Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 22

Return to Camp Wannaweep

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jan 16, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Return to Camp Wannaweep
When Ron and the cheerleaders again find themselves stranded at Camp Wannaweep, they must go through the same things as they did last time.

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  • A used pencil, this episode...things that are pointless!

    One of the surest ways to screw up a classic is to produce a sequel, and while "Return to Wannaweep" doesn't exactly destroy the memories of "Sink or Swim", it does make one uneasy to have to mention them in the same breath.

    The Middleton cheer squad is on its way to a competition (that sounds familiar), but, through a rather inane plot twist (something about a busted water main), the squad heads to Camp, uh, Gottagrin. One of the members of the competing squads is Gil, who tries to ingratiate himself with a disbelieving Ron. Oh, and Kim and Bonnie try to sabotage each other in the race to be the best.

    Like a bad "Friday the 13th" sequel, this episode passes by with nothing of remote interest, surprise or entertainment. There is a faint pulse when Ron does some "Fillmore"-style sleuthing to prove his seemingly paranoid theories right (credit writer Matt Negrete for that...and only that). (SPOILERS - this is merely a formality; as far as I'm concerned, there is nothing of even the slightest consequence to give away here.) It turns out that Gil never really gave up the whole 'vengeance on Ron' thing and seeks to wreck the competition, mutate everyone in sight, yada, yada.

    For the obvious and perfectly logical reason that the staff wanted to see this, Ron turns himself into a giant beaver to combat his nemesis. There is a lot here I take issue with: why did Ron decide to become a mutant? He didn't need to before. Why the whole 'there was nothing to learn here' ending? (the "Teen Titans" episode "Don't Touch that Dial" ended up doing it a million times better) Why the need to shoehorn in a lesson in teamwork only to discard it just as quickly? And most of all, why didn't Ron yell out "I told you so!"? (And don't give me any 'being the bigger man' horse crap.)

    Definitely not an episode for the highlight reel.moreless
  • This episode is like the return of camp wannaweep which is self explanatory.

    The Mad Dog cheerleaders (and mascot) are off to Cheer Camp. But when a plumbing problem prevents them from holding it at a community college, they're forced to relocate to the newly-renamed Camp Gottagrin. The situation gets worse when Kim discovers she's rooming with Bonnie, while Ron's roommate is the now-human Gil, who's also his football team's mascot. Lake Wannaweep has been detoxified, but when Gil finds a still-toxic grotto, he dives in, becomes Gill, and starts wreaking havoc. Ron then realizes that the only way to defeat a swamp mutant ... is to become one. My favorite part of this episode is to see Gil again and to see him turn against the cheerleaders and mascots. I also liked to see what Ron turned into. The next thing that I liked was to see Kim and Bonnie launched in the air and do flips in the air to capture Gil or as he calls himself Gill.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • During practice at Middleton High, Kim tells Bonnie to jump first onto the pyramid, so that Kim can take the top spot. When we see the pyramid, there are already five cheerleaders forming it and only the top spot is free. Where was Bonnie supposed to jump?

    • When Ron says "It's the only way.", his mouth doesn't move.

    • Not really that much of a goof but-- In the closed captioning, Gil is refered to as "Gill", even though he has gone back to one l.

    • At camp, when Kim falls into the suitcases, only one is blue, and the rest are brown. When she is zoomed in, there are several blue.

    • When Ron is changed into a big mutant beaver, he was barely wearing clothes, which either would have been ripped upon his transformation or dissolved in the goo. Yet when he changed back to human form, all his clothes return intact. Considering the number of times he's been stripped down in this series, it's surprising he wasn't seen in just his boxers in this episode.

    • There are several scenes where there are no numbers on the cabins.

    • When they show Gill walking up to the cabin Ron hides in, they make a point of showing his slimy footprints in the closeup. However, in the aerial shot, he doesn't leave any footprints at all.

    • When Ron smiles after picking up the camp phone, there's an unexplained line under his mouth. It's too far down to be a bottom lip, so it's more than likely a missed cleanup line.

    • When Bonnie's first moving in to Cabin 9, she has two red bags, one of which she tosses on the top bunk, and the other in front of her. Once Kim walks up to her, the second red bag is suddenly nowhere to be found.

    • During the scene at camp, when the Middleton cheerleading team is demonstrating their cheer, we see Kim attempt to land on the shoulders of Bonnie and a blonde-haired cheerleader at the top of a pyramid formation, only to slip and fall. As she falls, the cheerleader beside Bonnie is raven-haired. But when the scene cuts back to Bonnie asking Kim, rather sarcastically, if she's ok, Bonnie is at the top of the pyramid, with no one beside her.

    • In Ron's flashback to his first encounter with Gill in 'Sink or Swim', the clip where he says "Not really, but you know I think I'd remember," is the clip where he's supposed to say, "How about we sing the Camp Wannaweep friendship song?"

  • QUOTES (14)

  • NOTES (3)

  • ALLUSIONS (12)

    • Pyscho:

      Notice the shower scene, the one where Bonnie screams aloud after Kim has used all the hot water. This is a direct play of one of the most famous horror movie scenes in the world, the infamous "Shower Scene" from the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock classic, Psycho.

    • Marine Corps.:

      There is a scene where Ron says "You can take the camp out of the evil, but you can't take the evil out of the camp." That is a direct influence to a saying among servicemen and women that have served in the Marine Corps. The actual saying is "Once a Marine, always a Marine. You can take the man out of the Corps., but you can't take the Corps. out of the man."

    • A Few Good Men:

      Ron: You can't handle the truth!

      This line spoken by Ron line to Kim is a quote from the movie/play titled A Few Good Men.

    • Gil: At last! After searching night after night, I have finally found my magic Mucka!

      This is a reference to Mecca, the international meeting place for followers of Islam. It is a place of great religious significance for Muslims, just like the grotto has great significance for Gill in this episode.

    • The Parent Trap:

      When Kim and Bonnie are pulling pranks on each other, it is similar to the twins pulling pranks on each other in the film The Parent Trap (which also took place at a camp).

    • Frog Fancy:

      A homage from the real magazine title as "Cat Fancy". a magazine about cats.

    • Cheerleaders--The First Evil:

      Bonnie getting into the shower and screaming recalls one of the R.L Stine book, "Cheerleaders--The First Evil", where in the shower room, cheerleader Bobbi Corcoran is locked in the shower room and is killed when scorching hot water comes out of the faucet.

    • Ron: I'm keeping my friends close and my enemies closer.

      An old expression used most famously in the "Godfather" movies.

    • Ron: Creature from the muck lagoon.

      Ron puts a spin on the title of the horror movie classic The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

    • Ron: The game's afoot, little buddy.

      "The game's afoot" was uttered by famous detective Sherlock Holmes in the short story "The Adventure of the Abbey Grange."

    • Psycho:

      Bonnie getting into the shower and screaming mimics the classic Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho. The same score is even used.

    • Ron: "You want proof? You can't handle the proof!"

      This is a reference to the famous scene in A Few Good Men between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. Jack Nicholson's character has taken the stand in a military hearing, and asks Tom Cruise's character "You want answers?"

      To which Cruise replies: I want the TRUTH!

      And Jack Nicholson's response: You can't handle the truth!