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  • Now that I am older, my true thoughts on this show... (Yes, this is a remake)

    Ever since I began watching this show the very first day it premiered back in 2002, it has been different then any other show on television (in my opinion, of course). It is really hard to put this into words, but I am giving it a try. At first glance, this show is just another cartoon aired on a kid's channel, but upon further review, it is much more. The semi-hidden adult refrences always keep me closely examining each and every episode. You can see hidden things such as refrences to sex, and strong affection (yeah, they are just about the same). The loyalty of this show's fans goes deeper than anything I have ever seen (i.e. FanFiction, SlashHaven, Ron's Page, and countless other fan sites). Okay, back to the show, Ron's childish behavior allows him to regurally crack jokes, and just act stupid. This is the main aspect of comedy in the show. The writers are the best in the business. They know exactly how to combine romance, comedy, crime, school, and other minor aspects. Normally, you would see an overabdundance of one or maybe two, but in this show, they are all just about even. The creators have a strong connection to many of the fans, and can really understand what kids, and more dedicated fans like myself want to see. I have a lot more to add, but I'll add it once I collect more of my thoughts. So, for now to sum it up, this is an excellent show that should not be missed.
  • Kim possible is about a high school teen cheerleading captain who saves the world. This is tied for my favorite episode on disney channel next to american dragon,

    This is tied for my favorite episode on disney channel next to american dragon, I love the kim possible move so not the drame
    It was so funny when kim and ron was pushed together by rufus. I would love to have rufus as a reel pet. Kim possible is about a high school teen cheerleading captain who saves the world. This is tied for my favorite episode on disney channel next to american dragon,
  • This show is an amazing mix of action, comedy, and surprisingly ...drama. The animation is ausome and the cast is beyond Perfect! By far, Disney's BEST!

    Its next to impossible to not fall in love with the characters and the story-line of Kim Possible. A lot of writing genius goes into this show and has resulted in positive outcome. Which is why i beleive this show can last more than just four seasons. I've liked all the episodes and can't see a problem with watching them over again. I don't like cartoons, but this show has me hooked. However.. i don't buy her straight A g.p.a.... mabey if she got a few B's i'd be more satisfied with her character. lol or mabey im jealous!
  • Mostly, I think Kim Possible is a great show to watch because of its stories and hilarious characters But, there is an episode I'm not comfortable with.

    Kim Possible is yet another personal favorite show I like on Disney Channel South Africa (with is also a pan-African channel). Despite the pecuilar way of drawing the characters and their environments, comparing to preceding TV shows Walt Disney used to air, this show is made for all to watch, and it is constantly funny and/or entertaining.

    Kim Possible has a lot of good characters to keep one's eye on. My favorite ones are Ron, Rufus, Dr. Drakken, Shego, Senor Senior Senior, Senor Senior Junior, and Monkey Fist. They are the most hilarious, but I sometimes wonder why Ron keeps loosing its pants.

    However, I have a personal criticism over one of its episodes. Remember the episode when Ron Stoppable inherited millions of dollars beyond all reasons? That episode set a lot of bad examples to the kids, and I personally consider it to be Haram.

    I didn't know Raven made the voice of Monique! =|
  • Not the best of them all, but it's pretty good.

    Well, it's not half-bad. I think it's okay, but it could use a bit work. I wouldn't call it my most favorite. A lot of shows copied of the dialog of Kim Possible which sorta ruined it. The dialog would be: A teenager saving the world.
    A lot of shows stole that dialog which ruined it for Kim Possible. Season 4 is kinda childish(what's weird that most shows go a bit off at season 4 for some reason). The show is original but a lot of people are stealing from it. In my opinion, it's just well...isn't the best show.
  • Yeah, okay so I am like 22 but hey, I still think this show is fun. It's the kid in me. I really do enjoy watching the show at my leisure of course.

    I love that Kim Possible can solve anything especially since she is in high school. I think Rufus is funny and so is Ron. He always manages to screw something up somehow but that's okay because Kim still needs him. I also enjoy the couple movies they have done for this show. This is one cartoon show from now a days that I actually think is pretty good. Because there are so many others out there that are just so well ick, or poorly done. Back to Kim Possible love the them song too. Call me, Beep me, anytime, it doesn't matter where, it doesn't matter when...yeah it's a catchy tune. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable together I think is cool. It was one of those things you were just waiting for to happen. Alright that's it because I am starting to think of a couple from my favorite show after that last sentence and I am very tempted to say something about it.
  • Drakken gets broken out of prison by an alien called Wormanga, Shego's vacation gets interrupted and Kim Possible saves the day as always but thistime with unexpected help.

    Finnaly, after like 6 episodes Drakken gets busted out of prison. He's believed to be the Great Blue by a huge alien women named Wormonga. Kim suspects Shego and confronts her which leads to the soon to be infamous mud wrestling that ensues (were the creators giving a wink to the Kigo fans this episode, you decide). Shego soon ends up back with Drakken but unfortunatly for them (and fans who enjoy those two together) they are not getting along. Shego is absolutely hilarious this episode though, having a whole lot of great one-liners, most of them involving making fun of Dr.D. She also ends up helping Kim in the end leading to what will probably turn into a character arc. Meanwhile Ron and Kim are as cute as ever, waving across the football field, holding hands and almost kissing (damnit Wade). Overall it was just close to the perfect episode, all the best characters were in it and it seemed to have something for everyone. Plus a call back to Rappin Drakken, who wouldn't give the episode an A+ just for that.
  • Kim Possible is one of the best Disney toons I have ever seen.

    Kim Possible is one of the best anime show Disney Channel has ever created. I never would have thought that after Kim Possible: So the Drama they would continue the show. I thought Kim Possible was going to live the life of a normal teenager. But I guss a girl like her will never be doing that. But at least in the 4th Season the show is better then it was before including Ron Stoppibale.
  • Statistically, Kim is not your "basic, average girl."

    The producers of "Kim Possible" are out of touch with reality. Kim is not an accurate representation of what statistics prove to be "basic" and "average." If Kim were a reflection of a realistic counterpart, she would be heavier, less athletic, and be less involved in intramural, interscholastic, and extracurricular activities. Today's teens are more sedentary than previous generations, participate in less athletic activities, and are often apathetic when it comes to after-school programs. An intelligent, highly-athletic, socially responsible cheerleader is the exception, not the rule. "Kim" gives the impression that in order to be "average" (or to phrase it better: "like everyone else"), teens must be ultra-thin, highly-involved, and trend-forward. The fact of the matter is, that "average" is none of those things. One of the show's redeeming qualities is that Ron Stoppable tries to fit in, but always seems to learn that it's better to be yourself. However, Ron is not the one depicted as being "basic" and "average", In reality, he's the closest to it.
  • Teenage cheerleader and her goofy sidekick save the world while still making it home in time for supper?

    A mildly interesting, though ridiculously unrealistic show. Definately not something I'm jumping up and down to watch, but I can stand to watch if nothing else is on TV. What i like least about it is how unrealistic it is. I can recall that in one episode, Kim was fighting someone in midair, after jumping out of a plane. Not only should she have passed out from all the blood in her body being pulled down by gravity, but she should have fallin at a much greater speed, and not had a five minute midair fight. Also, while she was falling with, she basicly did a midair jump and propelled herself upwardds through the air, defying gravity. Aside from its blatant unrealisticness, I don't like how most characters are almost perfectly molded into some type of stereotype. Actually, the only reason i even watch the show at all is because of Ron, Rufus, Dr. Draken, and Shego, because I don't like any other characters. Also, basic average girl? Her parents are a brain sergion and a rocket scientist! That's not average!
  • love it!! one of the great shows on tv right now. Kim is just simply put sexy

    lol i started watching it cuz i think kim's hot
    but the show in itself is excellent. Most story lines are well written with 2 or 3 different stories which interteiwn prefectly. And lets not forget Kim has a style, and which can set trends (not talking about her fighting gear). From the begining i use to think Ron was a doof, but he is more than that, he's the classic idoit-genius (does things which makes you wonder how stupid is he)
    each charater has their own personality and hey a little cheerleading and some kickass action never hurt anyone (except shego) great show!
  • any one who has not seen this show needs to. it is action packed. (kinda) and has some suspense. it is a great kids/teens show

    Thsi show is about a girl that saves the world time after time for many people around the world. She travels the globe to fight evil villans such as Draken her arch enemy and shego the sidekick with glowing green hands that can blow anything up. There are many villans that she must face. Her sidekick Ron and her ciber friend Wade will always help her when she is in need. (in Rons case it is when she needs a distraction.) Join this spunky young girl on her adventures as she fights off evil and saves the day. All you have to do is call her, beep her, if you want to reach her.
  • Kim appears to be your every-day average cheerleader but she's much more than that.

    Kim Possible has a very odd family. Her mother's a brain surgeon, her father an engineer, her two twin (tweebs as she calls them for twins + dweebs) little brother, Jim and Tim are so smart that they skip from middle school to freshman in high school. Kim (in the most recent season) is dating her life time best friend, Ron Stoppable and they're seniors in high school. Kim and Ron fight villains and save the world, constantly. Kim's other best friend is Monique. Kim and Ron's genious friend, Wade, who completed college when he was 12, helps them throughout the series and makes gadgets that tend to save them when they're in sticky situations. Dr. Drakken and Sheigo are Kim's arch enemies, but lately Sheigo doesn't care much but to be left alone and Drakken is in prison.
  • Disney’s newest show Kim Possible is one of the fifth most popular cartoon shows. It changes also Disney’s 65-Episode-Politics because after 3 seasons the creators Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley made a 4th season.

    Why is the show so popular? Kids watch it with their parents, 3000 fan stories are posted, and every episode attract to be discussed in the different forums. One answer: The unusually hero Kim Possible, a red-haired girl who can do anything. She is good, too good, but never arrogant or selfish. Besides her super abilities she hast the same problems like every other teenager; manage the school horror, defeat herself against jealous people, getting dates and finally fall in love with her best friend. Second: Ron. He is the goofy but brave sidekick always there to help, a guy with whom the audience may identified. He has many troubles in the school for being Ron, he gets punched, people ignore him, he is the outsider but he never gives up. He walks trough the school smiling and enjoying the world around him. Kim and Rufus, his pet, help him to manage his teenager life. He shows the audience not to be afraid of being different and to care about the inside of people. Status, family background is not everything. The show lives from the characters. They are not just stereotypes, they are real human with their problems, theirs worries, their life.
  • Decent.

    Yeah its a pretty good show. It definetl has its moments. I would go out of my way to watch it or anything but if I'm bored I'll watch it...I used to like this show more when I was a little bit younger but I guess I have kinda grown out of it, plus hasn't it ended or something? My main gripe with this show is that like a lot of kids tv it basically has the same plot over and over and over again for example villian makes something dangerous/kidnaps some threatens to use the weapon/do something with person. A lot of the its just that over and over again.

    Thanks for reading.
  • A show about a teen hero who also happens to be a cheerleader is pretty decent.

    This is a decent show. I like to watch it because it tells exactly what teen might have problems with minus the part abot saving the world and all but other than that it really describes one person's life. The fourth season has a perfect balance between Kim/Ron relationship. It is not too mushy gushy but it is not too ignored either. The fourth season also shows a balance with Kim saving the world while managing problems too. This is a good show for kids of all ages and it does not matter whether you ar a boy or a girl! This a fair show!
  • it was good way back when, but now i'd say otherwise.

    this show used to be action packed, funny, and have some good charcater relationships and crime fighting scenes. kim possible, teen hero nd her sidekicks ron stappable and rufus were really cool. lately, the show has been going downhill, and is far past its prime. lately, i tend to want to change the channel whenever it comes on, and i have been. this show about a teenage girl who saves the world when she is not doing homework, is mediocre. and lets face the music here, people. not everybody wins all the time. i think its about tiem kim possible lost a fight. this show is soo unrealistic its painful to even write about.
  • Im honestly dont know what to say.

    I did like the show but for some reason I'm pretty sure than it was lack of new episodes but im still speechless. All I can say is Ive losted interset in it. My favorite charter is Rufus is funny. I liked alot of kp for i don't know maybe one year or so but I got really, relly tried of repeat after repeat after repeat. Another thing is I'm not seeing Kim Possible on Disney that much anymore. Ron was a good more funny chariter. I think hes obbseised with Smarty Mart the "walmart" of kp's world. Great Show Really
  • I absolutely hate the show Kim Possible, it's so impossible and stupid. It doesn't really make any sense, but I have to admit when I was younger I would watch it sometimes. But it's never ever been one of my favorites, and it never will be.

    Kim Possible is a very obnoxious show, whenever I see Kim Possible, I think "Change the Channel", but when I was younger, some of the episodes were pretty funny, but I never would kill myself to watch Kim Possible, I'd just watch it when nothing was on t.v. but now if there was nothing on t.v., and Kim Possible was on, I'll just turn the t.v. off. I absolutely can't stand Kim Possible.
  • A little unrealistic, but an excellent, excellent show.

    "High schooler saves world on regular basis". Sure, we've seen it all before countless times. But what sets Kim Possible ahead of all others is how it treats the concept.

    Aside from her "hobby" of saving the world (a hobby which the whole world is more than aware of), Kim's life is a struggle with the pressures of growing up. Boys, clothes, makeup, all of it comes as a challenge for her. In comparison, Kim's more comfortable trading blows with arch-rival Shego than trading phone numbers for dates. Granted, Kim can be a little TOO comfortable on missions to the point of unrealism, but that's a minor nitpick.

    I haven't seen a show truly succeed with reflecting the teenage life since "The Secret World of Alex Mack" (look it up on this site if you can't remember it). This show is the finest example of meshing humor, drama, and fantasy into a complete, well-made package.
  • Haven't enjoyed a show this much since sailor moon

    2 friends knowing each other since pre K, One being Weird and one Fights weird makes a for a great comedy. Throw in one naked mole-rat and you've got an awesome American cartoon. Most of the Cartoon Shows made in America Really Tank. Will Friedle Is an actior that i've found funny since I watched boy meets world and having him as the voice of Ron makes me fell right at home. Christy Carlson Romano voice as Kim is perfect. I Hope this show has several more seasons of great shows, as long as they can keep the storyline great like it is and keep the humor going disneys got a real winner here. I wanna see the entire series on dvd one day though. Though i DVR all the episode i hate commercials
  • Cheerleader and high school student by day, crime fighter by night....Kim Possible somehow manages to juggle school, extra curricular activities while battling wacked out bad guys all over the world, even on a school night!

    Crisp, clean animation...well developed plots and some of the wittiest dialogue between characters you'll ever find in a TV show. Action is very well mixed with a light hearted humor and does a good job of sheeding light on the ups and downs of high school life. The show often leaves you with a subtle moral at the end of some episodes ranging from trusting your friends to just being yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks. Villains are creative and while they think up some dangerous plots, they are more or less fairly inept at following through (except Shego).
  • This show is an absolute classic!

    This show has to be one of the best shows in television history. It is really original and it can sometimes be very inspirational to me and my friends. It is very funny and it filled with action and adventure. I love the romance between Kim and Ron, I think it's a wonderufl addition to the fabulous show. All the villains are great and it's just a nice show and is highly entertaining and enjoyable to watch.
  • The adventures of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Kim's a teenage super cheerleader with all the right moves and a hero. Ron is a sidekick but also a good friend and even boyfriend.

    The first time this show came out and I heard about it, the first thought that came to mind was- "Oh crap! Another bad cartoon show! Something about a girly teenage hero!" I found out that I was quite wrong. The show itself is writen well, has good characters (the only is who is slightly annoying is Ron, but he's still one of my favorites), some good villians (Drakken's evil and smart but also kind of stupid too. Love Shego!), and to add it all in a good humor part for most of the show (no corny jokes!). This show in a way has as much to do with the teenage lifehood as it does with Kim saving the world. In additon, Kim is a great character, not to ditsy or cute, but a strong character that you can connect with even if you aren't a girl. The only thing that gets me is that the show still has a really kiddy tone in some cases (unescapale in a kid's/Disney show) and maybe not as serious as they should be, though this always isn't a bad thing and sometimes needed, in the case of censorship. As for a 4th season being released, I for one am glad it's coming back, having already seen the first four episodes tonight. On that note I can positively say I was not disappointed.
  • I hope Kim possible is a great show and it should stay on the air for as much as "Possible!"

    Kim possible is a great show for kids of all ages to wathch! This is a great show because it not only shows children's that girls can rule sometime too! This is a great show because it not only is great for the kids to enjoy it is a great show that shows children to fight for what they believe in and to fight against evil. It is greatly animated and very well written, I even like to watch Kim Possible! The second word just in the title is very clever as well, it says "possible which I like a lot so them children can think anything is possible, which it is! I hope Kim possible is a great show and it should stay on the air for as much as "Possible!"
  • Kim Possible is funny, well written, and as strong as it's main character!

    I was pretty late in the Kim Possible craze, Season 2 was almost over when I found it. But after just one episode, I fell in love with it! I always go for the canon pairings, and I loved the Kim/Ron relationship, and until (What I'd believed to be) the very end, I supported it, and squealed like a little girl at the end of 'So the Drama'. I'd found out about halfway through season 3 that the show was going to be canceled, and I moped for almost a month. I didn't think it was something I could change, and tried to reason with myself because of that.
    But last year I heard about 'Save Kim Possible' and how Kim's fans united to change an entire corporate giant’s mind. So yes, this show is great. It has to be to spark that kind of effect on it’s fanbase. And on the eve of Kim Possible’s season 4 premier, the only thing I think can sum up this show is, ‘Nothing’s impossible for a Possible’!!!
  • kim possible is cool!

    Kim possible saves the world from bad guys and still finds time to do her chores and school work as well as being a cheerleader. she has a friend named ron who is her sidekick on all the mission along with rufus the naked mole rat. she saves the dy from villians such as dr.draken , shego, monkeyfist,killigan,dnamy, and others. She also has two brothers jim and tim who are always annoying her. overall a good show with clever plotlines and also chop full of laughs such as ron always losing his pants and draken's plan always backfiring on himself.
  • This show is great. At times it's hilarious, and its always action packed. Throw in the occasional teen drama and this completes the show.

    Okay, so I've been watching KP for awhile now. I don't have the Disney Channel, and so haven't seen all of the episodes, but the ones I have seen:
    I mean, how can you not love Ron? He is so funny (in a really moronic sort of way) and is a great sidekick.
    Okay, maybe he's not a *great* sidekick, barely being able to do anything without his pants falling down, but he's a good friend, so I guess that counts as something. Or are Kim and Ron still going out? The last episode I saw they were, but that was awhile back. Plus, I live in Britain so we're probably a few episodes behind you guys in the US.
    Anyhoo, this is a really great show, and I wish I could see it more often.
  • This is an okay show, but I would only watch it if there is nothing else on tv.

    Im not realy a big Kim Posible. I think it's kind of stupid. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all the shows are realy bad. Some of the episodes I would watch, but not all. The real reason I don't like it is because it's so predictable. You know she is already gonna catch the bad guy even without watching the episodes cause she always does. I don't think there is on episode I saw that she did not win. I think this show is kinda pointless. The main reason why I watch it is because I think Ron is the funniest one in the show.
  • Kim Possible and her side-kick Ron Stoppable have to balnce their personal lives and save the world.

    Kim Possible and her side-kick has to save the world and balence their personal lives. Kim is an honor roll student, captain of the cheer team, and saves the world from evil. Ron Stoppable is an average student. He alays carries a naked moe rat named Rufus in his pocket. Rufus is also a big help on missions, Ron, not so much he usually gets in trouble. Kim's dad is a rocket scientist, and her mom is a brain surgen. She has two brothers, theirs named her Jim and Tim. They are twins and very smart in technology and they are only around ten years old.
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