Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 1

Naked Genius

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jul 18, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Pretty stupid for an episode with 'genius' in the title, wouldn't you say?

    Ron's algebra grades are quite poor, and not even Wade's tutoring can help. On a mission, he runs across Project Feebus, which can increase a person's intelligence. Drakken hopes to use it to become smart enough to create a doomsday device. The next day, Ron's aptitude in algebra improves greatly and he's soon labeled a genius. Could it be a sudden onslaught of brain power...or is it the super-smart Rufus helping him cheat? (Hint: check the episode's title.)

    Wade takes this unseating as Team Possible's genius a little personally. Drakken learns of Ron's supposed super-intelligence and kidnaps him, forcing him to create a doomsday device. Otherwise, he'll end up in a clever deathtrap involving piranha and a collapsing floor. This could've been a great episode. Note: could...have.

    From time to time, the show seems to deviate from the narrative to treat Ron less than fairly. "Naked Genius" serves as a horrific example. Kim chats with Wade during an exhibition of Ron's 'skills'. They're both in shock, but one of her lines tops it: "Last night, he had to take off his shoes to count to twelve..." ...and he's a high-schooler?! If my eyes rolled any harder, they'd fall out of my head. Even worse, Ron ends up buying into the hype ("There's nothing but air beneath the hair."; "I am what I is.").

    If only they'd quit while they were ahead.