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  • Kim may save the day but I think Ron saves the show...

    Ok Kim Possible, sum this up into one word... perfectionist. Yeah she is so perfect she can do anything. She saves the world, mothers a brain surgeon and Dad's a rocket scientist. Don't it get on your nerves?! It does for me. Yet I can't stop watching it.

    Why you may ask. Ok so I am a sucker for comedy, and cute cartoon boys ;3 I'de say Ron Stopable (give him the stupid name 0.o;) pretty much saves the whole show. He is stupid and funny. The complete opisite of Kim which makes him such a likeable character.

    The bad guys are basicly the same as the team of Kim and Ron. The man is stupid the female is highly intelligent and a good fighter (pretty much sums it up) Somtimes you can feel sorry for Shigo being stuck with an idiot like Dracon but why doesn't she just go solo. (like a sitch in time) She'de do much better than she does with the boy.

    There is another 'good guy' on the team. Wayne. A super genius who does all the computer stuff. He never came be seen in person only on the comunicator. He tells Kim when all these important missions are. Why someone would go to a website run by a teenager for help I don't know.

    Overal not a bad score. Kim getting a 0 and Ron a 10...
  • A completely boring show with an all-too-perfect heroine.

    I know that "Kim Possible" may be a huge trend to some, but I personally find it boring and unoriginal. Secret-agent films and cartoons have been done to death, and "Kim Possible" is just another one of those shows.

    That's not what peeves me, though. What peeves me most is Kim--I'd like the show a lot better if she weren't so perfect. She's got a great body, she's head of the cheerleading squad, she gets straight A's on practically everything, and in every episode I watch she NEVER suffers defeat--not even a crash into the wall or an accidental fall. What's the fun in watching the show if the main heroine is way too perfect? I'd like to see her show some more emotion, have some flaws--maybe even be a little clumsy. I know that Ron covers for most of the slapstick, but that doesn't mean that Kim can't screw things up, too.

    I would've given this show a lower score, but extra brownie points go to my rating for the development of the characters of Ron Stoppable and Dr. Drakken--they're positively hilarious and probably the only reason I watched the show in the first place. Drakken might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, and neither is Ron, but their comical antics make up for everything.

    I'm sorry, but I just don't like it.
  • seen it.

    Kim Possible. Where to start? SO many things to redo. Here we go. Kim stop showing off so much "Oh it was no big" puh-lease you only say that beacause you like to be flattered. Ron, get a life. You are not a intersting person to watch. Jim and Tim? Only slightly decent people in the show. Monique, gotta love her! She is so incredibly awsome and is like besides Ron, Kim's onyl firend. Bonnie, she keeps Kim from gettign her head to big. How can I not love her? Drakken we need to toss. Him and Shego. Shego's OK but still, she works for Drakken. Clothes, oh my gosh. Kim, we have seen your room on countless ocassions and yet all your wear is that tacky green belly shirt and blue jeans, and geeky shoes. That other outfit? The non bell bottom jeans and yellow shirt? SO TACKY! TOSS IT! Gotta love the whole snowboarding outfit, cheerleading outfit, and the teen hero outfit. So awsome. Ron. Geeky clothes. Come on, Ron could you be amy more embarrising? Mr.Possible. Geek. Redo his charecter. Mrs.Possible, not bad just werid. I haven't even started talking about the show. Wade. Total dweeb. Too smart for his own good. Kim needs to stop doing this whole, no big thing. It was a big thing, you just say that so you can get flattered! Can we stop with this whole trying and failing to take over the world? Make it with a twist. That might actually be intersting. Theme song. One word. Redo. So cheesy. Have new music when Kim goes to save the day. Same thing over and over again. Call me beep me if you wanna reach me? What a geeky line. this show needs to be cancelled and soon. And I don't ever wanna see thoses 15 minetes episodes. Even worse than the actual ones. This show could be fien tuned but it would not matter, beacause it sucks too much.
  • Kim Possible is by far the best show on the Disney Channel. It is an exceptional blend of action, comedy, and moral lessons.

    I'm one of those guys who never grew up. When I got digital cable I was excited beyond belief at the fact that I now had Toon Disney, which housed many of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons. It was nostalgia at its best.

    So while flipping through the channels I noticed that some show called Kim Possible was on Toon Disney. Now I had heard of Kim Possible before, in fact I watched part of an episode with my younger cousin's once. So I decided to check it out, see if it was any good. What I saw exceeded my expectations.

    Kim Possible is by far the best show on the Disney Channel. It is an exceptional blend of action, comedy, and moral lessons. It is perfect for a kid's show because it's something they can relate to, and Kim is an excellent role model (saves the world, but always does her best in school).

    While that's all well and good, it's not really why I enjoy it. I'm no longer a kid by the laws of nature, but I still enjoy this show. For one thing it has a very fluid animation style, and aside from the occasional continuity mistake (and the blatant use of animation flipping, something I will never forgive Disney for), it flows perfectly. The other thing I enjoy about this show is the comedy. I find myself laughing out loud throughout each episode. It's not because I have a juvenile sense of humor, it's just that I get the jokes. Kim Possible pokes fun at a wide range of popular culture, something the kids relate to, and the older generation makes fun of. The writers have a way of mixing the two together. There are also the villains. For many people they may seem like simple quirky characters, but for someone like me who has watched a fair amount of James Bond films, you can see the inspiration. Dr. Drakken is a perfect example of the stereotypical Bond villain.

    All these things together make for an enjoyable experience. Like many of the movies Disney makes, this Television series transcends the age barrier by using jokes that both kids and adults can find hilarious. If you still have your inner child, don't lose it, because otherwise you'll miss out on great shows like this by thinking they are "stupid" or "just for kids." As long as you have an open mind, give this show a chance, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.
  • You Got Action, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, what on Devil's Name do you want more? INCREDIBLE SHOW!

    Meet Kim Possible, a High School Teenager, Cheerleading Captain, and offcourse a Spy! in her crazy action filled adventures. with his Best Friend Ron and his cute pet Rufus which is a naked Mole Rat! right from start, there's somethign Special About KP; her dad is a Rocket Scientist and Her Mom is well, a Brain Surgeon, among his genuis "little" Brothers, Jim and Tim. and yes, not to mention his Super Genuis Brainiac "Briefer" Wade, Together (actually just ron and Kim) they fight Doctor Drakken a twisted and hilarious mad scientist. his Cool and Beatifull assistant Sheego which fights for him among other enemies, each Episode of KP, is unique, fresh, interesting and fun to watch. the animation is quite good which is bonded by SUPERB Voice Acting by Christy Carlson Romano, the Voice acting and the dialogues is actually what makes KP diffrent from similar cartoon shows. although, at some point, kim's ego can be little annoying, those points are minimal, Kim Possible is by all means an incredible show, ahead of it's time, In-Your-Face Action, Hilarious Dialogues with a Interesting Storyline. Kim Possible, Is undoubtly the best Cartoon Show EVER Made. there's absolutely postivily NO REASON Why you should MISS this Show, do yourself a favor and watch it!
  • This show got me to start watching Disney Channel in 2003. Disney has been my favorite channel ever since. KP has great storylines, action, and great character designs!!! Disney should continue the series right where it left off: the junior prom scene at

    Disney's best!!! This show got me to start watching Disney Channel in 2003. Disney has been my favorite channel ever since. KP has great storylines, a lot of action, and the best character designs!!! 1 or 2 episodes were not that good, due to Disney Channel's 65 episode policy, but the whole series will always be my number one favorite! Disney should continue the series right where it left off: the junior prom scene at the end of So the Drama.
  • This is one of the best shows of Disney!!! Really, how dare anyone say it's not? (no death threats, don't wory)

    KP is about a girl named KP. She saves the world in her free time.

    The show is SO nice. I can not believe anyone who would refuse to say so. It's great.

    This also has a finishing movie: Kim Possible: So the Drama. You can see it in Disney Channel. It was so exciting 'coz Drakken finally wins!!!

    Actually, I must admit the idea of a girl saving the world is kind of used already but the way she does it, the enemies, the backgrounds, the fights, it's just so cool!!!

    I'm an avid Disney Channel fan and I like other shows too, like: Phil of the Future, That's So Raven and lots more. from my experience, I can say, it's one of the best shows ever!!!
  • I would say it is fine. Not to boring not to excitng

    It's a sad thing that Kim Possible has already ended. But through it's few years, i think this show should be rated an average score.78% perhaps. i love the Kim Possible movie the most as it is quite exciting. But anyway, I hopr there will be another show just like Kim Possible.
  • Hit show? I don't think so.

    Since when was this a "hit show"? It never peaked my interest. This show was so horribly clichéd, I cannot tell you where to start. You can watch at least the first 5 minutes, and know exactly what is going to happen in the entire episode. Dull and uninteresting are the words I'm looking for to describe this show.
  • A great action-packed show anybody can watch for enjoyment...

    This is a really good Disney show. A teenage girl with strange cheerleading skills uses them to fight villains and help others. But of course deals with her teenage and high school life also trying to compete against her rival. Famous for her works, she really doesn't have an average life. Especially with a brain surgeon mom, a rocket scientist dad, and two annoying prodigy twin brothers. Too bad the 64 episode limit broke out on them...
  • Bring IT back

    Kim Possible is one of a kind show that disney has produced too bad it was cancelled as this show surely deserve an extension. it is a show about teen superhero kim possible who balances her social and crime fighting life alongside her sidekick Ron Stoppable. This show is just as good as thats so raven and the suite life of zack and cody or even better. I hope Disney reconsiders the decision of cancelling this show as this show can achieve great heights for disney.
  • This is about a teenage superhero who saves the world while doing her math Homework. Kim possiable and Ron stoppable are an unstoppable team, Kim saves the world and Ron is the distraction. Bonnie is a very mean cheerleader who will stop at nothing to

    I love this show, one reason is because she is named after me, kimberly anne. Kim is a great inspiration to girls everywhere and I really think kids need that. Also I want to see what happend between kim and ron, did they get togther or just stay good friends.
  • Kim Possible is a Disney television show about a female teen super hero and her male sidekick, saving the world one day at a time. Even though Kim Possible is superhero show, it still deals with long life lessons, that one day will come in handy.

    Kim Possible is about a teenage superhero female who saves the world one day at a time with her male sidekick Ron Stoppable/Stopable, but anyway she goes threw the series rescueing people and saving the world from evil villians who try to take over the world such as Dr.Drakken & Shego, Monkey Fist, and other variety of villians but the main villian is Dr.Drakken and his strong assistant Shego who has green power able to cut threw things etc. Ron pulls the show together with his comedy lines. A typical day in the life of Kim Possible and Ron would be wake up, eat breakfast, say hi and by to her parents, go to school,go to classes, go to cheer practice and get stressed by Bonnie, Wade beeps in, Drakken is trying to take over the world, Kim gets transportation to Drakkens layer, she defeats him and the day is saved, but by the way I typed it, it may seem boring but this show is packed with comedy, drama , and plenty of action. Kim Possible is the ideal show for anyone who looking for a great laugh or action filled time.
  • Kim Possible was a great Disney show even while it could have done much better.

    In Kim Possible, its another show about a crime-fighting cheerleader, Kim Possible saving the world from supervillians with her goofy idiot sidekick, Ron Stoppable and his naked mole rat Rufus. Wade is Kim's mission noter and he also is so smart he got out of college at 10!

    The animation in the show is very nice and they don;t use very striking colours as the Fairly Oddparents. Even if many people hate Monique, I like her and its a pathetic reason to watch the show as Raven is coicing her (even though it sounds like Kyla Pratt who does Penny Proud on The Proud Family).

    The only flaw the show has is sometimes Kim and Ron's voices are nalsaly and I do feel sorry sometimes for Drakken and Shego when they lose.

    The plots of the show are very intereesting and as the episodes go by, the relationship between kim and Ron develop. Even the relationship with the villians develop.

    All the reasons why I watch and like this show.
  • Love it, despite it's cliche plot.

    Kim Possible is, no matter what anyone says, cliche.
    Girl meets boy, girl and boy become friends, they fall in love. It's cliche, but the Ron/Kim relationship isn't all of the series.

    Kim Possible may have a plot like a lot of the other shows around, but on Disney and being a cartoon, it's very good. I love it.
  • This was cancelled? About time.

    This was a lame show. A teenager that saves the world? I think it's been done before. The voice over acting was ok, but the plot was sub-par. Plus her brothers where named Tim and Jim? That is a joke done for something, what I don't want to know. And I am saying this in a kind way, I could not say what I think of this drek cartoon on the net. Kids shows today have lost a lot of punch, they are just not as good as they where, back along time ago.
  • Kim Possible is very cool and most of the time it shows what we can do with force and technology.

    It also shows us that we do not always need magic powers to solve our problems.
    Something cool is that she doesn't have a secret life to hide unlike other cartoons like Sabrina who's a witch and no mortal except Chloe and Uncle Quigly (and maybe her mom too) knows that she's a witch.
    See even normal humans can fight super-villins no need to be a sorcerer-human to do that.
  • This isn't a bad show.

    I think that this show is a great show. It has lots of action and adventure. I thought that the last few episodes were the best of them all. The others weren't so bad, but they could have had more adeventure. Disney channel could pay more foe more episodes though.
  • it was a great show!^^ i had alot of fun watching it^^

    it was a great show^^ i had alot of fun watching it/ i first i thouht hm..when i saw it but i being to real enjoin the show alot. its had great feeling and it was funny too.i was happy too be able to watch both of the kp movies
  • Good.

    Funny, spunky, way better than some of the new shows that Disney has put out lately. I watch it when I feel like it. Sometimes I talk about it with my friends, and they mostly like it. Actually, it really is sort of cute. Meets my standards.
    At least, for now.
  • This show is weird. And lame.

    I don't get it. So it's this girl who is a cheeleader and a superhero at the same time. She uses weapons to kill enemies. How boring is that? There are hundreds of shows with that annoying thing. A team of girls fighting evil.

    Also, it has this annoying little theme tune that buzzes arodun in your head like an angry European wasp. And that stupid little rat with large squirrel buck teeth called Rufus. God thsi show is crazy. Amnd it's so annoying I can't see why everyone likes it. This show is terrible.
  • Four words: This Show Is Lame.

    Kim Possible has got to be one of the most retarded shows on Disney. All she does is go around fighting bad guys with with weapons. Oh come on thats so easy a monkey could do it. You could put 20 monkeys in a room with a type writer & you got Shakespeare. You put Sonic & The Boobahs together & you got something. You put a teenage girl whose desperate for a boyfriend & a bunch of lame bad guys & you get a POS. This show sucks. Don't watch it. You'll reget it.
  • Not the greatest show on Disney Channel but still a good one.

    I always watch this show and was pretty sure I was always going to like it because it had two great "artists" in it. Of course I am talking about Kim Possible (Cristy Carlson Romano) and Ron Stoppable (Will Friedel). These two were great separately in their own shows (Even Stevens and Boy Meets World, respectively) but together they made a great team. The show is usually pretty fun with a lot of wit and the rest of the cast members "fell" into their roles well it seems. A pretty solid show that is both funny and entertaining. I enjoy it a lot.
  • Must see

    When I first heard of Kim Possible I was not a fan I did not know what to think about it. But a miracle happened and this show turned out right. This show blows all their other shows right out of the water any day! The animation may not be as good as other shows but it's still good and original. After watching an episode I was addicted! I was watching the show everyday and I still do. The characters are very likeable some may be annoying, and not all the episodes are like a 9/10. But I like it either way. The villains are a hoot! They come up with the most funniest ideas to take over the world (Dr. Drakken & Shego), trying to becoming the monkey king (Monkey Fist), billionaires version of evil schemes (Señor Senior Sr. and his son Señor Senior Jr.) etc. The show is great and now I like it I cant miss it.
  • *sigh*

    Kim possible is an awesome show it is the only show about teenagers saving that is actually worth while. Ron is my favourite character because he's cute and thinks highly of himself so much that it is hysterical. You can also tell that he is crushing on Kim and it takes all the way to the movie for them to figure it out. *sigh* there you go people another one of my guilt pleasures.
  • This show rocks my world! I absolutely love it! If you haven't seen it, or heard of it, cause it's awesome!! It takes the usual "spy show" thing, and makes it hilarious.

    This show is the absolute best show that I have ever seen in my life! But it wasn't always that way for me. When the show first aired, I really never watched it. I maybe saw one or two episodes, but I never really paid much attention to them. What really caught my attention to the show was that I kept seeing commercials for the "A Sitch in Time" movie. I thought it looked pretty good, and I wanted to see it. Once I saw it, I absolutely LOVED it! It was HILARIOUS! So, I thought that if I liked this, I would really like the seires, and you know what, I did! After that, I watched it all the time.

    I actually first heard about the Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama on this website. It was months before it was supposed to air, and when I read what it was about, I could not wait until it aired. Even though it was the series finale, I was super excited.

    It makes me mad that the show is going to end soon because I never really got into it until later on in the series, but nonetheless, I still suggest that if you haven't watched this show, you should because this show ROCKS MY WORLD! And I want to thank the creators of the show (Bob Shooley, and Mark McCorkle), and all the rest of the crew for making my life much better, and happier.
  • A popular cheerleader, and a social outcast. Who-da thunk it.

    Well, this show is pretty streyotypical. I mean, a skinny, beautiful cheerleader, who's smart and popular. A klutzy sidekick with an odd pet. (Rufis, voiced by Bart Simpson) But what I like about this show, is how you see them working together. I mean, Ron has saved Kim in many situations and vice versa. Along with this group, there is also the villins. The problem here is, that the villins could be Kims friends if they wern't so....evil. But it does add to the comedy aspect of the show - a lot!! And recently, they made a Kim Possible movie. Well, it kinda stunk, except for the last 20 minutes. We find out that Ron has feelings for Kim! Plot twisssst. So at the VERY end there is a very nice kiss, which sort of gives you a decent reason to watch the whole thing. Well, I happen to like this show, and maybe you will to.
  • Its actually kinda cool!

    I really have to be in the mood to watch this show, but most of the time I enjoy watching this show. I dont think its all that cool watching Kim fight crime, cuz it doesnt look cool since its a cartoon, and cartoon heros dont interest me that much, but I like watching her at school!
  • A great show!

    This show is GREAT! Right now it's a half episode. It's the snowman one. I think it looks funny when Kim's mom throws the coffee on the snowman. I think it's so funny how she acts like it's a horror episode or movie. My favorite character is Rufus. Probably because he's an animal!
  • This show is the best show on TV right now! It is smart, funny, action-packed, and all around entertaining! Great characters and villains.

    When I first heard of Kim Possible I was not a fan because it was made by Disney and they stink when it comes to making shows recently. But a miracle happened and Disney somehow got it right with this one. This show blows all their other shows right out of the water anyday! The animation may not be as good as Gargoyles but it's still good and original. After watching an ep.(Hidden Talent, I was a late K.P. bloomer!) I was addicted! I was watching the show everyday and I still do. The characters are very likeable some may be annoying ie: Kim's twin brothers, her friend Monique, and the ugliest villain in the show: DNAmy. And not all the episodes are the best. But the majority of them are. The villains are a hoot! They come up with funny ideas for world domination (Dr. Drakken & Shego - my 2 favs!), becoming the monkey king(Monkey Fist), billonairs version of evil schemes(Senior Senior Senior and his son Senior Senior Jr.) etc. I truly wish Disney wasn't cancelling the show because of their stupid "law". I guess Disney will just have to deal with losing many many viewers like myself because THEY are the ones who decided to this stupid 65 eps. per show law.
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