Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 26


Aired Daily 1:30 AM Mar 12, 2004 on Disney Channel

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  • All for mad science

    Dr. Drakken and Shego steal an invention from a lab and beat DNAmy to it. However nether Shego or Drakken know how to use it properly. As a result Drakken and DNAmy team up to make mutant monsters. Meanwhile Kim and Monique are having their own partner woes with Kim being partnered up with a brainy workaholic named Justine who takes over and gives Kim nothing to do while Ron is being a bum and dumps the whole project on Monique. Not only do Kim and Monique have to deal with less than desireable partners but Drakken grows fond of DNAmy but it turns out she has feelings for Monkey Fist.
  • All in the name of science.

    DNAmy had hoped to utilize the Genomic Sequencer, but it's stolen from under her by Drakken. He aims to genetically alter his henchmen, but (as you would expect) he doesn't quite get the hang of it. He's soon forced to charm the genial geneticist into helping him. Meanwhile, it's science project time at Middleton High. Ron is content to sit back and have Monique do all the driving. Kim is paired with Justine Flanner, a science whiz who sees her new partner as unnecessary.

    Though this episode seems to coast less than others from around the same time, it's somewhat unremarkable. The scenes with the villains (as in a number of episodes) are funnier than those with the heroes as Drakken finds himself falling for DNAmy. There's a moderately exciting climax as a prehistoric beast gets loose in Middleton, as well as an amusing moment when Kim tries to impress Justine with knowledge of scientists that she rescued, though Ron's laziness drags the whole episode down.

    Both halves did enough work to earn a passing grade.
  • It was great!

    It starts out when Drakken wants a mutation device only to find out that a women named DNAmy wants it to. He finds out who she is and teams up with her.
    Mean while Kim is having troubles with her pertner, and it's not Ron! It's Justine Flanner, and she starts out a jerk, but ends up a nice girl.
    Through out the episode, Amy flirts with Drakken, while Shego teases him about it, Ron slacks off, and Kim is trying to impress Justine. The whole thing is a big mess. There's love, science, fighting, and mutants!
  • Dr. Drakken woos DNAmy for her genetic research, in which he will use to create an army of killer mutants. Meanwhile, Ron and Monique get paired together for the science fair, while Kim gets Justine Flanner, a teenage super genius.

    Super villain team ups or always fun, and this episode features the team of Drakken, Shego and DNAmy. Personally, I find DNAmy to be the creepiest of all the Kim Possible villains. It’s just something about her that gets to me. Maybe it’s her sweatshirts, or obsession with cuddle buddies, but the woman gives me the creeps. Even more surprising is the fact that she is a heartbreaker! You’ll have to watch the end of the episode to see what I mean. As for the other half of this episode, it is weird seeing Ron as the master manipulator. It is not a surprise that he is a slacker when it comes to school work, but seeing him taunt Monique was. Kim had a new experience, teaming up with a girl who is way smarter then her. Justine had a nice charm to her. She is busting from the seams with sarcasm and arrogance, for a moment it looked like she could be a distant cousin of Shego. Now, “Partners” doesn’t have much in a way of plot. Bad guys create monster, and good guys stop it. Plus, it felt shorter than the usual episode. While it’s not something to write home about, it is still a nice installment of Kim Possible
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