Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 31

Motor Ed

Aired Daily 1:30 AM May 21, 2004 on Disney Channel

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  • After a series of high tech robberies, Kim tries to stop the plot of a rogue scientist turned rocking trucker, with a little help from a new friend.

    Kim is introduced to her father’s acquaintance’s son, Felix, who turns out to be handicapped in the fact that he must use a wheelchair. Kim does her best to treat him properly though only makes a fool out of herself in the manner in which she is acting. However, when a madman with a mullet who goes by the name of Motor Ed attempts to steal some car parts and inadvertently kidnaps Ron, Kim must rely on the help of Felix and learn a lesson in the capability of the handicapped. This episode was the first appearance of Felix and Motor Ed. My favorite part of this episode is when we see that Kim destroys the car that Motor ed made with a control but it turns out that she was just pressing buttons.
  • Hair today, goon tomorrow.

    Various car parts are being heisted to create a super monster truck. The criminal behind the thefts is...a guy with a mullet. Yes, that's what this episode is about.

    It feels like just another second-season coaster, but this episode is greatly entertaining. The credit goes to two new characters:

    The wheelchair-bound Felix, who hits it off with Ron and refuses to let his handicap get him down (though Kim walking on eggshells because of his condition threatens to nudge the story into 'very special episode' territory).

    And then there's the titular villain, voiced by John DiMaggio (who also voices Drakken; gee, I wonder if that'll be important later), who obviously had a lot of fun.

    "Motor Ed" is quite enjoyable.
  • Kim and Ron face off against Motor Ed, a mechanics genius with one goal, random destruction. To stop him, the young heroes need the help of Felix, a handicapped young man with a major league tricked out wheelchair.

    First let me say this, MOTOR ED ROCKS!!!!!! He is my second favorite villain, behind only Shego, because he is both funny and a threat. Despite his mullet, air guitar, and tendency to say, “Seriously”, he is also big, strong and a genius with machines. Ed even openly mocks Kim by calling her “Red”. I also like his master plan, to use powerful monster trucks to turn the world into a giant scrap yard. Nothing like a little murder and mayhem, baby! It must have been a nice change of pace for John DiMaggio to play a competent villian. This story also introduces Felix (voiced by Jason Marsden); a wheelchair bound teen who is the son of a cyber robotics expert. His presence causes a role reversal for Kim and Ron. Ron is totally comfortable with him, while Kim trying to be politically correct ends up being awkward and goofy. The opening sequence of this episode involves an incident with Ron at the state fair, which was funny, if a little disgusting; the look on Mr. Possible’s face was priceless. But the bottom line is that Motor Ed was the star of this fine episode. Dude, did I mention that he rocks so hard, seriously!!! AAAAHHHHHHH- YEAH!!!!!!!!!
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