Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 11

Odds Man In

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Apr 28, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Drakken hires a familiar corporate consultant to start his next plans to take over the world. Meanwhile, Ron becomes obsessed in the actuary business.

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  • It's hard to figure.

    After his father wins actuary of the year, Ron becomes curious about just what Mr. Stoppable does for a living. As it turns out, he calculates the value of lives based on risk. Ron soon becomes hung up on Kim's safety and, before long, his own.

    Yet another episode this season that utilizes a tired old plotline (I guess there wasn't enough time for one where a character happens upon a bag of money and is pressured to turn it in). In fact, this whole plotline feels like a shoddy build-up to one moment: when Kim is in trouble and Mr. Stoppable encounters Ron (hiding inside his panic room!), he tells his son that "Some things are worth the risk."

    Working much better is the story about Drakken (siding with temp-for-hire Hank Perkins) planning to freeze the world. Somehow, cupcakes and corporatespeak figure in. A second-season coaster masquerading as a brand-new bag. Nice try.moreless
  • Drakken doesnt seem to find a way to increase his evil level, util a person appears to help him, While Ron Learns what is an actuary

    A very good episode really, got what it needed, very funny episode withouat a doubt, but im, again very mad at Wade, I mean really, its frustating that he keeps destroying grat moments of Ron and Kim, we haven't seen them Kiss since So the drama (Ill-Suited doesn't count because Ron's dream - kiss was actually a scene from the movie, of course until, well you know, she melted) so wade, and of course Hank made me give it a 8.5, hoping of course that future episode do involve at least a Kim ron Kiss.

    Of course, the ending scene hilariousmoreless
  • Ron becomes obsessed with the anctuary buisness, while Drakken plots his new evil-scheme-cupcake buisness.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!!! You should definitely see it if you haven't! It's absolutely-definitely-positively-perfectly-one of my favorite episodes of the show Kim Possible! Feel free to agree or disagree to this (very long) review!

    You see, Ron feels that Kim is not being safe enough, so he keeps on stopping her from doing things that she does. But after Kim talks to Mr. Stoppable, Ron realizes that Kim is safe enough, and Ron isn't. So he decides to lock himself up and to not go on anymore missions at all. But to substitute, Kim gets Wade. When they both get caught and tied up, it's up to Ron to save the day! You should totally watch this episode... IT RULES!!!!moreless
  • A very fine episode

    Several nice details in this one - Ron getting obsessed with actuary and statistics was a little droll sometimes, but I loved how he used this knowledge to outwit Drakken's henchmen. I also enjoyed seeing Drakken acting more like a corporate manager than a supervillain, worrying how his evil master plan (creating a new ice age) will affect his cupcake busionness, and describing the contents of the boiling cupcake dough he wants to dip Kim and Wade into. And of course, it was nice to see Ron save the day for a change. For once, let Kim play the part of the damsel in distress!moreless
  • A great episode!

    Wow! this was an incredible episode. This episode is probally not what some fans were expecting because Mr. Possible didn't talk to Ron about dating Kim. Instead, we got Ron finding out the odds on everything that happened in his life. The plot line was new and interesting. It was entertaning to watch Drakken and how he was about to refocus his work on cupcakes. This episode had very inticing action sequences that were well done. Throught the episode there are more evident cases where Kim and Rons relationship is shown. My favorite part of the episode was the intro because it was full of action, while what Kim and Ron were talking about contridicts the action sequence.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Using the coordinates listed, the Geography Club would be meeting somewhere outside Lebanon, KS (USA), in the north-central part of the state (not far from the Kansas-Nebraska border).

    • When Ron swings through a hole in a tree with a vine, he comes out the other side with the same vine in his hand. In reality, the vine would have gotten stuck in the hole.

    • When Ron is stuck between the conveyor belt and the giant bag of batter, we see Shego riding the conveyor belt up to him then standing there. Since she is still on the conveyor belt, she should have been moving, or at least walking to stay in place.

    • Once again, the running gag where Kim and Ron try to have a romantic moment, and they are interrupted appears. In this episode, it is Wade who ruins the moment just like he did in Mad Dogs and Aliens and The Cupid Effect.

    • When Drakken says "Please, refer to them as team players", his voice sounds deeper than it usual does.

    • When Shego is fighting Ron, the background music is the same as that in So The Dramam when Kim was fighting Shego with her battlesuit.

    • When Kim wakes up to find it snowing outside, her lip is shaded darker than it usually appears.

    • This was the first episode in the series where Kim used her wrist Kimunicator instead of her regular Kimmunicator.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (As the cupcake factory is exploding)
      Hank: Time to go live on an updated action plan. Run!

    • (Kim and Wade are dangeling over a vat of hot chocolate)
      Drakken: I guess this is our final goodbye, Kim Possible, and your sidekick wannabe. Who knew revenge would be so...sweet?
      Wade: (to Kim) Isn't this where you're supposed to say, "you'll never get away with it?"
      Kim: Only when I'm absolutely positive he won't.
      Drakken: (To a Henchman) Double dip them!

    • (Ron shows up in a radioactive suit)
      Ron: KP!
      Kim: Uh, Ron?
      Ron: Three little words: electromagnetic field radiation. (Stops to think about it) Well, okay, not exactly little.

    • (Ron takes Kim's naco)
      Kim: I have faced far worse than scalding nacos and lived to tell. I'm a Possible. As in, "anything is". We defy the odds.
      Ron: (nervously) KP, do not anger the odds!
      Kim: I like you, don't I? What are the odds of that?
      (Ron checks calculator)
      Ron: Slim to none.

    • Drakken: Shego do something! I'm losing my legions of terror.
      (Someone walks in behind him)
      Hank: Oh, poor you. Hanks Perkins. Hi! We've met.
      Drakken: Perkins? Oh, you're the temp who filled in here once. Shego, you called in a temp? One temp does not a legion of terror make!

    • (One of Drakken's henchmen is doing a crossword puzzle)
      Henchman: Hey, what's eight letters for "indifferent"?
      Drakken: Who cares!
      Henchman: Thanks!

    • (Ron fights Shego while Kim and Wade are still immobilized)
      Wade: On the up side, Ron is surviving way longer than I thought he would.
      Kim: Isn't it romantic?

    • (Looking at the cupcake shop's name)
      Drakken: Hank's?
      Hank: Yes. We focus tested Dr. D's, but everybody associated it with shampoo for some reason.

    • Ron: So uh, KP, you know, I was wondering, what are you doing Saturday night?
      Kim: I'm guessing Bueno Nacho, movie, three hours of you trying to win a stuffed frog from the claw machine at the Middleton Mall.
      Ron: Wait, are you saying that our date night has hit a...
      Kim: Rut!

    • Ron: Kim, I'm only trying to keep you safe. Because if you got hurt, it would be too big of a loss to compute.
      Kim: Ron, that is the most weirdly romantic thing you ever said to me!

    • Drakken: Out of the box, Shego.
      Shego: What box?
      Drakken: The one you are thinking inside of.

  • NOTES (0)