Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 16

Oh No! Yono!

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jul 01, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • An absolutely dire episode. What had the potential to be one of the show's best episode's (the coup do grace of Monkey Fist) turns out to be one of the shows worst episodes. Majority if not all of this episode's problems lie within Hana Stoppable.

    When this episode aired I was hoping to get an explanation on where Hana REALLY came from, and what the source of her powers are.
    Sadly, the depth I got in this episode was lazy at best. People have excused this by saying that we were told that Hana came from Sensei and Yamonuchi, which still doesn't cut it. People like Yori come from Yamonuchi too, but they don't have the same powers Hana does, do they? And after just about every supernatural element on KP was given a decent and convincing enough explanation to ground it in it's own kind of reality, Hana just sticks out like a soar thumb.
    This show wrote Hana as a dull one note character (w/ no explanation of her powers). Being cute is fine but not when it goes to such extreme measures of shoving Hana down our throats that it demeans all the characters that interacts with her, it becomes tedious to watch.
    Seriously was there ever a time that Hana looked inferior to Monkey Fist or Yono? No there never was. This episode spends so much time on Hana but tells us so little. Hana comes across as a Mary Sue, a deuce ex machana, a one note character.

    The reason why this episode fails is because we all knew the final showdown was gonna come down to Hana and Yono, but we the viewers never actually fear for Hana at all, because she never feels like she's in any danger. Because a friggin baby never struggles while everybody else around her does.
    (Make a mental note: Being in actual DANGER, and being in a dangerous situation are two WAY different things. Hana was in the latter but never the former.)

    And dragging out this episode as a mystery was pointless since that's not what this episode was about. The episode was about a showdown between Hana and Yono, but when the whole fight becomes ridiculously one sided it becomes anti-climatic. Kim and Ron could've easily figured out where Hana came from by I DON"T KNOW, ASKING RONS PARENTS. Seriously you could've shaved off two minutes and applied it to something useful (like establishing Yono, or learning about Hana's backstory), but really the pacing and depth in this story are dully executed.

    But my biggest problem with this episode is that Monkey Fist getting killed off is treated like a complete joke. Monkey Fist, the shows most evil villain deserved better than this abortion of an episode.

    Watching Hana defeat both Monkey Fist and Yono, effortlessly, after everyone else fought for their lives, was just nauseating to watch.

    Let me repeat this, Monkey Fist(the show's most evil villain) was made to look inferior to a friggin infant. How this garbage got past planning stages is something I'll never know.
    If she was written to the point that Monkey Fist uses the fact that she's naive, to take advantage of her, I might of been forgiving, but NO Hana is written to like a GOD that makes every body bend to her will, no matter how demeaning it is to anyone's character. Which is really bad writing in my absolute honest opinion.

    If you can't tell by now I don't find Hana to be a compelling character at all mostly because she was treated as a Mary Sue that could handle the tasks put in front of her effortlessly. Does this sound like a relatable character to you? It doesn't to me.
    Why do I feel that way, let me refer to the unofficial Boyd Kirkland rule and tell you why:"Good story telling always has to begin with characters you care about and can relate to on some level. If you don't have that, who cares what their powers are, or what happens to them?"

    The only level Hana as a character ever worked for me was when she was foil for Ron's home life, in a mystical monkey adventure she's not interesting because she has no deep connection to the Mystical Monkey mythology like the story seems to think it does.

    Also being good foil for Ron's home life DOES NOT = "character worthy of killing off the show's most interesting villain, while also making him look like a joke, simply by beating him effortlessly while the characters that are far more interesting than she is (Kim, Ron, Sensei) all have to fight for their very lives."

    There's a few promising points (like Ron as a big brother figure) but its lost in a sea of bad story telling. This gets *(out of 5), on the bright side with the show over, I don't have to suffer through anymore episodes focused on Mary Sue Hana Stoppable.

    One of the show's worst episode's.
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