Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 21

Low Budget

Aired Daily 1:30 AM May 16, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Low Budget
Kim ruins her clothes during a mission, and now must buy from Smarty Mart. Meanwhile, Frugal Lucre attempts to take over the internet.

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  • A wannabe villain desires to hold the internet hostage...

    And if he doesn't get paid the massive ransom he will destroy it. Meanwhile Kim is having a teenage girl crisis with her mission outfit being damaged and she has to buy a new pair at (gasp) Smarty Mart because their is no nearby mall. This episode wasn't that great although it is quite away from the worst. The premise sounded interesting but the plot could've used some more fine tuning and the villain more refining. I mean if this guy was so smart he could've easily hacked into someone's or some group's account and bilked money out. However I guess he had to announce and prove it. Still he was a silly villain in a less than stellar episode. At least it is still watchable.moreless
  • Kim and Ron fight Frugal Lucre a Smarty Mart employee who is planning to destroy the internet

    This episode was an average one. The first thing that happens is Kim and Ron are helping out a marine worker named Jerry at a wildlife reserve to keep his manatees in a safe environment. Two guys in a motor boat come in to rough up the waters. Kim jumps from their boat onto the motor boat and takes the motor out. Then a crocodile comes into the water and chases Kim and bites her in the butt and rips her pants apart. Next thing she knows she has to buy pants from Smarty Mart. She goes to Club Banana to get the right pants but the registers go down. Frugal Lucre comes into the scene and plans to destroy the internet. Kim and Ron travel to Philadelphia to stop him and do it.moreless
  • This episode is about a new villain that wants to destroy the internet.

    When Kim ruins her outfit saving the day, she reluctantly goes to Smarty Mart in order to get a temporary pair of pants to hold her over until she gets to Club Banana. However, when Frugal Lucre, a thrifty villain, makes a ploy to disable the Internet in order to get every being in the world to send him a dollar, it’s once again up to Kim to save the day; though can she afford to be seen at Smarty Mart? The answer is no but she saves the day and shows Ron that Smarty Mart and Club Banana are totally different. My favorite part of this episode is when at the end Kim saves the world.moreless
  • Ron is the action hero, while Kim is being the distraction!

    Low Budget was a superb episode of Kim Possible that I truely liked. The beginning was nice and we get to see Ron call Kim "Kimmy" in this episode alone in the entire series. It was a must-see moment. Now, girls are werid without pants because it just is wrong but luckily we didn't see kim's undergarments!

    Ron was being reasonable and I believe that Frugal Lucre is one of the most underrated villians in the show. His plot was almost successful but Ron and Kim switched roles in the episode. Kim became the distraction while Ron was the hero. Even the part when Ron and Kim were debating was funny!

    Overall, the episode was very good and I would recommend KP fans not to miss this episode.moreless
  • "Oh, the cheese!"

    A villain interrupts television broadcasting to demand a ransom dollar. For Kim, this is no big deal. She has more pressing matters, like buying a pair of pants from Club Banana. Unfortunately for her, the registers are down. That guy must've meant business after all.

    With all due respect to Gemini and Falsetto Jones, I truly think that Francis, sorry, Frugal Lucre is the show's most underrated villain. His plan is so simple and yet so clever: the Internet will be destroyed (with expired meat!) unless everyone in the world sends him a dollar. (If you're reading this, you've already admitted the genius of the plot.) And he won't let little things like a full-time job or the fact that he still lives with his mom deter him from his goal.

    Kudos to writers Patti Carr and Lara Runnels for creating such a unique villain and to Richard Kind ("Spin City") for bringing him to life.

    Despite some arbitrary interference from Bonnie, "Low Budget" is a terrific episode.moreless
Kerri Kenney

Kerri Kenney

Cashier #2?

Guest Star

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Personnel Manager?

Guest Star

Richard Kind

Richard Kind

Frugal Lucre

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Cheese-lovin' shopper

Recurring Role

Jean Smart

Jean Smart

Cashier #1

Recurring Role

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Local #1, Mascot

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (32)

    • When Kim and Ron arrive at Francis's door step, Kim's finger is ready to press the door bell in the middle of the door. But when they do a close up, her finger is in the side of the door, getting ready to press the door bell.

    • When Kim paid for the Club Banana pants, she pulled the money out of her pocket despite the fact that she was wearing the new pants, in which she wouldn't have had money within them. Also, the huge shirt Kim was wearing because she needed new pants didn't have any pockets, so it seems illogical that Kim could pull the money out of her pocket when she didn't have no pockets to hold the money in the first place.

    • The cashier from Club Banana can be seen behind Ron and the customer attempting to buy cheese, despite the fact that the Smarty Mart they were at was in another city.

    • When Kim is uploading Frugal's file from the personnel manager's computer (upload in progress), the buttons on the front of the Kimmunicator are missing.

    • When Kim buys her "emergency pants," the clerk allows her to wear the pants and sit on the counter so the label can be scanned. Most stores do not permit this practice because shoplifters tend to try on clothes and then wear them out of the store after removing the tags.

    • When Lucre crashes the internet causing the electricity to go out, Wade managed to get in touch with Kim again, in which he yells "Frugal Lucre Strikes Again!" This stunt was the first time Lucre attempted anything, so how could he have struck again if he hadn't struck before? It could be implied that his initial warning was the first time he struck, but we really don't know for certain.

    • During the scene when Wade strips out Frugal's voice from his message, they replay the message. If you listen, you'll notice that the voice comes in at a different spot.

    • When Kim and Ron confront Lucre in his house, he traps them in a net. Yet when they first enter the basement, there is no net on the floor.

    • When Kim is in disguise to sneak into the personal manager's office, her hair is tied in a ponytail by a band. When she takes off her hat, her hair comes undone on it's own, as if it was pulled thru the hat's adjuster

    • Look at the desk at the Smarty Mart where Kim goes to find out who Lucre is. When she goes over to the computer, there is no little 'Z-Boy' who later fell when the manager returned.

    • In the scene when Wade says "Frugal Lucre strikes again", Wade smashes his cup with his hand. However, shortly afterward, his cup is back to its regular shape in the same place...unsmashed. New cup?

    • In the beginning, Kim's wearing a life jacket, but while swimming, she must swim up to float.

    • When Kim was looking at the pants, they are different colors, but when she starts running after Lucre, they're all one color.

    • When Ron leads "As in..." (following Wade's "It'll have to be an inside job"), his mouth doesn't move.

    • Kim and Ron mock Frugal Lucre's scheme because they don't believe it matches up towards the other villains' schemes. However, if the entire world did send Frugal Lucre the dollar he requested, he would have had roughly five and a half billion to six billion dollars, which is much more than Ron had in the episode Ron Millionaire, which is quite a lot so shouldn't Kim have realized that his plan was better than most thought?

    • Kim's eyes are a gray color in some shots, but when she's in the store, her eyes are green.

    • When Kim shudders when she finds out that Ron buys clothes at Smarty Mart, Ron folds his arms and gives Kim a look, though at that scene his right eye partially crosses over the bridge of his nose.

    • Including considerations for lighting, Wade's skin tone changes several times in this episode, sometimes in the same set of shots (most notably when he's talking to Kim from her locker computer)

    • When Frugal Lucre checks the amount of money that he's made from his scheme, he has $17.28. However, he requested everyone send him a dollar so how did he manage to obtain 28 cents? It could be assumed that people from other countries sent in money, but he requested that everyone send in exactly one dollar's worth in accordance to the exchange rate, so he shouldn't have been able to get the 28 cents.

    • Wouldn't the Mall close the stores if the checkouts were down and people couldn't buy anything?

    • A few more goofs about the store doors at Smarty Mart where Frugal Works. The pad you step on to activate the automatic doors is missing when Frugal runs through the store alarms. Also the doors are a different color.

    • The second time Lucre interrupts a GWA match, the wrestlers vanish from the picture long before the ring does.

    • Why didn't Francis's Mom ask where his "friends" were when he went upstairs?

    • When Kim and Ron enter the Smarty Mart where Francis works, there are no alarms by the doors, but when Kim snaps the alarm tag on his store vest, there are alarms at the store doors all of a sudden.

    • When Kim and Ron go to Kim's locker, the locker door Bonnie is behind has the handle/lock on the opposite side of the other lockers. Then when she closes it, the handle/lock magically jumps to the correct side.

    • After Kim's discovered that Frugal Lucre is Francis, she runs up to Ron in the tire section, holding a piece of yellow paper in her right hand. When it shows Kim again after Ron's line, the Kimmunicator is suddenly where the paper was, with the slip nowhere to be found.

    • Frugal steals the microphone from the Smarty Mart 'Brain' mascot ('Vienna sausages- ten cans for a dollar!'). A crowd racing to get the sausages ensues, and if you slow it down, you can see the mascot running to get them too! He obviously should have known that there wasn't really an offer on.

    • When Kim and Ron go to Smarty Mart to access the Personnel files, Ron's turtleneck collar is colored red rather than black when he's greeted at the door.

    • Coloration Goof: When the manatee first comes to the surface and Ron screams that it's an aquatic naked mole-rat, the bottom of his shirt is colored red when Kim corrects him.

    • When Ron says 'Steel Toe versus Pain King!' his mouth doesn't move.

    • In the opener, just before Kim leaps from the swamp boat, its control levers are solid gray (as opposed to red and white).

    • Maybe there are a few aisles in Smarty Mart dedicated to animals, but Ron says he bought Rufus from aisle sixteen, whereas Lucre's snapping turtles are bought from aisle ten- 'next to the goldfish'. Aisle ten is also where Kim got some new pants from.

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    • Spin City:

      Interestingly, Richard Kind guest stars as Frugal Lucre in this episode. Richard Kind used to portray Paul Lassiter on Spin City. Paul was also cheap.

    • Stripperella:

      This episode's premise is similar to an episode of Stripperella called "Crime Doesn't Pay. Seriously, It Really Doesn't", which also featured an incredibly cheap villain.

    • Smarty Mart Manager: Free shipping on all purchases over 25 dollars!

      This is a reference to, in which their online shopping provides free shipping to all purchases over 25 dollars.

    • Kim: Smarty Mart?
      Ron: Where smart shoppers shop smart!
      This is similar to the line from the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness movies, in which the character Ash worked at S-Mart, and often said "Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart".

    • Futurama:

      When Ron is watching wrestling through a window of an electronics store, the store is called Victoria's Circuits, which is a play on Victoria's Secret, a chain of lingerie stores often present in US malls. The same play on words was also used in a Futurama episode that involved Bender reading an advertisement from a magazine.

    • PA Voice: Attention Smarty Mart shoppers, brainstorm in aisle eight! For the next then minutes, Pop Pop Porter's Pizza Bagels are two for a dollar!
      This is a reference to K-Mart's Blue Light Specials, in which they typically announce the sale in a similar fashion.

    • Wal-Mart:

      Smarty Mart is a reference to the big department stores, such as Wal-Mart, in which those stores have nearly everything available and offer huge discounts on their wares.