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  • Kim Possible seems like an average school girl but she saves the world. Her two arch rivals through most eps are Dr. Drakken and Shego. With her friend Ron Stoppable and a naked mole rat Rufus they're always saving the day.

    This is a pretty good show. When I first saw it I thought I'd hate it but it Kinda grows on ya. Some of the shows seem a bit Kiddie at times with most Super villan cliches. And of course Ron's falling Pants. But it has some pretty impressive fight scenes and cuts in action scenes. The art has a nice solid contour feel to it as well. The story is a bit stationary but presses forward more as seasons progress. Just would be nicer if the next season it would be a bit more serious then it is like maybe a villan with a serious weapon like a gun instead of a ray gun that does nothing. Just I thought.

    Kim Possible is definatly one of me fav. shows. I think that this show is really exciting and adventerus. I wouldent say that it's better than most DC shows, but I do like it. The best part of KP is that they have a NAKED MOLE RAT! I mean who dosen't like a mole rat? Ron is awesome as well, better than Shego and Drakan but together! Ron is probably my fav. charector on KP. He has a certain "thing" about himself that makes me yell, "HAHAHAHA" Maybe we all could learn from him and all eat those yummy tacos! Everytime they go there, I want to eat something. Well thats what I think of KP!
  • I can't help but enjoy a show that can make fun of itself.

    Not only does it lampoon on spy movies, comic book characters and all sorts of geeky sci fi stuff, it mocks the high school experience on the side. The characters are enjoyable to watch, and I don't just mean the main characters, the villains are truly what make the fun. It's a guilty pleasure to still enjoy watching cartoons. They don't make them like this as often as they should.
  • This show is awsome!

    This is always what i used to watch on disney channel at first i thought it was canceled but than thank god that it came back my favorite character is ron cause he's so halarious and because eric from boy meets world is playing him so it makes it more funny
  • Kim Possible is an awsome show.

    Kim Possible is a teenaged cheerleading super hero. She is often going around the world saving people. She gets rides from the people who she has saved. Ron Stopable is her sidekick. He usually gets the bad guy by accident. Ron has a pet naked mole rat named Rufus. Kim gets all of her gadgets from her super genius friend Wade. Kim enemy is Dr. Dracon and his sidekick Shego. Shego is much better evil villian then Dracon, but she is still working for him. Kim's dad is a rocket scientest and her mom is a brain surgeon. She has twin younger brothers. They help her sometime. I love this show.
  • Kim Possible is about a girl who can do everything! Her hobby is saving the world and fighting villains (maybe it's not her hobby but still, it's what she does most of the time)

    This show is a classic. The graphics are really neat and the story is very thrilling and adventurous. I really like this show since the first time I saw it. All it's TV movies are pretty good too! I like So the Drama best 'cause that's the only Kim Possible Movie I've watch in TV. I'd love to watch the other movies, but the movie shows up occasionally, and I often miss it. In youtube, there's none, but then I still like the show. Kim Possible is now one of my fave shows too! My fave character is, of course, Kim Possible, and I like Rufus too (Ron's naked mole rat). He's pretty cute and funny. I gotta say it again! Kim Possible is a cartoon classic!
  • Kim is a crime fighting teen who has to balance school life personal life and saving the world. Luckily her friend ron is there to help!

    This show first premiered and i was l;ike what the heck. It is so dumb. True dat. And anyway, It got a little bit better as time went on. I think the new episodes coming soon are going to way awesome and might bring my review up to a 7 or 8. But who knows. I am not really in to these shows but people who are will probably love this show and buy the lunch box and all that jazz. So if you like it great. But if if if if you don't, thats good too. have fun !!!
  • Not too many shows can pull off the super girl agent idea, but Kim Possible, in all its cliche glory, manages to do just that.

    Not too many shows can pull off the super girl agent idea, but Kim Possible, in all its cliche glory, manages to do just that.

    The characters are, yes, cliche and stereotyped; the dialogue can sometimes be contrived. But for some reason, there's something about this show that pulls it all off.

    Kim Possible revolves around a secret (or not-so-secret) female agent and her dorky sidekick, who save the world from time to time, and all the while keep up with their lives at a typical American high school. The main character, a popular cheerleader, can sometimes border on the edge of Mary-Sueism, but the side characters are charming and fun to watch.

    One of the major saving graces of this show is Kim Possible's clumsy sidekick, Ron Stoppable (see the trend with the names?) and his naked mole rat, Rufus. Though he is used often for comic relief only, Ron's loyal, determined character is particularly fleshed out in certain episodes, and his lovable antics will guarantee an AWWW at least once. His crush on Kim, too, seems all too familiar, but makes everyone feel some compassion from the poor guy.

    Some other fun characters that have been thrown into the mix are Kim's family, consisting of two trouble-making but extremely intelligent twin brothers, a brain-surgeon mother and a scientist/inventor father. Villans, too, are fun to watch, such as the ever-present Dr. Drakken (a mad scientist who fails all too often in his schemes to take over the world) and his "sidekick" Shego.

    Many puns and pop-culture references are used in the series, often to good effect. Some of the stereotypical characters are purposely used in wisecracks, and some of the unique (or random, take your pick) villans always evoke a laugh or two.

    One thing I would like to see is the villans winning for once - it's quite painful to watch what they go through, and them not even winning at least once? Kind of sad. Seriously, the events that happen in episodes can get repetitive and boring.

    All in all, this is an interesting show to watch. It has its flaws, but Kim Possible manages to hold your interest long enough to get through the major fight scene at the end of each episode.
  • Compared to Loonatics? Dull. Boring. Pointless. Not funny.

    This is the most pathetic excuse for an 'action' show I have ever seen. Most of every episode is about Kim's school life, not the Kung-fu stuff that EVERYBODY loves! It can be slightly amusing, but Kim is unrealistically perfect. I mean, puh-LEEZE, NOBODY could possibly be the daughter of a brain-surgeon AND a rocket scientist, be the leader of a cheer squad, NOT have a job...and save the world? HELLO!!!!!!! Fans of this show, pick up the remote on Saturday at 9:30 and watch Loonatics Unleashed. MUCH more action AND humor. Kim Possible is a waste of valuable time!
  • How can you go wrong with a cheerleader who also saves the world from time to time...

    I have to admit, when I first heard about this show from my daughter I thought - oh please...

    But then daddy bought A Sitch in Time and the next thing I know, we're hooked on the show. Sure the premise is implausible, and yet so fun. I mean could Ron's monkey issues and how he works through them be any funnier.

    Favorite regular episode would have to be Exchange. We found it interesting to see how Ron and Kim handled separate storylines. Another favorite of mine was Go Team Go as it was funny to find out Shego was a hero once.

    Although production halted for sometime, we look forward to the next season and hope it keep up with the level we have come to expect from the show.
  • You go, Kim!

    Highschool teenager who fights against crime with her clumsy partner Ron! That's Kim Possible in a few words! I watched this show a long, long time ago, and it was fun and stuff...

    The funny thing is, Kim always looked to me like a woman, not a highschool teenage girl with pum-pums!
  • This show is kool.

    Disney's smash hit Kim Possible is all about a high school teen, balancing the cheerleading captain position, honor roll, and many more, including saving the world from villains. Of course, all heroes need a wisecracking, clumsy partner. "KP" is no exception. The comic relief of the heroic duo, Ron is always there for Kim, though his pet and second best friend Rufus, the naked mole rat, is always there to help out the duo when the going gets rough.I gave it a 9.7 beaue its anamated.if it was real life it would be 11.people cant do this stuff that kim dose its just not smart to do a backflip of a bilding.9.7
  • luv this show.

    I think that kim possible is the greatest show out their for kids. I mean I am fourteen and I watch it. I mean could you imagine saving the world and being cool. I don't think that I could deal with the pressure of doing that, but it would be cool. Kim Possible is everything I wish I could be. I mean a Strait A student, super cool, Saves the world, and has great hair, but most of all keeps it all under control. I mean I get stressed out a lot. I do get Strait A's and I have great hair, but I DON'T SAVE THE WORLD!!!! I wish I could though, I mean that would be totally awsome.
  • this show kicked all the way to my forehead.

    I think that kim possible is the greatest show out their for kids. I mean I am fourteen and I watch it. I mean could you imagine saving the world and being cool. I don't think that I could deal with the pressure of doing that, but it would be cool. Kim Possible is everything I wish I could be. I mean a Strait A student, super cool, Saves the world, and has great hair, but most of all keeps it all under control. I mean I get stressed out a lot. I do get Strait A's and I have great hair, but I DON'T SAVE THE WORLD!!!! I wish I could though, I mean that would be totally awsome.

  • I think this show is great for Disney Channel... Oh and I am so glad The are bringing it back! 22 more episodes on the way

    I am so happy Kim Possible was not cancelled. I knew they would bring it back after That's So Raven went over the Episode limit 65. Kim Possible is one of my favorites on Disney Channel. I think the show appeals to both children and teens. I really hope there is so much more to come in the new season. After So the Drama I thought that they could add so much more. I have heard a bunch of rumors. I think there is supposed to be a new person singing the theme song for the new season because I have seen the music video. All in all, Well done Disney Channel.

    If you want more info about KP coming back I went to
  • A teen hero who frequently saves the world!

    A great show, awesome! One of my favorites! Very creative very good!
    I am doing this to waist space so just ignore this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80
  • Every girl wants to be her, every boy wants to be with her

    This is the best show on the Disney Channel. Kim Is stong and adventurous, yet she is also very relatble. The predicaments she encounters in school and life are the same predicaments every high schooler faces. Boys, Reports, driving, she does it all and for some reason, when Kim makes mistakes and gets through them it is encouraging. Every girl wants to be her, every boy wants to be with her.
    Now lets talk about Ron. He is every thing Kim is not(which is not a whole lot), but adds a new depth to the show. He keeps Kim on track, and adds some humor in the process. The villain are hillarious (especially the bantering between Shego and Dr. Drakken.)In the end, its alot of fun and will always surprise you. Great show. Excellent Characters.
  • It's so ridiculous that this show was cancelled!

    Why on earth was this show cancelled? Just because Micheal Eisner didn't want to cross a limit of 65 episodes per show! It doesn't make sense, he did it for That's So Raven, why not for Kim Possible too? This is beyond an ordinary teenage-girl-saves-the-world plot! This show has complex characters that entertain and funny and original quotes you can't find anywhere else. Everything is this show is so well-thought out and there is so much action I always wonder, what will she do next. Fighting crazy villians while coming up with a new cheer for the game friday, no wonder the audience can't help but to love this High school Sophomore heroine!
  • But why was it cancelled?

    Kim Possible is one of the best things on Disney! It shows that any one can be like Kim with practice and displine! Shes also very greatful about it! SO why was the taken off, I dont know but it shouldn't of been! I miss this show and I'm tired of waiting for it! Its exciting, addictive, and entertaning! So, it will be wirth the wait!
  • Wow, this is SO much more addictive than I thought it would be.

    Who is this amazing agent who fights evil? Kim Possible, that's who. Really, when I first heard of this show, I thought it would be some cliched and stupid plot about a girl who wants to save the world with dumb and uninteresting villains. I mean, her name is just play-on words for "Impossible". Then I watched it. Truly, it was too funny and too good for words. Now, watching this is fun! From naked mole rats to two-bit villains, this show has it all! I recommend, if you wish to see an extremely funny show from Disney, this is your haven!

    Also, I'd like to say something to anyone who hates this show: Get a sense of humor and learn to accept something that thinks outside the box for a change! I mean, come on, Dr. Drakken's enough to get anyone into this show!
  • I tis a decent show.

    I like this show. I think Ron is funny and so is Rufus. Kim is cool when she fights the bad guys. She can be self couscous though. "Oh no a zit." or “Oh no I got detention!" Wade spends a little too much time in his room. (Just a little?) How does his mom let him stay in his room? He is smart. In my opinion that comes from going to school. The show is not a Goddess so her are some other thoughts: how can a teenager fight crime like that? And her parents are like o.k. go ahead. Fight the bad guy. And once the bad guys are locked up how do they get out for Kim and Ron to fight again?
  • Its good.

    I'm glad that Kim possible is coming back for another season. This show is one of the best disney animated show on the disney channel worth watching second to The emproer's new school. Rufus is so cool. After watching the movie So the Drama, I wondering about Kim and Ron Relationship. I haven't seen them kiss ever since.
  • Swweeeettt!!!!!!!

    Like I said sweeet show though it could have more shows i'm sure every kim posssible fan would want more shows. Am i right?? its practically goin extinct if there aren't any more kim possible shows to show on television. though it got my interest i have to say it would make me happy to jus hear them annoucing " Catch Kim Possible's newest shows this month (or this year)" or "Don't miss the new and improved Kim Possible shows now!". U got agree with me it all gets bored after a while watching all the same shows again and again.
  • What? I thought they cancelled it?

    Kim Possible was one of few Disney shows to "make it." The show is about a regular teen cheerleader named Kim Possible, a loveable clueless but friendly friend Ron and his famous naked mole rat Rufus saving the world. I love this show and all the adventure!!! Its not my favorite but one of the best original shows out there! To saving the world, stopping Drakken, hanging at Bueno Nacho, going shopping, going to school, and dealing with pressure Kim has it all!!!
  • Kim Possible is a good show for a cartoon.

    Even though it is a cartoon I really like Kim Possible. It is very action packed and adventurous. Because it is a cartoon the producers can make Kim and Ron do a lot of things that if they used real actors there is no way they could do them. I like how in the movie So the Drama Kim and Ron end up going out. I don't like Bonnie. I never really like the mean characters in any show, but you are not supposed to. I think Rufus is cute. I also think it was funny to use a naked mole rat because not that many people have one as a pet.
  • Critics these days! You just can't please them! They always have to have it their way!

    Gosh! The show Kim Possible is NOT dumb and it is SO NOT a stinkin' copy-cat show! Read this! Kim Possible is a UNIQUE (with 100 capital U's) sort of show about a high school teenager, Kimberly Ann Possible, who leads a very busy life. She goes to high school with her best friend/side-kick, Ron Stoppable. Man he's hot! She's a popular cheerleading student on the honor role, of course, and she has to worry about crushes and the school's biggest snob, Bonnie. And, on top of all that, she saves the world from bad guys.
    How could people hate this show? It rocks! It rocks rocks rocks! Kim is a very unique person, animated or live-action! She is a very hard-working lady! Kick butt Kim!
  • kim possible rocks!

    i love kim possible it is one of the best shows on disney channel it is a great cartoon! kim possible is a smart and atletic red head who is on the cheer leading team and fights crime. this show has the best and funniest villians my favorite is jrakken and shego they are very funny. jrakken is not a good super villian that's what makes the show so funny. the funniest people on the show is ron stopple and his pet naked mole rat rufus they are hilarious. this show needs to stay on longer than it probably is going to stay on.
  • This show isnt too bad.

    Although its not the best show ever, I can see where they're coming from. This show has lots of action and its great for kids. Altough I pesonally for some reason enjoy the movies better than the actuall show. I'll watch it though if Im bored or something like that.
  • An utterly rubish show.

    Of all the TV shows I have watched. Of all the good ones, bad ones and down right terrible ones, this is one of the worst. Never in my life have I seen a show so repetitive, and mundane. The villains never win, the hero is an idiot, her side kick is even worse. You can predict the sequence of the episodes, from the starting to the end. With no new jokes added, and no new characters appearing. With a heroin who is infallible, and extra quirky it is no fun to watch after the first season, after which nothing new comes along.
  • Wow Critics are harsh

    This show isn\'t that bad. I think its really good. Its pretty original. You cant really relate to the characters alot but its a really good show. The only problem I have with this show is that the villians need serious tweaking. They have one track mind. They get beat so easily too with the except of Shego sometimes. This show would be alot better if the show\'s villians were more indepth with the exception of Drakken in the movie So The Drama. Anyway I see some really harsh reviews on this show. Its really quite sad. Some things get old like Ron\'s pants falling down but whtaever. I wonder if Kim will be able to keep juggling all her activities. Anyway, I can\'t wait until season four.
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