Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 31

Motor Ed

Aired Daily 1:30 AM May 21, 2004 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When Kim's dad is about to say "General Tso's chicken" he says "Naked Mole Rat", but when it shows Rufus eating it he is eating noodles. There aren't any noodles in General Tso's chicken.

    • Kim uses her left hand to hold the chopsticks when she's eating with Ron and her dad at the kitchen table.

    • The "turbonic charger valve" case seems to change color from a light grey to a distinct green before and after the wind tunnel scene.

    • the text on the box that supposedly contains the "turbonic charger valve" moves from the center to the right during the wind tunnel scene.

    • When Kim and Ron are on the ride, you can see that Kim starts off in her pink outfit. Her outfit then switches to her turquoise and black one, and then back to her pink one.

    • More of a nitpick than a goof... Motor Ed starts off "playing" air guitar as a left-handed person would, but then later on, he switches to doing it as a righty would in at least one shot.

    • When Kim is giving chase riding the ATV, she uses her right hand to talk to Wade and throw the comb. Pretty stupid since throttle is on the right.

    • At one point when Kim is standing in front of the Tilt-a-Whirl her hair is reversed- a flipped cell sort of thing.

    • When Kim tells Motor Ed "Quit calling me 'red.' Seriously," the closed captioning does not show that she was imitating him.

    • When Felix, Ron, and Kim are escaping from the evil lair when ron also says, "ok, i'll try one of those, Hoagies..." Kim's eyes are blue.

    • during the wind tunnel scene, when kim says "nobodys going to be happy when that crate is opened" her eyes are brown.

  • Quotes

    • Ron: (after Kim catches basketball) Ooo, Fast hands KP! Wanna call winner?
      Kim: Ron, what do you think you're doing?
      Ron: (leans in and whispers) Shooting hoops with Felix.
      Kim: No, but it looks like you're really trying to. . . you know. . .
      Ron: Win?
      Kim: Exactly, you can't.
      Ron: Well, I know I'm down two buckets, but if I focus on rebounding and boxing out I think that I ca-
      Kim: You're acting like. . . like
      Ron: Like he's just a normal person?
      Kim: I gotta just stop talking.

    • Jim and Tim: Kim and Felix sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I- (Kim and Kim's mom flash them a glare) Gotta go.

    • Motor Ed: Doesn't anyone in the state of New Jersey know how to style a mullet anymore?

    • Ron: Baggy pants, double charge.

    • Kim: Okay, the pretend guitar solo ends now.
      Motor Ed: Okay get her! Get Red.

    • Ron: Flying! Oh yeah. I told you he was cool.

    • Dr. Renton: I don't think I need to tell you how great your dad is.
      Kim: Yeah, the family took a vote and we decided to keep him.

    • Motor Ed: And I know where to find it. Seriously I do.

    • Motor Ed: These trucks are mine now. Seriously they are.

    • Jim: Put me down or I'll tell Mom you blew off your biology report to save a village from a tidal wave last week.

    • Kim: Where's Ron?
      Motor Ed: He's here, hangin' with me and the guys. He's doin' good, but that can change. In a hurry. Seriously.

    • Motor Ed: Don't you even want to know my plan, I mean, c'mon, seriously?
      Kim: I thought this was just random destruction!
      Motor Ed: I'm going to crush stuff, and keep on crushing it until I've turned the whole world into one humungous, rocking scrapyard!
      Kim: Sounds a lot like random destruction.

    • Kim: I need to borrow your tricycle thingy.
      Ron: (shouting from bleachers) All terrain vehicle!

    • Felix: Regular night for you guys?
      Ron: Actually, yes.

    • Motor Ed: Your skinny dude?

    • MHS Sign: Spelling tutors kneaded

    • Kim: I'm a cheerleader and I'm waiting for a guy with a mullet to call. . . Something's wrong with this picture.

    • Kim: Stop calling me 'Red'! (imitating Motor Ed) Seriously!
      Motor Ed: But. . . Red!

    • Ron: The clown sued.

    • Felix: (about Ron) Does he always lose focus like this on a mission?
      Ron: What?

    • Wade: (about Motor Ed) He's not as dumb as the hairstyle leads you to think.

    • Ron: (on fairground ride) All is well-y in the belly!
      (A little while later, coming off the ride)
      Ron: Kim? I'm. . . crummy in the tummy. . .

    • Felix: Ooh, you're going down, Stoppable!
      Ron: Not if I accidentally press the reset button!

    • Kim: Felix, you stand watch.
      Felix: You mean sit watch.(Kim claps her hand over her mouth) Calm down, I'm just playin' ya.

    • Felix: Another dud from 'oh yes, he is in fact' Stoppable!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Motörhead:

      The name Motor Ed is is a reference to the popular British heavy metal band Motörhead.

    • Motor Ed: Business up front, party in the back, and it's the calm before the storm.

      Ed describes how he wants his mullet cut. This phrase defining the mullet, originated in the movie Cool Hand Luke as: "Business in the front, party in the back."

    • Motor Ed: Don't cut my hair!

      Motor Ed refuses to cut his hair. The biblical story of Sampson relates to this. He wouldn't cut his hair because it gave him strength. In the end, Delilah cuts his hair. Delilah is also the name of the hairstylist Moter Ed fires.

    • Operation Condor:

      Kim and Ron's battle with Motor Ed in the wind tunnel is copied from a sequence from Jackie Chan's Armour of God II, released in the US as Operation Condor.

    • Resident Evil:

      During the Monster truck scene, Felix and Ron are talking about which game is better, Zombie Mayhem 2 or Zombie Mayhem 3. This is a parody of the Resident Evil games, which at that time were up to just Resident Evil 3.