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  • Kim is a a Hero to our world.

    This is the best show with Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Phineas and Ferb, Lilo & Stitch: The Series, and Phil of the Future.

    Please Hope It will be revived by 2017! :D
  • Best show ever

    Love it
  • cant watch

    because ts say this video is special. how can watch?
  • Back in the days when Disney Channel was fantastic

    Not your typical secret agent/spy show (which can count as a super hero show) that you see every year. Intriguing plots, great villains, awesome comedy, good dialogue, real character development, with good animation= a real winner. No doubt this is one of the best Disney Channel shows and one of the best products made by Disney before they cancelled it to make room for a bunch of over hyped, half baked teen sitcoms with overused themes.

    The series starts off with a teenage girl Kim Possible who has gained a reputation for hero work, has a sidekick/best friend Ron Stoppable who despite his clumsiness manages to aid her and on occasions save the day himself. Ron himself also has a sidekick Rufus the mole rat. Kim and Ron travel the globe dealing with villains and other troubles while dealing with high school drama and even family life.

    The best part of this series is adults can like this as well as boys. This isn't really a girl show. It proves that the main character can be female and adults can like kid friendly cartoons. One of Disney's biggest blunders was cancelling this show for less worthy shows.
  • Don't worry Cornelius Raibon will be on kim possible episodes

    Cornelius Raibon wear decepticon t-shirt what about naked kim possible episode kim possible teenage mutant ninja turtle episode journey of the center of the kim possible inside kim possible human body episode since 2005 or 2006 in making

    Sorry, but Shego is my favorite.
  • It's "Possible" To Enjoy This Show

    Although Kim Possible does have its occasional misstep, it's not enough to drag it down from being a highly enjoyable show. The main character is perhaps one of the stronger leads I have seen in an animated series. I also enjoy Ron and his naked mole rat Rufus, as well as the interesting and intimidating villains. It's no surprise that people consider this show a modern classic.
  • The time Disney knew how to make shows.

    This show was very enjoyable. It had almost everything. People would really enjoy watching this again if it'd air back.
  • Best. Show. Ever.

    I wish this show was still on. I love this show so much! Oh, the memories...
  • Kim Possible Is AWESOME!

    I love this show still

    It should have been #1

  • Only have 4 words to say!

    I only have 4 words to say: So what's the sitch?
  • miss that show.

    I`d like to see more episodes of KP, the best show ever
  • This show is HORRIBLE!

    This is probably going to be my worst review since that horrible nick show Rocket Power. This show is about a teenage girl who saves the world using gadgets that look like beauty items how Boring, Stupid, and Lame. And what is up with Ron stoppable Kim's stupid sidekick I mean he is a complete idiot. I don't even know how he passed first grade! The action of this show is a piece of extreme CRAP! Don't I repeat Don't watch this show it is just BAD!

    I wish they were still making new episodes!!!!!! Kim should be my hero, but I think I like Ron even more. :)

    This show is one of the most impressive kids' show I have ever seen. It entertains the younger audience AS WELL AS the older audience! I love that about this show. Kim Possible was always a role model to me when I was younger, because she taught me that I can do anything if I set my mind to it. I never cared if one episode was better than another, I only wanted to see Kim save the day. Also, People must remember, that this show isn't about whether its realistic or not, I mean look at all of the other kid cartoons out there, all of them have their unrealistic sides.

    What matters the most about this show is the cleverly written storyline, characters, etc. I have learned to appreciate cartoons more and look at the artistic side of them because of this show. IF YOU WANT THIS SHOW BACK THEN SIGN THE OFFICIAL PETITION: link to petition is here:
  • Good. Went a little downhill.

    This cartoon is good in every ways but in season 4, it's a little downhill. I didn't like Kim and Ron's pairing that much.

    Plot: Kimberly Ann Possible, has their own secret organization that stops terrorists or evil villains who want to destroy the peace and order, the organization consists of Ron Stoppable, her sidekick, Rufus, their intelligent pet mole, Wade Load, their hacker and tech whiz. The plot changes every one episode. In season 4, not too much of a change. A little, but still bland.

    Characters: They are well detailed and some had back stories with them, including villains like Dr. Drakken, and other characters had a little stories in them. Voice acting is great, except for Ron's voice at seasons 2-4. Ron's voice at the first season fits him. But the newer seasons, it grates in my ears.

    Humor/Action Value: What this cartoon is unique about that it balances humor and the action very well, the humor is good. Also the action is good.

    Art: It's nice, the animation and their appearances are very nice.

    Overall: 7.5. It went a little downhill in season 4. But this show is really good and worth watching it for your time.
  • Before Fish Hooks,there was Kim Possible.

    For my 2nd old Disney Channel review-a-thon,I will review a cartoon that says that girls could be spies too,and it was called Kim Possible. This show is about a girl named Kim,who lives a normal life as a teenager,but is really an agent saving the world. It may seem a bit girly,but this also can be loved by the boys too. First off,let's start with the characters. Kim is a girl in school who isn't such a selfish brat,and really has great fighting moves. And she doesn't wear the same clothes every single day. Ron is the character who saved the show from being terrible. He is hilrailous in the show and loves eating at Buenos Nachos. Rufus,the naked mole rat however,is the best character of the show. Not only is he cute and awesome,he's actually an experiment,according to the Lilo and Stitch crossover episode. The villains are all morons for some reason and Doctor Draken and his daughter (forgot her name) are like Doofenswartz and Vanessa from Phineas and Ferb. And this show's humor doesn't rely on girly humor,it actually relies funny humor,since most of it comes from Ron and Rufus,who are saving the show's life,because without them,the show would suck. However,it ends up being great. This is not as good as Fish Hooks,but sill,looking back at it,it's a masterpiece of Disney.
  • While it's not a perfect cartoon,It's still better than Phineas and Ferb

    Phineas and Ferb is still such an overrated cartoon,and is still too repetitive. But before that show,there was a better cartoon that P&F ripped off. And it was known as Kim Possible. This show is about a teenage girl named well,Kim Possible,and while she is a average student in school,she is really a crime fighter with her best friend\sidedkick,Ron Stoppable,and they defend the world and city from evil and crime,and the evil Dr Drakken and his sidekick,Shego. Now,I loved this cartoon. We finally get a cartoon that proves how girls could actually not worry about boys and make-up,and are actually not selfish people. Instead of Totally Spies,and Atomic Betty,we get Kim Possible. The characters were all likable (except for Bonnie,that is). Kim is actually one of the best female protagonists around in a long time. Instead of being a selfish jerk who cares about herself,she is a respectful and trustworthy teenage girl who actually doesn't care about just her problems. Ron,on the other hand,is super hilrailious. He is a dim-witted sidekick who is a nerd,and is also caring. I also find his obsession with Bueno Nacho hilrailous too. Rufus is one of the greatest cartoon animals of all time. He is a mole rat who is super awesome,is smarter than a human,and is cute,(even though mole rats in real life are super creepy). The Tweebs are also funny and awesome twins,who have more funny moments than Phineas and Ferb. The villains are great,and instead of one,we get many. Dr Drakken is such an underrated villain,and is actually more dumber than he really is. Shego on the other hand,is the best villain of the entire show. She is smarter than Drakken,is epic,and I find it very funny on how sarcastic she is. We also have Duff Killigan,a Scottish genius who shoots exploding golf balls,and I find it hilrailious on how he's getting mistaken for a girl. There's Monkey Fist,an archaeologist who soon gains the power of Monkey Kung Fu,and even he could be an idiot at times. Finally,we have Senior Senior,who is a rich man that tries to be evil just for the heck of it,and his son Senior Senior Jr.,who just wants to be sexy and less evil. Yep,the show actually has humor in it,instead of girl jokes. Now,this show isn't perfect,because just like Phineas and Ferb,it's too repetitive. I mean,every episode is always about saving the world while having a problem during school and life. But at least there are more villains and more characters focused on. Overall,this show was great,and was one of the best DC cartoons ever made. Watch this,and not Phineas and Ferb
  • Best Show Ever!

    For a Disney Cartoon this show defied the odds, At first Disney Channel was okay? but when this showed aired it basically built disney, I think this Show will remain in our hearts forever its still popular even from 2012 and beyond
  • Kim Possible: Fight for Five

    i love the show Kim Possible. Its my all time favorite for american cartoon. KP is a teenage hero and the show has great like Shego and Dr.Drakken. and of course one of the best thing is Ron Stoppable. the show has action with the right amount of comedy. Even 5 years after season 4 ended its still my fav. KP is way better then most cartoons nowadays. i want season 5 :D
  • I love this but shhhhh!

    I love disney shows which my friends make fun of me for but if they knew i was watching this i would never live it down but what can i say it's funny i love it and it has a strong female in it i love that ( Buffy, Bionic Woman and Tru Calling ) Its great Kim and Ron are great I love Camille too ahh Ashley I love her to bits. Christy Carlson Romano is a great actress too and Raven who i love all the good disney girls in 1 place too bad its a toon! Great Show
  • Finally! Disney delivered an action packed cartoon show! It's just a shame that it's over.

    Wow, I remember being in love with this show when I was nine. Boy, does this show bring back some good memories! Was it one of Disney's funniest shows? No, but it did have some moments that were great for laughs. However, this series was definitely one of Disney's most suspenseful, action packed shows available. The episodes in season 1-3 were good, but after all they began to get a little old and I noticed that some were repetitive. Season 4 was awesome, though, especially the series finale, which is probably my favorite episode. I'd have to say that all of the movies-So the Drama, A Sitch in Time, and especially Graduation-were amazing and always exceeded my expectations. Kim was a cool character, and for once we've got a cheerleader who isn't shallow or an airhead. I thought Ron was funny, and he was the one who added humor to the show. Plus, I know that this is completely random, but I love the theme song! In fact, I usually find myself randomly singing it to myself. I wished Disney hadn't cancelled it-it should've gone on for a few more seasons. After all, it's much better than some of the other crap that Disney puts out there nowadays.
  • You know that you always can call Kim Possible!

    This was one of my favorite Disney Channel shows as a child, and one of the last good shows on the network until P&F premiered. I remember owning a lot of the toys, books, clothes...heck, I was going through my old elementary school clothes and found my KP nightie.

    Kim Possible was a great role model for little girls. She was always helping people out, always being there for her friends, and not being a snobby cheerleader like in every other TV show. Ron Stoppable was adorable, and I had a crush on him as a little kid. Rufus...hey, he's Rufus! He rocks!

    And the villains were pretty good, too. Drakken is hilarious and evil at the same time, Shego is really cool (her sarcastic personality reminds me of June from KaBlam! a little). I loved the TV movies! I remember my mom getting me So the Drama on DVD the day I graduated from my first elementary school (I'm saying first because one of them is a PreK-3 elementary, the other is a 4-5). I haven't seen much of season four, but I know a lot of people hate it. I own all the DVDs, and I think I need to join the Disney Movie Club so I can get the first and second season complete on DVD.

    The theme song kicks *** and The Naked Mole Rat is pretty catchy. I love "Say the Word" and "Could it Be" as well.

    And this is one of the few Disney shows that lasted over 65 episodes!

  • miss this show!!

    I miss this show! It was action packed and filled with romance! my two favorite things. I started watching this show when it first came on in 2002. I have to admit that i cried when the show went off but who didn't? I love this show and I know alot of other people do to! I hate all the shows on tv now! I miss the old ones like thats so Raven(like my favorite disney show ever!) I miss miss miss miss this show and want it back! I am glad though that they gave it a proper ending and didn't just canceled it like some shows.
  • Awesome show! One of Disney's best animated shows.

    I love this show. It has great characters, cool villians, intense action, and hillarious humor. You can't help but fall in love with these characters. I really love the relationship that developes between Ron & Kim.

    My favorite characters though, were always Ron & Shego, but for some reason I never really cared for Dr. Drakken. I also must admit that the 4th season was my least favorite, and it felt rushed. I still get sick at even thinking Drakken & Shego could be a couple... ewww! I mean it doesn't make any sense, and it was a stupid decision by the writers period. Shego should remain single. I won't ran any more than that.

    Despite a less entertaining 4th season, seasons 1-3 were very well done and contained a lot of appeal for both kids & adults. It's a great show, and I'm glad to say I enjoyed watching it.
  • I only Saw a Few Episodes

    I only saw a few episodes of this show but it was good. I liked Kim, I liked Ron's character and I liked most of the villains she had, as well as the overall structure. This is definitely a good show from what I recall, and one of Disney Channel's best shows. The humor is great, the storylines are interesting and make you want to find out what happens and the characters are all very likable. Definitely I will give this show an A-, the minus is because as I sad I have not seen this show in a while.
  • Just recently did this show managed to catch my eye... and not long after that my heart.

    Luckily the whole KP-craze that swept nations went right by me; the mass hysteria that surrounded this little gem, combined with the corporate name 'Disney' attached to it would probably have been enough to stop me from ever laying eye, not to mention heart, on this show out off mere principle.

    But I happened to watch a episode when I was visiting my nephews. As fate willed it was, I later discovered, a re-run of one of the first episodes; 'Tick-Tick-Tick'. And with the scene of KP's and Drakken's first encounter ("a-ha! I see my reputation precedes me!"/
    "Why don't you stay-","for lunch?","I wasn't going to say that")
    this single episode already had me hooked. And the rest of the series just kept feeding my addiction, left me hungering for more. I acquired the 4 seasons and, oh cool, 2 movies - and blew through it all within a single week. (vacation, loads of free time) The life expectancy of both my tv as my eyes dropped significantly during that week, but it was worth it.

    There are just so many things just so right with this show, and - for my taste, more importantly - no things wrong. Good animation: characters actually move from one stance to the other instead of just skipping from frame to frame. Simple and clean, but still very expressive character design; such as the female mouths. Very amusing and endearing characters. Original story lines. Nice music, something which sadly many productions tend to overlook. TIP: watch, or rather listen episode 2.07 - "Adventures in Rufus-Sitting" Great dialogues; a anticipating smile forms on my face just seeing Drakken and Shego enter my screen together. Loads of allusions, this show is packed! If you blinked while watching, you probably missed one. (I'm a sucker for these kind of details) And last but certainly not least: Top-rated voice acting; John Di Maggio is magnificent. Although most of the time you can clearly tell when a character's voice is his, the timbre he uses is very enjoyable each time. And of course a very expressive performance by Will Friedle who lets Ron say everything with such enthusiasm. Then there are the loads of stars (well, perhaps not stars, but decent names non the less) who contribute their voices. Every few episodes I was vexed with the question "I know that voice, who is that... Damn it I should know this!" until each time I ended up either here or at imdb. I won't list them, there're just too many (and that's what this site is for), but do a bit of searching, you'll be amazed. Neil Flynn for example; a very very small part, but he's in there. Ironically Christy Romano's performance is the least commendable (far from bad, don't get me wrong).
    In short - a bit late for that, I know -, a wonderful, fresh, ever-entertaining show with a great eye for detail (in which, I've been told, the devil resides)

    And now they're gone, no more Kimmycup or Shego. A great vacuum is the only thing left, apart from fond memories. (Yeah, and a few DVD's, but those don't count). I've searched hard for a show that could fill this aching gap, so far in vain. It will be hard finding one that meets the standards which this show has raised so much.
    In the meantime I've taken on the quest of convincing my friends to watch this show, as well as you... convince you to watch I mean, not my friends to watch you - anyway, just stop reading these idiotic reviews and start watching.
    snap to it!
  • One of the best shows on Disney, in my opinion.

    Kim Possible is a high school, kick-butt, girl who tries to save the world. I admit, I don't really watch this show, though I've seen it a few times before. The show doesn't interest me all that much any more, but that's just personally. The show is good, the plots are always good, and it's pretty entertaining to watch. Keep in mind, though, that this is an animated show, particularly for kids. I've kind of just outgrown it...but who's to say that older people can't enjoy it? In conclusion, this isn't a show for my tastes, but it is good.
  • Kim Possible was great while it lasted!

    A very very good Animated and Action Packed show that when it was around, was a show liked by many because it was an incredible show to watch as a nice High School girl that goes by the Name as Kim, is secretly a very skillful Agent that stops mastermind Villains and criminals from ruling the world with their dangerous plans. She is also a good Cheerleader at School, which is nice to see as i am a big fan of Cheerleaders! When she is not on her Agent Jobs, she has to try her best at her regular school and home life, fortunately she has nice and caring Parents to watch out for her and aid her in times of need. She always has them to talk to for her Personal Matters. Event though i am a girl, i can still somehow see the hotness in her, I won't be suprised to see any guys drooling over her because she is pretty. Anyway, so yeah back to the show Description, Kim possible doesn't work alone,as she has a funny Assistant Named Ron Stoppable, and he also has a Naked Mole Rat as a pet! All three of them I think are cool! i don't know how long this show lasted, but it is quite unfortunate that Disney Channel gave this show the ax. Rats, but at least it was around for Five Years or so. Which means it was great while it lasted and is still good to catch reruns whenever Disney Channel decides to show them. Go Kim possible! Kim Possible is awesome!
  • Well, now that KP's over. What now?

    I'm at a loss for words. KP, one of the best shows on Disney Channel. I'll never forget the dear memories this show has gave me. * starts to cry * Such a shame it's over!, well. Best to go out with a bang anyways. But I'm gonna miss the show. Love the way it ends in Graduation. Kim and Ron FOREVER!!!!

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