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  • Best Show Ever

    I think this is one of the best shows ever! It has everything! Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Comedy, everything! It satisfies every different aspect of a tv show. Ron Stoppable is one of the funniest characters I have seen...ever! He never fails to make you laugh in any of the episdoes! Rufus is a nice touch too, and original. You can't get much more original then a naked mole rat. Then there's Kim. Kim Possible is a role model for girls and even women around the world. She's not perfect, she has her faults, but she overcomes them. It teaches people that they don't have to be perfect, just be the best they can be! It reminds them that they can do ANYTHING! This show teaches kids, teens, and adults important lessons from life in a creative and funny way! Vanillalilies
  • i love this show

    I loved this show since day one. It has good action, good drama, very funny, and has a spankin mole-rat. Kim Posible is an inspiration to boys and girl, by her catch phrase says it all, "I can do anything". She never gives up, and when she wants to Ron Stoppable her best friend and now boyfriend is there to help her through along with Rufus the naked mole-rat and and Wade a super genius wiz kid. Kim Possible is not just for kids but teenagers and adults as well. this show has thought me many things, Never give up, Don't what other people say and most importantly... I can do anything. Thank you Bob and Mark, thank you fans who help save the show, thank Disney for giving a Kim Possible a second chance, but more importantly, Thank you Kim Possible.

  • Overall, I would rate this show a 10/10. Awesome animation.

    Kim possible is awesome! I cant wait until the season 4 premier. I hear its coming in February 2007 correct? Anyways, the countdown has begun! I believe this show is a great program for people of all ages. There are a few inside jokes only to be reconized by adults, however there are also funny parts! Favourite character in my opinion would be Ron Stoppable - funny! Don't know why, but this show is actually pretty addicting. I would rate this show a 10/10 definatly because of the awesome characters, jokes, songs, storyline etc. Overall, great great show!! :] !
  • Kim, Ron, Wade, and Rufus make the best crime fighting team!

    This is the best show on Disney. The characters are fun, real and engaging...they have quirks, personalities, and hobbies that we can relate to and share in common. The action is awesome, the villains - while somewhat predictable - aren't unbelievable, and the plots always keep you on the edge of your seat, guessing. Great humor, funny lines, and good role models. It's great for the whole family because not only is it entertaining, it's even educational! I highly recommend it, no doubt about it. It's an awesome show, I love it. This is a show for people of *all* ages.
  • I still love this show, and I've been watching it for all four years!

    There's something about a crime-fighting cheerleader that's just irresistable! Why? Who knows! I just know that this show is sooo funny and entertaining. Kim is cool, and Ron's pretty much hilarious, but Rufus... Rufus Rocks! Christie Ramano, Will Friedle and Nancy Cartwright do all of their voices excellently, and were perfect choices for the roles. Probably what the writers do best is how they manage to vary the storylines. There's always the danger with shows like this of them becoming repetive, but with kp, they manage to put a different spin on them every time, even if drakken is trying to take over the world... again. Anyway, there's no way this show is going to be forgotten anytime soon. My grade: A (definently). UPDATE: Yeessssss!!! Season FOUR!!!!!!! I couldn't be happier!!!!!!!!!
  • Love it so much.

    Kim possible is one of the shows you can watch over and over again and just never get tired of it. Ron is a funny character who always seems to know how to get into trouble and his naked mole rat rufus seems to know more then he does.

    Kim is a fun and interesting character. She is also an easily likable character.

    Each episode is a different story, and each episode usually has one of a few major villans.

    One of my favorite villans is Shigo. Sometimes I wonder why she even listens to drakken and doesn't go off on her own. a few times she has taken a vacation or left for a while.

    overall I can't wait for season four to start.
  • I Think Rufus and Ron are the Best

    I loved this Show it's one of my Favorites and It's Good if you like Disney Cartoons. It's about a High School Teen With a Friend as the Sidekick and he is Called Ron Stoppable, He has a naked Mole Rat as a pet. They have help by a 10 Year Old Super Genius Who Never Comes out of his Room. Kim Possibles Parents Are To Scientists Her Dad Is a Rocket Scientist and Her Mom is a Doctor. Ron's Nemisis is Called Monkey Fist and Kim's Is Called Dr Drakken
  • This show is about a regular girl who saves the world time and again.With her best friend who later becomes more than just friends ron stoppable.Ron has a pet named rufus who is a naked mole rat because his dad can't handle fur of any kind.

    I think this show rocks.I'm so glad their bringing a 4th episdes.Even thought the commersial kind of freak me out.
    You would think this show is corny if you read a summary of it.But its so funny i mean ron makes the show the person who does his voice is off of boy meets world which is also a very good show.Not just me think its a good thousands of others think the same think that i do.If you have any imformation about kim possible next season please give me a message.This show is great hey don't go by me alone watch the next season to.
  • This series follows a high school girl named Kim Possible and her sidekick Ron Stoppable as they save the world from evil villains.

    I love this show! I have been watching it ever since it first came on and I still think it is one of the best shows ever. My favorite episode would have to be the one when Kim, Shego, Ron, and Drakken get stuck in the tv. That episode is sooooo funny. My favorite characters are: Kim, Ron, Shego, and Drakken. This show is entertaining, hilarious, amazing, hilarious, and not to mention hilarious. I can't wait until the new season comes on. It would be nice to see new episodes. Well, that's all I have to say; for now anyway.
  • Parodies between Kim Possible, and some more well-known movies.

    If you look closely at each Kim Possible episode, the parodies between Kim, and James Bond become more, and more frequent, with the exception that the main two characters in Kim Possible will be dating at the start of the fourth season, but the parodies are there. Several of the tag lines used are also sometimes direct copies of James Bond films, i.e. "You have falied me for the last time." That particular line was spoken by Boefoeld, but it was also spoken (giving a nod to the Star Wars fans out there) by Darth Vader in "The Empire Strikes Back." Like several people have pointed out, this is indeed an all-star cast, Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens, and The Cutting Edge 2) as Kim, Will Fredle (Batman Beyond, and Boy Meets World) as Ron, Patrick Warburton (Family Guy, and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command) as Mr. Barkin, and Nicole Sullivan (MadTV, and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command), even the several of the guest stars were well-known, Ricardo Mantolban (Fantasy Island, and Star Trek 2), Earl Boen (Known for lending his voice talents to a slew of different characters during his time in Holywood), Joanne Worley (who first did the voice of DNAmy, she came from the old 60's show Laugh-In), and more than can be counted. This show seems to add to the credits of some of Hollywoods, more well-known actors, and actresses.
  • Kim Possible is your basic average teen, but she has to save the world on a regular basis with her friend, Ron, and his pet naked mole rat, Rufus.

    I've just started watching this show, it is cool! They say on the Danny Phantom main page, if you like Danny Phantom, them you may like Kim Possible. They are pretty darn right!

    Kim Possible is a hit show. I can now see why after watching it after American Dragon: Jake Long. Rufus makes it funny because of his voice and lines. It is always funny to hear him talk and give his opinion. The voices for everyone are pretty good anyways, but Rufus has the best!

    So, start watching this show, and if you like Danny Phantom, you'll get hooked onto it.
  • The Best Show on the Disney Channel

    Kim Possible is easily the best show on the Disney Channel, and among the best on television. The show follows the exploits of teen hero Kim Possible and her partner Ron Stoppable. Her tagline "She can do anything" becomes more and more true with every episode. Those who complain about the rampant clichés are missing the point. This is satire, for crying out loud; it's supposed to be cliché. The villains would feel right at home in any Bond movie. The whole premise of the show, in fact, leads one to wonder if show creators Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle asked the question: "What if James Bond were a teenage girl?" This is truly an all-star cast: Christy Carlson Romano (Ren Stevens from "Even Stevens") as Kim, Will Friedle (Terry McGinnis from "Batman Beyond") as Ron, Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson) as Rufus, Ron's pet naked mole rat,Tahj Mowry (the kid from "Smart Guy") as Wade, the supergenius who runs Kim's website, Gary Cole (Bill Lumbergh from "Office Space") as Kim's Dad, Jean Smart (Sherry Regan From "The District") as Kim's Mom, Patrick Warburton (Joe from "Family Guy") as the overly strict teacher Mr. Barkin, John DiMaggio (Bender from "Futurama") as Dr. Drakken, Kim's arch-foe, Nicole Sullivan (of "MADtv" fame) as Shego, Dr. Drakken's assistant and Kim's negative, and even Ricardo Montalban as Senor Senior Senior. Not to mention guest appearances by Tara Strong (Timmy from "The Fairly OddParents"), Adam West (an incredibly good sport who appears in the show's parody of Batman), Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson), Brad Garrett (Robert from "Everybody Loves Raymond"), Richard Kind, Rob Paulsen (Raphael from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"), Nestor Carbonell, Patton Oswalt (Spence from "The King of Queens"),Brian Posehn (Kevin from "Just Shoot Me"), Phil LaMarr, Felicity Huffman, Fred Willard, Elliot Gould, Debbie Reynolds, and, my personal favorite, John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox from "Scrubs").

    While all of this star-power is certainly admirable, it is the clever writing and hilarious parodies that push this show over the top. Like snowflakes, no two episodes are truly alike. Never once did I feel as though I were watching the same episode (except in the case of endless reruns that Disney seems compelled to run).

    The only complaint I have with this show (and this is a shot at Disney Execs who control the order in which the episodes air, not the writers) is continuity. Not that I scrutinize each frame, but there are certain errors that show up in the show's plot. The examples are too numerous to list. While this is a relatively minor concern, the fact that the shows often try to build off of each other like a continuous story is hindered by the fact that the Execs run them in a different order than the writers had intended.

    Still, this doesn't change the fact that Kim Possible is just plain fun to watch. My favorite part of the show is the jokes that appeal to every age group, something that Disney has previously only accomplished with its movies. This alone cements Kim Possible as the finest show on the Disney Channel.
  • yup , it's cool

    yup , I like this , ALOT . It's 1 of my FAVE shows 'cos it rox . my favourite character for this show is Rufus the naked mole rat OR um, Bonnie , yeah , I like her , dunno why so DON'T ask please . ANYHOO , do you like it ????? I do because it is very funny and has a lot of strong characters , for instance Dr Draken and shego , thierboth good . yup , that pretty much sums it up , you should watch it , usually I'm more hyper than this , but I'm feeling mellow today. Toodles
  • Kim Possible is a teenager who tries to have a normal life while saving the world. With the aid of her best friend Ron (who could be more than a friend), his pet rat Rufus, and brainy Wade, she proves the family motto: Anything is possible for a Possible.

    This show is cool. There are a few episodes of this show I rather not see, but hey, they can't all be gems. There were many I liked, such as the episodes featuring Gill, the episode with the wrestlers and many more. I'm glad they decided to make a fourth season of Kim Possible. I want to see how far Kim and Ron take their new relationship. Who knows? Maybe Disney Channel might decide to make a fifth season. We can only hope.
  • It has its moments, and overall I like it

    Too much high school drama for my taste, and a lot of it is superficial. However, I do like some of it, especially the two movies. My favorite episodes are "Dimension Twist" and "Rappin Drakken." Those are the funniest ever! I really don't know what to expect from the new season, especially since I really don't follow it that much.
  • Kim Possible is just a high-school girl, but he is determined to save the world and fight against evil supervillains every day.

    I thought Disney nowadays is just recycling old characters. Man I was wrong. KP is colourful, has typical american Disney-humour and has an animal. But otherwise, it's new. It has violence in it, and that is what hits me.

    The animation is not the best quality, and the voice-acting could be better. But John DiMaggio as Dr. Drakken, KP:s archnemesis, is just great. Even though the show is for kids, I liked it.

    KP has been in air since 2002, and is mainly been shown in Disney Channel. The 4th season is about to start, and the quality is still excellent.
  • Kim Possible attempts to rescue people, stop crimes, and battle supervillains...while staying on top at school and retaining her places as cheerleading captain at Middleton High. Though Kim is highly skilled she could not save the world without Ron.

    Personally i love this show. It's great. I just wanted to point out a few things in this review that i have read about in other reviews (not saying any names). 1) True this show is a little bit unrealistic but what cartoon isnt?! the whole point of a cartoon is that you can make it as unrealistic as you want. what is the point of making a show that is realistic in animations when you could\\\'ve just used real actors instead. (e.g. Teen titans is also unrealistic, so is superman, batman, spiderman, family guy.....etc. btw all pretty much great shows) 2) If some people actually bothered to watch more than 1-3 episodes of Kim Possible you would have found that there are around 30 different villans in the whole KP series up to season 3 (which is roughly a new villain every 2-3 episodes). 3) I admit Kim usually wins pretty easily and such but name a Disney cartoon where the Main character or characters die or lose completely (KP has minor loses in a few episodes). 4) This show is previewed to young kids all over the globe, maybe the humour might be a little young or not crude enough (like in family guy even though it is very funny it is not appropriate for 5 or 6 year olds) for you to enjoy but it not only entertains young children but it subtely teaches them morals. 5) Ron rocks, ultimately he IS rather slow (idiotic) but he makes the series more entertaining with his complete retardedness. ---- You do not have to agree with my opinions (as i obviously haven\\\'t agreed with other peoples) but i hope you do ^^.
  • best cartoon so far on disney since 2000 to now

    what mean is this show is so good good story and funny jokes and the best is eric from boy meets world is voice for ron Christy Carlson Romano from even is voice for kim tj from smart guy is voice of wade
    Kirsten Storms from Zenon: Z3 voice of bonnie and more this show is my favorite one i love kim possible and i was this when i was in high school and me and my friends watch this when it comes on and my friends love Bonnie because Kirsten Storms is so pretty i am not sick or something sometime people drew actors into cartoons i love this show and i am still watching and i am in college this year and i pass high school in 2005 i think i was this show when i was in 10th grade i did not even watch it because i throught it was lame but is so cool show
  • Not a good show at all! It tells about a teenage girl who saves the world, when she's not doing homework. I mean, COME ON!

    I Guess this show is ok, if you like that kind of stuff. But, seriously, can a girl save the world, go to school, get really good grades, and still have a social life? I mean, COME ON! It's also really really REALLY predictable. Whenever she battles villains she always wins! I don't think I have EVER seen her loose. Well, I don't want to sound mean if you do like this show, this is just my opinion. No offense, but I'm pretty glad the show is canceled. Now I don't have to watch it anymore. Good bye, Kim Possible! Not a good show at all! It tells about a teenage girl who saves the world, when she's not doing homework. I mean, COME ON!
  • Good show.

    Kim Possible is a Disney show. It's about a teenage girl named Kim Possible who saves the world. Her sidekick is Ron Stoppable who is also her best friend. Ron has a pet naked mole rat named Rufus. Kim's other friend is Monique and there is this on girl named Bonnie who does not like Kim that much. Kim’s archenemy is Drakken but it seems more like Shego is the one. There are other bad guys like D.N.Amy, Monkey Fist, Golf guy, Motor Ed, Senor senior senior and Senor senior Junior, Professor Dementor and Bonnie (I guess cuz she isn't really a good guy) and there's probably more. This show is funny and my most favourite episode would be the one when Drakken, Shego, Ron and Kim get trapped in a TV. That episode was very funny.
  • The Show that spawned countless dirty doodles.

    Like I said in the Summary, just type in Kim Possible with the filters off on Google and watch the sickness begin. The show is okay but is anyone wondering why Disney would gat a character who is so hot to people? It is funny at times but otherwise it isnt worth the watch.
  • really really fun!

    this a great and intersting show!

    sometimes i wished i was like her lol, then i remenber that her life is very complicated lol but kim is still so cool.

    i thuink that girls can relate to her character. she is pretty and cares about the people around her and always tries to make the right thing. like a superheroine without the powers, so girls can really look up to her.

    plus, the stories and exciting yet not all dramatic so you can relax and feel the emotion at the same time, it makes the show better and more kids like to whatch it.

    one of my favourites shows =]
  • Kim Possible isnt far behind from being cancelled either.

    I just can't get into tune with this show. It's about two white mountain-bound teens with near average families that attends a typical white mountian-bound school. Then they repeats the same schemes of the villians all over again. Come on now, how many times has Drakken tried to do something deceiving while Shego helps him. Come on now, that's every episode. At least come out with new villians. The creators are basically getting free money. This was never one of my favorites. However, the animation is good. I do think though that they need to do a little more work on the show and create a more diverse environment and more villians for Kim Possible and more plots for her also, because these people are being cheated out of a good entertainment experience on Disney Channel.
  • this show is about 2 friends that save the world and deals with school

    this show is alsome noboy in my family but me watches this the 2 movies i seen were alsome but my fav movie is kim possible a sitch in time and my fav chacter is Ron hes funny he all ways loses his pants i seen all the episodes and moives just like superrobot monkey team hyper force go and danny phantom and suit life of zack and cody , time wrap trio and teen titans i seen all thoses because i have nothing better to do thats also why i have so many fav show but this show i seen befor i seen thoses other shows .
  • This is all about Kim and Ron as they fight off countless arch foes to save the world.

    Kim and Ron both have a crush on eachother but either don't know it or they are just to shy to admit that they fell in love with their best friend. Some of their arch foes are: most common is DR. Dracon, not sure if I spelt his name right but he is the meanest and most common foe that Ron and Kim share. Secondly, there is Shego. She is the sidekick of DR. Dracon but is much stronger and defenely meaner. She is the most dangerous so far. Thirdly there is MonkeyFist who actualy alternated his D.N.A using ancient monkey powers and made him self part monkey with kung fu style of combat. He is also dangerous because he always travels not alone but with an army of monkey ninjas that he breeds and trains as personal helpers as he tries to take over the world with monkey might on his side. Fourthly and mainly lastly there is DR. Killogin also don't know if I spelt his name right he claims him self as the worlds most dangerous golfer. Which isn't that far from the truth. He has two golf clubs that he weilds as swords and also has different golf balls that can explode, shoot out nets, and much more. You can catch the shoe on Disney Channel.
  • Kim Possible is absolutely fabulous! Its one of the best animated series ever created.

    Kim Possible surrounds the life of a teenage girl who is not only a cheerleader and honour roll student, but a hero none the less.

    Between cheerleading and classes, she finds time to save the world, along with her side-kick and best friend Ron, from the villans of society.

    Aside from that, she has to put up with her twin brothers, who can get really pesky, to state the least.

    Her life is like every other teenager, her age, trying to fit into a world where popularity ranks as highest status.

    Nevertheless, she makes everything work and proves to society that popularity doesn't matter if you have your family and best friends by your side.
  • WTF? With the air date??

    Okay, on the show's main page here, it says the next episode will air on October 1st. Since that is only a few days away, I used my guide (gotta love sattelite!) to go forward to the first and checked everywhere on disney channel, I thought i might have had the date wrong, so I also ran a search (ain't sattelite grand?) and checked every episode that came up, and none of them came up as the new episode. SO THEN I went online just now and looked it up, and on wikipedia, it says that the air date hasn't even been announced yet! Look for yourself!

    So, I ask once again...WTF?!?!
  • Cheerleader saves the world, classic yet new. This show follows the life of teenage Kim Possible, an ace cheerleader, top notch student, and most importantly, she saves the world in her spare time. Kim, Ron, and Rufus are "Team Possible."

    I have to say this show is really well done! The comic timing is key and the Kim Possible crew really nails it. For young girls, this show proves that anything is possible. Kim cheerleads, regularly saves the world, and on top of that, she still has time to do her homework. The secondary characters fill the show with choice comedy, and sometimes make things complicated. The show flows along smoothly and the plot usually leaves very few voids to fill. After having personally met both creators and the director of the show, my insight on it has changed immensly. I used to think of it as just another mediochre, overdone Disney Channel cartoon, but it is so much more than that. The animation is absolutely amazing and it takes alot of hard work of many people to put one show together. For that I truly respect this show. Its very enjoyable to watch, especially as a cheerleader myself:) I give it two thumbs up!
  • Noone knows I secretly watch this!

    Most of Disney's cartoon series are either poorly drawn waste of ink and pain, are geared towards children under 7, or are hollow sequels to their big screen counterparts. Kim Possible is none of the above!

    Kim Possible is about a teenager who juggles two lives, her everyday life, and the life of a heroin who saves the world on a regular basis, what sets this apart from other teen superher o shows is that Kim doesn't have a secret identity, she does have a sidekick, Ron Stoppable, who's the loveable goof, and as off the latest movie length episode, her boyfriend, there's also Rufus the naked mole rat who delivers alot of speechless comedy, speaking of comedy, the show is a good mix between that, and action. And it's a show you can let your kids watch!
    Some of the jokes are aimed at slightly older audiences, and some are references to stuff that people my age and up understand, like the Adam West episode, which is also my favorite considering it was a parody of Batman Beyond, and the voice actor who plays Ron also voice acts for Terry McGuiness from said series, and speaking of voice actors this show boasts quite a few of my favorites, like Gary Cole, Patrick Warburton, John Dimaggio to name a few.
    The series has a good blend of self contained stories, as well as character development, the art style looks to be a nice stylised mix of Western animation and Japanese animation.

    Anyone who reads my review can see that I grant great reviews sparingly, and tens are even less common. So a
    show has to be really good to impress me that much, and Kim Possible is one such show!
  • Kim Possible is one of animation’s true gyms. One of the best show on Disney channel, it has everything you need. Why watch Kim Possible? Why not?

    Kim Possible is one of animation’s true gyms. One of the best show on Disney channel, it has everything you need. Why watch Kim Possible? Why not?

    Kim Possible is one of the most original shows on television today. It tells the story of a seemingly normal everyday teenage girl name Kim. She is cheerleader, gets good grades, and has a good family life. The daughter of a brain surgeon and rocket scientist, Kim deals with every day issues such as boys, dating, and homework. Oh, and did I mention she is also a world famous super sloth, master of 16 forms of kung-fu fighter, who has saved the planet at least 13 times! Kim Possible takes elements from James Bond, Batman, and Indiana Jones and packs it in to an entertaining action comedy animated show. Christy Carson Ramono portrays Kim. She is sweet, kind person whose is very modest when she is saving peoples lives. Her best friend and partner is Ron Stoppable, voiced by Will Freidle. A boy who she has known since pre-K, Ron is pretty much scared of everything, especially monkeys. He also has a pet naked mole rat named Rufas, who is like Ron’s secret weapon and close confidant. But despite his fears, he still manages to play a key role in Kim’s life; standing by her side no matter what. Recently their friendship has blossomed in to romance, which is no surprise. One reason why they are so close is because they are both outsiders. Ron really is a guy that stands alone. As he puts it, he starts trends, not follows them. Kim’s deal is that she is surprisingly insecure when dealing with everyday matters. She wants to be like other people, but feels uncomfortable when doing it. She is constantly given grief by Bonnie, a jealous rival on her cheerleading squad. But through it all, Kim manages to come out on top, with the help of the people close to her. Kim’s equipment for world saving is provided by Wade, a 13 year old super genius, who never leaves his room, expect one time. Kim’s family is a hoot. Her parents are straight out of the 1950s. They seem a little to perfect, but there is never a dull moment at the Possible house hold. Especially with Kim’s little brothers, Jim and Tim, who love making Kim’s life miserable. But what would be a action show with out villains? The top of Kim’s bad guy list is Dr. Drakken and Shego. Drakken is a bumbling evil megalomaniac with plans to take over the world. And Shego is his sexy, but kicking assistant, who can really stand toe to toe against Kim in a fight. The rest of her rogue’s gallery include Duff Killigan, a mad golfer, Monkey Fist, a genetically altered master of monkey kung-fu, and DNAmy, a crazy scientist with a love for cuttle buddies. The villains provide more humor than threat, but they are still fun to watch. Kim Possible is an icon, a wonderful mix of action, humor, and pop culture. It made famous the saying, “What’s the sitch?” If you never seen it, you don’t know what you are missing. Boo-Yah!!
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