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  • Kim Possible: She can do ANYTHING!! From babysitting to saving the world. She definitely has a lot to look forward to in the future.

    One of the best, popular cartoons I've ever watched. A nice mix of action, comedy, with a dash of teen drama; but what really sets the tone of the series is attitude, and Kim Possible never ceases to amaze me. The creators of the show are absolute geniuses. I was able to barely watch a few episodes on one specific channel on certain Saturday Mornings at my old home. But now that I live in a new location (plus more channels, more specifically the Disney Channel and Toon Disney), I am able to watch Kim Possible a lot more frequently now on a weekday schedule.

    My favorite episodes is when Kim was under the control of an emotion chip and FINALLY kisses Ron, and when Ron introduces Yori to Kim and Monique, which practically plagues Kim of suspicion, but mostly jealousy, to no end. Oh, plus the 'So the Drama' movie.

    With the 4th season already running, the show just keep getting better and better. I can't wait for more to come. But since it looks like this will be the last season for Kim Possible (sigh), I just surely hope that the creators will at least have the courtesy to end the show with a bang; a bang so great and satisfying that it would literally blow me away!
  • This is a very good TV series. I love it.

    Yeah, I love this series. My 4 favorite heroes would probably be, in order, Kim, Wade, Yori, and Ron. My 3 favorite villains are, in order, Shego, Drakken, and Monkey Fist. This is a pretty good show. The Christmas episode was excellent. It's cool to see that So The Drama wasn't the finale. Season 4 has arrived, and it is totally awesome. It's cool to see that Kim and Ron ended up becoming BF and GF. And that was so incredible when Wade appeared in person in Team Impossible. I was practically rolling on the floor. Jim and Tim are sort of obnoxious though. And Bonnie too. Monique is just plain odd. But the show still rules. :D
  • a girl saving the world from villans with her best friend/boyfriend then trying to balance school, boyfreind time, and saving the world. she meets a lot of villans such as Dr.Drakken and his sidekick shego,and motor ed.

    Kim possible is a action adventure, romance, and drama to me. The hero is a girl which is not usaully done so i have to give it points for that, and with her new boyfriend Ron stoppable as her sidekick entering their senior year in high school battling problems that tend to go from a talent show to evil snowmen. the best part of the whole show is when she goes into action. she has a lot of moves in her arsanal ranging from kicks to punches since she knows 16 forms of martial arts. Her Boyfriend Ron Stoppable has a naked mole rat for a pet and has a power called mystical monkey power which gives him extreme speed, power, and strength.

    wade, her 11 year old super mind gives kim all her weapons and gadgets.




  • Kim possible takes girl power to a whole new level. there is Kim her boyfriend Ron stoppable,Monique and Wade are a team thats always on their way saving the world from crazed villains such as shego, dr dracon, and senor senior senior.

    at first i wasn't to sure about this show. but after waching this series for a year i fell in love with Kim Possible. Kim possible is a 16 year old high school student and head cheer leader that just so happens saves the world on a regular basis. he side kick Ron Stoppable is also her boy friend begining at season 4 and the only thing e can really do on missions is get caught and be held captive just about all the time. the main villins Dr. dracon and Shego, try and takeover the world get held by kim possible again and again. this tean dies it all and still gts home in time for hw. i noe it may apear as a boring show but if you watch it it is really good.
  • On Kim Possible, you have Kim the smart and charming heroine, Ron the goofy but heart warming sidekick, Wade the 10 year old genius, Rufus the adorable but weird looking rodent, and everyone else in this crazy but funny TV serious.

    Fans demanded this show to continue on, and look where we are now, they’re trying to get season five! I wasn’t a big fan of the serious, till 2004, when I began to watch Disney Channel. When I came across on the web, the show’s cancellation, I was blown away. But luckily, everyone saved Kim Possible.

    In season one, we are introduced to Kim, and the cast members…as they began to show us what this show can really become. I always assume that Kim and Ron are in 10th grade in this season and part of season two. Season two was very short, but very great as well. During the Stich in Time, Kim and Ron must enter the 11th grade, since they started a new school year. We then go onto season three, which was originally the last season of Kim Possible. As So the Drama premiers, I learn about the cancellation in summer 2004. Fans like me, realized the show is not over. We had just learned about Kim and Ron’s relationship, we wanted to see more of KP after their junior prom.

    Here comes season four! More funny and crazy moments happen as we all started to watch it this year and still we have no seasons to look forward after their graduation. A few months back, browsing the web, I learned about The Fight for Five, which should be heard to everyone who loves this show. But I’m sort of ready for the show to end. I’m already in high school, and I feel too old to be watching “Kim Possible”. I would love to see it to continue on, maybe for others younger than me.

    So to get a good review of what Kim Possible is, everyone has to watch the show themselves and get their own idea. So just say "So not the drama" to people who want to cancel the show.
  • This show just doesn't loose it.Lol

    Well ive been wathcing this show since like i think I was 10. And consider it a very interesting show because the way they kee o coming up with new things is just exciting I mean first Kim like three different guys but then she ends up hgonig out with Rom I mean kinda funny but we all neew it woiuld happen Lol. Hopefullyt theyll keeep cokmin out with new episodes because or else it's guna loose it's clikc you now what I mean. But up until now it's proven a pretty good show but it jshouild come out with some new twisits and problems and that it.
  • kim possible saves people from shego and dr. draken with the help of ron stoppable and the naked mole rat.

    i like this show cause it is funny. ron is alwayws trying to be a hero sometimes.sometime the naked mole rat is the one saving not ron. while kim is always in a hurry because she is also a cheerleader ( actually cheer captain) she ia the one doing the steps for short choreographer.dr. draken and shego are the villains in this show for me shego is a beautiful villain . in the mean time drken is always the boss. he likes to get everything he likes.(brain switching machine and other more. saving the day kim is always on the way!
  • Cute and funny show!

    I found it by accident and even though I rarely watch cartoons, I like this one. Of course it's major unrealistic but come on, what cartoon isn't? And you have to admit, Shego is absolutely fabulous and even though Ron's pretty pathetic most of the time, he is a nice addition to Kim. And Rufus just rocks. ;)

    I do think that there could be some improvement but overall, there's every cliché you could possibly think of combined in a show and even tough that sounds horrible, it's actually kind of nice. It's like many cartoons, it's so extreme and sometimes a bit crappy, it's just good. And I think, the stories are pretty okay for the concept of this show. Even the morale thing isn't too obvious most of the time. ;)
  • I love KP!

    Nobody at School knows I watch this show! Not even my closest friends! I love Kim Possible for It's quirkyness and over all awesomeness! I really love the Kim and Ron shippy moments! They're a really cute couple. and I'm glad they got together at the end of So The Drama. Me and my Ex best friend were watching So The Drama at her house, and her 17 year old sister comes down and sees Kim and Ron kissing at the end of the movie, and she said she thinks they're a cute couple! I Love KP, and I hope it goes for a 5th season!
  • i love it!

    I love kim possible! She's the perfect role model for every girl. i mean seriously, how does she do it? there's cheerleading, homework , chores, friends, schoolwork and saving the world! wow. She really can do anything! Ron is so funny. Reminds me of beast boy from teen titans. He seriously makes me laugh. Rufus is so adorable!!! i think after watching kim possible, everyone wants a naked mole rat for a pet. Drakken is one of the worst villains i have ever met. And he's blue! If anyone knows why, plaese PM me. in conclusion, this show rocks!
  • A girl who can do anything and a guy who can do nothing?

    This show is trash.A major rip of Johnny Hunt and Totally Spies.The red haired chick never loses a match and this Ron guy is the king of clutz's.I hope this show would just stay buried and forgotten in the land of hopelessness where it belonged but nooooo,everyone had to cry and this crap got a bloody renewal.Everyone's just so annoying and too full of themselves.Shego's okay though.Here's hoping the next eps will be major flops and they'll demote it to Toon Disney.=)
  • This show is getting old.

    I tell you,back in the day it was great.Diverse villans galore,great actions scenes and a rocking storyline.Then I saw the episode where Ron turns into a fat glob.Ew.And then I heard the tweebs would be on more.Great.And that Ron and Kim were going to be 'more' then just sidekicks.What joy.I still think the show is okay but it's getting kind of weak.

    Seriously,their running out of ideas.Shego a teacher?How messed up is that.It's still funny but your better off just finding something else to watch then this miserable show.
  • Disney Channel's smash hit?

    More like Disney got smashed in the head,which could only be the reason as to why they put this horrible show on.It was okay in the beginning but now they're trying to surpress the K/R relationship through thick layers of comedy.Which is fine but it's just forced out to cover up any real involvement they might have.The flashy new car and everything is just to deter viewers away from any romance & Ron getting an adoptive sister while is a senior is bizzare.

    I mean,his parents are what,in their 50's?!Just do yourself a favor and don't watch it.It's not worth seeing them cover up any real emotion between Kim and Ron.Also,Kim still thinks she's SOOOO perfect.Egh.The replacements are better.
  • Kim possible is a teenage girl in high school and saves the world from villians taking over and shes there to stop it

    I love Kim Possible very kool lol but definitely NOT my favourite i think its good but all episodes in my country plays over and over and HARDLY changes LOL i live in New Zealand and pretty far from well yeh...i like kim possible because of the fighting sometimes and her saving villians and exploring places like the future and even back in time her actions are amazing but NOT REAL lol my friends sister introduced this show to me and now i watch it often but ill get out of it ;) lol
  • After "So the Drama", Kim and Ron are now dating. Many old and new villains are returning. Tim and Jim are freshman in High School, and Kim and Ron are seniors.

    WONDERUS!! Better than all 3 seasons put together!! I LOVE Kim and Ron dating. Great idea. Although, it IS Kim Possible, so some of that cheesy stuff, villains, plots, lines, return. But it's getting better. I used to hate HATE the show before. Now, I can actually watch it and not barf while doing so. I actually was not gonna see the season premiere. But, that night I had nothing to do, so I ended up watching it somehow. I actually liked it. The cupid effect was pretty good. Myf ave episode is definately "Big Bother". Great season. I approve. Keep it up disney!
  • Kim Possible is about a Teen trying to balance her Cheerleading/crimefighting/boys/school/bonnie/rufus/ron life altogether. She has a sidekick, best friend, and now BOYFRIEND, Ron Stoppable, with his little sidekick, RUFUS! The naked-mole-rat.

    KP is my favorite animated show in the WORLD! Yes, it IS true, I AM another one of those freaked KP fans, I'M KPfan900 on (this website rules, by the way) and Kim rules, too! Who agrees with me, here?:) Rufus is my favorite character, he;s so cute! And the tweebs going to KP's school was a clever little "Plot" to the new season. I also like how ashley tisdale plays a new villain on the show. i was a little weirded out when i first saw the commercial that she was "guest-starring" (get it?) on the show. But now, I TOTALLY love it!
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :) :) :) :) :) :) ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P

  • Kim Possible, A teenager in highschool battles between evil and making it to cheerleading practice. With the help of Ron Stoppable they fight evil forces and manage to make it to school on time.

    Kim Possible is very well known as the teenage superhero. Many little kids adore her and place her as their idol. Kim Possible has been on Disney Channel for quite some time now and the show is becoming old. The show is becoming boring and each year the number of people who watch Kim Possible decreases. Kim Possible is an appropriate show for younger children and does give them an appropriate role model. Although she does fight evil she does give a great example of how one person can make a difference. Kim shows young girls how much power they can have and how friends will always have your back even if you need them immediately.
  • Kim possible Rules!

    Kim possible is definately one and if not the best cartoon show out there, it's all modern, she's a normal kid with a side-kick, Ron who is just the funniest thing in the world, the blind mole rat is so cute lol.. This is a daily routine for me. I get home, turn on Disney and watch kim possible.

    I really like kim possibles personality, style etc. She is like a real person who is just in a cartoon, Kim Possible could become a TV show (non animation) anyday.. I will be it's biggest supporter!

    Off to go watch kim possible and Ron!
  • Kim Possible is a great show.I will watch it always.

    Kim Possible is a great show and I enjoy seeing Kim defending Ron and that just proves Kim is a good friend to Ron.Kim also is played by Christy Carlson Romano who also plays Ren in Even Stevens.I really like Christy.I love how Kim fights and she is such a good fighter.Kim is really brave against her enemies.I think Ron should really look up to Kim and in real life Will and Christy should be in the same show together always.I think the writer and the director and the writer picked the right people to play Kim and Ron and every other character there is.I think Kim Possible is the best show ever.Well maybe not the best.
  • Whenever you need me baby, call me, beep me if ya wanna reach me!

    Kim Possible is an animated TV series from Disney Channel. It's obviously about Kim Possible and her two worlds, the basic-average-girl world and the crime fighting world. She studies at Middleton High School. She's a cheerleader. She has a best friend named Ron Stoppable who owns a naked mole rat named Rufus. Her other best friend is Monique. Ron is her sidekick in doing the crime fighting and Wade, the genius, helps them in locating villains, transportation and everything they need. Dr. Drakken is Kim's arch enemy. Drakken is Dr. Possible's (Kim's dad) old friend. Drakken wants to take over the world together with his partner in crime, Shego. The best part I like about Kim Possible is when Ashley Tisdale voiced Camille Leon. Camille is an actress & an heiress. She turned bad 'cause her dad disinherited her.
  • A good show that may go downhill if we don't see some changes.

    Kim Possible; A show about a teenager who does what all ordinary teenagers does; homework, getting embarrassed by parents, having a social life, being a cheerleader. What she does out of the ordinary is saving the world. She travels across the world almost every day to fight super-villains always ready with a new take-over-the-world scheme. But even though they have countless plans, Kim always wins. Kim is also a very skilled teenager. Being able to pick up new skills at a heartbreaking rate, as well as having a Type A personality, she might be too perfect in many people’s opinion. But she isn’t. She has flaws, like everyone else. She is bossy and can get jealous easily, just to mention something. But she isn’t alone. With her she has her best friend since pre-K: Ron Stoppable. He is the typical goofy hero sidekick, but though he fails often, he is always there for Kim, supporting her and making sure she can handle the everyday pressures. He does also have a huge talent and a great destiny before him, but he isn’t always aware of such things, and it is not often we see his skills, even though they lie there. Of course, there is the pet that saves the day: Rufus. A naked mole rat capable of programming a VCR, he is able to save the day many a time for Kim and Ron, be it stopping them from entering their doom, or distracting the villain. And beneath every team is the person who organizes the whole thing. Kim Possible is no exception. Wade is the 10-year old super genius who organizes Kim and Ron’s rides around the world, he manages her website, where people call her for help, and much more. He also makes various gadgets, which has helped Kim countless times. There are, of course, many other characters in the series, all worthy of praise. Kim’s parents, who is always helping her through the everyday stuff that Ron can’t help her with, her siblings, the twins Jim and Tim, who is scientific geniuses, like their father, who is a rocket scientist, but they are often getting in trouble with Kim and her parents. Kim also has friends and rivals at school, like Monique, the Afro-American girl who is one of Kim’s best friends, and Bonnie, Kim’s rival, who is a fellow cheerleader, and she is always there to irritate Kim. And we must not forget the villains. They are always funny to watch, and both literally and symbolically colourful. They do always have some evil scheme, be it revenge on someone or taking over the world. But they do always have a flaw in their plan or in their mind making them vulnerable, and makes it so that Kim can win. The show started in 2002, with the episode Crush, in which we see Kim trying to build up the nerve to ask a boy out to the upcoming school dance. It continued with Season 1, and a Season 2 came, and in the middle of this aired the movie “A Sitch in Time”, in which Kim and her friends must travel through time to stop evil. It continued to a Season 3, and it ended with the movie; “So the Drama”, where Kim and Ron must face the most dangerous plot of their arch-nemesis so far, as well as dealing with feelings for each other before the upcoming prom. The movie, and the series, ended with them kissing at the prom, indicating that they’re a couple now. The cancelling of the show made fans uproar, and they eventually managed to convince Disney to launch a new Season in which Kim and Ron are now a couple. This has caused many fans to believe that the show will “jump the shark”, but so far the creators have handled it well. Overall, the show is a great one, and it has a parody of the spy/action genre, between others James Bond. It has a knack of making names parody something, like Kim Possible, which is a spin on Impossible, and Ron Stoppable being a spin on Unstoppable. There are many others, and most, if not all, names serve as a spin or parody of something. The show has won several awards for its originality and clever catchphrases such as “What’s the sitch”, No big” and “So not the drama”. It has also attracted a wide fan base, varying from the younger children to adults, because of its humour and action that is fitting for all ages. It got cancelled in 2004 because of the 65-rule of Disney, in which a show only gets 65 episodes, that’s it. No more. But, this caused uproar amongst the fans, and they started campaigns and to turn this rule and make Kim Possible return, which they eventually did. The strong fan base of Kim Possible managed to turn the Disney rule, and now they’re airing a new Season of the series, with 22 new episodes. The show, in my opinion, is a beautiful one, but it may have some slight problems with the whole new relationship between Kim and Ron. They experience a lot of problems, which they get through, not unlikely, but they are two completely different persons, total opposites. Some may argue that opposites attract, true, but such relationships tend not to last very long. So what we’ll have to see now is whether the creators manage to turn the relationship a bit, make it a bit more realistic, by changing the characters a bit, which they have, but still not enough in my eyes, and I think they might do some more with the characters. But, I will always remain loyal to the show, and I anticipate much from the upcoming second half of Season 4. We will also see a series finale at the end op this Season, but not much has been revealed about it. What we do know is that it will be something epic !!!SPOILERS!!! A invasion pf Earth, that is, and of course Kim and Ron’s graduation !!!SPOILERS END!!! This ought to be interesting, and I think it will be great. Fans have already started working for a Season 5, but I’m a person that isn’t exactly in favour of that one. If they launch a Season 5, they will most likely go to college, which may ruin a bit of the series. But, who knows? Maybe I’m just one of the “jump-the-shark” people that will be proven wrong? We’ll have to wait and see. If there will be a Season 5 at all that is.
  • Anything but your basic spie series. It twists the plot of the typical male hero, damsel in distress. Kim Possible is anything but a damsel in distress as she's joined by her best friend/sidekick Ron Stoppable through nonstop adventures.

    This show is underappreciated by Disney executives as it's the best show they've had on television in a long while. Disney has a tradition of delivering cutting edge feature length animation. Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Kim Possible falls in that category of classic story telling. An updated version of boy meets girl, or in this case girl meets boy, except in this story the girl is all that, brave, smart, talented and gorgeous and the boy, he's average looking with freckles, clumsy, seemingly not very bright, and scare of his own shadow. Yet together they work perfectly, two best friends on amazing adventures while still in high school. I wasn't big on this show in the beginning, but I started to watch it especially season three and it just grew on me. The villains are the funniest characters on television, especially Shego. The dialogue and story telling is sharp and witty and the animation though not as good a traditional disney animation is still brilliant. The show attracted me for the humor and then more because of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Imagine a girl and boy being best friends, knowing everything about each other. I rooted for the underdog Ron Stoppable, he has his faults, but when push comes to shove especially if it involves Kim Possible he was and will always be there for her. Like many fans I wanted to see there friendship blossom into more then just that, which gradually started to happen in the third season leading up to "So the Drama" a must see Kim Possible movie. If your a hopeless romantic and afraid to admit it, if you want to laugh yourself silly and root for Kim and Ron to be together. Then let your guilty pleasures allow yourself to watch Kim Possible.
  • a good show in the first 3 seasons

    this show was great when i was younger it is all a bout a high school teenager called kim possible, she can do anything as she saves the world from evil by her friend and sidekick now boyfriend ron stoppable. the show in season 4 has gotten a little bit over the top with the new gadgets. however the villians still remain good. senor senior senior and senor senior juniour new billionaire villains, dr. draken and his assistant shego with magic glowing hands also professer dementor, motor ed and frugal lucre join the crew, throw in a shape shifter and you then have kim possible all over this is a good show.
  • Um...about Ron.

    Ron's stupid,wacky,got a nasally's awful oh and since when do blondes are reds go together?This dork wasn't even worthy of being Kim's sidekick much less her boyfriend.
    If Kim wanted to get some real kicks out of her life,she'd confess her undying love to shego and they'd put aside their differences to be together and Ron can go make out in some dark closet with the nude rat or the blue dude Druggin.
  • This is how I feel about this hit show.

    When I first saw this show in 2003 I thought wow this show rocks. I watched more episodes and I really enjoyed it.

    My favourite character is Rufus because he is cute and I love his voice. My 2nd favourite character is Kim Possible and my 3rd is Ron. I think Ron is really clumsey and not that cool so thats why he is 3rd out of Kim, Rufus and Ron.

    I am quite suprised this how has lasted 4 years because most cartoons only last 3 or 2 years before they finish.

    I really like the episode "Attack Of The Killer Bebes" which I have at home. I like this episode lots because it has lots of action. I really enjoy watching the old bebes blow up when Dragon was younger. I liked the newer Bebes he made when he was older because they were faster and better then the old version. I also like the way Kim fight in this episode because she acts like she will never win the battle but she always wins and 3 fantastic robot inventions against a teenage fighter I thought the robots would win.I also enjoyed the episode/movie "A Stitch In Time" which I watched at my friends house.

    I also enjoyed the DVD "The Secret Files", because it came with 3 episodes and a bonus one. The episodes were "Attack Of The Killer Bebes", "Downhill" and "Coach Possible" and the bonus episode was "Crush". I also enjoyed the song "The Naked Mole Rap" because it had a nice tune and I like the soun of it.

    I would like them to make more episodes because I know there is lots of fans (including me)that love this show and want more episodes because they love show.
  • I have a reason for my hatred...

    I'll sum it up in one word...Ron.Now that that's settled...

    Do yer Shego hang low,when you wobble to da floor.

    Does she shine in da light.

    Iz she plantinum,iz she gold?

    Could you throw'er over your shoulder if you...something or other.

    Do yer Shego low?

    It's a Kim.

    'Bout twenty four inches to the ground.

    Shego let her hang...


    Do yet Kigo...hang...low?


  • This is okay but...

    Shego and Kim sexy back!

    C'mere Shego.
    Go ahead,Kim,be done with it.
    Drinks on Shego.
    Look at Kimmie's hips.
    Dey make Shego smile.
    C'mon,Kigo,get'cha sexy on!
    Kigo bringin' sexy back Them others watch while Shego attack s
    If that's your Kimmie you better watch your back Cause she'll burn it up for Shego and that's a fact.
  • Well,this show is good.But not with Ron in it.

    Basically,Ron is intolerable...if not insufferable.His main purpose in life is to serve as a comic relief and nothing more.I once heard Kim couldn't do all she does without him and I find that interesting but everything from his big ears (dumbo anyone?) to his nasally voice drives me up the wall and back."Boo-yah,KP!" He says things like that like he's holding his nose.Also,he's obsessed with some place that is a spoof of Taco Bell and the naked rat thing that he carries around. *shudders* Uh-uh.Ron needs to take a long walk off a short cliff and Kim needs a real 'man',not some kid who acts and talks like he's in grade school. -_-
  • I love this show!!

    I dont even remember how I started watching it but Im glad I did becuase this show toatlly rocks. I love K/R I always have and I always will.Season 4 is so good I love watching the episodes over and over and over. When show supposedly ended I was sad really sad because this is one of my favorite shows. All the other Disney Channel cartoons are stupid but Kim Possible is the bomb. I cant explain why I love this show so much but I do. Its probably the whole K/R thing because that is just so cute!! Basically I love Kim Possible. Said and Done.
  • It's eh...

    Really,you know,kinda good but not really.Don't get me wrong.Cause this show rocks but then it again it sort of really doesn't.I wouldn't say this show sucks but it really doesn't un-suck.So...yeah,there's a lot left to be desired.

    Ah,heck.KP FOR NEVER!This crap of a show is why ADJL isn't on anymore.I mean,really.This show is what?A girl who can do anything and a dude who if his ears were any biggert he could just fly them from mission to mission.The only cool one is Shego and yet she has to put up one dude Freakin' or whatever his name is.Then the twins Twerp and Jerk. lol.
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