Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 30

Mother's Day

Aired Daily 1:30 AM May 07, 2004 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When we hear screams coming from off camera, the closed caption reads, "Wade Screaming," but it's clearly Dr. Dad Possible who is doing the screaming because he's running from the twin's mutant bees.

    • In the scene before Kim says "I know, isn't it?" Kims eye overlaps her nose.

    • When Kim and her mom were on top of the train, they switch places.

    • When Drakken says to his mom "No, don't touch that!" his belt disappears.

    • When Mrs Possible zaps Drakken's goons, they've swapped positions from where they standing prior to being zapped.

    • When Kim shuts the door on Drakken's lair in the begining, the clasp on Ron's belt is not filled in.

    • When Kim gives her Mom five, a triangular area of hair is missing between her arm and the rest of her body.

  • Quotes

    • Drakken: There's only one person who could have done that. And that's Kim Possible.
      Mrs. Lipsky: This Kim sounds like a very special girl.
      Drakken: It's a complicated relationship, mother.
      Mrs. Lipsky: (to Shego) Looks like you missed your chance with my boy.
      Shego: (sarcastic) Oh. You know, you're right. How will I ever live with myself?

    • (Drakken is about to use a sound wave ray)
      Mrs. Lipsky: What is that, Drew?
      Drakken: Uh. . . this is for on-the-street!
      Shego: And where would the street be?
      Drakken: (Nervous) Zip the lip, Shego. . .

    • Mrs. Possible: That was awesome!

    • Mrs. Stoppable: I want a clean garage.
      Ron: I can't do the impossible mom, that's more of a Kim thing. Ooh, what if I glue macaroni onto a coffee can and then, like, spray paint it gold?

    • Shego: So your mother has no idea you're trying to take over the world?
      Drakken: She'll know when I succeed, won't she?

    • Shego: I'm confused.
      Drakken: And that's okay. Those feelings are normal.

    • Drakken: Where's the hovercraft? I know we parked it up here somewhere..
      Shego: Yeah, but at that end of the train.
      (We see the self replicating syntho-plasma eating away at the back of the train)
      Drakken: Oh great, the gelatinous mass ate it. Do you know how much that thing cost? It wasn't cheap!

    • Drakken: Behind this door is the most secret substance on the planet!
      Shego: Wait, if it's so secret, how do you hear about it?
      Drakken: Online chatroom. You should really spend more time on the internet, Shego.
      Shego: No thanks, I have a life.

    • Shego: Here comes the train-
      Mrs. Lipsky: Open the station! (shoves spoon in Drakkens mouth)

    • Mrs. Lipsky: What did I teach you about playing with your food?
      Drakken: (sighs) My food is not a toy, it's for my tummy to enjoy.

    • Mrs. Dr. Possible: You were a big help in there Kimmie. You didn't even faint!
      Kim: Yeah, I was too busy throwing up.

    • Drakken: Kim Possible and her. . . sister?
      Mrs. Possible: Is he hitting on me?
      Kim: Nah, sidekicks just really confuse him.

    • Mrs. Dr. Possible: Oops, I guess that's not what Ron would have done.
      Kim: You've never seen Ron in action, have you?

    • Mrs. Lipsky: Don't you think it's time you meet a nice girl? (points at Shego)
      Shego: Oh, um. . . ick.

    • Mr. Dr. Possible: When's the last time you two shared some quality mother-daughter bonding?
      Kim: Well there was that one time. . .
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: No Kimmy, we had to cancel that, remember?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Dexter's Lab:

      The big red "D" on Drakken's entrance door is reminiscent of Dexter's big red "D" logo on all of his stuff.

    • Tetris:

      During one of Ron's garage scenes, the background music from Tetris can be heard.

    • Talk Radio:

      In this episode, Drakken, whose real name is Drew Lipsky, poses as a talk-radio doctor. That's awfully close to Dr. Drew Pinsky, a real-life talk-radio doctor (on shows like "Loveline").

    • Tetris:

      The boxes falling down when Ron is cleaning out the garage is remnent of the video game Tetris, where boxes come down from out of nowhere.