Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 14

Mathter and Fervent

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jun 17, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Not the best one i have ever see.

    I don't think that this episode of Kim possible was the best there ever was but I don't think it was that bad. In this episode, Ron was turned into an antimatter transformer, which means he can blow stuff up when he touches it. In the episode to combat this problem, they put him in a bubble as he calls it “oh man I'm in a hamster ball”. Therefore, to turn Ron back to normal s must the flight the Mather. Kim, Ron, and his father with assistance from Hego take on the Mather who inside his layer he made and a Libra or room that can turn pure mathematical thought into a weapon. That's a little far-fetched even for a cartoon. However, I will say that the ending credits are the best Mr. Barkin is so funny, and also one of the lines he said at the very end and “hamster balls look like fun on the outside but they sure not on the inside. How about no hamster balls for either us from now on buddy” :P
  • Wow, this was terrible.

    I thought this episode was terrible. I mean really. It is borderline Grande Size Me. The villain is really dumb, and his math-based puns were really stupid. Everything he said was a badly written math joke. The whole villain side of the plot was terribly written, and badly planned out by the writers. The other side of the story involved Kim and Ron writing a paper on one of their heroes. Let me just say that seeing Mr. Stoppable in a cape is not why I watch this show. Ron making everything explode when he touches it was really dumb. Besides, he was in a containment bubble the whole time, so hardly anything really exploded. That plot line could have really been explored more if given a chance. Finally, I thought the whole episode was badly rushed, and nothing really was developed as far as it should have been. I did like one thing in this episode: the closing tag. Barkin's joke in it was hilarious.

    Overall: 3/10
  • Extremely silly, and badly done

    The summary says it. This episode was just weird. Ron was looking for a hero to write about, but he didn't chose his dad, so he had to prove himself for Ron, by joining various "hero-like" groups like volunteering for the fire department. And I looked forward to see Team Go again, but we only saw Hego. That was a disappointment. And the villain? Lame. I liek math, but this was just weird and terrible. He had bad math puns in every sentence, and hsi weapons were just as weird as he was. And the final battle between Ron's dad and the Mathter? Please. Save me. It was horrible. Thsi episode was truly at the bottom of the barrel
  • This episode is terribly misunderstood, the point of this episode was mostly to flesh out Ron's Dad more. IMO it did just that.

    Seeing this episode getting slammed here irritates me for a couple reasons.

    The first reason people seem to not like this episode is because of a villain who has a gimmick based on Math. How people found The Mathter to be embarrassing on the same show that has a Rogue Golfer(Duff Killigan) as a villain is something I don't really understand. Plus he was from Team Go's Rogue's gallery, and their villains have had this certain degree of campiness to them. Also KP calling the Mathter lame multiple times was pretty funny.

    But my biggest frustration with people and their dislike for this episode is that they fail to realize that this episode made Mr. Stoppable a more 3-dimensional character, but people don't see the reasons why.
    Until this episode came along I found both of Ron's parents to be bland and uninteresting. But the scenes involving Ron's dad(him wearing a cape into BN, getting jumped by the police, being chased by wild animals, and handling a FD fire in the kitchen) that people seem to despise are all things I could see Ron portraying. These scenes showed that Ron and his Dad are more alike than we all thought IMO. Him being the hero in the same group as Kim and Hego was probably the best moment for Mr. Stoppable in the entire show. I know people complain about the Mathter but I thought he was good enough foil for "The Actuary of the Year".

    Overall while this episode doesn't step in the same league as the best this season has to offer (Ill Suited, The Cupid Effect, Stop Team Go) I still find this to be a solid and under appreciated episode.
  • And they say math is good for you...

    Ron has to write a paper about a person whom he looks up to and admires...a hero, as it were. As members of Kim's family are off limits (and as his father doesn't exactly inspire him), Ron seeks out Hego. Unfortunately, one of Team Go's villains picks this time to attack.

    The Mathter (not a typo, by the way), from his numberspeak to his weaponry, is pure cheese, but he does prove to be a threat as Ron is erased from computer networks and given an explosive touch.

    What Ron goes through could've made for a mini-classic, with a more disciplined script. Unfortunately, the tendency to go for laughs smothers potential enjoyment. I'd love to see a somewhat serious take on Ron being erased (fanfic writers, wink-wink).

    Still, the Mathter's puns are (for the most part) funny, as is seeing Hego without his brothers. There's also an amusing sight gag early on that reminded me of the terrific film, "Monster House" (hint: there's a cape, involved). This earns "Mathter and Fervent" 0.5 more points then it would've gotten on its own. (There I go with the math.)