Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 1

Naked Genius

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jul 18, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • ok episode...

    Rufus is genitically enhanced and makes Ron looks good in math and other subjects. Drakken captures Ron so that Ron can make him a doonsday machine. However, Drakken does not know that it is Rufus that is the genious. Kim and Rufus have to save Ron before it is too late. The idea of this episode was ok. It was a bit weird to have Rufus being smart, but interesting and ironic. I thought that it was really unrealistic how no one noticed that the rat was doing all of the math. Oh well. Overall, ok episode with an ok story.
  • Pretty stupid for an episode with 'genius' in the title, wouldn't you say?

    Ron's algebra grades are quite poor, and not even Wade's tutoring can help. On a mission, he runs across Project Feebus, which can increase a person's intelligence. Drakken hopes to use it to become smart enough to create a doomsday device. The next day, Ron's aptitude in algebra improves greatly and he's soon labeled a genius. Could it be a sudden onslaught of brain power...or is it the super-smart Rufus helping him cheat? (Hint: check the episode's title.)

    Wade takes this unseating as Team Possible's genius a little personally. Drakken learns of Ron's supposed super-intelligence and kidnaps him, forcing him to create a doomsday device. Otherwise, he'll end up in a clever deathtrap involving piranha and a collapsing floor. This could've been a great episode. Note: could...have.

    From time to time, the show seems to deviate from the narrative to treat Ron less than fairly. "Naked Genius" serves as a horrific example. Kim chats with Wade during an exhibition of Ron's 'skills'. They're both in shock, but one of her lines tops it: "Last night, he had to take off his shoes to count to twelve..." ...and he's a high-schooler?! If my eyes rolled any harder, they'd fall out of my head. Even worse, Ron ends up buying into the hype ("There's nothing but air beneath the hair."; "I am what I is.").

    If only they'd quit while they were ahead.