Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 7

Number One

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jul 12, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Number One
Kim must work with a high-strung agent of Global Justice to stop a crazy golfer. Meanwhile, Bonnie Rockwaller tries to overthrow Kim as captain of Middleton High's Mad Dogs cheerleading squad.

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  • A decent episod not one of the better ones

    Kim teams up with a snobbish agent Will Du of Global Justice who seems to be too over confident and annoying. He seemed to think he did the bulk of the real work while Kim only assisted. He really could use a good healthy serving of humble pie. Not only does Kim and Ron have to deal with this snob while pursuing a mad golfer Duff Killigan who despite his crankiness and revenge plot he had, he was a hoot. Also Kim has to deal with Bonnie trying to overthrow Kim as captain of the cheerleading squad.moreless
  • Not my very favorite

    No, it was not my favorite, which is weird, seeinghow it has GJ in it. I simply love GJ, but something about this episode as a whole made me not like it.

    It was probably Will Du as the main fact. yet another minor character I'd like to see thrown away.

    He seemed too high, too sure of himself, and he thought that only he could fit for the job. I don't like people with such attitudes, and that made this episode worse. Duff Killigan doesn't mind me, but his plot is rather weird. Who'd wanna turn the whole world into hos private golf course? No one, that's who. Soo, I think he was kinda weird.

    Furthermore, there was the Bonnie thing, and how she thought she would be a better cheer captain. Snap out of it, Bonnie. Kim's better than you, and your attitude that's risen from that doesn't make it better. Bonnie irritates me. But yet, she needs to be there, to give Kim a rival in school.

    Not the best. At all. 7/10moreless
  • It's a wedge, lassie. It's got backspin.

    Brilliant. Duff Killigan was hilarious! The accent and silly mannerisms made this evil villain an instant classic. I loved the plot. Stealing an retired scientist's gardening experiment to take over the world?? No. Just out of spite. That and to make the world's largest golf course.

    Clearly, this was a silly episode, but it was absolutely refreshing. I look forward to seeing Duff Killigan appear occasionally throughout this series. Having a rogue golfer as the villain proves a welcome respite from youjavascript:validateForm(document.reviewForm);r run-of-the-mill take-over-the-world supervillain to finally have a evil-doer bent on nothing more than seeking pleasure out of his favorite hobby. I guess he teaches us that sometimes focusing on the little things in life is what makes it all worthwhile.moreless
  • One the more interesting episodes, to be sure.

    At first it seemed like a filler episode. But Bonnie's semi-well written jealously helped add some tension to it, and once we were introduced to Will Du, the plot speed picked up considerably. Though Will Du has received little to no love from fans, he added some much needed rivalry to Kim. Sometimes it's easy to forget that there are other people saving the world in this series, and that Kim has a childish side. This episode showed both facts very well. The humor of it was jealousy-rivalry driven, making it slightly different from other episodes, but not in a bad way. There were few goofs in this episode, and the dual focus on Kim dealing with Bonnie and Will respectively was done fairly well. My only complaint is that Will Du lacked character development and a viable explanation for why he was working at GJ. There's nothing given as far as where he's from, who his family were, or anything that would explain why a teenager would be so well educated and working for, essentially, a secret agency. But they kept his personality consistant, and when Will said Kim had been of great 'assistance', it was outright funny. This episode also showed more of the mischievious side of Kim, i.e. at the end, when she voted for Bonnie. The introduction to Duff Killigan was smooth and vaguely spy-flick-ish, but in the best way possible. My only complaint, like I said earlier, is Will's lack of dimension. But hey, they further explored the dimensions of Kim's personality, and since she's fairly important to the series, this was probably a good move. Overall, I loved this episode. It had an interesting sense of humor and good character development, coupled with the tried-and-true plot device that is jealousy. Now I'll shut up and let you people get on with your lives. :)moreless
  • This episode is the first appearance of duff kilagen and Kim tries to beat Bonnie at a chocolate calling contest to be the cheerleading captain.

    When Bonnie starts to excel at her duties to help the cheer squad, Kim becomes upset because she believes she is better than she is and she knows that Bonnie wouldn’t be a good team captain. However, when Kim gets assigned a mission to work with Will Du, a high-strung agent of Global Justice, she must deal with Will’s ego while dealing with her own thoughts on Bonnie which is really hard. Will Kim save the world and be the cheerleader captain? Uh well umm... Kim saves the world but Bonnie gets to be the cheerleading captain. My favorite part of this episode is when Kim was trying to save the world by a person that loves Golf.moreless
Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

"Big Daddy" Brotherson

Guest Star

Felicity Huffman

Felicity Huffman

Dr. Director

Guest Star

BD Wong

BD Wong

Agent Will Du

Guest Star

Brian George

Brian George

Duff Killigan

Recurring Role

Jean Smart

Jean Smart

Mrs. Dr. Possible

Recurring Role

Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms

Bonnie Rockwaller

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • While Dr. Director is giving the briefing on Professor Green, she changes the slide on display. When the shot moves back to Kim, the previous slide is still visible in the background.

    • Professor Green is called both "Prof. Green" and "Doctor Green."

    • After Kim says, "Careful there, Bonnie. I hear when you hit 160, you spontaneously combust", to Bonnie, in the next shot the edges of her new cheerleading uniform are black, not purple, as they are on Bonnie's uniform.

    • During Kim's "Bonnie rant" at the end of the episode, her gloves' cuffs switch directions, judging by the notches, for a split second.

    • When Kim, Ron, Will Du, and Prof. Green are trapped in Killigan's sand trap, after Will Du summons the GJ hover jet, the remote suddenly disappears when Kim says, "Ladies first".

    • Bonnie's collar is yellow (rather than red) during her "Did you give the squad 110% today?" solo shot. Also, shortly after, as Bonnie asserts her intention to be squad captain, her upper lip develops a dark outline.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • (The Middleton cheer squad is having practice, and stands in a pyramid)
      Cheer Squad: M-A-D! D-O-G! That's how we spell: Vic-to-ry! Go, Mad Dogs, go, go,Mad Dogs, go, Mad Dogs, go, go,Mad Dogs
      Kim: We're number one! (jumps off pyramid, flips around and lands with a split) Okay, great practice, team!
      Bonnie: Kim, can we chat?
      Kim: Sure, Bonnie. I have time for anyone on the squad. What's your iss?
      Bonnie: Well, it's really your iss. You seem tired.
      Kim: I did fly in from Abu Dabi this morning. Rescued an ambassador.
      Bonnie: Which is nice. But you gotta ask yourself, did you give the squad 110 % today?
      Kim: A 120 %, Bonnie!
      Bonnie: I happen to think that the squad deserves a captain that gives, like, a 130!
      Kim: Someone like...
      Bonnie: Me.
      Kim: Look! If you wanna make a play for captain, take it to the squad! If they want Bonnie instead of Kim, super for Bonnie!
      Bonnie: Go ahead, be little miss smug-mug! But I will be squad captain!

    • (At Bueno Nacho)
      Kim: (annoyed) I can't believe this!
      Ron: (about burrito) Believe this, KP! They're cutting back on the beans! (Kim sighs) Rufus! I want an analysis of this burrito, stat!
      Rufus: Yum!
      Ron: Ehh, nothing invasive, just take a look around! I want a cheese/bean ratio! (Rufus heads into the burrito)
      Kim: (still annoyed) Ron! Have you been listening to a word I've said?
      Ron: "Bonnie has the nerve to challenge me, after all I've done for the squad, all I've done for her? I can't believe this!" Close quote (Kim gets a surprised look on her face) Now will you listen to my burrito problem? (Rufus burps) Hey!
      Rufus: Yum, burrito!
      (Kim and Ron head out of Bueno Nacho)
      Kim: Bonnie's just wasting her time. She doesn't stand a chance!
      Ron: Be careful Kim, she's tricky! Expect it to get dirty. (Kim falls down a hole) Kim?

    • (Kim gets transported through a tube )
      Kim: Let me out, let me out! (the door opens) Okay, what's the sitch?
      Dr. Director: Kim Possible. Welcome
      Kim: Welcome to where?
      Dr. Director: To the Global Justice Network.
      Kim: GJ? No way!
      Dr. Director: Affirmative way. I'm Dr. Director, the head of GJ. (another tube arrives, and a person walks out) This is Will Du, our number one agent. Follow me.

    • Dr. Director: This is Professor Sylvan Green. In the 1960's, he developed a Top Secret missile defense project...
      Kim: The Cybernetic Guided Missile Tracking System.
      Dr. Director: Uh! Where did you get that information?
      Kim: Off the Web.
      Dr. Director: Oh. Ah... (clears throat) This is Professor Green currently. Retired. Place of residence: Florida.
      Kim: But now he's disappeared.
      Dr. Director: Yes. Was... was that on the Internet, too?
      Kim: No, that was a guess.
      Dr. Director: Kim. What would you say to helping Agent Du find Professor Green?
      Kim: Does Agent Du talk?
      Will Du: 14 languages. 32 regional dialects.
      Kim: That's cool. I'm taking French. (to Dr. Director) Uh, you know, this is a ferociously bad time for me, there is this girl at school, a major "all that" type, and really, I...
      Will Du: Dr. Director? Permission to speak freely
      Dr. Director: Granted
      Will Du: This is an insult! I am a highly trained professional, she's... she's an amateur!
      Kim: O-kay. I'm in!
      Dr. Director: Kim Possible, Agent Du, good luck!

    • (Kim and Ron exits Middleton High)
      Ron: Man, I thought for sure that Bonnie had taken you out of the picture!
      Kim: Oh, please. You know, she didn't even show up for practice
      Will Du: Miss Possible. Are you ready to assist me in my investigation?
      Kim: Assist you, no! Work with you as an equal, yeah
      Ron: Yo-ha, Bro-ha!
      (Will Du knocks out Ron with his watch)
      Will Du: Stopwatch. Temporary paralyzis! Standard procedure for anyone who comes within one meter of my person.
      Kim: Oh, poor Rufus.
      Will Du: Note, subject seems to keep hairless rodent in pant pocket.
      Kim: His name is Rufus, and he is a naked mole rat, mister "I-know-everything!"
      Will Du: Ah. Heterocephalus glaber
      Kim: Latin. Oy!
      (Ron wakes up)
      Ron: (To Will) Yo-ha, Bro-ha (Will Du jumps into fighting stance. So does Ron) Right back at ya, dude!
      Kim: Come on, you two. (Kim walks over to Bonnie)
      Bonnie: Hi, K.
      Kim: Missed you at practice, B.
      Bonnie: I had to launch our new fundraiser.
      Kim: What? Fundraiser?
      Bonnie: I know your "world saving" keeps you busy and all, you think maybe you could sell a box?
      Kim: Oh, chocolates. I can sell a box. Easy
      Bonnie: Super! (A large truck full of chocolate arrives) Hoping to sell a few myself. Later
      Kim: You know she is only kidding herself? There is no way she's gonna sell all that. Let's just get on with the mission.
      Ron: Wait, KP. Am I the only one taking the Bonnie problem seriously?
      Kim: Oh, the Bonnie problem is really no big.
      Ron: Kim. We can not ignore the chocolate challenge!
      Kim: We?
      Ron: I'm here for you! Use me!
      Kim: As what?
      Ron: I'm a natural born seller! I have the gift of gab. Here, allow me to demonstrate. (he goes over to Will) Good day, sir! You look like a gentleman who enjoy the finer things in life. And what could be better than 1.9 ounces of rich, creamy chocolate? I got plain. Crispy? Peanut? Macadamia! It's for a good cause. Cheerleaders. You like cheerleaders, don't ya? (he goes back to Kim) That's a bad example. No one can sell to that stiff. (Rufus sells him a piece of chocolate) Except him, but... he's naked.

    • (At the Possible residence)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Hi, Kimmie! Who's your new friend?
      Will Du: Agent Will Du, ma'am. It's an honor to meet you, Dr. Possible.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: You... know me?
      Will Du: Your paper on the recent application of lasers in subcranial exploration was facinating. And the photograph did not do you justice.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: (to Kim) Invite him over more often.
      Kim: Mom! I gotta find a missing scientist!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Good luck, Kimmie. Have fun, kids (she leaves the room)
      Kim: (to the Kimmunicator) Wade! Did you get the data?
      Wade: Got it! A holographic simulation of the missing professor's home!
      (A hologram appears)
      Ron: Cool! Hey, Rufus! Wade's gone 3D!
      Will Du: I've already examined the crime scene.
      Kim: I haven't! Wade, enlarge the point of entry. (the hologram enlarges a hole in the wall)
      Kim: Explosive method of entry. (she notices something on the wall) What's that?
      Wade: Can't tell. I'll isolate, and enlarge
      Kim: Good. Now, let's try to fill in the blanks.
      Wade: Running extrapolation routine!
      (It appears to be a golf ball)
      Ron: Golf ball?
      Will Du: Professor Green was retired. Many retired people play golf.
      Kim: Wade. Does Professor Green show up in any online discussion groups?
      Wade: Oh yeah. Gardening, Botany, Experimental Fertilizers! He's lawn won the blue grass ribbon three years in a row.
      Will Du: Goodbye, Wade (he shuts off the Kimmunicator) This is pointless. The man was obviously captured for his weapon system expertise!
      Kim: He was a weapons expert in the sixties! You can look up what he knows in a library
      Will Du: Working with an amateur is clearly a waste of my time! (he walks out of the room)
      Kim: I haven't even told you about the other trace element I detected at the scene.
      Will stops)
      Will Du: What is it?
      Kim: Hyper-actic acid. An experimental fertilizer. Black market only.
      Ron: Sound like we need to visit the world headquarters for black market gardening supplies. (pause) Which would be... where?

    • (Outside the headquarters for black market gardening supplies)
      Kim: If it's illegal, they sell it here
      Ron: Forget sellers! We need buyers! (takes up some chocolates) You gotta move this merchandise if you gonna to keep up with Bonnie
      Kim: Bonnie is so not a threat. Come on! (they enter) That's "Big Daddy Brotherson". Every deal that goes down has his fingerprints all over it.
      Ron: Those are some big fingers
      Will Du: Excuse me, amateurs. (he heads over to "Big Daddy") Are you "Big Daddy?"
      Big Daddy: That depends.
      Will Du: I have no time for games.
      Big Daddy: Oh, that is too bad. I was going to suggest you and my friend play "thug".
      Will Du: Thug? (Big Daddy claps his hand, and a huge man appears and throws Will out of the window)
      Big Daddy: (laughs) I love that game
      Kim: And I love it when I find out what I need to know. Like who's been in the market for hyper-actic acid.
      Big Daddy: We have one rule in this establishment: Client confidentiality. (Kim takes up a chocolate. He sniffs on it) Is that... milk... chocolate?
      (Kim sniffs on it)
      Kim: With chewy nougat
      (Will and Ron is waiting outside. Kim walks out)
      Kim: Duff Killigan.
      Ron: Who's that?
      Will Du: My GJ mobile database will tell us all about Duff Killigan. Standard issue for all top agents.
      Kim: Kimmunicator. Extra special. Just for me.
      (they start finding information on Killigan)
      Kim: Duff Killigan. Born Scotland
      Will Du: Former professional golfer
      Ron: (notices a shadowy figure behind them) Uh, guys?
      Will Du: Banned from every golf course in the world. Even minigolf
      Kim: For excessive displays of temper
      Duff Killigan: (shoots a golfball) Fore!
      Ron: Guys?
      Kim: Weapon of choice:
      Will Du: Exploding golf balls.
      (a golf ball lands at their feet. Ron drags them away just in time to escape an explosion)
      Ron: Rufus? You okay?
      Rufus: (eating chocolate) O-kay!
      Ron: Hey! You're paying for that!
      Will Du: It all fits. The exploding golf balls at the crime scene, the attack on us: Killigan is our man!
      Kim: Gee, you think? (she takes up the Kimmunicator) Wade. We're after a rouge golfer named Duff Killigan. We need a location on his lair.
      Wade: Did you say... "rouge golfer"?
      Kim: I know. Weird. Okay, I'm gonna go back to Middleton. To see if Bonnie sold any of her chocolate.

    • (At the Mideton gym hall)
      Kim: (surprised) You sold them all?
      Bonnie: To quote our previous squad captain: "No big!"
      Kim: I'm not previous yet!
      Tara: Thanks to Bonnie, we got new uniforms! Aren't they badical?
      Bonnie: Better suit up, Kim. We're working on our new cheer.
      Kim: Don't tell me what to do! (pause) Wait... what new cheer?
      Bonnie: Mine
      Kim: Bonnie does not work this hard. Something is up.

    • (At Bueno Nacho)
      Ron: Hey, Will. Watch this (Ron squeezes out everything in his burrito, sending it straight up in the air, and down into his mouth.) It's pretty cool, huh?
      Will Du: If by "cool", you mean utterly repulsive, then yes. Quite cool indeed.
      (Rufus does the same with some Nacho cheese)
      Ron: Nice one! (to Will) So, can I ask you a question?
      Will Du: If you must.
      Ron: Do you do normal stuff, like go to school?
      Will Du: I am tutored by some of the world's greatest minds!
      Ron: Tutored, hu. No shame in that. Even I needed a little extra help in Math freshman class.
      Will Du: It's not because I am remedial!
      Ron: Dude, it's cool!
      Will Du: You obviously don't understand!
      (the Kimmunicator beeps)
      Ron: That'll be Wade. Better get Kim
      Will Du: I am not remedial! Ugh!

    • (Bonnie show Kim her new cheer)
      Bonnie: In case you are wondering, Kim, that's what giving a 150 % looks like.
      Kim: Careful there, Bonnie. I hear that when you reach 160, you spontaneously combust.
      Ron: KP, we got a location on Duff Killigan!
      Bonnie: Don't worry, Kim. I'll handle everything here.
      (Kim groans)
      Kim: (angry) Let's go!

    • (Outside Middleton High)
      Kim: Bonnie is not this good! How can she have come up with that cheer?
      Ron: Somebody's twe-eaked!
      Kim: Am not! Wade, we need a ride!
      Wade: What tweaked you?
      Kim: I am not tweaked! Ride!
      (a big hover-plane appears over them.)
      Kim: Wade! How did you...
      Will Du: The GJ hoverjet. (he orders it to land) Standard issue for all top agents. (he opens it) Ladies first!
      Kim: Thanks!

    • (They enter Killigan's castle)
      Will Du: Killigan must want Green to build some kind of missile system!
      Kim: I don't think so. Green's green thumb is the key to this.
      Ron: Yeah, now, okay. See that door? That just screams dungeon.
      Kim and Will Du: Good call.

    • (On the way down to a dungeon in Killigan's castle)
      Kim: Killigan captures Professor Green. Then he buys a ton of hyper-actic acid. Which by the way Professor Green had been experimenting with at his home. Award winning lawn!
      Ron: You mean dude's invented some kind of super grass? (a grass-covered terrier walks past) There's something you don't see every day.
      Kim: Ron, Will, quick! I found Professor Green! (to Green, inside a grass cocoon) professor Green, are you alright? (Green mumbles a bit)
      Ron: Hang on (he takes up Rufus, and he chews up the grass, releasing Prof. Green)
      Prof. Green: Oh, thank you! Killigan trapped me in my own super fast-growing grass!
      Kim: Super-grass? Huh, really?
      Will Du: Professor Green. I'm agent Will Du. We need a debrief on any weapon secrets Killigan may have acquired.
      Prof. Green: Based on my work? Oh, he could find out anything he'd want about my weapons work in a public library
      Will Du: Oh...
      Ron: Bonus question: What does Killigan want to do with the super-grass?
      Duff Killigan: Ooh, ooh, I know, I know!
      Kim: Duff Killigan is planning to cover the world in grass to create one, giant golf course.
      Duff Killigan: My own, personal golf course, lassie!
      Will Du: That's insane!
      Duff Killigan: Ooh, just see if you get tee time.
      (he closes the door, and Will tries to open it. Kim stops him)
      Kim: Ah, ah, ah! Ladies first!
      (Kim kicks open the door)
      Duff Killigan: I knew you were good, lassie! (Will Du runs at him, but he is quickly taken care of) Him I'm not so sure about
      Kim: Mr. Killigan, put down the golf clubs!
      Duff Killigan: You have to pry them out my cold, dead hands, you will! Fo-ore! (he starts to shoot golf balls at Kim, and he knocks out Will Du a second time) Ooh, what a beautiful slice! (Kim grabs a pair of golf clubs hanging on the wall) You ruined my coat-of-arms!
      Kim: I'll put back what belongs to you when you put back what belongs to Professor Green!
      Duff Killigan: I cannot do it. I've got plans for that formula! (they start to fight with the golf clubs, but Kim wins) I'd love to play around 'till certain death, but I cannot let the grass grow beneath my feet... yet!
      (he escapes through a hole suddenly appearing in the ground)
      Ron: Suddenly the world is full of holes that people just woosh away in.
      Kim: Come on, he is getting away! (he flies away in a zeppelin) There he is!
      Will Du: We've got to get to the hover jet!
      (they start to run)
      Kim: Will, wait!
      Will Du: What? He's getting away!
      Kim: You've got to be more careful. Killigan probably has the place booby-trapped!
      Ron: Try sand-trapped! (they sink into a pool of quicksand)

    • (Kim, Ron, Will and Prof. Green are stuck in the quick sand)
      Ron: Okay, whenever you two are ready!
      Will Du: What are you talking about?
      Ron: You both have a plan, so the sooner you guys fight over who has the best plan, the sooner we can get out of here!
      Kim: Your hover jet! It must have a remote command module or something!
      Will Du: Right. The RCM
      Ron: Kim shoots. She scores. So where is this RCM?
      Will Du: I... uh, left it in the hover jet
      Kim: Rufus won't sink in the quicksand! (Rufus runs towards the hover jet) Oh, I am so in the zone!
      Will Du: Impressive... (whispering) for an amateur
      (Rufus grabs the RCM)
      Ron: This actually feels kinda nice! (He notices Rufus) Rufus!
      (Rufus throws the RCM to Will Du)
      Will Du: Nice work, rodent!
      (the hover jet appears, and a rope comes down. Kim bites onto it first)
      Kim: Ladies first
      Will Du: Why must she constantly irk me?
      Ron: It's hard not to! You're very irkable!

    • (In the hover jet)
      Will Du: Professor! Did Killigan...
      Kim: You! Keep your eyes on the road!
      Ron: So Prof., any ideas about Killigan's target?
      Prof. Green: Oh, yes. He intends to strike at the first country where he was banned from a golf course... Japan!

    • (Killigan is spreading super-grass over a city in Japan)
      Duff Killigan: It's brilliant!
      Kim: Killigan! Stop!
      Duff Killigan: Nae! Not until the Pacific Rim is my driving range!
      (he tries to cover Kim in super-grass, but she evades it, and it covers the hover jet)
      Will Du: Stupid, stupid Will!
      Ron: Play it off, dude! Kim can handle the grass man!
      Will Du: No! Prepare to eject!
      Ron: Okay. Where do I sit? I mean... (they eject from the hover jet, and through the grass. Meanwhile, Kim and Killigan are fighting)
      Duff Killigan: (laughs) No one can dodge my short game! (Will tries to paralyze him with the stop watch, but it doesn't work.) Are you daft, man?
      Ron: Maybe you gotta set it for local time.
      (Killigan shoots a golf ball at Kim. He misses)
      Kim: Ha! You missed!
      Duff Killigan: It's a wedge, lassie! It's got backspin!
      Ron: Kim!
      (Kim notices some dandelions)
      Duff Killigan: Oh ,you're in trouble now, lassie!
      Kim: No, I'm not. You are.
      Duff Killigan: And how would that be?
      Kim: You've got dandelions
      Duff Killigan: (scuffs) A wee weed?
      Kim: Sure. But see every one of those little cottony things? They're seeds. Every one of them.
      Duff Killigan: And... so?
      Kim: So make a wish (Kim blows the seeds on him and waters them)
      Duff Killigan: Oh, no! (he gets covered in grass and dandelions) You're through now, lassie! Get this weed out of me mouthie!
      Kim: Should we have him arrested? Or mowed?
      Will Du: I'll have GJ send in a defoliation team.
      Ron: Or you could just give the neighbor kid five bucks.
      Will Du: Humor. Amusing
      (Rufus giggles)
      Kim: Okay, bye, nice to meet you! Gotta go home to have another thorn removed from my side!

    • (After covering Killigan in dandelions, Killigan tries to jump at Kim, but Will paralyzes him with the stop watch)
      Kim: Thanks. I've gotta get one of those stop watches.
      Will Du: Miss Possible, eh... Kimberly? I owe you... an apology.
      Kim: I'm glad you are a big enough person to admit it
      Will Du: You were of much assistance to me on this mission!
      Kim: Assistance? Did you not pay attention to anything that happened?
      Will Du: Farewell, Kim Possible
      (he walks away)
      Kim: I do not believe that guy! He won't even consider that maybe someone else deserves some credit, that maybe somebody else is as good as him.
      Ron: Maybe better.
      Kim: Yes!
      Ron: We should get back to Middleton
      Kim: You know, How hard is it to admit that someone else is doing a great job?
      Ron: Seriously, Kim. We've gotta get back. We've got that whole Bonnie thing!
      Kim: Oh, and Bonnie? When will she just give it up? The fundraiser, the uniforms, the new cheer!
      Ron: KP!
      Kim: You're right, Ron. We gotta go!

    • (At the Middleton Gym Hall)
      Tara: Uh, I really think we should wait for Kim before we decide who's gonna be captain!
      Bonnie: Oh, she's gonna be like, forever! I want this captain thing decided now!
      Kim: Relax, Bonnie, I'm back!
      Bonnie: Let's do it!
      Kim: Fine by me. I... vote for Bonnie as the new captain.
      Bonnie: You do?
      Kim: Well, the fundraising, the awesome uniforms and that new cheer. I've gotta admit: You rock.
      Bonnie: Really?
      (Kim nods her head)
      Kim: (raises her arm) So, all in favor of Bonnie? (the cheerleaders all vote for her) You worked really hard for this.
      Bonnie: Yes! Glad that's over.
      Kim: Bonnie, you're the captain now! You do realize that the hard work is just beginning?
      Bonnie: You're kidding, right?
      Kim: You know? Suddenly, I couldn't be happier for you
      Ron: Cap'n Bonnie!
      Bonnie: I gotta keep working hard? This is so unfair!
      Ron: You counting on the fact that she will only last a month?
      Kim: Nah, I'd give her two weeks tops.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Star Wars:

      When Kim cuts open the door to the dungeon, she uses a small laser-type knife. This device looks suspiciously like a lightsaber from Star Wars.

    • S.H.I.E.L.D.:

      Global Justice's uniforms look just like those of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in Marvel comics. Also, the female leader of Global Justice has an eyepatch, just like the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, does.

    • Ron: There it is! Killigan's Island! (Kim gives Ron a dirty look) What?!

      "Killigan's Island" is obviously a play on Gilligan's Island.