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  • Kim is a a Hero to our world.

    This is the best show with Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Phineas and Ferb, Lilo & Stitch: The Series, and Phil of the Future.

    Please Hope It will be revived by 2017! :D
  • Best show ever

    Love it
  • Don't worry Cornelius Raibon will be on kim possible episodes

    Cornelius Raibon wear decepticon t-shirt what about naked kim possible episode kim possible teenage mutant ninja turtle episode journey of the center of the kim possible inside kim possible human body episode since 2005 or 2006 in making

    Sorry, but Shego is my favorite.
  • The time Disney knew how to make shows.

    This show was very enjoyable. It had almost everything. People would really enjoy watching this again if it'd air back.
  • Kim Possible Is AWESOME!

    I love this show still

    It should have been #1

  • Only have 4 words to say!

    I only have 4 words to say: So what's the sitch?
  • miss that show.

    I`d like to see more episodes of KP, the best show ever

    I wish they were still making new episodes!!!!!! Kim should be my hero, but I think I like Ron even more. :)

    This show is one of the most impressive kids' show I have ever seen. It entertains the younger audience AS WELL AS the older audience! I love that about this show. Kim Possible was always a role model to me when I was younger, because she taught me that I can do anything if I set my mind to it. I never cared if one episode was better than another, I only wanted to see Kim save the day. Also, People must remember, that this show isn't about whether its realistic or not, I mean look at all of the other kid cartoons out there, all of them have their unrealistic sides.

    What matters the most about this show is the cleverly written storyline, characters, etc. I have learned to appreciate cartoons more and look at the artistic side of them because of this show. IF YOU WANT THIS SHOW BACK THEN SIGN THE OFFICIAL PETITION: link to petition is here:
  • Before Fish Hooks,there was Kim Possible.

    For my 2nd old Disney Channel review-a-thon,I will review a cartoon that says that girls could be spies too,and it was called Kim Possible. This show is about a girl named Kim,who lives a normal life as a teenager,but is really an agent saving the world. It may seem a bit girly,but this also can be loved by the boys too. First off,let's start with the characters. Kim is a girl in school who isn't such a selfish brat,and really has great fighting moves. And she doesn't wear the same clothes every single day. Ron is the character who saved the show from being terrible. He is hilrailous in the show and loves eating at Buenos Nachos. Rufus,the naked mole rat however,is the best character of the show. Not only is he cute and awesome,he's actually an experiment,according to the Lilo and Stitch crossover episode. The villains are all morons for some reason and Doctor Draken and his daughter (forgot her name) are like Doofenswartz and Vanessa from Phineas and Ferb. And this show's humor doesn't rely on girly humor,it actually relies funny humor,since most of it comes from Ron and Rufus,who are saving the show's life,because without them,the show would suck. However,it ends up being great. This is not as good as Fish Hooks,but sill,looking back at it,it's a masterpiece of Disney.
  • Best Show Ever!

    For a Disney Cartoon this show defied the odds, At first Disney Channel was okay? but when this showed aired it basically built disney, I think this Show will remain in our hearts forever its still popular even from 2012 and beyond
  • Kim Possible: Fight for Five

    i love the show Kim Possible. Its my all time favorite for american cartoon. KP is a teenage hero and the show has great like Shego and Dr.Drakken. and of course one of the best thing is Ron Stoppable. the show has action with the right amount of comedy. Even 5 years after season 4 ended its still my fav. KP is way better then most cartoons nowadays. i want season 5 :D
  • You know that you always can call Kim Possible!

    This was one of my favorite Disney Channel shows as a child, and one of the last good shows on the network until P&F premiered. I remember owning a lot of the toys, books, clothes...heck, I was going through my old elementary school clothes and found my KP nightie.

    Kim Possible was a great role model for little girls. She was always helping people out, always being there for her friends, and not being a snobby cheerleader like in every other TV show. Ron Stoppable was adorable, and I had a crush on him as a little kid. Rufus...hey, he's Rufus! He rocks!

    And the villains were pretty good, too. Drakken is hilarious and evil at the same time, Shego is really cool (her sarcastic personality reminds me of June from KaBlam! a little). I loved the TV movies! I remember my mom getting me So the Drama on DVD the day I graduated from my first elementary school (I'm saying first because one of them is a PreK-3 elementary, the other is a 4-5). I haven't seen much of season four, but I know a lot of people hate it. I own all the DVDs, and I think I need to join the Disney Movie Club so I can get the first and second season complete on DVD.

    The theme song kicks *** and The Naked Mole Rat is pretty catchy. I love "Say the Word" and "Could it Be" as well.

    And this is one of the few Disney shows that lasted over 65 episodes!

  • miss this show!!

    I miss this show! It was action packed and filled with romance! my two favorite things. I started watching this show when it first came on in 2002. I have to admit that i cried when the show went off but who didn't? I love this show and I know alot of other people do to! I hate all the shows on tv now! I miss the old ones like thats so Raven(like my favorite disney show ever!) I miss miss miss miss this show and want it back! I am glad though that they gave it a proper ending and didn't just canceled it like some shows.
  • Well, now that KP's over. What now?

    I'm at a loss for words. KP, one of the best shows on Disney Channel. I'll never forget the dear memories this show has gave me. * starts to cry * Such a shame it's over!, well. Best to go out with a bang anyways. But I'm gonna miss the show. Love the way it ends in Graduation. Kim and Ron FOREVER!!!!

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  • Disneys Best

    It just started with Season 4 , why dont they continue the series.We need another 5 seasons
    Disneys best TV show ever after Duck Tales.
    Kp+Ron =love in season 4 was just awesome
    They Graduated and we want to know whats next after the graduation ,its not the end of the world either here
    The reality after graduation is the hardest part in everyones life , i like to have much episodes focusing on Ron too
    Last time i felt vey sad , when they stopped Duck Tales
    Though i thought they stopped kp by season 3 ,still they came up with even better show.
    Season 4 totally Rocked

    Waiting ...for other seasons

    And why not a bluray release for the show ?

    Anyway i like to know what do disney make now ? Movies ?
    Almost 80 yrs in the play and they dont even want to come back strong , there are many great shows Disney can continue ...
  • Best Disney Channel Cartoon Series EVER!

    Disney's Kim Possible was one of the most popular Disney Channel franchises ever . The show focuses more on action but also has that teen-driven humor that we all love.

    What's to love about it?
    Principally, I would say the characters both heroes and villains.
    All the characters are awesome but Ron, Drakken and Shego bring laughs to the show most of the time.
    How well they were made.
    My favorite would be the romance between the main characters: Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, who have been best friends since pre-k but realized there's more to it by the end of the third season.
    Well, probably about everything.

    What's the difference of ''others'' Disney Channel cartoons?
    Well, they have a background story which is awesome.
    Like example: Ron, Kim's partner/boyfriend, was exposed to ''Mystical Monkey Power'' in the start of the first but was fully explained, showed, whatever by the end of the series in the last episode: Graduation. Ron's little adopted sister Hana is a great example too like Who are her parents? and Why the heck does she have MMP when only Monkey Fist (one of the villains), Ron and Rufus (the cool naked mole rap) were exposed to it. What I'm trying to say is that Disney should do a theatrical movie, they left too much unexplained. Too much that could be explained in a very cool movie.

    The only DC cartoons that I watched and remember that have that background story would be Kim Possible and American Dragon.

    This is the definitely one of my favorite cartoons ;)
  • Kim Possible... There is nothing she cannot do. Call her, or beep her and she'll be there in a minute or two. Greatest Disney series ever!

    This is probably one of the greatest, if not the greatest series that was ever produced by Disney in this last decade. The show tells us the story of a teenage girl named Kim Possible, who during her spare time saves the world from every kind of super villains and mad-men that exist. While doing that she has to worry about every problem that teenagers have, like school, friendships, rivalries, homework, shopping, the usual stuff. Always followed and assisted by her best-friend (and later on the series, boyfriend) Ron Stoppable and his faithful pet naked mole rat Rufus, by the 10-year old genius Wade, by her rival Bonnie Rockwaller, and finally by her friend Monique, among others, Kim always tries to save the world one way or the other, just before bedtime.

    The villains in the series are comical but they can also be extremely realistic and dangerous, which is a cool thing, because the series has a more serious side. Being the only series on Disney that was actually renewed for a fourth season by fans demand, even after it got cancelled, Kim Possible has won the admiration of fans all over the world, who still hope someday to see a fifth season. 10 out of 10!
  • Kim Possible saves the world every day, Yet her show is cancelled. Shame on Disney.

    Kim Possible is one of those shows I've been watching since i was 8 yet just recently became a fan. While it used to be "some show" to me its now one of the best shows on Disney Channel. I can enjoy every episode with all of its comedy and action. Ron Stoppable has to be one of the funniest sidekicks ever on a tv show,and Rufus just adds to this show's charm. All the characters are likeable, even villians like Dr. Drakken and Shego. With 4 seasons its had a good run but looking at what is on Disney anymore it needs brought back to try to save the channel. So Fight for Five.
  • foor score and sevan yars ago, a gewd show calad kim possibale came on

    well kim possible is a grate show. it has gud actun and advantures. my favorite caractor is kim. well I love her eyes!!!! shes so cool. I luv ron too. hes so cool. pics of teh sexy ron stoppible. mom and dad possibale is so cool too, i also love mom and dad stoppible, his dads harry arms is so cool! i wish i had tham, i don't have any hare folicals in my arms so i looks up to his and dram. kim and ron is gud together. but ron and yuris shinto wedding was the best! yes! -Propstoryan
  • An awesome show about a high school girl who fights crime!

    Main villains are Doctor Drakken (perhaps an evil and mad scientist?) along with his partner Sheego. They create evil mastermind plans to create chaos and crime throughout the world, someone needs to stop them from trying to rule the world under their ruthless power, and who is that you say? Kim Possible! Of course she needs some help though by having a computer genius (name is... was it Wade?) And also a sidekick named Ron Stoppable with his pet naked mole rat Rufus! I like Rufus, he makes a special addition to the show, and Ron along with him are funny sometimes and I like how they are crazy about food like delicious nachos! I like Nachos too especially with that cheese, yummy! Great characters along with cool villains are what makes this a terrific tv show, it is animated gold on Disney! There's a lot of great episodes, and I can't resist saying that I think Kim is hot! A spectacular show with a well organized and thought-out concept is one of the many reasons as to why this show deserves some more seasons.
  • One of the best Disney Animated shows since Gargoyles.

    Sure it's not the most complex cartoon or show we've seen, but it is still fun to view.

    Yeah, Ron may not be the brightest bulb (though he is still one of the show's ebst characters in my opinion), but the show isn't as anti-guyish as some may say. And it does cut down on some sterotypes we've seen in other tween oriented shows/cartoons:

    1. Kim breaks the "all cheerleaders" are hateful sterotypes.
    2. The show was able to convey Kim's feminine traits without beating us over the head with fashion.
    3. Kim's main crush before Ron wasn't the sterotypical dumb jock but a smart artistic student.
    4. Jim and Tim were actually amusing rather than annoying, despite getting on Kim's bad side.
    5. Both parents are shown to be smart without the whole Mom is smart, Dad is dumb sterotype.
    6. A Christmas special which wasn't about the characters learning the meaning of Christmas. Ron's attempt at a present is really from the heart. Infact I see it to be one of the most heartwarming Christmas Special that Disney did this decade.

    The only character I'd realy say is the least appealing is Bonnie, and even then she's not that bad.

    Overall, great writing and interesting characters.
  • Possibly the only good Disney cartoon show!

    Kim Possible is all about a teen hero and her faithful sidekick! Kim, who is not only the hero but the head cheerleader and honor student, fights crime with her mad cheer skills, on her feet thinking, and that never give up attitude that makes her so limitless to any challenge! Then there's the guy that's everybody's friend, Ron Stoppable! Ron is the average kid in school, but doesn't let defeat keep him down, instead he gets right up on his feet and takes the bad guy down! With the help of his other best friend Rufus, the naked mole rat, and Wade, ten-year-old super genius, the brains of Team Possible!
    While the two are not in school, they battle the lights of evil; Dr. Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist, Duff Killagain, and foil their latest evil plans! Unlike most shows, the villains contribute so much into the show! Drakken having that Dr. Evil meets the Monarch vibe mixed in with his own ways, diffidently makes the show that more entertaining to all. His lovely sidekick Shego brings more to the table with her sarcasm and her raw attitude makes the duo one more reason to watch! Monkey Fist also contributes more then expected to the show. The monkey master takes no prisoners when he is out on his mission of evil.
    Enough with the villains and the main characters of the show, overall Kim Possible is worth watching for anybody of any age! The episodes how believable and followable story lines, and can keep you entertain for years to come! There's no way that this show will be forgotten at any time!
  • This is simply the best show ever!!!

    This the best I have ever seen!, It was wonderful!, amazing!, it was perfect! In every sense of the word! It does not deserve the way Disney treats it. When I first saw that they were airing it, I was looking forward to, it looked like it was a good show. So I waited, and waited, and by the time came on, I found that my wait was well worth it, so I began to watch it. Each episode was wonderful, full of action, humor and in season four, a good dose of K/R moments. So all in all the best show ever!!!
  • This show had more action an any other show on Disney Channel.

    Kim Possible is a really great show that could have done better if it was on a different channel. I think that this show was one of the best shows that Disney had, but sadly, they took it off. The show was still go. I would have liked to see Kim Possible fight crime when she isn't in high school. It was have been great to see what happens after high school and if they were to look different since they older (Ron most of all). Would they act differently, orwould they still be together? Disney Channel should have never ended this show.
  • The best cartoon on disney channel...

    The best cartoon on disney channel except Lilo and stitch the series... I really like the story of this cartoon it is about a teenage girl who's a student by morning and crime fighter by night together with her bestfriend Ron stoppable no one can defeat them at all. But in the season of Kim possible Ron stoppable became the boyfriend of Kim possible... The second season was about the continuation on the Kim Possible movie... The cartoon is really funny specially Drakken ( Enemy of Kim possible ) and Ron stoppable. They really makes me laugh. Well thats all for this review...
  • This show is what any one who loves adventure and comedy should watch.

    I love this show! Because it mixes high school with adventure. Every kid wishes they could save the world,and Kim really does save the world! Kim Possible is a great influnce to girls because shows that girls can be just as good as boys,and in Kims case sometimes better! I love that there are two great couples to support in this show. Kim and Ron and Drakken and Shego. Kim Possible has everything you could want from a show. Romance, adventure, fighting, comedy, and every day issues and problems. It is prof that not all cartoons have become bad. I have watched Kim Possible from the begining and plan to watch it for as long as I can.
  • When it first came out,I thought it was going to be a cheesy spy show,where the good guy is perfect and always wins easily. But when i started watching it,i saw how wrong i was. It desrves a 10 when you compare it to other shows,especially animated ones

    In my opinion Kim Possible is one of the best cartoons ever made. It has action, comedy, and romance. The show contains morals and is good clean family fun. The picture quality is excellent and the characters are incredible. Season 1 was the worst season, even though it wasn't totally bad, but you cant forget that it was still at the beginning. Seasons 3 and 4 were the best. The seasons and episodes improved with time. Of course, there is bound to be a few bad episodes here and there(Royal Pain and Mather and Fervant are one of the worst two for me), but there are over 80 episodes, including two movies, and no series is perfect. Many believe that Kim is too perfect. Well, i would just like to remind these people that Kim can't cook(Two to Tutor), had troubles driving(Car Trouble), easily gets jealous and angry(Gorilla Fist,Homecoming Upset) cant talk to boys she likes(Blush,Crush) except Ron,lacks some self confidence(Hidden Talent,Kimitation Nation),etc.The pairing of Ron and Kim was a smart move for it showed that when you truly love someone it doesn't matter how you two look or how others see you, even though Ron does step up and eventually saves the day many times(Graduation,Rappin Drakken,Fearless Ferret,Overdue,Blush,Sink or Swim,etc). The show is better then most of the shows they are putting today that are full of cursing,nude scenes and inappropiat behavior. I support a season 5 because the show still has much to offer, and i beg everyone, please don't take the show too seriously. It's a cartoon, your imaginations run wild. Besides, i don't think there is a teenage superhero in our world today with a sidekick/boyfriend possesing mystical monkey powers. Kim Possible is a show to be remebered. I'm in college and still make time to watch an episode now and then (If you're thinking that I'm a geek or an idiot, i would like to mention that i'm 19 years old and have taken 57 college credits earning a G.P.A of 3.923 in only one year!)

    Kim Possible is just fantastic. It will always be remembered as one of the greatest shows ever. Three cheers for the creators Mark and Bob and for the director Steve Loter.
  • I didn't always watch the show except So the Drama really got me hooked.

    Really I thought the series was boring but the Emotion Sicknes and The Chrimstas Special but my fav was So the drama movie not only was great song Could it Be but great plot really the ending, and because of that I some parts the season after the So the Drama when its not boring and nothing happens interesting Also I like the idea they made of Bonnie and Junior too. A weird twist but really they are perfect 4 each other Same Richy Cocky atitude. Also the new season after the movie seems more funnier then the others for some reason.So I used to watch this series sometimes but now with the movies and 4 and some of the 3rd season I love it and now its one of my favorite. Infact its my favorite Disney Show since BraceFace and Sabrina The Animated Series
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