Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 20

Nursery Crimes

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 12, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Kim has to retrieve pacifiers? She has higher priorities than this.

    Kim and Ron investigate a string of pacifier thefts which as turned is caused by a gang of other babies. Not just any babies but a bunch that work for Naughty Nanny Nane who aspires to make young children unhappy. She seems to be bitter about her nanny school/college having to close after strict nannies went out of style. Even more they are a bunch of de-aged adults that Kim must use her natural babysitting skills to quell a bunch of cranky tots and turn the tables on Nanny Nane. It has a few funny parts and that's about it.

    When I first heard of this episode I was given the idea that Nanny Nane was turning rebellious teenagers into spoiled tots in order to reopen her school and thus increase the demand of strict nannies which was a better idea. This one fell short in so many ways. It was like a left over plot that writers threw together just to use up some funding and make another half episode.
  • Somebody needs a time-out.

    A stolen pacifier leads Kim and Ron to a small English village where the people worship a giant wicker statue...just kidding. It leads them to a run-down nanny academy, as well as an equally antiquated nanny. The villagers are a little nervous to help our heroes and a bit of digging shows why.

    Let me be straight: this episode is no classic. Not even close. Call it the power of lowered expectations, but compared with 11-minute duds like "Day of the Snowmen", "Roachie" and "The Truth Hurts", this is a world of improvement. It takes all of two seconds to guess who the villain is, but they are very much a threat, especially with their machine that can turn adults into little babies. Kim finds a neat solution to dealing with the attacking infants and kudos to the writers for avoiding potty humor when Ron is babyfied.

    Not too bad.