Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 1

Naked Genius

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jul 18, 2003 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • This episode marks the first time in the series where a teacher other than Mr. Barkin has taught a class.

    • A few more signs Season 2 is starting: Jim and Tim sound older in all the Season 2 episodes, Kim's eyes aren't as big as they were in Season 1, the credits are smaller at the end of the episode and Jim and Tim's noses are now in a different shape.

    • When Kim and Ron are exiting the lair (with Drakken and Shego in the background), you see Shego's foot slide out of the goop for a second

    • Kim shoots a jello thing through a panel without a window to save Ron from the pit of fish, but she never removed the glass.

    • If the people who guard Project Phoebus don't even know what it does, how do Drakken and Shego know what it does?

    • During Kim's line on the roof, after shooting down the goopy stuff ("Did you outfit my clothes with gadgets when I wasn't looking?") her glove cuffs are facing the wrong way. You can tell by the notches.

    • The bottom of Ron's shirt turns red as the fish jumps up and snaps at him.

    • Nitpick: It is strange that in this ep, wherein Drakken "dumbs down", he is able to remember Ron's name without hesitation, referring to him as 'Mr. Stoppable'("Well, Mr. Stoppable, have fun with the fish!"), when in some other ep where he is in his "normal" self, he can't seem to remember.

    • Ron's math teacher said that his 'homework displayed Ph.D proficiency' or something like that-- but why is she assigning Ph.D level homework in highschool?!

    • When Shego and Drakken are trapped in the green jello, her leg pouch is on her right leg instead of her left.

    • When Rufus comes around Ron's back during Ms. Whisp's speech about how Ron's work was clearly completed by someone else, his hand briefly disappears. The fingers on his right hand also go directly through his homework during that scene.

    • After Ron/Rufus finish the test Wade gives them and Ms. Whisp comes to tell Ron he's needed in the auditorium, the blue star on Kim's shirt is missing.
      As Kim's star goes missing, the two books on the floor swap colors.
      When Kim talks to Wade about his tutoring Ron, a heretofore solid section of the Kimmunicator turns green for a quick second.

    • It's curious that the writer has Wade refer to "Pythagorean's Theorem". The line should have been either "Pythagoras's Theorem" or "the Pythagorean Theorem".

    • Since when does Drakken have the strength to burst through a metal door?

    • When Ron wakes up from his nightmare and exclaims, "Yes! It was just a dream!" his tongue is blue for a moment.

      -" --His tongue is also blue for a frame while he says his line directly after waking up.

    • Dr. Zeruda mentions something about Gates, Nash, and Salk being over for poker night. Yet in the scene where the reporter is questioning Ron about a "space-time continuum formula", doesn't it seem odd that the brain waves of a computer genius (Gates), a mathematical economist (Nash), and a medical genius (Salk) would lend themselves to space-time continuum formulas? The only explanation I could figure is if a FOURTH unmentioned poker player was at Dr. Zeruda's poker party. That being astrophysicist Steven Hawking (an interesting side note, Hawking does PLAY poker, so that is making me wonder why Zeruda didn't also add in Hawking's name to that list...or was this an oversight by the writer)?

    • The back of Shego's outfit changes from black to green several times throughout the episode, especially in the beginning when she is fighting with Kim.

    • The Phoebus Project is described as temporarily transfusing the copied brain-wave patterns of geniuses into whoever sits in the chair. It makes no mention of transferring intelligence from one individual to another, or removing it all together. So how, exactly, did Drakken become an idiot...erm, more of an idiot? There are a number of theories (machine malfunctioned, etc.), but overall it is a hole in the plot.

    • Just before Rufus finishes writing his answer to Ms. Whisp's PhD level equation, the answer disappears (although it's briefly visible in wider shots).

    • Why didn't Shego just use her hand fire stuff to melt the jello stuff she was trapped in at the end?

  • Quotes

    • Miss Whisp: Ronald... (rubs eye) That's correct!
      Ron: Cool...So, who's up for some snackage in the caf? How 'bout some pie? (Draws the mathematical symbol for "pi" on the chalkboard; he laughs) Math pun, get it? With pie, because I... (chuckles)... I'm good.

    • Wade: OK, smart guy. There can be only one. Shall we begin?
      Rufus: Bring it on!
      Wade: Plot the elliptical orbit of Jupiter's third moon.... Correct. Name the four capitals of the ancient Mayan empires. ... Correct.
      Ron: (grunts) I don't miss it.

    • Drakken: That doomsday device better work otherwise you'll be swimming with the fish. . . fish right or is it fishes?
      Shego: Fish or fishes.
      Drakken: Well which is it?
      Shego: Both are correct plural forms of the singular word fish
      Drakken: You're pretty smug right now aren't you?
      Shego: A little bit.

    • Kim: Wade, I just don't get it. It was as if Ron was abducted and replaced by someone... smart.

    • Drakken: So, Kim Possible's sidekick thinks he can go under my nose and steal my brainwaves?
      Ron: Okay, believe it or not, that's not how it went down.
      Drakken: Shush boy. Now is not the time for words, now is the time for action, well thought really. Yes, now is the time for thought, followed soon after by action.

    • Drakken: (to Ron) You will use these household items, along with your stolen brilliance, to build me a horiffic doomsday device, with which I will conquer the world.
      Ron: Yeah, sorry to throw a wrench in the works, but it's just not going to happen.
      Drakken: Oh, it's "going to happen", otherwise... (reveals a piranha filled moat)
      Ron: Alright, who's up for a little doomsday device?

    • Drakken: This isn't over, Kim Possible! You capture us, we'll just come back more evil than before! Eviler, more evil, less not gooder. I...
      Shego: Please stop talking.
      Drakken: K...

    • Wade: Really? How'd he do?
      Kim: 186.
      Wade: (spits out soda) 186! Thats 40 points higher than my score!
      Kim: Welcome to my disbelief.

    • Ron: KP!
      Drakken: K..P..? (Annoyed) Don't try and trick me, boy, I know Kim Possible when I see her!

    • Drakken: Kim Possible!? How... why...!?
      Ron: (pulls out a grappling hook) Keep talking. Your tongue's not the only thing that's going to be tied.

    • Kim: (to Rufus) Did you outfit my clothes with gadgets when I wasn't looking?
      Rufus: Mmm-hmm. Yep.
      Kim: Rufus, you are one rockin' mole rat.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Highlander:

      Wade: There can be only one!

      This is a popular quote that is said in the TV show/movie Highlander.

    • Popeye:

      Ron: I am what I is!

      This is a spin on Popeye's famous catch-phrase, "I am what I am."

    • Ron: I am what I is!

      This line is a variation of a Frank Zappa song/album called "You Are What You Is."

    • Star Wars:

      When Kim uses the guardrail to fight Shego, she uses a lot of "lightsaber" moves. In fact big fans of Star Wars probably noticed that Kim looks a lot like one of the "extended universe" characters: Mara Jade, a roughish Jedi knight, to be exact. Those who aren't Star Wars fans probably don't care.

    • Ron: Drakken, Shego, I give you... The Mangler!

      Ron naming his doomsday device The Mangler is a reference to the 1995 movie about a possessed folding machine at a laundromat that begins to eat people.

    • Wade: Okay, smart guy…
      This is likely a reference to the series Smart Guy, in which Wade's voice actor, Tahj Mowry, played a ten year old genius.

    • Zeruda: We all used to be poker buddies. Gates, Nash, Salk...

      Zeruda is referring to Bill Gates (billionaire software architect), John Nash (Nobel Prize winning mathematician), and the late Jonas Salk (who developed the polio vaccine).

    • Wade: "There can be only one."

      The signature line from the "Highlander" movies and TV series.

    • Don't Break the Ice:

      The falling cubes are very similar to the Milton Bradley game "Don't Break the Ice."

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