Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 20

Queen Bebe

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Dec 19, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Queen Bebe
Kim and Ron investigate when a doll disappears from all world stores. They soon find that the Bebebots are planning to take over the world.

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  • Kim accepts up too many demands

    Kim refuses to turn requests down even when she struggles to get tasks done and Bonnie gives her grief about her situation. Meanwhile several strange thefts have been going on that is catching everyone with their pants down even Kim's. It turns out to be the work of the BeBe bots working together to build hive to better undermine Kim Possible and they pick Bonnie as their queen. To combat them Kim and Rufus obtain special shoes that allow them to move super sonic speeds. Thanks to Rusfus' sabataging the newly manufactured BeBe bots self destruct because they aren't perfect.moreless
  • Kim has too many things on her schedule, but that doesn't stop her from trying out those super speedy shoes.

    Kim Possible has so much to do that Bonny insists to do them for her. With so much to do for preparing for a dance, a robbery takes place. The thieves are the Bebe robots who are programed to go super-duper fast that even the naked eye couldn't focus on.

    Wade gives Kim and Rufus super fast shoes that make you run super fast. We hear in the episode that Kim's shoe size is a 7. Those are pretty small feet for a teen like Kim, huh?

    My favorite part is where Kim is moving at hyperspeed and she couldn't get her shoes off. That part reminds me of one from an episode of Sabrina the Animated Series.

    Awesome episode! I wish they released it on DVD.moreless
  • Who's queen?

    Kim has a lot on her plate, what with, among other things, heading committees to clean up Middleton Park and decorate the gym for the school dance. Convinced that she won't be able to handle the latter, Bonnie swoops in for control, but Kim insists that she has it covered. Meanwhile, various items - a conveyor belt, a central control unit - are disappearing in the blink of an eye. Surprisingly, it turns out to be the work of the Bebe robots (from "Attack of the Killer Bebes"), and they've been upgraded with shoes that allow them to travel so fast, they can't be seen. Much like the recent "Homecoming Upset", watching this episode is like eating a pizza with a little yappy dog sitting on it: you try to enjoy it, but danged if Bonnie (coincidentally, the name of the dog) doesn't end up ruining things, anyway. It says a lot about the Bebes that they elected her as their queen.

    Speaking of the Bebes, were they able to reassemble themselves a la "Christine"? Also, how were they able to get those wonderful shoes? And how did they develop an immunity to a sonic disruption? Though ultimately less annoying than their queen, you can't help but ask these questions.

    Still, I can't completely hate an episode where characters travel faster than the naked eye while everything else remains still. These scenes (and the switching between them and normal speed) are the best in the episode.

    There's also a cute ending at the Statue of Liberty (even with its 'what the heck?!' cameo by Smash Mouth).

    A good episode, but not even close to perfect.moreless
  • This episode is about the Bebes that have returned and also Kim has now super fast shoes.

    Kim decides to investigate a robbery despite the fact that she already has a lot of extra-curricular duties to perform. When she finds out that the Bebe-bots are back and bent on creating an army of their speedy species, with Bonnie as their queen, Kim must rely on some recently acquired experimental shoes in order to save the world; though that isn’t going to stop her from doing a few of her extra-curricular tasks along the way. One of Kim curricular activities is to decorate the gym for a dance and at the end we see the gym decorated and the band that is singing is Smash mouth and they are singing as themselves! My favorite part of this episode was the song of smash mouth.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • In this episode, is never revealed how the Bebebots were rebuilt nor why they were working by themselves. This is going to remain speculation since no other episode after this one involves the Bebebots.

    • In the Hive, when Ron yells, "Run like the wind, little molerat," and Rufus runs off to help Kim, just as Rufus is running past Bonnie, she is nowhere to be seen. This happens for a brief second but in slow motion, or if you have a keen eye, you can see that Bonnie is not in the capsule as Rufus begins to run.

    • Kim's pink pants are temporarily green as Rufus tries to steal her granola bar at the beginning of the episode.

    • When the Bebes abduct Bonnie, she is wearing her cheerleading uniform. However, later as she is strapped inside the hive mind, she is wearing her pink top and red skirt.

    • The music from the Mad Dog Ball can still be heard when Kim and Rufus stop 1,000 miles away from Middleton in San Francisco. Also, they miss it by 1,000 miles before trying again 'even slower' and end up in New York city. This either means Kim and Rufus are really bad at slowing down, or that the United States is less than 2,000 miles wide (it's about 2,600).

    • After Kim says "Can't the sitch sit?" the waistband on her pants is the same color as her pant legs.

    • Also seen in the shirt bottom goof, Ron's pants are colored wrong. They're supposed to be green, not brown.

    • The look of Kim's restraints (the Bebe's extended arms) keeps changing during the conveyer belt ride.

    • When Kim holds up the mirror to show the Bebe's imperfection, the 'bot reflected in it has an uncolored shirt.

    • Kim's fishing pole thingy, or whatever it is, disappears as Mom drags her into the kitchen for breakfast.

    • The Bebes' hairbands, while generally absent this episode, make random appearances throughout -- sometimes the result of reused cels (from "AotKB").

    • As the Bebes recall their earlier recorded scene of Kim and Ron walking through the mannequin factory, Kim's mission pant legs are shortened during her "Bonnie is so bossy" speech (the animators probably confused them with her blue capris).

    • As Kim lies on the ground under the pile of people in the hallway, her hand is a darker color as she answers the Kimmunicator.

    • Rufus was in Ron's pocket at the time of the pile-up. But when it shows everyone, Rufus crawls out from the middle and triumphantly holds up Kim's (granola?) bar, without any shots in between to show him running from the pocket to the pile.

    • When Rufus cringes after the tickets trip everyone up, Ron's shirt behind him is colored wrong. It's got black at the bottom like his usual outfit, but there is white seen above and there's a notch, like the shirt he's wearing at the time.

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    • Star Trek:

      Another allusion to Star Trek: The Bebe bots are much like the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager. Both the Borg and the Bebes have a "hive mind" contolled by a queen, and both are on a quest for perfection ("Bebes must be per-fect"). The only difference is that while the Bebes are solely robotic, the Borg are cyborgs, and have organic and technological components.

    • Sonic the Hedgehog:

      The superspeed shoes Kim and Rufus wear are very similar to the red sneakers worn by Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog, whose trademark is moving at supersonic speed.

    • Britina Dolls:

      The Britina Dolls are either a parody of Barbie Dolls or dolls of teen singers, such as Shakira or Hilary Duff.

    • Kim: "I'm sure the shoes will come off... eventually."

      The whole idea of Kim not being able to get the shoes off is taken from the classic story, "The Red Dancing Shoes." In the story, a girl gets a pair of red ballet slippers stuck on her feet and must wander the earth til they fall off. Coincidentally(or not?), both pairs of shoes were red.

    • Star Trek:

      The plot device of Kim, Rufus, and the Bebes existing at hyperspeed invisible to everyone else is reminicent of the Star Trek original series episode "Wink of an Eye."