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  • KP! COme back!

    Kim possible needs to be on more. I love it. Why do people think it's not as awesome as most of us think?
    This show is great! My favorite Character is Ron. Why is his name "not" remembered. Why does he call Kim KP? I just have to catch up with some episodes like Graduation Part 2. Does anybody know when it will be on a repeat of that episode? I just want to know what happeneds to Kim and Drakken.
    This show is Really Really Awesome! Do you agree with me! Thsi show diserves a 10 as a over-all rating! Ron, Don't call her KP anymore. Kim is fine. DO You think Ron should jsut call her kim?
  • One of my favorite cartoon on Disney channel... ^^)

    This is one of my favorite cartoon on Disney channel. I really liked the story a lot. How Kim possible and her sidekick Ron stoppable saves the day. Ron is really really funny. There is one thing I didn't like on the cartoon Kim Possible on the second season how Kim and Ron turned out. Kim Possible turned out to be the girlfriend of Ron stoppable. Which I don't like because I don't like best friends would turn out to be more than friends. I also like the villains specially Drakken, one of my favorite villain in kim possible. He really makes me laugh. Kim Possible is said to be one of my favorite cartoons in disney channel... ^^)
  • Great show! One of the best I have ever seen!

    The show rocks! If I could I give it a 12 for sure! It's just that good! Kim Possible is the greatest show I know! I've seen most episodes and all of them are great! I wouldn't see why no one wouldn't want to watch it. So what if the hero of the show is a girl BIG DEAL! I think the show is really great and that's all there is to it! Kim Possible is a really great show, most of my friends like it too, they liked as long or longer than me! I think it's great! And I'm stickin' to it! I don't care what others think, this is a great show and it should be brought back dispite the fact that Kim and Ron have graduated! I'm gonna graduate soon and you don't see my life ending!
  • One of the greatest cartoons you can watch that dont make you wonder why am i watching this? Kim Possible has everything a cartoon should have action, issues, and witt. Kim Possible is someone who is cool, because i mean she saves the world alot with Ron.

    The show starts out as a girl who saves the world with her best friend, Ron Stopable which is funny because Kims name is Kimberly Possible and the last names fit who they are. Kim has many enimies, but she can do anything. She is a cheerleader. All the things in the show are very well done to make kim possible, who she is, because it adds details. The show is really good because unlike other shows they ended up showing kim dating her Ron. This show was very creative and interesting. It had a lot of action. The editors and makers did a great job.
  • A teenage girl who uses her special abilities to fight evil and save the world, all before dinner.

    This show is one of the best ive ever seen. Its fluid movement and action, with comedy tied into it is what makes this show true to itself. Ive watched it since the beggining and never been disapointed by it. The characters are well thought up, and there is a good storyline to tie it together. The movies were well thought out and the special effects were cleverly done (lil diablos,cgi etc.)

    The best I think was season 3, because it had a lot of action, alot of adventuring to rainforests, movie sets, garages etc. and it brought up the akwardness of the fact that Kim and Ron might be made for each other and this leads up to the prom in So The Drama, which was a sweet moment. This is a truely original show, one of a kind, with different costumes, alot of villians, loads of main characters and a good story. It will live on forever!
  • A sad goodbye.

    Everything good must come to an end, they say. And so it did, and what an end it was. I started watching Kim Possible when i was recording it for the son of a friend of mine. Pretty soon i started to watch complete episodes and then got frustrated by the dubbing (see, i am german) so i got me the english episodes and started to watch all the episodes. What makes Kim Possible different from other series? For me it is the humour and the relationship stuff between Ron (the biggest reason for me to watch the show) and Kim. I still think the creators and writers did an awesome job at not letting the series jump the shark when they got together. Some superpowers, some monkey powers, great crazy and inventive Villains that don't get old (the drakken / shego team being my personal favorites here).

    I dont know if i should hope for another team to pick up the series now that the original creators are moving on to something new. On the one side there seems to be so much to tell still. How Hana grows up and develops her powers being one i would be interested in as i liked her much.
    Then again there is the chance that this would totally change the series and just ruin the whole thing.

    Anyway, i will for sure be one to keep this series stored to watch it from time to time.

    booya and farewell
  • Kim Possible is a Disney Channel Original series, that exeeds current regular Disney channel programming by far!

    The summary says a lot about Kim Possible, but mostly sums it all up. Kim Possible is about a girl named Kim possible, and her friend Ron stoppable, going on missions to help others from whatever crisis they may have. The show has, is, and probably will continue to exceed all other Disney Channel programming. Kim possible is truly a gem that makes Disney Channel even noticeable; The reason why you even flip to Disney in the first place. This show has action, comedy, and in later seasons, romance. The shows creators, Bob Schooley, and Mark McCorkle, have made Kim Possible truly phenominal. This show deserves an A+, & it gets said A+ from me.
  • Better every season!

    This show is better every season this is the best season so far Kim's new gear is cool all new fighting moves and most importatly an new look for Mrs. Possible. Ron and Kim dating is funny in a good way of course but all the seasons has been great but this is the best so far i hope they make another season. Dragin is funnyer and more focus than ever be for so waych out Kim. Shego is taking matters into her own hands now she is taking all the vacations she needs lol Kim Possoble rules and rufas of course.
  • An amazing show. Figures Disney ended it.

    Kim Possible is a lot of things. Smart, brave, but she's also an amazing role model. She babysits, has a boyfriend, cheerleads, fights crime on a weekly basis, and still manages to get her homework done. Can you imagine what Middleton would be like without her?

    I still remember when Kim Possible premiered on Disney Channel, June 7th, 2002. I was curious about it. I was only 9 years old at the time, and still lived in my old house, in my old room, where I spent many hours watching old Disney Channel shows. A year later, I was still watching it religiously, except I had moved into the room across the hall. This was when "Say the Word" and "The Naked Mole-Rap" had just came out and were rather popular. Listening to those songs brings back a lot of memories. Then, a month or two later, I moved into the room on the first floor, where I spent more hours watching Kim Possible. Not too long after, I found out that we had to move (only about a mile away, but still...) I had spent 5-6 years in that house, so moving wasn't exactly the easiest thing to do. In this new house, I spent an additional 4 years watching Kim Possible. It was there that I watched both "A Sitch in Time" and "So the Drama" at least 5 times each. I still remember when they premiered. I thought Kim Possible was over when "A Sitch In Time" ended. On February 10th, 2007, I was relieved to find out that I was wrong. A new season of Kim Possible was exactly what I needed. Later on, a week or two before "Mathter and Fervent" my days of middle school (I was in elementary school when Kim Possible began) had ended. I was upset, actually! Not long after that I moved, again. It was in this house (where I am typing this) that I watched yet MORE Kim Possible, and was upset that it's time had ended.

    Now you're probably thinking "Point?" Kim Possible has been there since I was just finishing up third grade. Now I am in high school, and Kim was there through my first two weeks. Now, as Disney does with all of it's great shows, it has ended. Regardless, I will always love this show, and all the memories it has brought.
  • What a classic!

    This show is one of my personal favorites. It revolves around a young High School cheerleader. Only this isn't like most other animated school-girl shows. This cheeleader doubles as a heroine who saves the world every few weekdays or so. Only this isn't like other super-school-girl shows. The villians have an original flare to them. She dosen't fight some lobster-armed freak, but rather a colerful cast of villians. And I'm serious when I say colorful, her main-villian Dr. Drakken is blue, his side-kick, and my personal favorite, Shego, is green. Another minor villian is yellow.
    Anyways, watch this for something fresh.
  • Here's how you describe the show Kim Possible: The best show ever! Can I get a straight up Booyah!! Best never ending show ever! Booyah!!! (I love Ron! He's so cool!)

    This is my favorite show ever! Kim Possible is just your basic average girl, and she's here to save the world you can't stop her 'cuz she's Kim Possible. There is nothing she can't to, when in danger, you just know that she is on her way, doesn't matter when or where there's trouble if ya just call her name, Kim Possible. Yeah, I love the theme song and watch this show every single day! Kim Possible is a teenage cheerleader with something special about her: she saves the world on a daily bases! She has help from her best friend and her boyfriend, Ron Stoppable and his pet, Rufus. Together, they can do anything.... within reason.
    How can I put this: Why does it have to end???!?!? I love KP it's the best ever!
  • Kim Possible is a show that's been too great for words. There's just too much to say about this show, and yet not enough.

    I remember when Kim Possible first came out in 2002. I didn't think much of it to be honest. I didn't bother watching the season premiere, I didn't really care about it. I'd watch a few minutes of it here and there, and then sometime in September of 2002, they had a labor day Kim Possible marathon and at that point, there were only about 10 episodes and I started watching it because it was on all day and watched the episode "Bueno Nacho" and found myself interested in learning more about the characters, particularly Ron, who has always been my favorite.

    As stereotypical as Kim Possible is in many ways, with her being the popular cheerleader, characters like Bonnie and Mr Barkin that epitomize high school characters we all know and the geek that is Ron Stoppable, what makes the show unique is that Kim is no ordinary cheerleader and I mean in a way besides that she saves the world. There is no way a cheerleader, even a friendly one would hang out with someone like Ron and not be effected by the teasing they get but the caring between Ron and Kim from having known each other so long is so evident in the series, it touched me from the beginning.

    I'm not a fan of the whole "2 main best friend characters going out" thing but when I saw "A sitch in time", the first KP tv movie I thought Kim and Ron were perfect to go out for the first time and thought it was awesome when she kissed him on the cheek in the christmas episode, just the look on his face is classic. You would think a cartoon wouldnt be able to convey human emotions so well but it did just that. There were so many moments in the show that I really felt involved in the characters' lives, particularly once again, Ron because I can relate to him and I think there's someone in the show everyone can relate to. On the outside the show does appear stereotypical but when you sit and watch it, you realize these characters are all cleverly crafted and all pretty deep with the exception of maybe Wade, who you only see in his room most of the time.

    I thought after the second TV movie "So the drama" that the series was at least over but Disney renewed the show in 2007 and it was by far the best thing Ive watched in 2007 because no DC original series can even touch this show. Back in the earlier days of DC, I mightve said "So Weird" was a better show but now, with nothing but Kim Possible and shows like "Hannah Montana", Kim Possible is a much more complete show, even though it's a cartoon. It's by far my most favorite show of all time. It's so original, so funny, more action packed than it appears on the surface and it has something for everyone which is rare these days. It's something teenagers can relate to and something even adults I think can relate to because maybe they wish they knew someone like Ron or Kim when they were goin to high school. It's simply a wonderful series and it will be missed.
  • Kim Possible, teen hero and cheerleader. Ron Stoppable, sidekick and boyfriend to said hero. The two team up to save the world in this hilariously well-written series.

    This show is funny and action-packed with quirky characters and believable relationships. I'm not sure what I'm going to watch now that the final episode has aired. Kim and Ron are great on their own, but it's the villans that make the show. Drakken and Shego are two villans that manage to mock every traditional stereotype common to the "hero" shows imaginable. In my opinion, the best episodes are the ones featuring Drakken and Shego. The others are still packed with puns and subtle allusions that make the show really fun to re-watch- there's so much to pick up on, especially in the later episodes. Kim, Ron, Drakken and Shego point out with deliciously sarcastic and dry humour the conventions of the hero-villan relationship at every turn. That's what hooked me on this show from the beginning- the quirky humour and lovable characters.
  • Tell me I watch girly shows, I DON'T CARE!! This show rise among the greatest ones.

    There is some people who can't appreciate the marvelous of this show, personally I think it is great, the producers really knew how to combine child animation with more adult entretainment, the hillarious momments of fun are great. Differently of what people thought the show went better as Kim and Ron started dating.
    Basically, Kim and Ron together with their friends, Wade the young genius, Kim's best girlfriend Monique, and the beloved naked molerat Rufus, are constantly saving the world as they fight against a lot of villains who will try to stop her and/or eliminate her. However no matter what problem presents team possible they always come out victorius. So don't miss any epsiode and I really suggest that if you are begginig to watch it, you'd better start seeing it from the beggining.
  • She CAN do any thing!!!

    Not many understand nor appreciate the unique genius put into this Disney Classic. McCorkle and Schooley, along with Loter, have managed to pull off a great concept in a very off-the-wall unique form. I admitt the show's hasn't been done at it's greatest potential, but they have gotten way better season after movie after season. My wish was for it to continue (this doesn't seem possible at the moment - no pun intended). At first glance, the concept seem pretty simple (a girl and her childhood friend save the day mainly by defeating crazy villians with issues, a mad scientist and loose-canon gothee comes to mind), but if looked into, you realize how this show would be every animation's writer/director/producer 's dream (guilty). Thank you to Mark McCorkle, Robert Schooley, Steve Loter, Christine Carson Romano, Will Friedle, Nancy Cartwright, Raven Symone, John DiMaggio, Nicole Sullivan, Kristen Storms, Patrick Watburn, Rough Draft Korea, Starburst Animation, Disney Channel & Toon, the Fans, and many, many, many, many, many, many, others who worked their way into most minds and hearts, and gave the inspiration most desparately needed (guilty).

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, I need a tissue now...
  • The programme is about a young teenage girl and a boy of an equal age who have to save the world on countless occasions. Obviosly being a childrens show it has to be emaganative and exciting which theyhave achieved.

    Personally I do not like this show. I watched it when I was younger and did not find it interesting. It is deffinatly for a young audience and I would be surprised if many adults would enjoy it. The problem is its too predictable and they attempt to include child humor which I just don't see how it is funny. The story lines are good and emmaganative. I would think many children would enjoy it as it is what they emagine they want to be like when they are older. Over all this is a great show for younger audience but some may find its not.
  • This whole show is about a teenage girl saving the world from super villains and trying to do her homework at the same time. She is associated with her best friend, Ron, and her genius friend, Wade. The show is totally awesome!

    This show is one of my personal favorites on Disney Channel. I have been watching the episdoes go by for 5 years! An is an excellent show that i can sit down and watch for 30 min and be amused by it. The show is very creative on many challenges that she faces and the storyline also. I am surprised what they have donw to this fabulos show to make it better. The missions get more and more suspensful by each episode. It is a shame that the show is ending, but though i will still cherish this show. I just enjoying watching this show and will continue to support it.
  • good show

    okay so this show is about a crime fighting teen who saves the world and a bunce of other fun stuff. Kim is the main character in this show along with her best friend ron who is her sidekick but occasionly becomes a hero. along with kim and ron is ron's pet rufus who is a naked mole rat but rufus does much more then the normal rat. also there is wade some really smart 5th grader who helps kim on her misons by making her gajics and getting her rides and kim reachs him on her communcater. damn this review isn't that good i think i'm just describing the characters wow that was pointless. okay havn't seen every episode (or maybe i have) i started actully appricating this show when it started coming on before amdrag on toon disney so after a while i started to say to my self this show isn't half bad. my favorite plot line is the whole ron/monkey fist plotline i found that one very intresting with the whole mystical monkey power stuff. the reason i gave this show a 9 is because its no amdrag but still it is a good show. i am actully gonna watch the 1 hour seris finale which looks pretty good. so yeah that was my review for kim possible wow i have a feeling this review could have been better. peace
  • Kim Possible is your basic average girl who is here to save the world.

    In a world where complete crap is the standard for shows nowadays, one girl steps up, to bring them down...

    Okay, enough with the epic intro. But it is a good show, right? Of course! The basic point of the show is that the titular character, Kim Possible, has to stop villains on a regular basis, and not to mention, deal with high school, cheerleading, jobs, and love.

    Well, the regular-student-constantly-saves-the-world plot isn't new. It's been used so many times and will probably never stop being used. But Kim Possible is that show that executes it greatly. It also puts a twist on it. Kim has no secret identity. She doesn't constantly get praise for her efforts, but many people are grateful and give her rides when she needs it to far off places. Usually I like the secret identity thing, but change can't hurt.

    Kim also has quite a few villains, namely Dr. Drakken and his unwilling yet quite dangerous assistant, Shego. And there are many others, some one episode and many multi episode. But every villain seems to be funny in some way, and that is a complaint. Humorous villains are entertaining, but serious ones are more so. But I'm not complaining too much. It's the style of Kim Possible. Humor is it's philosophy, but I'm fine with that.

    Overall, Kim Possible's a great show. Humorous, good amount of action and good animation, why not?
  • I love this show.

    This show is completely awesome! I love it! It's all about a teen hero named Kim Possible who saves the world from bad guys. She has a partner named Ron Stoppable who later in the show (season 3 to 4 to be exact) becomes Kim's boyfriend. Kim saves numeorus people throughout the show such as: Doctor Wong, her dad, Martin Smarty (the owner of Smarty Mart), and many others. She battles villains such as: Duff Killagain, Dr. Drakken, Shego, Gill, Falsetto Jones, Dr. Dementor, and other bad guys. Overall, this show is very good and features a few movies, such as: A sitch in time, So the drama, and some dvd's with some episodes from the show. Overall, the show is awesome!
  • wow I love this show 2 thumbs up!

    Kim Possible is funny, romantic, encouraging, inspirational, and an all around awsome show! Disney has truly out done themselves on this show! Not only does it provide humor for all ages, but it also inspires us to do exceptional things. Like encouraging young viewers to eat healthy, that anything's possible, and that best thing in life is being yourself and being or doing what your peers want you to be! Overall, this television series is funny, romantic, inspirational. And even though Kim Possible will end after this season.I learned form this show nobodys perfect and you can do anything if you put your mind to it!
    I give this show a perfect score and 2 thumbs up!
  • The best damn show on earth!

    Kim Possible is funny, romantic, encouraging, inspirational, and an all around awsome show! Disney has truly out done themselves on this show! Not only does it provide humor for all ages, but it also inspires us to do exceptional things. Like encouraging young viewers to eat healthy, that anything's possible, and that best thing in life is being yourself and being or doing what your peers want you to be! Overall, this television series is funny, romantic, inspirational, and it saved my life! And even though Kim Possible will end after this season, the lessons I learned from it will always ring in my heart and soul to "Never Be Normal!" I give this show a perfect score and 2 thumbs up!
  • Hm a way to summarise Kim Possible, BOOYAH!

    As far as cartoons go, I would have to say that the Disney channel has out done itself with this one. Funny, witty and with a hint of romance, Kim Possible is a show that should never be missed and always treasured. With an action packed movie behind it, how could anyone resist the happy - and funny - endings that each episode promises. The characters are superb ranging from a 10 year old super genius to a naked molerat with plenty of laughs in between. I'm pretty sure no one could ever get tired of a teenage-female-cheerleader as the main character who saves the day, and on that note, I say - BOOYAH KP!
  • One of Disney Channel's best animated series of all time.

    Disney Channel isn't known for their cartoons as much as live action shows. But Kim Possible proves that Disney can make great cartoons. The basis of the show is a girl that fights crime and the storylines are so original. The writers do a great job of making her seem like a normal teen and that's why the show has been so successful. I don't watch the show regularly but it is a great show to watch and it entertains me. The theme song is catchy and very unique. After all these years, it was obvious that Kim and Ron would get together and I think the writers are doing great with that. What's the Sitch? LOL
  • Kim Possible is really cool!

    Kim Possible used to be my number one favorite television show when I was younger. To me, the funniest character is Ron. His pants always fall down, or something. Lolz! My favorite one was Kim. Yes, just because she was a girl, and Rufus actually comes in handy. I love the movies, too. It kind of makes me laugh. But that Bonnie girl is kind of annoying. Eek...I gain 2 pounds just looking at her...just kidding, lol. Yeah, Kim Possible is now starting season 4. I wonder what episode will come up next. I am really excited about it... yeah.
  • 10
    OMG! The episode "Clean Slate" has got me so siked! I'm so anxious to see it! From the preview I got it sounds like the greatest Kim Possible episode to come. Kim loses her memory and Ron has the responsibility and challenge of getting her back to the Kim Possible he knows and possibly loves, even though Kim admits that she loves him, though her mind is still awry.
  • it steped its game up.

    Kim possible has had a few bad episode but thats okay because they gave the 4th season and things got bigger and badder. first the twins were introduced into the school and Kim has alot more problems alot more complecated situations and shes shows that even shes not perfect and she has to step her game up somethimes to save the world. and the villans also return and their badder then ever hopefully Kim Possible will get better and better and who knows whats to come for the rest of the season or the next seasons. Kim Possible has shown that she can do anything.
  • It's a good piece of work for disney

    Disney proves again they can put out original (kinda) entertaining shows. I don;t advertise that I watch it, and I don;t make time to sit down and tune in, but I do make sure it's on my record list. I like what they've done with the show as well, it can be hard to not rewrite the same plot over and over again, even though it IS the same plot over and over again, it doesn't feel that way. Each episode is unique in it's own way, and character development is great. You can see the characters evolve a little bit in each episode. Good work from Disney, extra good work letting the writers finish out high school by giving them a 4th season. It's almost over for the series, but its been a great ride.
  • Kim p. and the rest of the family. Then theres Ron Stopable and Rufus his naked mole rat. Shego and Draken are the villians.

    Kim is the head cheerleader at WestHigh High School. Ron is her side kick. Rufus gets into all the small stuff that Ron and Kim can't get into. Draken is the air head out of his two team possy. Shego is the brains smart and strenght out of her and Draken. Kim's mom is a docter. her dad is a rocket scientist. Wadeis the computer genuis. that tracks everything for kim, so that she knows were she is going. He also sample everything for her. Her twin brothers Tim and Jim always cause all of the micheif in the house.
  • I love this show!!

    Kim Possible is an awsome show. I love all of the action in the show. I also love how Kim can use her cheerleading skills while she's fighting. Of course my favorite char is Kim Possible herself. I also like Ruffus the nake molerat. I don't like Ron Stoppable at all. I think he's a useless char.
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