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  • Kim Possible is a teen super hero who fights crime.

    This show is very enjoyable for me to watch. Some episodes are a bit annoying, but most are awesome. The show is pretty original. I am glad that Disney is bringing it back for a fourth season, since this really is a great show. I hope they air that last season three episode soon.
  • i was amazed

    Yomoto dragon, you gave it a 0 because you watch your stupid anime cartoons that have no point, while we watch this show and actually laugh. Kim Possible is a great show that should be respected by everyone. Ron stoppable is the reason the show is so funny.

    (I think she's hot)
  • Yes, it's an amzaing show and thank god their Bringing It Back!

    Also being the second disney show to pass 65episodes i felt like sh*t when it ended but only to know that it's coming back with a new season it's like umm....sooo great i don't know how it can get better but i wanna see i really missed tha show when it ended but now i can't wait to see whats next
  • Kim Possible is one of the greatest shows ever! It has clever humor, fantastic animation, and characters that you actually care about.

    Kim Possible is one of the best shows I have ever seen. The hero, Kim Possible, has to deal with everything from villains bent on world conquest to school dances. Her trusty sidekick, Ron Stoppable, is always there to help out and provide humor. Throw in a 10-year old genius to run Kims website and a naked mole rat and... Voila! You have a classic!
    This show incorporates some very clever humor, which provides for a very entertaining show for older people as well as younger people. The animation is superb, especially in the later episodes. The storyline is both amusing and entertaining and brings you to actually care about the characters. Kim Possible is definitely a great show.
  • This is such a cool show because kim (Christy C. Romano) Can Be a Role model and it inspires younger people to be themselves.And it\'s just plane cool that a teenager could save to world!Although it is kind of easy with Dr. Drakken as a villain.

    Disneys "Kim Possible" is a totally cool show,because Kim,(Christy C. Romano) can be a good role model and she inspires younger people to be themselves.And it's just plane cool that a teenager can save the world!But it is kind of easy with Dr. Drakken as a villain!The End ... ..
  • Kim Possible is an interesting show, but not the best.

    Kim Possible is a pretty good show, but not the best. I like this show because of the cartoon action, and Ron and Rufus' constant stupidity and love of nachos.

    I used to be obsessed with this show. I would watch it every day when I got home from school, and would even dance to the theme song. But now I have started to watch other shows, maybe more of anime/comic book stuff such as "Teen Titans" and "Inuyasha". I guess have grown out of Kim Possible a bit, but still enjoy watching it when there is nothing good on Cartoon Network.
  • I love this show too much!

    This show is one of the best shows on Disney! The main charector is a great role model. Eventhough I don't like Kim that much, I still think that she is setting a good example on girls today. Her sidekick, Ron Stoppable, is one of the nicest guys on tv. He has a naken-mole-rat named Rufus, he helps them out a lot. Wade also helps them out, by telling them what is wrong, where its at, how to get there, and the perfect weapon to solve it all. Together they stop the villains from taking over the world. But no matter how many times that Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist, and all the other villains try to do their work, kim and Ron always put them in their place!
  • One of the few "made for kids" shows i watch.

    Kim Possible is one of the best series that Disney have made ever. It's original, and it has a lot of good jokes in it to. Though i could quite possible come up with some things about it that i don't like, but my overall impession is that it's a great show. If i have to mention something it would be that it seems like the characters don't change at all, Kim is good at everything, and Ron is completly useless at almost everything.

    A good family program, if you havn't seen it, give it a try, its definitely a one to watch.

  • Gr8 show! If u luv spy-action shows like I do u\'ll luv this!

    I luv this show! It\'s got to b my favourite Disney (well excluding American Dragon) anyway, I started watchin it when I was 12 and was goin thru akinda spyfanatic phase (well also I think Kim\'s hot) anyway, Thanx 2 this show, I\'m 15 and I\'m still goin thru that phase! It has gr8 acktion and I can relate 2 a lot of it cause I’m also a teenager. However I lot of it\'s humour is based on reputation which can sumtimes get annoying i.e. (Ron always losing his pants) But to sum up I still think it\'s a gr8 show and would recommend watching it.
  • Kim possible is about a high school teenager who can do anything from cheerlead to rescuing people to battling supervilllians. At her side is Ron Stoppable, her best friend, and Rufus,Ron's pet.

    Kim Possible is the best animated show on the Disney Channel. There are many things that I recommend, like the hilarious statements that Ron makes, and the action in the missions.

    Another thing that makes the show worth watching is Rufus, Ron\'s naked mole rat. He helps out on missions and brings along comic relief.

    In review, Kim Possible is so awesome.
  • Ignore the other under-educated reviews. Read this one.

    A cartoon about a teenaged girl who saves the world on a school night. Sounds rubbish doesn't it? Makes you want to change the channel instantly, huh? DON'T! Avoid all of the childish and under-educated reviews on this website, the show packs a punch. It features many parodies of many Film Noir or Secret Agent movies; the first to come to mind is James Bond. It has lots of martial arts fighting too, and despite the fact that it's animated, it is good fun to watch. Not just action, but this show has intelligent and witty jokes in it too.
  • Kim Possible is an average show, that did extraordinary well on the Disney and Toon Disney Channel's

    This show is a very cute and different show with all the garbage on TV these days. Don't not watch Kim Possible because it looks like a kiddy show--it isn't. Don't let the show be gone for good. Help save KP at Way better show than Dave the Barrbarian, Proud Family, American Dragon, and many other shows.

    EDIT: KP is renewed. Enjoy.
  • cool

    I love this show I startid with to wach because i hade nothing to do but. I love the seris a lot I could wach the seris all day. the movie is realy good as well it moved me so much that I had to get the movie on dvd
  • I like Kim Possible because of it's humour. If that wasn't there, it would be on my bad list.

    I think Kim Possible is quite a good programme. The characters are all funny in their own way, and the plots are pretty neat too. I always find it funny when Drakken messes up, and I especially liked his shampoo rap. Ron's naked mole rap was very good too. I think that this show has a decent amount of everything, so yup, I like it!
  • Kim Possible is a pretty good show.

    Kim Possible is a show about a teenager who fights crime in her spare time, along with her sidekick, Ron Stoppable, and his naked mole rat Rufus.
    The show's plot is pretty good, but the show's villains could be better, although some are great already. Also, some of the episodes could have been better, but I still enjoy this show. It has some jokes in there that are pretty funny, and the action is great as well.
    I think this is one of Disney's best shows.
    It made a great movie, even though the RonXKim couple was predictable.
    I hope this show brings back some new episodes, soon.
    That's pretty much it. Great show, but it could use some improvement in some areas.
  • Kim Possible is a cartoon classic. . . .

    The premise of this show sounds stupid, a girl who saves the world - oh boy. When I first saw the commericals back in 2002, the idea did not appeal to me at all. But as fate would have it, I was bored beyond my mind and tuned into the premire. WOW! Not only does Kim save the world, but she does it with humor, awesome action scenes, and romance. This show started out good enough but got better and better and better as the season progreessed. The romance got stronger, Drakken and Ron put me into hysterics every eppie, and Kim was just as amazing as ever. Bring back Kim Possible! If the thrid season was this good, think of what could happen with a forth!
  • Kim Possible has been renew by Disney, his Smash hit will be a longer more!

    The Smash Hit: Kim Possible, will be updated, all new with a 22 chapter - four season!!! Production begins in a few weeks, We hope Disney keep up all this desicions and continue the production for many other caps of KP. Disney has seen all the effort that KP fans group are put for this series, that explain the million of emails that has been sent to Kim Possible, few days ago. This KP fever will be alive thanks to Disney Channel... KP ROCKS!
  • They seriously need to update this thing. It was just announced today that the show has been extended for another season!

    Great Show. Love how they created an animated action show without it being graphic. Finally someone important has figured out that you can create good action shows without being graphic. Also, the comedic scenes that happen between Sheego and Drakken are priceless. "Trust me, you scare me just the way you are," Sheego said to Drakken.
  • The best show that Disney has come out with in many, many years!

    The best show that Disney has come out with in many, many years!

    It's got a large cast of loveable characters, even the villains!

    And let's face it, who can't relate to any of the characters? Whether it be Ron in all his clumbsy, yet kind nature; Kim and her perfectionist and her leadership qualities; and so on and so on.

    These characters are good, positive role models, that learn from their mistakes and aren't perfect (let's face it, who is?). Many can argue that Kim's choice in wardrobe leave something to be desired, but how many pop\rock\whatever-the-heck stars where very...inappropriate clothing? Its kind of the "in" thing.

    But anyway, who can't learn from Kim, Ron, Rufus, and the rest of the gang on how to be a good friend (like Ron being there for Kim when she needed him more even though her relationship with Erik forced Ron to take a backseat)? They teach us how to be loyal and not care what others think of us ("Never be normal! That's the Ron Stoppable motto").

    Let's face it, this show "hurricane rocks!"
  • This is a pretty awesome show. I think it is very interesting, and that the characters are fun and colorful. Good goin', Disney!

    Wow. This is a cool show, and I think it was a major hit! Disney did a really good job. Kim may seem like she's just your normal everyday teen, but she's also a crime fighting heroine. You can't forget, though, about her trusty side kick, Ron (he cracks me up!). He may be a little on the goofy side, but when it all comes down to it, he's a great bud, along with Rufus, the naked mole rat. The only thing that I find slightly bohtersome is the fact that the same villians are at the same schemes over and over. But all in all, I think it's a great show! Two thumbs up, Disney!
  • A show about your basic, average girl who can save the world and appeal to all audiences at the same time.

    This is easily one of the best shows Disney has ever aired. One of the most appealing qualities of this show is that it appeals to all age groups. Small children will love the slapstick goofiness of characters like Ron and Drakken. (The constant dropping of Ron's pants is sure to ammuse the kids.) Youngsters will appreciate the non-stop action. Teens can relate to the characters' experiences with peer pressure and relationships, school projects and dances. Adults can easily watch this with their children, as the dialogue and plots are complicated enough to keep them entertained without losing the attention of children. Wade and the Possible parents often add a touch of maturity to the show.
  • Stellar.

    I loved this show. Really I did. It was hillarious. I was so impressed with the way it delivered humor relevant to all age groups. I knew thirty-year-old women who watched it as a guilty pleasure in a way that, say, I can't imagine any of them tuning into Darkwing Duck.

    Its humor was sophisticated and the juxtaposition of the teen drama with the superhero drama was done in a hilarious way; they had Kim truly stymied by school and everything, while effortless as a superhero. A lesser show would've made her have a "secret identity" or something. This show, genius as it is, did not.
  • This show is about a girl (age 16)who must save the world and deal with school at the same time,

    I think the show is horrible and needs a major adgystment to make it at all good. If you can find a worse show please contact me because i think there is nothing worse than Kim Possible and her friend Ron and Ron's girbel dude. I HATE IT, THIS SHOW STINKS!.
  • Off the wall in a good way. It's way hilarious. Drakken and the Seniors are so funny. Hick a Bick Boo! Hoo Sha!

    When I first heard about the show, I was a bit skeptical about it. I figured it was going to be one of those dumb Disney shows, but this was entertaining. Still is.
    Ron can be a little much at times, but that's ok. I love Kim's family. Her dad is goofy and her brothers are too funny.
    The villians really make the show. Drakken is the best. He is too goofy. Poor guy can never get anything right and he's always catching hell from Shego. I mean, who needs Kim to knock him down, when he has his own sidekick. And the Seniors. I love Junior and Senor. Junior is a goon. Good thing they have him rich and good looking, I guess. He would never make it alone. Or as a pop star! Ha
    Anyway, good show!
  • Kim Possible is what every teen girl wants to be: brave, feminine, tough, sweet, courageous, and best of all, she can save the world!

    I love Kim Possible. It's a wonderful show that is entertaining, witty, heroic, brightly colorful, and very modern. Seeing Kim battle her rediculous foes that only a cheerleader/action hero could have, Saving the world becomes a lot of fun. Ron Stoppable is also a star of the show, and he's such a sweetheart, always being there for Kim, and being his quirky, child-like self. There are a couple of times Kim Possible had some off color humor, like the parody of queer eye for the straight guy, and I wish they hadn't made Kim and Ron a couple in the ending movie, but other than that, Kim Possible remains quite a hit.
  • a kool show and the best charater for me is ron

    Ok Kim Possible, sum this up into one word... perfectionist. Yeah she is so perfect she can do anything. She saves the world, mothers a brain surgeon and Dad\'s a rocket scientist. Don\'t it get on your nerves?! It does for me. Yet I can\'t stop watching it.

    Why you may ask. Ok so I am a sucker for comedy, and cute cartoon boys ;3 I\'de say Ron Stopable (give him the stupid name 0.o;) pretty much saves the whole show. He is stupid and funny. The complete opisite of Kim which makes him such a likeable character.

    The bad guys are basicly the same as the team of Kim and Ron. The man is stupid the female is highly intelligent and a good fighter (pretty much sums it up) Somtimes you can feel sorry for Shigo being stuck with an idiot like Dracon but why doesn\'t she just go solo. (like a sitch in time) She\'de do much better than she does with the boy.

    There is another \'good guy\' on the team. Wayne. A super genius who does all the computer stuff. He never came be seen in person only on the comunicator. He tells Kim when all these important missions are. Why someone would go to a website run by a teenager for help I don\'t know.

    Overal not a bad score. Kim getting a 0 and Ron a 10...
  • Kim possible is a teen hero that can do anthing and shes great she also has a great villon shego

    Kim possible is the best show and disneycannel and Life with Derek. Kim possible is the greatest teen hero that was ever animates or made whatever u call it. Also, Me and my little cousin want to be just like her because she is so cool. The greates Super villion is Shego Dr. Drakkens Side kick who is not affraid of any attack. Also Rufes is the best little anamated pet he is soo cute and Ron and him sing the cutest little song accually the best song naked mole rap that is a really good song and the them song to Kim possible. Ron, Rufes, Kim, and shego are the best charactors and always will be bye
  • brilliant show

    the first time i saw an advert for Kim possible, i didn't think it was going to be much cop, but after watching it with my sister i instantly loved it proving that you should never judge a book by it's cover, i hope to see more episodes in the future.
  • Probably one of the best show on Disney Channel.

    It could be unoriginal, but I LOVE KIM POSSIBLE! The episodes are really funny, Kim is great!

    The animation style is really good, seriously (expect for the episodes animated with the "Toon City") but...sometimes the plot are...well...*not so good*...

    The characters are very well-made, better every season. Kim, is not so perfect (and annoying) after all; Ron is funny and the villains are awesome.

    Conclusion: Kim Possible is an awesome TvShow and it shouldn't be missed.
  • Kim Possible is about a 16 year old High School who goes around the Globe saving the world from villains such as Dr. Drakken, Monkey Fist, Dementor and many others. Alongside is her comical sidekick, Ron Stoppable and his naked mole rat, Rufus.

    KP is quite underestimated by Disney fans. I into KP, thinking it will be a trendsetter. Boy was I wrong that day. I watched one episode of Kim Possible and fell in love with KP at first sight. Disney Channel has been getting scarce with good shows these days that its hard to find anything good with all of the crappy stuff.

    Kim Possible has great character development. All of the characters goes through some development and did a great job doing show. The writers are great and they make a great team.

    One of the other reasons why I love the show is Kim herself. Though sometimes viewed as being too perfect, she's actually not perfect at all. She's not alloud to sit at the popular table, shows competitiveness, can't cook worth beans and also shows signs of quirks like collecting Cuddlebuddies. She also shows a dislike towards anything trendy (such as in the episode, "Kimitation Nation").
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