Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 27

Oh Boyz

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Apr 02, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Oh Boyz
For Señor Senior Jr.'s birthday, his father decides to get him anything he wants, even if it involves stealing. Meanwhile, Ron gets hooked on a now unpopular boy band, and drags Kim into it.

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  • When a band goes from hot to not.

    Somehow the Oh Boyz go from being totally one of the totally hottest bands out there to the lamest/forgotten in record time. Due to the no cancellation clause their producer/promoter continues to lose money because almost no one goes to their concerts. It appears that Ron and Senor Senior Junior are among their final few fans.

    Kim's mom gets a couple of Oh Boyz tickets for Kim and a friend but this is when the band loses its popularity. Kim being a good friend takes Ron to the concert where it is apparent that they made up the entire audience. Not knowing that the Oh Boyz have fallen from fans' grace they get kidnapped by Senor Senior Sr. for his son trying to entice him into doing villainy. When trying to get the promoter to pay the ransom Senior Sr. calls fall on deaf ears because a day without the Oh Boyz is like a day he doesn't lose money. Ron who was unwittingly kidnapped along as well because he got onto the stage before the performance. Kim has to go save Ron and the singers. Due to the media coverage on the Oh Boyz they become hot again and the current promoter gets replaced by Rufus.moreless
  • Entertaining episode.

    The boy band Oh Boyz becames appears to be total hit in pop music. At least, for a while. After a week, the only ones who remember the group are The Seniors and Ron Stoppable. Accidentally ,he gets kidnapped along with the singers. We already know who will interfere, huh?

    This episode features some really good action and makes an enjoyable example. We can see parody of boy band and whole music industry, as well as few dynamic moments and fine final scene. After seeing Oh Boyz backstage, I fully understand their manager not trying to save the spoiled pop singers. Either, I don't really like them returning to business.

    "Oh boyz" aren't one of the best episodes of the show. Still, it's worth watching and ejoyable.moreless
  • This episode is about a famous band called the Oh Boyz.

    It’s Señor Senior Jr.’s birthday and Señor Senior Sr. wishes to give him anything he wants, but when it turns out that he wants to be an international pop sensation, Señor Senior Sr. decides to kidnap the latest boy band, the Oh Boyz, and demand that Junior be added into the group. However, unknowingly to the Seniors, the Oh Boyz are so unpopular that their only fan is Ron; though when Ron gets kidnapped along with the band, it’s up to Kim to save the day and quite possibly the Oh Boyz career. This is one of my most favorite episode because we can hear the songs of the oh boyz like "hello hello" and "I want it my way". With those songs I would never stop being their fans. OH BOYZ ROCK!moreless
  • Number one with a laser blast.

    The girls of Middleton are going crazy for the hottest boy band in the land - the Oh least, for the moment. By next week, they're old news for everyone but Ron. Meanwhile, it's Senor Senior Junior's birthday and he only wants one present: to be a pop singing sensation. So guess who gets kidnapped from their sparsely attended concert?

    It's derivative of at least two much-admired movies ("Ruthless People" and "Josie and the Pussycats"). The story is as inconsequential as you could imagine. And a boy band, of all things, is at the center of it. Has the makings of a disaster, right? Wrong.

    "O Boyz" is an enjoyable bit of fluff. Its outbursts of utter silliness (the music video parodies, the ticklish mutant octopus, the Boyz using their dance moves to dodge laser blasts) provide some very amusing moments. Also, I dare you not to smile during the last scene.

    "O Boyz" is far from a classic "Kim Possible" episode, but it is still quite entertaining.moreless
  • Wow, this episode was funny!

    Where do I start? This has soo many funny parts to it, Ron dancing in Kim's kichen, Ron sneeking in to met the Oh Boyz, Joinor singing, kim fighting with a mutent octopus, Joinor getting burned and also crying over a toy, its all good! Ron gets kiddnapp by the Seriors for Joirnor present because he wants to be a popstar!! Even though he can't sing to save his life!!!!!! But in the end he sings in frount of Drakken, Shego, Duff Killagain, Monkey Fist, and DNAmy, and his daddy is the only one who enjoyed it!!moreless
Joey Fatone

Joey Fatone

Nicky Nick?

Guest Star

Lance Bass

Lance Bass


Guest Star

Earl Boen

Earl Boen

Señor Senior, Sr.

Guest Star




Recurring Role

Tara Strong

Tara Strong


Recurring Role

Nestor Carbonell

Nestor Carbonell

Señor Senior, Jr.

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Roland: Yo, go, baby.
      Señor Senior Jr.: We are not your baby.
      Señor Senior Sr.: Junior, give me the phone.

    • Robbie: (of Ron's CD player and Rufus) I can't believe our lives are in the hands of a rat and that contraption.
      Ron: That's a naked mole rat to you. And that contraption is going to get us out of here.
      Robbie: So you know what it does?
      Ron: Of course. (defeated) No idea.

    • Monique: When are they going to do "Hello, Hello, Hello"? The waiting is killing me!

    • Ron: (encouraging the Oh Boyz) Don't worry, guys. You've got me on your side.
      Dexter: Oh, we're doomed.
      Ron: (referring to Rufus) Okay, you got him.

    • Robbie: Roland! What do you want us to do? Tell the record company that you'ee not taking care of us? Look what you've done!
      Roland: What? What?!
      Robbie: This! (opens magazine) Look. It says that my Zodiac sign is Pisces.
      Roland: And you were born on March 16.
      Robbie: Pisces is fish!
      Roland: So?
      Robbie: I hate fish!

    • Ron: Your'e Nicky Nick, aren't you?
      Nicky Nick: Who are you?
      Ron: Ron. And, I'm a bon-diggety dancer.
      (Ron starts dancing)
      Nicky Nick: (walking away) Same boy. Keep it steady.
      Ron: Wait! You gotta see this!

    • Ryan: Roland! This is all you fault, yo. There were pickles all over my plate!
      Roland: Ryan, you probably have Dexter's plate. Have you considered that?
      Ryan: I do not have Dexter's plate! Do you think I don't know my own plate? (throws his plate at Roland)

    • Kim: I like Dexter, you know for his brains.
      Monique: Mm-mmm, girl those aren't his brains he's shaking there.

    • Announcer (introducing the Oh Boyz): Robbie, Ryan, Dexter, Nicky-Nick, (Ron pops up) and who is that guy?

    • Roland: A day without the Oh Boyz is like a day where I don't lose money.

    • Ron: (After Señor Senior Jr. sees him with the Oh Boys Uh-oh.
      Senor Senior Jr.: I don't remember this one, and yet he rings a bell in me.
      Nicky-Nick: What? He's not. . . (Ron covers Nick's mouth)
      Ron: I'm the, uh, new one, the uh, other one.
      (Ron dances like the Oh Boyz)
      Señor Senior Jr.: Oh yes, now I remember him.
      Senor Senior Sr.: He is obviously carrying the others.

    • Señor Senior Jr.: Honolulu-Kyle is not a toy, he's an action-figure.
      Señor Senior Sr.: What action?
      Señor Senior Jr.: He dances the bump-a-hula
      (Señor Senior Sr. slaps his face with his hand)

    • Oh Boyz: We've asked the boys upstairs to fire you Roland.
      Roland: You're kidding! Who could replace me?
      (The chair swings around])
      Rufus: Yeah!

    • Mrs. Possible: I thought they were the hottest band in the land.
      Kim: Last week. . .

    • Ron: He who controls the remote, controls the future. (Ron dives for the remote, but Kim gets it first) Correction. She, who controls the remote, controls the future.

    • Ron: The Oh Boyz rock my world!

    • Señor Senior Sr.: Why do something the easy way. . . when you can do it the evil way!

  • NOTES (3)

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Ron: He who controls the remote, controls the future. (Ron dives for the remote, but Kim gets it first) Correction. She, who controls the remote, controls the future.

      This is a reference to George Orwell's 1984. In the book there is a saying, "Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the future controls the past." Ron's line is a twist of this classic statement.

    • Kim: I don't get it, though. No one likes the 'Oh Boyz'. Why would someone want to kidnap them?? They aren't even popular.

      Wade: They weren't popular. They haven't had this much publicity since Nicky Nick broke up with Britina.
      This is obviously a reference to the breakup between Nick Carter and Britney Spears..

    • Homestar Runner:

      Nicky Nick's red shirt looks alot like Homestar's shirt from the Homestar website (Red with a white star)

    • Boy Bands:

      The Oh Boyz is a combination of most recent boy bands. Song parodies from N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys acentuate this. The names of the Oh Boyz were derived from actual names of guys from pop bands. (Nicky Nick=Nick Carter) Rather than make many boy bands, the producers decided to put all of the boy bands into one large boy band, to show the incoming- and outgoing- of teen fads.

    • Bye Bye Bye:

      The Oh Boyz song "Hello Hello Hello" parodies the Nsync song "Bye Bye Bye".

    • Boy Band Names:

      The name "Oh Boyz" comes from the exclamation of something lame or embarrassing or something that's very predictable. Here it's been modified to look like a boy band name.

    • Name: Oh Boyz:

      The name "Oh Boyz" is a combination of boy bands "O Town" and "Backstreet Boys".

    • Backstreet Boys:

      Most Oh Boyz song titles parody those of the Backstreet Boys:

      "I Want It My Way" = "I Want It That Way"

      "Quit Playin' Games With My Head" = "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)"

      "The Shape of My Head" = "The Shape of My Heart"

    • SSJ: Father, is that my Honolulu Kyle?

      Honolulu Kyle is the "KP" equivalent of Malibu Ken, posable fashion plate boyfriend to Mattel's Malibu Barbie doll.

    • O Boyz: (singing) "Hello, hello, hello, can you hear me now?..."

      This refers to the catch-phrase derived from the Verizon Wireless commercials.