and the writers and produces have made them a sweet couple just as I've pictured they'd always be. The writers and producers have done a great job as the show continues to be funny, well-written, and just great. One thing to the writers and producers: DON'T MESS IT UP!
  • Now It's Official

    As a fanfiction writer, I've seen this situation play itself out many ways. This should come as no surprise, seeing how "So the Drama" first aired in 2005 and now two years later we finally get a fourth season. That's a lot of time for writing, folks. I tend to stay away from this situation in my own writing as so many people have written about it that it has become somewhat cliche. However, the fact that it's official somehow makes it seem completely fresh. Welcome back, KP. We've missed you.

    This was the perfect way to begin the new season of a truly amazing show that has served as my muse for the last several months. The opening scene is downright hilarious (if a bit disturbing), and I have no problem believing that Ron is so insecure about the new relationship that he's STILL calling Kim in the middle of the night. Irrational panic just seems so in-character for him.

    The new romance aspect is handled perfectly, staying true to the characters while expanding on them and letting their relationship blossom into something beautiful. Kim and Ron have always been a couple in my opinion, and now it's official. They are a bit of an odd couple, but like Kim says, "Ron's the exception to the rule." I also liked how their new relationship enhances rather than detracts from Kim and Ron's role as world-saving teen heroes. The fact that their "first fight," involving Kim's supersuit being used against her after Ron steals it and Dementor devises a way to control it, turned out to be an "aww" moment of romantic fluff totally worked in my opinion. I was a bit disappointed that there was only a peck on the cheek in this episode, but at the same time I doubt we'll be seeing full make-out sessions on a children's television show. Ah well, there's always fanfiction.

    I love the fact that the minor characters that the series has always sort of ignored now get to share the spotlight. Monique is one of my favorite characters, and it's nice to see her assume the best friend role now that Ron has been permanently upgraded to boyfriend. Mr. Barkin is also hilarious, poking fun at those coaches who seem to forget that they're dealing with high school football players, not the Marines. And you've just gotta love Professor Dementor. He always seemed like the most competent of all the villains (besides Shego), and seeing the German Napoleon in a "housecoat" (read: dress) had me rolling on the floor in maniacal laughter.

    Ron as a jock actually sounds pretty cool. I always knew his mad running-away skills would pay off someday, and this seems like a great "step up" for a character who is constantly growing. I like how they didn't just keep him in the same loser position and instead allowed for character development. That's one of the things about this show that continues to impress me: the incredibly dynamic characters that are constantly developing and growing. It just makes them so human.

    The supersuit was a great plot device in this episode, but Steve Loter has stated that Dementor's tampering causes the suit to malfunction in future episodes, and it will not always be available to her. That's a good thing in my opinion. "Super Kim" gets old after awhile. Sometimes it's nice to see everybody's favorite crime-fighting cheerleader get down to earth.

    The animation has been completely overhauled, taking an already great-looking show and producing even more spectacular visuals. Little details like characters being able to wrinkle their brow take the already awesome animation and push it to the next level. And nobody will ever be able to complain about the girls having "boy legs" again.

    The voice actors did a fantastic job, and it's good to hear Kim's voice again. Ron's voice seems a little higher than in previous seasons, but that could just be because of how nervous he is throughout the entire episode. Awkward situations tend to do that to one's vocal chords. Patrick Warburton has always been a riot, and Patton Oswalt as Professor Dementor just steals the show.

    This episode was absolutely perfect in my opinion. The writers continue to astound me, and I have a good feeling about this season. I've read and written several stories that imagine what would happen after "So The Drama," and now it's official. Just like Kim and Ron.
  • Kim POssible finally returns to disney channel.

    Kim Possible makes its return to disney channel with one of its greatest episodes to date. The show picks up where So The Drama left off, with Ron and Kim dating. Bonnie tells Kim that she must date a jock but insists to date Ron who she sees as an "exception to the rule". Soon, however Ron believes that Kim is leaving him because he is not a jock so steals, or what he called secret borrowing, so he can join the football team and finnally get jock status. I don't want to ruin it for you so I'll syop there, but during the credits Kim symbolically tells us that this show has not jumped the shark.
  • Kim and Ron start out their senior year. Kim has her new supersuit. Ron steals the suit to try out for football because Bonnie says its a rule that cheerleaders must date jocks and Ron is afraid that Kim will trade up if he's not the best, which he is.

    Just a question. Didn't Ron and Kim start their senior year in the movie "a Stich in Time" and wasn't that their senior prom in "So the Drama"? if so then why are they starting their senior year all over again in the forth season? Just thought I'd throw that out for consideration. I loved the episode though. They are still trying to get the whole dating thing down and its really cute. I love that Kim kisses ron before she goes to class and all. Bonnie is just a jerk, which is to be expected. I was so sad because I had to go to work and I missed the last 10 minutes but oh well, it will be repeated so who cares right.
  • Ya know...

    I watch anime and this is the only america based not japanese based cartoon this I really like... well Love. Even weirder most Anime movies like Dragon ball z and Sailor moon's movies really never tie in with the series at any point. But with So The drama ending I wanted more of the Ron/Kim thing, But fearing that just like anime, The next season will go on like the movie never took place, but for once this is not so and I don't know what to think... But Really Kim and Ron were ment for each other, If kim dated anyone else and it worked out i think i'd kill there friendship, Jeliousy would of done it. There actually a cute couple. But im wondering whats going to happen when Yori finds out Rons with Kim?
  • I really like this one!!

    I like every bit of it. My favorite part would probably when Ron and Kim fight and he's apologizing lol. Also the part where it's showing his trousers lol lol lol. This also kinda shows where Ron and Kim are boyfriend and girlfriend. You can see there's some body contact: Ron has his arm around Kim's back and the kissing part, which is a backflash of So the Drama. It seems their relationship is different then last time in the third season. Ron is concerned about what Kim thinks, Kim likes Ron and doesn't care what anyone thinks, Ron tries whatever it takes to impress Kim, etc. Very different then last time, then again, it's supposed to be that way. Although, I still think it's funny when Ron calls Kim in the middle of the night the second time with the checklist lol.
  • Yay! Ron gets to be cool!

    Well, not TOO cool, but now he's on the football team. So happy for him. And I am thankful that Kim and Ron are still dating. It would have been awful had it all been a dream or something lame like that. This episode is the perfect way to start the new season. We haven't seen a lot of Professor Dementor lately and he is a really funny villain in this one. I am so excited that there are going to be more Kim's out there to watch and enjoy. Hopefully they continue to make many, many more!! Yay Kim!
  • Wow! Kim and Ron are like Officialy, Officialy dating!!!!

    This episode is my favorite episodes so far out of this season! I loved it so much and it like feels awesome to know that Kim and Ron are dating after like forever! That kind of surprised because I thought they would leave them as friends in the series and make a movie with them getting together or just leave it like that. NOPE! They're making a whole season with them dating! It's so awesome Disney's not going to make another one of those, but is like actually starting to turn over a new leaf. If you haven't seen this episode, then my advice is to SEE IT!
  • The beginning of the long-awaited season 4, This episode starts back at the dance where Kim and Ron first become a couple in So the Drama. and continues on, where Kim and Ron deal with being a couple and how it affects their job-fighting crime.

    This was an excellent episode--not only does it prove that Kim and Ron being a couple will NOT ruin the show, but can provide even more humor along with the wit of the first three seasons. In all, this episode is very special, with many more moments between Ron and Kim that fans will love. Christy Carlson Romano and Will Friedle continue to do an excellent job as the cartoon characters that we have grown to love in the Disney Universe. Steve Loter also has done an amazing job in producing what looks like it might be another amazing season of Kim Possible. In getting past the episode limit, the girl who can do anything...has done the impossible, once again. Congratulations, Kim and Ron.
  • Don't step away. You'll miss what you've been waiting for.

    Those worried about this episode, where right to be worried givin disney's past with "sequels"and "continuations". but I have to admit I was really suprized on how much things didn't change, for now. They didn't plow though the changes that will happen which gently reintroduced me to the main characters, as well as reminding me what happend in the movie which led us here. I really liked the begining, It revisited the movie and gave me a baring on where the new episodes are going to be in the entire time line. whether this holds true for the rest of this season, I'll have to wait and see. I also like the new endings over the credits, now if disney can remember not to let that stupid voice over run over it I'll be happy. I almost missed the "jump the Shark" joke. This seems like a nice addition and I only hope it's used to its advantage in all the episodes. Either way it's a nice episode to begin with. As it should be.
  • I thought that this episode was awesome!

    When I first heard about the new season of Kim Possible, I was so excited. This episode definitely did not disappoint me. The beginning made me laugh out. Ron thought that Kim was planning on dumping him for a jock, and did whatever he could to keep her with him. He stole her battle suit and played in the football game. In the end, Kim told him that she could care less about him being a jock, just so long as he was himself. Without the battlesuit, he could run really fast. I guess that all of his previous running from bad guys paid off.

    This episode will definitely be getting a ten from me, because I thought that it was a great episode to start the saeson. The creators hadn't been planning on going this far, and they still did a great job.
  • Great way to start off the new season!

    Kim and Ron are seniors, and they are dating! Bonnie tries to break them up for some reason. Saying that Kim needs to date a jock, and break up with Ron. Kim ignores Bonnie, and just moves on with her day. Then they have to fight Dementor, with Kim's new battle suite! Dementor tries to see what are the functions on the suite, and uses them against Kim. Then Ron steals Kim's suite to try out for football. He ends up winning the game for his team. It all turns out good until Dementor comes in and ruins it. He makes Kim and Ron fight, then he makes Ron give up the suite. Rufus sees that he could use the suite against him, and starts to mess with the functions. Ron comes clean and promises not to use the suite like that again. With his mad running skins, he wins that game, breaks a school record, and keeps Kim, all by being himself!
  • Wow! Season Four?

    Wow! I'm actually really suprised that Kim Possible made a comeback for season four... especially since a number of Disney Channel series' have a track record for falling into syndication after a few seasons and being doomed to an eternity of reruns... and especially after they produce an animated movie where some big occurance happens and we're just forced to settle with things being otherwise unsettled... I certainly didn't think they'd come back for a season four and continue where the big movie ended off where Kim and Ron have a non-verbal romantic establishment ...rare especially for cartoons! they usually just continue off with random episodes and force you to pretend like nothing happened... but I could go on with how many things I'm suprised was an interesting comeback.. and I'm glad they've kept Kim and Ron still very much themselves without ignoring the fact that they're "DEVELOPING". :D I'm sure more suprises will ensue.
  • The first episode of S4

    This episode started the highly anticipated fourth season of Kim Possible. It would officially start the Kim/Ron relationship. You might think that after sixty-five episodes of them being just friends, it could get alittle wierd, but instead the writters really did it well. There is an exactly perfect amount of romance, action, and every thing else you would expect. The Dementor character, which is not the most common villian in the series is really brought out in this episode. The episode is about Ron feeling unwanted by Kim, and being replaced, but it is a big mix up that really made the entire episode's plot.
  • Not bad

    Although i did not watch all of this episode, it was not too bad. I had thought that they had a new voice for Ron, but after consulting with this site, i found that it was indeed Will Friedle. Who knew? Is it just me or does his voice seem squeakier? The storyline was pretty creative. It kept me interested. New additions: Ashley Tisdale. Honestly i didn't stick around long enough to notice! I am glad that they changed the pictures on the theme a little bit. This season might not be too bad after all. I just hope Ron's voice changes some!
  • I can't wait

    yeah i've seen the commercial and now i am more excited about the episode. I can't wait a month, I'll go crazy. jk. but this is gonns be a good episode i just know it from what everyone is say. And i know this episode is going to be a episode that no one will forget. I just can't wait to be Kim and Ron together. they make a cute couple. So just reminding you don't forget to watch in Feb the new season of Kim Possible. Feb. 10 at 8pm. Love always and foever- your friend kpfan72491