Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 6

Mad Dogs and Aliens

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 24, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • A great mix of comedy and action

    With Ron becoming the newest football player, he must give up his role of being the Middleton Mad Dog because he cannot play and cheer at the same time. So Kim's younger brother take on the role with Ron feeling jealous. Meanwhile Drakken gets busted out of prison by a 'green lady' who turns out to be an alien warrior rather than Shego (who was on vacation at the time at a spa in Greece).

    Drakken then pretends to be the 'Great Blue' in order to use her advanced alien technology. Drakken and Warmonga are then foiled by Kim, Shego, Wade, and Kim's younger brothers. Once Warmonga finds out that Drakken wasn't truthful she literly throws him away. Ron passes on his mouth foam for Jim and Tim's costumes. At the end of the episode you find out that Motor Ed has a motor mouth and starts Lucre (Drakken's old cellmate) nuts with his constant chattering.
  • When Ron has to give up his role as the Middleton Mad Dog, Bonnie suprises him to his dismay by creating a new gimic called the Mad Puppies! Ron has to learn how to cope with the new arrangement and Draken finally breaks out of jail with a new sidekick.

    This episode succeeded my expectations, while involving a dash of humor, Disney kicked it up a knotch and added more emotion between Kim and Ron and fueled their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend! Though there was quite and upset that yet another kiss was once again interupted by Wade, Kim's Tech Guru, this episode showed a lot of promise for the future outcomes of Kim and Ron's relationship. In this episode you could actually see the love and understanding between the two, which you didn't see much of in the episode, "Ill Suited." All in all this episode deserves two thumbs up!!!
  • WOW!!

    This was an unbelivable episode. It ir most likly one of my favorites. The plot was exciting from start to finish. This was an episode where there was a good amount of Kim and Rons relationship, which is always a positive. This episode was full of action as well as comedy. One thing that was funny about this episode was that Ron had to give up being the Mad Dog so Jim and Tim took over. Ron did not take to this very lightly. He tried to "mold" them to the way he thought the Mad Dog should be. I also thought that when Warmonga first met Shego was very funny. The battle scene with Warmonga and Kim was, overall, done very well. This is a great episode.
  • The humour, the action; it's great!

    Having only just recently gotten back into this show, I've got to say that this is easily in my top five episodes. It's funny, witty, clever, and straight-up fun to watch over and over and over. A lot of the lines (particularly Shego's) are STILL funny, and it's easily one of the best episodes of the series.

    Drakken's break-out ("I wonder who's breaking Shego out THIS time...") is quite amusing (though I will admit that the and the introduction of the strange alien character, Warmonga, was a bit of an interesting twist. I found her a bit annoying, which is something of a drawback for the episode, but it didn't matter all that much. There are too many great things about the episode for that to count for much. Plus, there have been worse characters (Falsetto, for one), so if she does come back for the finale it won't be such a bad thing.

    The Kim/Ron is cute. Some nice moments in there for the pair of them, I'm happy to report - it's been a given for a long time, even if I am a Kigo girl (this IS a Disney cartoon...). All I can say is: It's about time. As for the Mad Dog portion of the episode; I personally found it kind of boring and redundant. It didn't really serve a purpose - although Kim did have a nice line on the football field; can't remember exactly but it was something along the lines of 'You've moved on. They're cheering for you, now.'

    Of course, the BEST part of the episode is a certain green villainess. The Greek spa/resort scene is easily the greatest sequence; the fight scene is great, the banter is stellar, nearly every line had me clutching my sides, everything was brilliantly orchestrated, and I have never enjoyed a scene more. Kim mistakenly thinking that Shego is behind Drakken's escape from prison makes perfect sense, and both Kim's persistence and Shego's irritated denial were perfectly in-character. A stand-out example of this is when Kim asks about Drakken and Shego's answer is "Who do you think I'm vacationing from?" The entire sequence is golden; one of those superb moments you have to watch over and over (or at least I do, heheh).

    And then of course we have the Drakken-Shego-Warmonga thing happening, and it's just great. Drakken keeping Shego around (restrained) to watch as he and Warmonga work on the latest take-over-the-world scheme, and going so far as to taunt her - well it's just awesome! It prompts more fantastic lines like What's more, us Kigo shippers (or people who just enjoy the Kim-Shego dynamic battle thing) get a nice treat, when Shego breaks her bonds and comes to Kimmie's rescue! Huzzah!

    The only places this episode lost points for me were that the Mad Dog thing felt a bit strange and didn't really make sense; Warmonga was just a tad annoying; and the end felt kind of rushed (but only a little). It's a fantastic episode, and I love it.

  • Drakken gets broken out of prison by an alien named Warmonga who is from the planet Lorwardia who is completely devoted to "the great blue" and lends her arsenal to Drakken use in his latest conquest.

    This was a great episode with some good Kim/Ron moments as well as hilarious interaction between Shego, Kim and Drakken. It appears from this episode that Drakken no longer wants Shego's services since she never broke him out of prison, which leads to some funny side interaction between the two as well as some very comic lines from Shego ("sure we do...we're the evil sidekick, we're all about the mocking"). The standard action sequence in Drakken's lair is pretty much cookie cutter, but Kim's supersuit and Shego's unexpected assist freshen it up a bit. However, one of these episodes, I'd like to see Kim and Ron share that lip lock that has thus far been interrupted by Wade!
  • One of my favorite episodes.

    I loved this episode for many reasons. One of my favorite scene was at the football game and the ending. Shego was really funny in this episode, i like how she was like "Isn't that right Dr. D. This episode had major Kim and Ron moments. From beginning to end. Warmonga was funny in a way where she wasn't trying to be funny, she kept saying "i am Warminga from the blah blah blah i don't remember the rest of it but i kno it was funny. I like how they brought back the Rappin Drakken scene from season 3. Also Jim and Tim were so cute as the Pep Puppies. One of my favorite episodes.
  • Dr. Drakken is finally broken out of jail, but by an alien called Warmonga, who is completed devoted to him. He then unleashes her on his teenage nemesis.

    Dr. Drakken finally steps into the spotlight in “Mad Dogs and Aliens” . In it, the doc is sprung out of jail by an alien named Warmonga (Kristen Johnson), who believes that he is the answer to a prophecy. Drakken then tricks her into believing that he is indeed the legendary “Great Blue”. With Warmonga at his side, Drakken seeks revenge on both Shego, the sidekick who abandoned him, and Kim, his arch nemesis. In a sub story, Ron retires as the Mad Dog, only to have his mantel taken by Jim and Tim. The Tweebs become the new school mascots “The Pet Puppies.” Of course, Ron is buggin’. This was an action packed episode. As a matter of fact, this may be the most violent Kim Possible episode yet. Warmonga is the most physically dangerous villain the show has seen. Part ditsy bimbo, part killer alien Amazon, Warmonga was passing out several beat downs to both Kim and Shego. I was really digging her as Drakken’s new sidekick. Warmonga is sexy, threatening and pretty funny. But then they had to ruin the ride with a lame ending, in which the tweebs saved the day by poising as the great blue. The Alien ditches Drakken and speeds of into space in her spaceship. Speaking of Jim and Tim, it seems like they are pushing them more and more into the act, just like Haley is in “American Dragon: Jake Long”. That is a tricky proposition, because siblings of heroes can be easily hated. The main reason, is because usually their job is to make the main character look bad, or just annoy the heck out of them; so hopefully the audience won’t collectable gag on the tweebs. Ron mean while grew up a little in this episode. Now that his mad running away skills have made him the star running back on the football team, he had to step down as the Middleton Mad Dog. After flipping out over Jim and Tim becoming the new mascots, he eventually accepts them. He even gives them his foam. Way to go Ron. Some parents maybe a little upset with edginess in this episode. No doubt, they will notice the mud fight between Kim and a barely clothed Shego. Not to mention the brutality of Warmonga. Speaking of the she alien, I don’t think we have seen the last of her. Is it possible she and her race of aliens will invade the Earth? Or maybe Kim will have to team up with Shego to save the world? I guess we will have to wait and see. Also we saw the return of the battle suit with a cool new feature. Can you say Invisible Woman? The bad ending docks a few points, but “Mad Dogs and Aliens” delivers like right cross to the jaw.
  • This was funny!

    Ron feels upset that since he's on hte football team, no one will be the Mad Dog. Jim and Tim say that they both want to be the Mad Dog, but Ron tells them that there is only one. Meanwhile, Drakken gets broken out of jail by a green alien named, Warmanga. She claims that he's The Great Blue, and follows his every commaned. She tells him that she saw his commerical, and wanted to be with him. Shego comes by to see what happened, she laughes at the The Graet Blue comment. Drakken gets agree with her, and tells Warmanga to get rid of her. The two start to fight, and Warmanga throws Shego into a screen, that knocks her out. Kim tries to defeat her, but Shego takes Warmanga down to show her that she wqill be the one who kills kim. Ron, Jim, and Tim get Warmanga distracked by telling her that another Great Blue is on another planet. Ron actually accepted Jim and Tim's idea for the Mad Puppies!
  • A Very Slashy Episode

    The term "slash" is believed to have originated in the "Star Trek" fandom when a small and rather controversial group of Trekkies decided to pair Kirk and Spock. They called their brainchild Kirk/Spock, which was later shortened to K/S. Since then, "slash" has come to signify any homosexual fanfiction pairing. The "/" is also used with heterosexual couples, but for the most part slash refers to yaoi (guy/guy) and yuri (girl/girl) pairings.

    Why do I bring this up? Because this is the slashiest episode of KP since "Dimension Twist." I feel I must warn you at this point that I am an avid shipper of Kim/Shego, also known as KiGo. I am a member of Slash Haven, the number one KiGo site on the web, so I will admit to a slight amount of bias. However, the fact that I also ship Kim/Ron should alleviate at least some fears. I do not believe that there is "evidence" of KiGo in the canon, as it is purely a fanfiction pairing, but there IS subtext. Subtext is open to interpretation, and everyone sees it differently. It's essentially little "hints" that people will interpret in their own way depending on which pairing they support. I am not trying to get you to support KiGo; I'm simply identifying the subtext so that you can decide for yourself whether or not it hints at a potential relationship. With that in mind, let's begin.

    First of all, they set Kim and Shego's first fight of the episode in Greece. Why is this important? Because in Greek mythology, the goddess Diana decided she'd had it with men (I'm paraphrasing here) and decided to start a commune of only women on a small island in the Meditterranean. The name of the island? L e s b o s (for some reason the censor filter thinks that an actual geographical location is a dirty word). This is where we get the term "lesbian." The writers probably didn't even realize it, but they can't just have Kim and Shego mud wrestle and not expect us KiGo fans to interpret it as further proof of their hidden affection for one another. You may see it differently, but Kim was the one who chooses to tackle Shego into the mud, not to mention she's the one on top. I'm just saying.

    Before Kim has to jet from the game, she tells Ron to just stay and play the game and that she can handle it on her own. She couldn't have been trying to protect him, since at that point she doesn't know about Warmonga and thinks that it's just Shego. Maybe she didn't want any distractions, hmmm? *winks*

    And of course, there's the whole part where Shego saves Kim's life. I could actually picture her saying (or at least thinking), "No touchee my Kimmie!" It's just odd that she would choose to break her restraints at the exact moment Kim's life was in danger, especially since she does it so fast it's clear she could have done it at any time. And of course she calls Ron and the tweebs to clue them in on how to defeat Warmonga, and she doesn't even keep the Kimmunicator when it could have given her an edge (since Wade seems to be able to track her anyway, at least this way she could do the same back). I'm just telling it like it is. What it means is for you to decide.

    As the final piece of subtext, I'd like to say that I love Shego's new nickname for Kim. I asked a friend what he would think if one girl called another "cupcake," and he said he'd assume they were lesbians. And my friend doesn't even support KiGo. And of course, her closing line is dynamite: "Next time, you're mine." Ooh. *shivers*

    Of course, there's plenty here for the K/R crowd as well. Kim shows she's able to be there for Ron and encourage him as he goes through what for him is a difficult transition from mascot to football player. She helps him to pass the torch to the tweebs, and this episode was filled to the brim with "awwww" moments. Their relationship is coming along nicely, even if some of us happen to think she's harboring secret feelings for Shego. *winks* I especially love her final line to Ron: "Sounds out of this world."

    This is, however, the final nail in the coffin for the Drakken/Shego ship. This bridge has been burned for good, and it doesn't look like they'll team up anytime soon. But we'll have to wait and see. After all, on this show, anything's possible, even if that doesn't happen to be your last name.

    On a non-slashy note, I'd like to say kudos to Nicole Sullivan for the outstanding voice acting. She gave 110 percent with this one, and Shego seems even more vibrant and hilariously witty than usual. Mad props to the writers too for giving her some great lines. I almost fainted at the way she said that her masseuse Midas "has the 'golden touch.'" Oh, I could listen to that voice all day long. Christy Carlson Romano did a stellar job as Kim, and the way those two play naturally off each other is one of the reasons I support KiGo. This was a truly amazing episode, and I would have enjoyed it even if it wasn't a KiGo fan's paradise. The writers truly outdid themselves on this one, and I can't wait to see more. Too bad I have to wait until March 17th to see any new episodes. Oh well, there's always fanfiction.
  • This is a really cool episode!!!

    It really is. This is when Ron quites being the masscot because he's a football team player flashback from I'll Suit when he joined the team. Jim and Tim take his place as the masscots and Ron is jelouse and thinks their name is lame. At the same time, Dr. Drakin is taken by an alian who thinks he's some sort of Great Blue or warrior. He lies to her to succeed into defeating Kim Possible. This is probably the second time Shego starts helping Kim since the time she helped her and her sibblings stop this bird brain guy. I really like this episode, especally the upgrade on the suit.
  • Best episode of the season so far

    This was a classic episode. First of all Ron as usual was hillarous, I love it when he was coaching Jim and Tim on how to be a mascot.

    Kim and Shego mud wrestling, another pushing the Disney S&P envelope.

    The two storylines crossing, the simulatiry in jealous between Ron and Shego. Though the twist with Shego helping Kim was predictable, when Wade told Ron "It was not Kim.", I know it was Shego that called Wade. (Just like when I first saw the Avatar episode "The Blue Spirit", I know immedately that was Zuko) Actully the plot of Shego saving Kim, is like "The Blue Spirit" episode, villain "A" save hero from villain "B", so villain "A" can eliminate the hero in the future.

    Only thing I didn't like was Wade inturupting Kim and Ron kissing, could he wait one second?

    I hope Shego gets promoted from sidekick to partner or solo villain. Maybe she will turn good in the future, and this episode is a critical episode in that.
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