Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 8

Mind Games

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jul 19, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Mind Games
When Kim and Ron go to stop Drakken's latest plot, they accidentily get their brains switched between their bodies. Now they must stop Drakken's plans, and deal with each others lives.

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  • No doubt that this was one of the best episodes as well as the funniest

    Ron and Kim accidentally get their minds or at least their personalities swapped by a brain switch machine and they both learn what is like to be the other as in not just walking in the other's shoes but living under other's skins and doing the activities. Still they have to locate the brain switch machine in order to become normal again as in return their minds into the right bodies. Ron figures out quick that being popular isn't all what it is cracked up to be and still take on their roles and team up with Private Dobbs who is now in Drakken's body. Overall very well written and executed with plenty of humorous moments to tickle your funny bone.moreless
  • This was way hilarious.

    Yes, the title says it: It was waay funny. I liked how Kim and Ron switched brains, and how they had to deal with each other's lives. Of course, they managed to do in the end, and it was a happy ending (as if it should not be. Duh)

    And I was about to fell out of my chair when that dude in Drakken's body was sitting and eating dinner with the Possible Family. And what Mr. Possible said. I laughed long and well after that one. Esle, the plot was well written, and the story went well.

    All in all, a great episode. 9.3/10moreless
  • This episode is about when Kim and Ron switch boodies and when Drakken switches bodies with another person.

    When Kim receives a call for help from Dr. Drakken, she discovers that it’s really a military private who Drakken has switched minds with. Kim and Ron go to help rescue Private Dobbs, but wind up in the brain switch machines themselves. Kim and Ron now have to live with being in each others bodies while trying to figure out where Drakken and the Brain Switch machine is; though they soon realize that they both have it harder than they thought because Ron gets bullied and Kim has to put up with Bonnie. My favorite part of this episode was actually everything that I just explained but there was a little suspense I think. What really made this episode not so good was I think the who Drakken switches bodies with. That characters voice was sort of an accent of the cowboys you know something like that.moreless
  • I've got you under my skin...

    Built and protected by the military, the Neutronalizer is very important. So much, in fact, Drakken is willing to switch brains with the soldier guarding it to gain access. Private Dobbs (now in Drakken's body!) seeks Kim and Ron's help, but they, too, fall victim to Drakken's brain-switch machine.

    What this episode lacks in originality (and, given the basic premise, it is truly lacking), it more than makes up for in humorous situations. Mr. Dr. Possible's laid-back reaction to the predicament and any scene with Ron adjusting to his new...physical environment are funny, but the best moment has to be Shego's reaction to Drakken finding out his body is missing.

    "Mind Games" is pretty entertaining.moreless
  • Drakken uses a brain switch machine in order to steal a powerful government weapon called a Nuetronalizer. In the process, Kim and Ron get their brains switched and spend the day as each other.moreless

    “Mind Games” was truly a great watch. Although, it was rather obvious that Kim and Ron would get mind swapped, and it was kind of dumb that Kim kept her voice while she was in Ron’s body and visa versa, but it was still well done. What I loved the most was the great dialogue. My favorite was Ron’s “dumb skills” line. Classic! The episode was filled with very funny moments, like Kim trying to teach Ron her mad cheerleading moves, and then being forced to do it herself, in Ron’s body. Kim’s run in with Bonnie in the bathroom, and Ron’s hair flippy moment. The villains were really great, especially Drakken. I love it when he’s menacing, even to Shego. And did you notice that Drakken and Shego actually defeated Team Possible. If it wasn’t for a little energy snafu, they would have taken over the world. “Mind Games” is a well written, well acted, and well done piece of entertainment.moreless
Jean Smart

Jean Smart

Tutor Woman

Guest Star

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Banner Man, Announcer Voice

Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Yearbook Girl

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Dr. Drakken

Recurring Role

Gary Cole

Gary Cole

Mr. Dr. Possible

Recurring Role

Shaun Fleming

Shaun Fleming

Jim and Tim Possible

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • This episode features the first mention of Professor Dementor, although he doesn't appear until later on in the series.

    • When Ron and Kim switch minds, Rufus activates the machine by landing on a button on the control panel. However, for every mind switch after this, a lever is pulled to activate the machine.

    • Ron and Kim shouldn't have kept their own voices when they switched bodies, because voices are part of the body, not the brain.

    • When Shego is shown laughing after Dr. Drakken says, "Time to deliver my ultimatum.", her face is flesh colored.

    • If Drakken's brain switch machine blew out all the electrical power, there shouldn't have been enough power to turn on the self destruct mechanism.

    • When trying to outrun a goon, Kim/Ron says to Ron/Kim, "Now you know what it's like!" Kim/Ron's mouth doesn't move until she says "like."

    • When we first see the Possible family eating, you see Dobbs/Drakken "clean his plate". But a few shots later, you see little pieces of vegetables.

    • Drakken yells at Shego for letting Kim Possible take his body and destroy his lair, but Kim didn't destroy his lair.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • (At Middleton High)
      Kim: It feels great to be myself again!
      Ron: I could not take another day of...
      Tall bully: Hey, Stoppable!
      Ron: Oh, no! Is this D-hall?
      Tall bully: (gives some money to Ron) Here's that money I've been, uh, "holding" for you. Since Kindergarten?
      Small bully: Hey, got this new video game. Enjoy!
      Ron: What just happened?
      Kim: When I was still in you body, I went back to D-Hall. Gave some sensitivity training. No big.

    • (After escaping Drakken's exploding lair)
      Ron: Good news, we're all back in our bods, bad news, I think we neutronalized the Neutronalizer.
      Kim: Or not
      (the Neutronalzier still stands)
      Dobbs: Did I neglect to mention that the Neutronalizer is dang near indestructible?
      Ron: I know someone like that
      Kim: Back at 'cha, brain switch boy!

    • (Drakken and Dobbs switch bodies, back to their original)
      Dr. Drakken: Oh, there's no body like my body!
      Dobbs: Oh, yes sir, it's good to be home!
      (Two henchmen takes Dobbs away)
      Henchman: Alright, let's go!
      Dr. Drakken: Shego! Initiate Neutronalizer firing sequence!
      (It starts, but shuts down quickly)
      Shego: I don't think so!
      Dr. Drakken: What?
      Shego: Your brain thing blew out the power. Smooth move.
      Dr. Drakken: Cheap rental lair! They know that I have excessive power demands! (the Kimmunicator beeps, and Drakken takes it) Kim can't talk right now, can I take a message?
      Wade: Tell her the army is on the way!
      Dr. Drakken: The army? Well, that's just dandy! Shego! Activate the automatic self-destruct mechanism.
      Shego: With pleasure!
      (She hits the self-destruct button)
      Computer: Lair self-destruct initiated
      Kim (in Ron's body): You can't just destroy this place
      Dr. Drakken: So I lose the security deposit. It's worth it.
      Ron (in Kim's body): But that will blow up the brain switcher! We'll never get back to normal!
      Kim (in Ron's body): Ron, we'll be blown up too.
      Ron (in Kim's body): Oh, man!
      Dr. Drakken: Farewell, Kim Possible!
      Computer: The lair will self-destruct in 60 seconds.
      Ron (in Kim's body): We're doomed!
      Dobbs: No, we ain't!
      (Dobbs frees Kim and Ron. Kim grabs the Kimmunicator)
      Kim (in Ron's body): Wade, we have very little time and no power! Thoughts?
      Wade: The tri-lithium core I designed through the Kimmunicator
      packs a punch.
      Ron (in Kim's body): There's no way that little thing has enough power
      Kim (in Ron's body: It's our only hope!
      Computer: The lair will self-destruct in thirty seconds.
      (Kim and Ron switches back)
      Kim: It worked! I'm me again!
      Ron (In Rufus' body): Uh, guys. We have a problem!
      Rufus (in Ron's body): Big problems
      (Ron and Rufus switch bodies)
      Computer: The lair will self-destruct in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four...
      Ron: Buddy!
      Computer: ...three, two, one,
      Dobbs: We'd best be gettin' out of here!

    • (Kim and Ron are heading for Drakken's lair)
      Wade: (In Kimmunicator) Drakken did an excellent job covering his tracks, but he wanted his mail forward. The change of address card shows him in some kind of timeshare lair complex... suite 7B.
      (they try to enter from behind)
      Ron (in Kim's body): Oh yeah. Like he's just gonna leave the backdoor open.
      (they try to open the backdoor. It was open, and they sneak in)
      Kim (in Ron's body): Over there!
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): Oh! Issuing an ultimatum isn't what it used to be. Give the world a deadline and what do you get? Nothing. Nada. Zip.
      Shego: Gee. You think it had something to do with the puppet?
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): Argh! (pause) They say Paris is lovely this time of year. Well, not anymore! Enter coordinates!
      Kim (in Ron's body): We gotta move fast. Ron and I are will draw Drakken and Shego away, then you disarm the Neutronalizer.
      Ron (in Kim's body): How come I finally get the chance to be you, and I still end up the distraction?
      Dobbs (in Drakken's body): Uh, miss Possible? I don't know the first thing about disarming the Neuronalizer, I just guarded it.
      Ron (in Kim's body): O-kay, new plan.
      (Blue energy blasts destroy the crate they hid behind)
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): No new plans. (To Kim in Ron's body) You're finished, Kim Possible!
      Ron (in Kim's body): (with a high, fake voice) But I'm Kim! Finish me!
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): Oh, please. I know all about your switcheroo, buffoonish sidekick!
      Kim (in Ron's body): Don't insult him. He's got it hard enough! Trust me.
      Ron (in Kim's body): Me? You should try going through a day as Kim! The pressure's intense!
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): What does this has to do with anything? Finish them both!
      (The henchmen go after Kin and Ron.)
      Ron (in Kim's body): Heee. Whoa, give me a break here. I'm wearing a skirt.
      Kim (in Ron'd body): Now you know what it's like.
      (Two henchmen take Dobbs.)
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): I want my body!
      Dobbs (in Drakken's body): Oh, y'all can have it! It's ugly and it itches something fierce!

    • (At Drakken's timeshare lair)
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): Time to deliver my ultimatum! (Shego laughs)
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): And just what is so funny?
      Shego: Your voice. That body. It's not exactly the stuff for ultimatums
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): Very well!
      (we skip to his ultimatum video, which is a puppet moving to his voice)
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): Declare me supreme ruler of Earth, or I will neutronalize a different major city every hour on the hour. (he trows away the puppet) That should do it.
      Shego: What does "neutronalize" mean anyway?
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): I have no idea, but the military had it, and it was top secret, that's good enough for me.

    • (At the hall where the cheer regionals is held)
      Announcer: Hello and welcome to this years regional cheer final!
      Kim (in Ron's body): Wade, anything?
      (Kim takes up the Kimmunicator)
      Wade: Sorry, Kim. Nothing on Drakken since you called one minute ago.
      Kim (in Ron's body): Keep me posted.
      Wade: You'll be the first!
      Announcer: First up, your own Middleton High Cheerleaders! You go, girls!
      (They enter the hall, and there is cheering. Ron (in Kim's body) does it very bad. Kim (in Ron's body then step in for him, and does everything perfectly))

    • (Kim and Ron meet up)
      Ron (in Kim's body): Tell me Wade found Drakken!
      Kim (in Ron's body): Ohh? Problems?
      Ron (in Kim's body): Not really, no, no. Er... I mean, how hard is it to be popular? You?
      Kim (in Ron's body): None. I wallowed in the low expectations.
      Ron (in Kim's body): Good!
      Kim (in Ron's body): All right, then!
      (the cheer squad walks past)
      Bonnie: Kim, come on! Let's go!
      Tara: Yeah! East Side is so history!
      Kim (in Ron's body): I am so history

    • (Ron (in Kim's body) is walking around)
      Girl #1: Hi, Kim
      Ron (in Kim's body): Can of corn!
      Girl #2: Kim! We need you to decide on a font for the yearbook cover!
      Ron (in Kim's body): Uh...
      Girl #2: You're the only one we trust to make a decision everyone can live with!
      Female teacher: Kim, are you all prepared for tutoring at Middleton Middleton School next week?
      Male teacher: Don't forget those banners you promised to paint, Possible. The deadline's on Monday
      Bonnie: Kim, you are going to do something about your hair and make up before the regionals?
      Girl #2: What about the font?
      Female teacher: The tutoring?
      Male teacher: The banners?
      Female teacher: Kim!
      Male teacher: Kim!
      Girl #2: Kim!
      (the school bell rings, and Kim (in Ron's body) runs)

    • (At the cantina, Kim (in Ron's body) is standing in line. Some jocks throw away another kid and sneaks into the line)
      Kim (in Ron's body): Hey! You can't do that!
      Jock: What did you say?
      Kim (in Ron's body): Um, eh... huh?
      (Kim is thrown out of the cantina, and starts to walk)
      Tall bully: Hold it, Stoppable. You know, you can't just come this way
      Low bully: Yeah, D-Hall's been declared a loser-free zone. (laughs) Loser free!
      (Kim (in Ron's body) tries to sneak away)
      Tall bully: You're forgetting something? My money!
      Kim (in Ron's body): What money?
      Low bully: You sound funnier than usual, Stoppable.
      Kim (in Ron's body): Um, eh... puberty.
      (She is thrown into the women's restroom, where Bonnie is)
      Kim (in Ron's body): Hi, Bonnie.
      Bonnie: You little freako! (Bonnie slaps Kim)

    • (Kim (in Ron's body) is showing Ron (in Kim's body) how to do the cheer routine)
      Kim (in Ron's body): ... and then you shift you way from you left foot to the right foot, and hit a heel stretch at the top. That's the routine. Go it?
      Ron (in Kim's body): Yeah!
      Kim (in Ron's body): Can you do it?
      Ron (in Kim's body): No way!
      Kim (in Ron's body): Ron! This is the regionals! The whole squad is depending on me! Uh, you!
      Ron (in Kim's body): That's major pressure!
      Kim (in Ron's body): Yeah, no duh!
      (they try the routine, but Ron fails completely)
      Ron (in Kim's body): I think I'm getting the hang of it! And I dig this wardrobe. The breeze is quite refreshing!
      Kim (in Ron's body): U-huh. Yeah. Let's go get some... what would you call it? "lunchage"?
      Ron (in Kim's body): Snackage, Kim, snackage. Never lunchage, that sounds just stupid!

    • (Around the Possible dinner table)
      Wade: (through Kimmunicator) I'll kick the scanners into overdrive.
      Kim (in Ron's body): In the meantime, Private Dobbs can stay here for safekeeping,
      Wade: What are you and Ron gonna do?
      Kim (in Ron's body): Until we find Drakken and machine, we'll just have to deal.
      (Ron (in Kim's body) is flipping his hair)
      Kim (in Ron's body): What are you doing?
      Ron (in Kim's body): Your hair... it's so... flippy!
      Kim (in Ron's body): (half-desperate voice) Wade, hurry!

    • (At Drakken's new lair)
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): (to the moving people) Careful around the Neutronalizer! You have no idea what I had to go through to get that! (a sound of glass breaking is heard) That was marked fragile! (to Shego) Thanks to Kim Possible I had to move my lair, again!
      Shego: There's nothing's wrong with this timeshare.
      Moving Man: Yo, chief! Where do you want this one labeled "brain switch machine"?
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): Oh, eh, put it in the den. Carefully! (a telephone rings, and a sound of crashing glass is heard as Drakken answers) Hello? No, this is not Professor Dementor. He moved. (he proceeds to sign a form) Wait. I didn't notice my body come in. Scarred face, wild-eye glare!
      Moving Man: Didn't see it, sport. All I know, the truck's empty.
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): Shego!
      Shego: She took it, okay?
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): (angry) You let Kim Possible destroy my lair? And take my body!?
      Shego: You know, this body is kinda cute when you are angry.
      Dr. Drakken (in Dobbs' body): (furious) I want my body!

    • (at the Possible's dinner table. Everyone is looking quite nervous)
      Dobbs (in Drakken's body): This sure is mighty tasty chow, ma'am!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: I'm sorry! I just can't sit eating across the table from Kimmie's arch nemesis!
      Kim (in Ron's body): Dad, I told you. It's not really Dr. Drakken, just his body.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: I hear you, honey. But as a board certified neuro surgeon, I got to say, it's just not possible to swap brains!
      Ron (in Kim's body): Point taken, Dr. P. But how else do you explain my bare midriff?
      (Kim sighs)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: (chuckles) Chasing bad guys, switching brains. High school sure has changed since my day!
      Jim: (to Tim) I wanna switch brains with you!
      Tim: Who would know the difference?
      Jim: That's the idea!
      Tim: Cool!
      (the Kimmunicator beeps)
      Ron (in Kim's body): What'cha got, Wade?
      Kim (in Ron's body): Let me talk to Kim.
      Ron (in Kim's body): Who do I look like?
      Wade: Nice try, brain switch boy.
      Kim (in Ron's body): Give me that! (takes the Kimmunicator)
      Wade: There has been a security breach at Private Dobbs' post! Something's been stolen! Something big! Something top secret!
      Dobbs (in Drakken's body): Jumpin' catfish! The Neutronalizer! (pause) Y'all weren't supposed to hear that.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: This isn't one of these "I tell you, but then I'd have to kill you" deals, is it?
      Dobbs (in Drakken's body): Well, y'all been real nice. Just forget I said Neutron... oh, there I go again.
      Wade: More bad news! My scan shows that Drakken's lair has been abandoned! Everything's gone. Including the brain switch machine!
      Kim (in Ron's body: So we're stuck like this?
      Ron (in Kim's body): All right! I'm gonna be popular!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: You kids!

    • (Kim and Ron intrude Drakken's lair)
      Ron: Have we been in this lair before?
      Kim: They all start to look alike after a while
      (they see a machine)
      Ron: Brain switch machine? Most definitely
      (they continue searching the lair)
      Dobbs (in Drakken's body): (from a crate) Help! Help!
      (Kim opens the crate)
      Dobbs (in Drakken's body): (relieved) Kim Possible! (he notices something) Look out!
      Shego: Rescue's over, Kimmie.
      Kim: Shego! So not!
      (they start to fight)
      Dobbs (in Drakkens' body): My mama always told me to be polite to a lady... (he charges at Shego, and headbutts her) ...except when she locks me in a crate!
      Kim: Ron!
      Ron: All over it!
      (He starts to run with Dobbs)
      Shego: Don't let Drakken's body get away!
      (two henchmen stop Ron and Dobbs. Kim knocks away Shego, and they resume fighting. A series of events leads to Kim and Ron ending up in the brain switch machine, and they switch brains)
      Kim (in Ron's body) and Ron (in Kim's body): You're me? I'm you?
      Kim (in Ron's body): Oh, this is so wrong! This cannot be happening!
      Ron (in Kim's body): I told you not to get near the brain switcher!
      Kim (in Ron's body): No, you didn't!
      Ron (in Kim's body): Well, I was thinking it! Right before my brain got switched!
      Dobbs (in Drakken's body): Y'all think we ought to get it in gear?
      Kim (in Ron's body: But we have to change back!
      Ron (in Kim's body): No time!
      (Kim and Ron try to escape with Dobbs, but Shego stops them)
      Shego: Huh. You think I can just let you stroll out with Drakken's body?
      Kim (in Ron's body): Don't even mess with me!
      Shego: You g... you got hit by Drakken's machine, and you two switched! (Shego laughs) This is just too great! (to Ron in Kim's body) You say something! Come on!
      Ron (in Kim's body): Bye bye! (he kicks Shego, and they escape)
      Shego: Don't let them get to the... (a ping sound is heard) elevator!

    • (In the Grand Canyon, Kim, Ron and an old man are riding on donkeys)
      Kim: Thanks for the lift, Baxter
      Baxter: My pleasure, lil' lady! Least I can do to pay back for you helping Buttercup in her time of need.
      Kim: That emergency delivery of a foal ...
      Ron: the dark!
      Baxter: the rain!
      Ron: a landslide!
      Kim: ...was no big.
      (Ron's donkey stops)
      Ron: Get along, little donkey, get along! (it throws him off)
      Baxter: How about we trade? Buttercup here's a sweetheart.
      Ron: Oh, well, if you insist. (Buttercup throws him off as well)

    • (in the Middleton High cantina)
      Kim: ...and on top of everything else, there is tutoring, swim team, the yearbook committee.
      Ron: Otherwise known as having a social life. (he gets some weird meal from the cantina lady) Uh, excuse me. I called ahead for the kosher meal? (the cantina lady just stares at him)
      (the Kimmunicator beeps)
      Kim: What's the sitch, Wade?
      Wade: I finally traced the call from the guy in Drakken's body. But it's weird!
      Kim: Weirder than a guy in Drakken's body?
      Wade: Good point. Anyway, it looks like the call came from the middle of the Grand Canyon!

    • (Kim and Ron are walking through the halls of Middleton High)
      Kim: Like it's not bad enough that the regionals are tomorrow, now this extreme weirdness!
      Ron: Stress not, KP, you'll handle it. That's what you do.
      Kim: You make my life sound like cake!
      Ron: Let's see, you're smart, athletic, pretty and popular. Sounds pretty caky to me.
      Kim: Okay, flip mode. Playing video games, watching wrestling and downing "snackage". It must be brutal being you.
      Ron: Uh, try the demands of raising Rufus as a single parent.
      Rufus: U-huh.
      Ron: Not to mention the pressures of maintaining my image. (Kim looks at Ron) Okay, so I don't excactly have an image yet, but I'm working on it. And frankly, it's exhausting.
      (Kim opens her locker, and turns on the PC)
      Wade: Couldn't regain contact with Private Dobbs. Frequency's jammed!
      Kim: Background check?
      Wade: Everything's classified! The only thing I could dig up was this picture.
      (A picture of Dobbs' real body appears on screen)
      Ron: I don't get it
      Kim: Yeah, why would Drakken want to be in that body?

    • (Kim learns that Drakken needs her help)
      Kim: (surprised) Dr. Drakken? Why? What's... how?
      Dobbs (in Drakken's body): Actually ma'am, I'm Private Cleotis Dobbs, United States Armed Forces
      Ron: It's Drakken's evil twin!
      Kim: Ron, Drakken's already evil!
      Ron: Okay, I'm confused.
      Dobbs (in Dr. Drakken's body): This Drakken fellow used some big, odd machine to switch my brain with his. It wasn't natural!
      Kim: Wait! His brain is in your body?
      Dobbs (in Drakken's body): I have to go. The pretty girl that hits is a'coming, she's a'com...
      Kim: Wade!
      Wade: (trough Kimmunicator) Working on it!
      (he starts to tap on the keyboard)

    • (The cheer squad is having practice, and Kim does a mistake)
      Bonnie: Too bad, Kim. I think we should complain to whoever came up with that fuzzy routine. Oh, that was you, wasn't it?
      Kim: That fuzzy routine is going to win the regionals tomorrow, Bonnie. If you can remember it. (to the squad) Ok, again, from the top!
      Ron: Excuse me, Kim.
      Kim: Not now, Ron
      Ron: Uh, KP! Kinda importante!
      Kim: Mucho busy!
      (Kim starts to practice. Ron picks up the megaphone)
      Ron: (through megaphone) Gimme a K, gimme an I, gimme a M, what's that spell?
      Kim: (annoyed) Ron!
      Ron: (makes buzz sound) Sorry, but thanks for playing.
      (Kim takes Ron to the corner of the gym hall)
      Kim: What?
      Ron: You'll never guess who needs your help.
      (He shows the Kimmunicator. Drakken is on screen)
      Kim: Dr. Drakken?

    • (Shego cuts off Kim/Ron's escape)
      Shego: I got him... her... uhh, whatever... I got him.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Dr. Drakken: I will destroy a major city every hour on the hour!

      Dr. Drakken's ultimatum is almost the same as Dr. Evil's (from Austin Powers) ultimatum.

    • Star Trek:

      The first brain switch sequence where the images of Kim and Ron ghost out and switch bodies is based on the opening scene from the final Star Trek original series episode Turnabout Intruder where Dr. Janice Lester (an old flame with vengeance on her mind) uses an alien machine to switch bodies with Captain Kirk.