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  • I used to be really obsessed with this show. It's okay now, just something I would watch if nothing's on.

    Kim Possible is about this teen herione who saves the world practically on a daily basis with her best friend/sidekick and his pet naked molerat Rufus.

    This show used to be a daily fix for me, then Charmed came, so now it's an okay show which I watch if nothing else is on.

    I still like some of the episodes, it just grew out of me. It's okay, just not one of my top 5 anymore.

    But I'd recommend it for anybody who can't find anything to watch.

  • Kim Possible is out to save the world but still has to live her normal teenage life.

    This is a really cute show. I don't really like animation but Kim Possible has it going on! Her friend Ron Stoppable is hilarious and I love his naked mole rap! Kim Possible is really cool. She is played by Christy Carlson Romano who played Ren on Even Stevens. Ron Stoppable is played by the guy who played Eric Matthews on Boy Meets world. Watch this show on disney!
  • Fun to watch when bored

    To do this show justice, it is a good boredom killer and quite original. I mean, come on! How many teenager girls have a hairless hamster? Its quite clever and would appeal to girls around the ages of 6-12. For me, the only character that makes me really watch it is Kim's blonde sidekick. He has the best lines and sometimes makes me laugh, which is rare because I never laugh at Cartoons. Its interesting,but nothing special.
  • I love this show. Eventhough Kim gets on my last nevre sometimes, but I know she does that for a good reason. But overall Ron, Rufus, and Shego take home the gold!

    At first when I started watching this show, I thought it was okay. Nothing great, but anouther Disney show! But as the time went on, it started getting intersting! Kim always kicks the bad guys' buts, ALWAYS, Ron is there by her side, eventhough he can couse the trouble, rufus helps when there's a small place, and Wade keeps it all together! But the so called "bad guys" never beat them! They come sper close, but never making it. Its a wonder how they keep their heads up, and keep on trying. You know that saying, never give up! For thoose villains on kp, you guys have an acception! When it comes to the team, no bad guy is safe! No matter what they do!
  • 100% original and amazingly presented.

    A completely and utterly original show, unprecedented by the world's audience, and overall astoundingly amazing in every way. This show is one of my absolute favorites. Though the themes may be a bit elementary every now and then, the show has INCREDIBLE potential. I love every episode and love watching them. I can't wait for the 4th season to start to see where Ron and Kim end up. Personally I wasn't sure how I felt about the end of the movie "So Not the Drama" I felt that Kim and Ron were kind of forced together near the end. Though I liked the message that was put out, it seemed a bit...rushed and haggardly put together. Don't get me wrong, it was very touching, and I loved the moment Kim and Ron shared, but I just don't see Kim and Ron ending up together forever. They're best friends. ^_^

    There's my 2 cents.
  • Disney's greatest show to date

    This show is about the teenagers Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. After Kim sets up her website and completes her first mission she will start to get more and more famous. It also follows the traditional storyline that the main characters end up getting together.

    Kim Possible "Saving the world. No big" this girl can do basically anything from skydiving to battling an evil overlord in the future. After her time crime fighting increases she gets more arch foe's. Her downside is that she can sometimes be bossy and jealous.

    Ron Stoppable is Kim's goofy sidekick and according to Kim she couldn't save the world without him. He is also prone to getting big headed at times.

    Rufus is Ron's pet naked mole rat and you barely see Rufus without Ron. He was purchased at a Smartymart sale just before Kim and Ron's first big mission.
  • Disney's greatest show since house of mouse.. actually better than house of mouse

    This is one of the most funny and great shows ever made. Kim, The Junior who sarted saving people due to a type-o, Ron, the Nacho-loving oaf who isnt too trained in the business, and Rufus, the cute little Mole Rat who has changed the world's view of rodents. When i heard it was gonna be canceled, i just wanted to murder somebody at Disney's and send 1000 emails to bring it back, thankfully other ppl did that and they brought it back. Best series on Disey. EVER.
  • Great show, but a little boring at times.

    Kim Possible is a pretty good show, but Kim herself is a little too perfect. Plus, she's a little cocky. Pretty much the only reason I watch this show is because of Drakken, Ron, and Rufus (my faves). They seem to brighten things up a bit. Drakken is a bit stupid, Ron is a clutz, and Rufus is just, well, Rufus. Kim is sometimes a little too serious about things. I liked the movies, though. Although Kim had failed a few times in A Sitch in Time, she still has her cockiness. It just proves that without Ron and her friends, she wouldn't be able to really save anything. I like the show just as okay.
  • Leading the pack in fun!

    So, here is a show with no special animation computer techniques, but it animation is smooth and great. The characters are highly thought up abnd the plots are great. The show got canceled by Disney's 65 episode limit rule, but that was overturned by a large number of fans which saved the show. Disney will satrt showing new episodes in 2007. The show is currently as of 4-2-06 working on season 4 episodes. Certainly the new season will be full of twists and great fun for the whole family.
  • Great show.

    This is one of the best shows Disney has had in a long time. Most kids wish to be something more than they are, but Kim actually gets to save the world from time-to-time.

    Her, less-than-cordinated friend Ron keeps the fun rolling with his own antics, and his naked mole rat Rufus. Computer-nerd Wade helps out loads with stuff for Kim and Ron.

    The show is fun and enjoyable to watch. One even families could enjoy together. The show has the characters facing things that your normal high school kid would face, plus the fun or stopping bad-guys.

    This show gets a 9.3/10 from me.
  • Love this show!

    This is a hilarious show. She can do anything, including fail, fall, get beat, and even ask a guy out, once. She's your typical teen, with a bit of extra on the side. Funny characters and great plots and sitches. Glad Disney channel has decided to renew the show for another season!
  • One of the best shows I have ever seen on Disney Channel

    There is no doubt about it in my mind that this show is one of the best ones on Disney. It's got the perfect mix of action, drama, suspense, comedy, and a pinch of romance. Best of all it is very clean, unlike some shows out today.
    Kim is your basic average teenage girl who just happens to save the world from time to time. While trying to survive high school.
    Ron is her sidekick, and best friend. But as we've seen from 'So the Drama' he's a little more. He also brings comedy to even the most drastic situation they face. No doubt about it this show couldn't be complete with out him.
    The show has the perfect villians which can be both funny, and intimadating. Best of all, all of the villians have alot of character. Their not dull or boring as some villians have come to be in shows now adays.
    If people say this is rated for just kids I have to disagree. I am seventeen right now, and still love watching it. It's more based on any age which is into this kind of show.
    The lines are catchy, the humor clean sometimes sidesplitting.
    This show is defenatially a number one rating in my books.
  • Out of the 9.2 points I gave this show, 9 of them are for Drakken.

    I know on one level that it's "okay" for a 25 year old man to watch this show sometimes. After all, half of the fans on the web say the same thing about KP: "Oh, I'm X-number-larger-than-demographic-years-old, and I love Kim Possible, ha ha ha!" At the same time, I don't really *advertise* that I watch the show.

    That being said, I can certainly acknowledge what makes this show awesome. It doesn't write down to it's audience, the dialog is snappy, the characters are likable and the humor is comparatively sophisticated. Everybody likes to reminisce about the shows we grew up with in the 80's, but as much as I loved them, they were little more than moronic half hour toy commercials written for a mentally compromised audience. Heresy, I know, but it serves to highlight how much actual progress animation has made in the last, say, 15 or 20 years. We didn't have any "Kim Possibles" when I was a kid. Kids today have it good. ^_^

    Also, Professor Drakken; best character ever.
  • Sigh. Another one of my niece's shows that she gets me to liking when I'm babysitting her LOL.

    Sure, as one person said, it is unrealistic. But unrealistic is the point and this show, in my opinion, does tend to go to the unrealistic extreme which is why I like it. It's voiced by people who's other characters I've fallen in love with before (aka Nicole Sullivan from Mad TV as "Shego", Will Friedle from Boy Meets World as "Ron", and Christy Carlson Romano from Even Stevens as "Kim") and that's another great aspect of the show.
  • I enjoy the show alot.

    I like this show, because it's different from other shows on televsion. It's cool. I like Ron, he is funny, I think he adds character to the show. I think Cristy Carolson Romono has to change her voice, she always sounds like herself and no one else, Its like "Hey there's Kim Possible, I mean Cristy Carolson Romono!". It's a good show.
  • I think this show is pretty good.

    Like the ideal of a normal girl tur4n to hero around the world is pretty good. Also, her sidekick cRon is so funny along with his naked mole rat, Wade, and the possible family this is one of the best cartoons on air right now. The villans are a laugh to.
  • This show is so cool.I'm told I look like Ron Stoppable, but I dont.

    This show is just good. I like it couse it is about kids that save the world and kids that are so smart and are involved with school a lot. This show helps little kids just to have other activities after school. It can be helpful sometimes others not so really.
  • I don't understand why some people hate this show so much. It's better than most cartoons out today!

    I know most of the 80's/90's fans will moan on about cancelling this in favour of the older shows, but why this? It's a good show which should be more appreciated! It has action AND humour. Ok, some people don't like it, but that doesn't mean that others can't!!

    Sorry, but some people on this site are so annoying and this show isn't perfect, but guess what? NO SHOW IS!! Why can't people get that into their thick skulls?!

    Overall this is a good show which is just another victim to childish bashing!
  • This show is so unrealistic

    This is another show that i skip when im looking for somethung with at least a little realism. I mean look Kim is to perfect and she always victories. There has not been one episode with a death or a gun. Which makes this too stupid and unrealistic. Try watching Goldeneye.
  • Pretty damn good.

    This show is awesome. I love ROn because is so bomb-diggity cool!!! And Rufus is crazy rad. -sings- What is that? That creepy thing? Come on now, hear the girlies sing "Listen to the naked mole-rat!" I'm sorry. Anyways, this show is the awesome-y-est-er-est!!! You have to watch the movies, too. They are so cool!!!
  • My love of this show faded once the charcter's personalities really sunk in. From hero to villain to average joe or jane, almost every character quickly becomes a pain in the rear.

    I was a fan of this show for almost three years before I really started thinking about it, and after mental debate, I doubt, no, sorry, I know I'm not gonna watch the fourth season.
    The characters get old after a while, even for a show that's on pretty much every day. With good guys that are either pushy or pushless, villains that are pathetic and crudely established, and sideline characters that are annoying, stupid or just plain mean.
    For starters, there's Kim. A true hero, right? Athletic, skilled, experienced and self-confident. Just a few problems, though. She's bossy, overconfident, self-righteous and let's face it, shallow. Ron is a loyal friend and sidekick, but gets the short end of the stick and the brunt of a lot of KP anger for something they're both responsible for. And she locked him in a closet for who knows how long so she could be with Josh, then went out with Josh while Ron was breaking his back trying to find her cure, and then totally ignoring him when Eric came along. Many feel Ron is immature, but in the field of relationships, she's the one who needs to grow up.
    Ron, however, is the only character, besides Rufus, that I can honestly say I still like. He has his flaws, sure. He's clumsy, ditsy, unwise and not that bright. But he's loyal, brave (all things considered), hard-working and caring. He's the lovable loser that you can't help but adore.

    Drakken has gradually sunk lower and lower in my favors. He went from a menacing, near-sociopathic maniac to a grovelling, pathetic dork. And like Ron, his voice became higher and softer as time went on. A long-term villain like him should carry a more appropriate manner.
    Then Shego, the only competent villain in the entire series, save Zorpox. She's malicious, cunning, powerful and street-smart. Only problem is she's too cynical, sarcastic and lazy to realize it. Maybe she's more made for Ron than people think...
    And then the minors: Monique, Kim's BGF and fellow shopper. It's not surprising that they hang out, as they share a lot of the same flaws. And has any one else noticed that she doesn't seem to like Ron that much? Look at her one time near Ron, you'll see it...
    Bonnie: the arrogant, but lovely cheerleader who continues her attmpts to show Kim up whether with boys, cheers or other school functions. She is the epitomy of shallow, consumed only in food chain men who are rich and/or jocks.
    Overall, it's an okay show if you don't think about it too much. If you do, you'll lose interest. Since so many people come off as so mean, it makes you wanna channel surf. I mean, hey! I watch TV to escape not get sucked back into a world of awful people!
  • There's a reason why alot of older teens/adults don't like it...

    Kim Possible is one of those shows that you either get or you don't. I'm a 19 y/o guy and I like this show - I like to think of it as a social parody rather than a serious cartoon like Justice League Unlimited. They find ways of making fun of just about anything they can (my fave is club banana - a shameless ripoff of Abercrombie).

    All in all, if you take KP seriously, you won't like it...I think that's why it's one of those shows that you either love or hate. Watch an episode - you'll know one way or the other after watching just one.
  • This show is so retarded

    I found my self watching the disney channel one afternoon bvecause I had nothing better to do I saw a good show and a few okay shows then this came on and I sat through the whole episode hoping it would go off soon this show had horrible plot structure and stupid villians
  • Awesome show!

    It's obvious that this show is a hit. Apparently Disney was all set to put it to rest when there was a huge outcry to keep it on for a forth season. So much so that Disney capitulated. Until then, I had no idea that there were others (not to mention many others) out there who enjoyed this as much as I (in fact more so than I). This is definately a great show and well worth the effort to get it extended another season.
  • Kim Possible is one of my favorite shows, starring an action hero trying to juggle school and evil villians.

    Kim Possible: I'm sorry I ever hated you by the time I turned twelve.

    This show was a great series with awesome voice casting. The characters are good and ones I liked as the voices, since I did watch Even Stevens and Smart Guy. Even though I didn't watch Boy Meets world, I wish I could see what Will Friedle's character was like in that series.

    This show has a good balance of normal teenage life and action. Kim Possible deals with the normal life everyone else sees as normal, ignoring her action life. She deals with school enemies and crushes, along with world-saving and villians.

    Kim's parents are one of the reasons I got back into the show. They accept Kim's hero life as long as there's no boys. Ron Stoppable, the sidekick who the villians can't seem to remember, is another reason.

    So, all in all, I gave it a 10.
  • r

    Personally I don't care for Kim Possible. When I was younger it was a wonderful show that I would rush home to watch. Now I think that it is kind of boring. I think that little kids will find this show amusing, intresting, and just fun to watch. Keep going with it because it is making a good addition to Disney for the 9 and 10 year olds. It really attracts your younger veiwers. If you want to keep your older veiwers attracted to your channel play more Suite Life and Thats so Raven. Cartoons really stink!
  • What's not to love?!

    This is the one of the greatest cartoons ever, with something for everyone. The banter between Kim and Ron is the greatest. I just hope their relationship will continue in season 4!! I think Rufus could be a bit more interesting, but ROn has enough personality for them both. Spankin'!
  • Kim Possible is a great show that can do anything when it comes to delivering a punchline and terrific episode!

    Kim Possible is a fantastic show. It's got top notch voice talent, great animation and terrific plot. Kim, or K.P. as her best friend/sidekick Ron Stoppable calls her, is the girl who "can do anything" and does she ever! KP has handled all kinds of baddies and baddettes. Her arch-foe has got to be Dr. Drakken. He's your typical Mad Scientist Villain. Drakken is as predictable as they come, too. Every single time he captures Kim, he falls for the usual villain traps. He tells her his plans for world domination, ties her up and leaves her to escape. The only time Drakken ever one-upped her was in the movie, "So The Drama". If you don't know what I mean, you have GOT to see it. It's really a good movie.

    In conclusion, it's a great series and I love it. It's hilarious. GOd I love it. I hope they never cancel it. Go Kim and Ron! Oh and Rufus...go Rufus!
  • One of the best childrens' shows on t.v.

    I know this is a childrens' show, but I love it.
    I watch with my girls every night at 5 on Disney Channel. We were told by Ron Stoppable (at MGM Studios in Disney World) that the show is in fact approved for a fourth season; which is good news for KP fans everywhere.
  • A good show that always entertains, and throws curve balls occasionally.

    Let me start off with that I'm usually not a fan of cartoon shows. I would even go as far as to say I detest them. Kim Possible, however, is different. All the characters have depth, there's always some humor, the images get better with every season, every episode has a plot and usually a bit of mystery.
    I love this show. I've watched it since it began in 2002; it's my favorite Disney channel show. Kim, Ron, Rufus, and Wade are very original and interesting characters that never fail to entertain me. Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan, Motor Ed, and other villains are, while definitely baaad, never too dark, unlike most cartoon series villains these days. The episodes are sprinkled with other characters that spice it up and make it more interesting, like Jack Hench and Slim Possible.
    What's more, is that the show is actually suitable for kids. Three year olds, nine year olds, twelve year olds - it doesn't matter, kids of every age can watch this and most likely enjoy it.
    Basically, the show's good. If you ever have spare time during a lunch break or if you're just waiting for a football game to come back on, check to see if this show is playing and watch it. You might just enjoy it.
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