Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 6

Mad Dogs and Aliens

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 24, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Jim and Tim decide to take on the duties of the Middleton Mascot and Ron takes it upon himself to train them. Meanwhile, Drakken is broken out of prison by an alien named Warmonga.

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  • A great mix of comedy and action

    With Ron becoming the newest football player, he must give up his role of being the Middleton Mad Dog because he cannot play and cheer at the same time. So Kim's younger brother take on the role with Ron feeling jealous. Meanwhile Drakken gets busted out of prison by a 'green lady' who turns out to be an alien warrior rather than Shego (who was on vacation at the time at a spa in Greece).

    Drakken then pretends to be the 'Great Blue' in order to use her advanced alien technology. Drakken and Warmonga are then foiled by Kim, Shego, Wade, and Kim's younger brothers. Once Warmonga finds out that Drakken wasn't truthful she literly throws him away. Ron passes on his mouth foam for Jim and Tim's costumes. At the end of the episode you find out that Motor Ed has a motor mouth and starts Lucre (Drakken's old cellmate) nuts with his constant chattering.moreless
  • When Ron has to give up his role as the Middleton Mad Dog, Bonnie suprises him to his dismay by creating a new gimic called the Mad Puppies! Ron has to learn how to cope with the new arrangement and Draken finally breaks out of jail with a new sidekick.moreless

    This episode succeeded my expectations, while involving a dash of humor, Disney kicked it up a knotch and added more emotion between Kim and Ron and fueled their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend! Though there was quite and upset that yet another kiss was once again interupted by Wade, Kim's Tech Guru, this episode showed a lot of promise for the future outcomes of Kim and Ron's relationship. In this episode you could actually see the love and understanding between the two, which you didn't see much of in the episode, "Ill Suited." All in all this episode deserves two thumbs up!!!moreless
  • WOW!!

    This was an unbelivable episode. It ir most likly one of my favorites. The plot was exciting from start to finish. This was an episode where there was a good amount of Kim and Rons relationship, which is always a positive. This episode was full of action as well as comedy. One thing that was funny about this episode was that Ron had to give up being the Mad Dog so Jim and Tim took over. Ron did not take to this very lightly. He tried to "mold" them to the way he thought the Mad Dog should be. I also thought that when Warmonga first met Shego was very funny. The battle scene with Warmonga and Kim was, overall, done very well. This is a great episode.moreless
  • The humour, the action; it's great!

    Having only just recently gotten back into this show, I've got to say that this is easily in my top five episodes. It's funny, witty, clever, and straight-up fun to watch over and over and over. A lot of the lines (particularly Shego's) are STILL funny, and it's easily one of the best episodes of the series.

    Drakken's break-out ("I wonder who's breaking Shego out THIS time...") is quite amusing (though I will admit that the and the introduction of the strange alien character, Warmonga, was a bit of an interesting twist. I found her a bit annoying, which is something of a drawback for the episode, but it didn't matter all that much. There are too many great things about the episode for that to count for much. Plus, there have been worse characters (Falsetto, for one), so if she does come back for the finale it won't be such a bad thing.

    The Kim/Ron is cute. Some nice moments in there for the pair of them, I'm happy to report - it's been a given for a long time, even if I am a Kigo girl (this IS a Disney cartoon...). All I can say is: It's about time. As for the Mad Dog portion of the episode; I personally found it kind of boring and redundant. It didn't really serve a purpose - although Kim did have a nice line on the football field; can't remember exactly but it was something along the lines of 'You've moved on. They're cheering for you, now.'

    Of course, the BEST part of the episode is a certain green villainess. The Greek spa/resort scene is easily the greatest sequence; the fight scene is great, the banter is stellar, nearly every line had me clutching my sides, everything was brilliantly orchestrated, and I have never enjoyed a scene more. Kim mistakenly thinking that Shego is behind Drakken's escape from prison makes perfect sense, and both Kim's persistence and Shego's irritated denial were perfectly in-character. A stand-out example of this is when Kim asks about Drakken and Shego's answer is "Who do you think I'm vacationing from?" The entire sequence is golden; one of those superb moments you have to watch over and over (or at least I do, heheh).

    And then of course we have the Drakken-Shego-Warmonga thing happening, and it's just great. Drakken keeping Shego around (restrained) to watch as he and Warmonga work on the latest take-over-the-world scheme, and going so far as to taunt her - well it's just awesome! It prompts more fantastic lines like What's more, us Kigo shippers (or people who just enjoy the Kim-Shego dynamic battle thing) get a nice treat, when Shego breaks her bonds and comes to Kimmie's rescue! Huzzah!

    The only places this episode lost points for me were that the Mad Dog thing felt a bit strange and didn't really make sense; Warmonga was just a tad annoying; and the end felt kind of rushed (but only a little). It's a fantastic episode, and I love it.

  • Drakken gets broken out of prison by an alien named Warmonga who is from the planet Lorwardia who is completely devoted to "the great blue" and lends her arsenal to Drakken use in his latest conquest.moreless

    This was a great episode with some good Kim/Ron moments as well as hilarious interaction between Shego, Kim and Drakken. It appears from this episode that Drakken no longer wants Shego's services since she never broke him out of prison, which leads to some funny side interaction between the two as well as some very comic lines from Shego ("sure we do...we're the evil sidekick, we're all about the mocking"). The standard action sequence in Drakken's lair is pretty much cookie cutter, but Kim's supersuit and Shego's unexpected assist freshen it up a bit. However, one of these episodes, I'd like to see Kim and Ron share that lip lock that has thus far been interrupted by Wade!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Drakken says that he only has one more move until he wins the game of checkers, but that would be impossible since Lucre still has several pieces (more than Drakken in fact), many of which are located in diametrically opposite places.

    • When Kim jumps up to the pyramid during the game, the camera quickly pans down to the rest of the girls who for a split second do not have any mouths.

    • During the tag at the end of the show there should be shadows of prison bars on Motor Ed when he's laying in bed. They appear on the bed below him and on the wall above him but there are none on him.

    • There is no way Kim would have her Kimmunicator with her when she is on top of the pyramid doing a split. Her skirt has no pockets and she doesn't have a bag with her

    • When Drakken gets sucked up through the prison's roof, the checker he is holding falls to the table, but when we next see it, it is just rotating in mid air

    • Kim's belly button doesn't show up when she's wearing her cheer uniform.

    • The prisoner that tells Drakken that there is a green lady looking for him would have no way to get that information since Warmonga never leaves her ship

  • QUOTES (44)

    • Motor Ed: When I say this ride rocked, I mean it rocked heavy metal. Seriously! No, but dude, were talking serious V8 engine, dual overhead cam shafts, three eighty-five horse power under the hood. Yeah! (Frugal Lucre slaps in his face in annoyance) Know what I'm saying?
      Frugal Lucre: No! I have no idea what you saying! You just go on and on and on and on and on about things that nobody even cares about.
      Motor Ed: Dude, you're harshing my prison mellow here, seriously.
      Frugal Lucre: Hey, would you stop saying that word? Ah, totally!

    • Kim: I think someone owes me a diversion, of the dating kind.
      Ron: Naco and a movie?
      Kim: Sounds out of this world!

    • Ron: You know, I think the pep puppies are really coming into their own.
      Tweebs: You mean it?
      Ron: In fact, I wanted you guys to have something...
      (He takes out his mouth foam)
      Tweebs: Your mouth foam? Really?
      Ron: You know, if you wanted to use it...
      Tweebs: People have been asking for it!

    • Jim: (comes on a screen dressed as a blue dog) Hello? Hello? I seek the one called Warmonga. Meet me on, um Pluto. I am the Great Blue, repeat, I am the Great Blue!

    • Drakken: No, you can't possibly be all that. You're not! You're not!

    • (Drakken's oxygen sucking machine activates)
      Drakken: (To Kim) I hope you can hold your breath for a very, very long time!

    • Warmonga: I name this blow in the name of...
      Kim: Now you see her, now you don't!
      (Kim activates the suit's invisible power)
      Warmonga: Hey, wow!

    • Shego: This alien would follow a blue sock puppet if it said it was...
      (Warmonga throws her to the ceiling)

    • Drakken: See Shego, Warmonga is better than you!
      (She melts her cuffs in rage)

    • Drakken: Too bad, so sad Kim Possible. Now I can do anything!
      Kim: Except stay out of jail!

    • (Drakken introduces Warmonga to Kim)
      Kim: As in alien?
      (Warmonga throws her over towards Shego)
      Shego: 10-4 on that!

    • (Kim and Ron are about to kiss each other when Wade makes the Kimmunicator noise to stop them, even though he is standing beside them)
      Ron: Wade!
      Wade: Ha, hey guys!

    • Kim: Gotta jet, Drakken!
      Ron: In the middle of the game, man now he's just rude!

    • Kim: Clearly he (Drakken) is rusty.
      Wade: Not even hiding his location. Kim, it's obviously a trap!
      Kim:Yeah, well if Drakken wants his chance at revenge, he's going to get it, and a one way ticket back to Cellblock D!

    • (Drakken is making a fool of himself)
      Shego: Oh, come on. You're not letting that one go. Hello, this is mocking gold! Oh!
      Warmonga: Warmonga will not mock the Great Blue!
      (Drakken stops)
      Shego: See, you missed your "mock" window!

    • Drakken: Once and for all, I will eradicate my long time teen nemisis, Kim Possible! She still is a teen right? I lost track of time in the hoos-gow.

    • Drakken: Warmonga, this is Shego, the sidekick who didn't break me out of prison.
      Warmonga: Sidekick, oh, so you too pledged your being to the Great Blue?
      Shego: Um, seriously, what planet are you from?
      Warmonga: Warmonga hails from...
      (Shego looks at Drakken confused)

    • (Warminga calls Drakken the Great Blue)
      Shego: Great Blue? I'll give you blue, but great? Not so much!

    • Kim: Ron, maybe you're taking this whole mascot thing a little too...
      Ron: Lightly?
      Kim: Personally!
      Ron: It is personal, I mean the Pep Puppies are going to be a laughing stock!
      Kim: You couldn't see out of the big Mad Dog so much, could ya?

    • (About the Pep Puppies)
      Ron: That trash has to be put out!
      Tweebs: Trash! You'll see about that!

    • Kim: Listen, Wade ran a search for all known green females on Earth, and came up with Shego, and the spokeswomen for the Asparagus Advisory Counsel

    • Kim: What's wrong there, big dog?
      (Ron tries to touch her, but reveals that he is trapped in a force field)
      Kim: Hey! No putting people in containment fields, remember?
      Tweebs: Not our fault, it's just that Ron's really buggin'!
      Kim: Ron, were you buggin'?

    • (Warmonga destroys Drakken's lair)
      Drakken: My lair!
      Warmonga: If it pleases the Great Blue, Warmonga can assemble a new lair. (Sets a small box on the ground)
      Drakken: You can't just throw up a lair... (Notices the box expanding) a day. Oh, alien technology!

    • (Warmonga sees Drakken's defunct lair)
      Warmonga: Such good taste!
      Drakken: Be it ever so humble!

    • (Warmonga shows Drakken his rap commercial)
      Drakken: Oh that, uck, don't remind me!

    • (Warmonga has Drakken at gun point)
      Warmonga: For the last time, you must answer Warmonga. Are you the Great Blue?
      Drakken: Nice green lady! He, he, he...

    • Shego: Now I have a salt blow in five, so listen to my words: I'm not helping Drakken, and I don't know who is. Me va-ca-tion.
      Ron: But...
      Shego: Vacation!

    • Kim: Last time, where's Drakken?
      Shego: What am I, his secretary?
      Kim: No, his sidekick!
      (Shego angrily kicks Kim off of her)

    • Kim: Saving the world has other perks too...
      Ron: Such as?
      Kim: ...cuter boyfriends!
      Ron: Oh, ha, booyah!

    • (Wade is tracking Shego by her credit cards)
      Ron: Shego has credit cards?
      Wade: And a surprisingly good credit score for a villain.

    • (Ron is telling how he dislikes Jim and Tim being the new mascots)
      Kim: This from the mouth foam pioneer.
      Ron: Exactly, the foaming at the mouth is the kind of genius that reaches out and touches the audience, and gets them foamy!
      Kim: Right.

    • Kim: You know, I was skeptical at first, but I think Jim and Tim are doing a great job as the new mascots.
      Ron: Yeah, great job lookin' like fools!
      Kim: Ron, did you ever look at yourself in the mad dog mirror?

    • (A green beam comes through the roof of the prison)
      Drakken: I wonder who's breaking out Shego this time
      Random Prisoner: There's a green lady out there, she's looking for you!
      Drakken: Shego! It's about time!

    • (Drakken is beating Frugal in checkers)
      Frugal: Ooh, someone's on fire!
      Drakken: Pyro Pete freaking out again?
      Frugal: No, I think you are going to win!
      Drakken: I am? I am! Finally, one more move, and...
      (Prison alarm sounds, distracting him)

    • Drakken: (To Frugal) Do you mind? Your obsessive prattle is throwing my game. Imagine, an evil genious of my magnitude forced to squander his days playing checkers with the best and brightest of Cellblock D.

    • Lucre: So anyway, I was in line behind Big Tony, you know with the glandular problem, and he takes two puddings, two!, and the guards didn't even bust him for it. I tell you, the money this prison wastes, its criminal!

    • (About Ron's retiring of the Mad Dog)
      Ron: Anyone like to say a few words?
      Bonnie: How 'bout good riddance?
      Kim: Ron's mad dog was a hit with the crowd, and, um, his mouth-foaming antics are sure to be missed.
      Ron: (Starts crying) End of an era, thank you Kim.

    • Ron: We are all about to witness a historic moment.
      Bonnie: You mean the moment where you get squad-slapped into next week?

    • (Kim is on top of a formation in cheer practice)
      Ron: Now a moment of silence (Turns out the lights and Kim falls to the floor)
      Kim: Ohh!
      Ron: I said silence, people!

    • Ron: (drill-sergeant mode) Mad Dog Mascot 101 is now in session, fall in soldiers, dog soldiers.
      Tweebs: Hmm?
      Ron:Come on! (barks like a dog several times in their faces)
      Jim: Ron?
      Ron: Rookie, did I give you permission to speak?
      Tim: Permission to speak?
      Ron: Denied! You think you got what it takes to be Middleton mascot? We'll just see about that!
      Tim: We were thinking about calling ourselves the pep puppies and...
      Ron: Uh no! No puppies! There's only one Mad Dog! The Mad Dog!

    • (Warmonga flings Shego into something in Drakken's lair)
      Drakken: This is why we can't have nice things!

    • Kim: They play catch on your planet?
      (She shoots a beam of energy out of the super suit's hand towards Warmonga)

    • Shego: (To Drakken about Warmonga)
      You sure can pick 'em.

    • Drakken: Warmonga, show Shego the door!
      Warmonga:(to Shego) Hm, yeah. If you guide your vision to the left of our aft reactor core, you can see our primary entrance.
      Drakken: No, I mean, make her exit through the door!
      (Warmonga lifts Shego over her head and throws her off screen making a huge gaping hole in the door)
      Shego: Hey!
      Drakken: Well, I didn't mean literally through the door...

  • NOTES (0)


    • When Warmonga first sees Drakken's lair, there is graffiti on the wall that says, "Shego Rocks!" This is a reference to a work of fanfiction by the same title, written by David Clark Allen. Though the writers claim not to read fanfiction, this says otherwise.

    • The title is a reference to Mad Dogs and Englishmen, a 1932 song by Noel Coward.