Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 30

Mother's Day

Aired Daily 1:30 AM May 07, 2004 on Disney Channel

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  • Mothers and missions!

    Just when Kim and Ron got back from foiling Drakken adn Shego, htey get calls from their moms about Mothers' Day! Mrs. Stoppable wanted Ron to stay home a clean the garage, but Ron tries to change her mind saying that it the impossible, but she doesn't buy it and makes him clean anyway. Kim and Mrs. Possible promised to spend the entire day together, no matter what! So Kim helps her mom with brian surgery, and when Wade calls in, Mrs. Possible wants to help. Meanwhile, after Drakken and Shego return from the failed plan, they find out that Drakken's mom, Mrs. Lipsky, somehow found the laair. Drakken tries cover things up by saying that he's a radio talk show host, and not a super villain. Drakken works around the fact that he has to help out his own mother, while trying to take over the world. While Kim is trying to save the world along side with her mom. When these two meet up with each others, thing get out of hand. Drakken's trying to hide the fact that he's a bad man, and saying that he's 'helping' them, and Mrs. Possible feels out of place on the mission. Mrs. Lipsky ends up letting an experimnet out, and then things goes really crazy. Drakken, Shego, and Mrs. Lipsky run away as fast as they could go. But luckly, Kim and Mrs. Possible stop hte crazy slop. Ron finds a job for the slop, by having it eat the trash in the garage.