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  • Hit show? I don't think so.

    Since when was this a "hit show"? It never peaked my interest. This show was so horribly clichéd, I cannot tell you where to start. You can watch at least the first 5 minutes, and know exactly what is going to happen in the entire episode. Dull and uninteresting are the words I'm looking for to describe this show.
  • Four words: This Show Is Lame.

    Kim Possible has got to be one of the most retarded shows on Disney. All she does is go around fighting bad guys with with weapons. Oh come on thats so easy a monkey could do it. You could put 20 monkeys in a room with a type writer & you got Shakespeare. You put Sonic & The Boobahs together & you got something. You put a teenage girl whose desperate for a boyfriend & a bunch of lame bad guys & you get a POS. This show sucks. Don't watch it. You'll reget it.
  • So not the drama! Your right Kim, that's cause your show sucks.

    AHHHHHH! I just hate these shows so much! What the heck is wrong with Disney! Gosh! Sorry, but your going to hear my complaining throughtout this review, because this show is so embarrasingly bad that I might vomit all over my keyboard. Thank you TV dot com for giving this oppurtunity to me. I've waited a long time for this. Get ready everybody. This one's gonna hurt that overall score real bad. Small children, please leave the room.

    As if you care, This show is about the totally not cool and not possibly cool Kim Possible, and her truly, TRULY, retarded sidekick, Ron Retard, opps I mean Stoppable. These characters are truly some of the worst I've ever seen since Rocket Power. Kim says the stupidest phrases I've ever heard in my whole life. What the heck does "So not the Drama" mean? Like any kid in America gonna know what that means, actually, I feel truly insulted that Disney is making up phrases we don't even know. Do they think we're stupid or something? Those hypocrites. As if Kim wasn't annoying enough, here comes Ron Stoppable, who is the worst character of all time. Ron talks extremly loudly and stupidly all the time with his hypotetis A diagnosed naked mole rat, Rufus. Both scream out stupid words like Boyaa- uhhh, he's so retarded, I'm not even going to talk about him. Boyaa, Ron! Boyaa!

    The shows antics is truely horrifiying, it will never, ever make you laugh. That's all I'm gonna say, not even gonna touch that one.

    The show not only has terrible voice acting, but some really bad soundtracks as well. After about every action, some retard who is probably brainwashed for working for the show, badly plays the guitar, and it's just annoying.

    In the end, Kim is not so the drama. Ron has nothing to Boyaa about, and Rufus has to go get his shots. This show really, REALLY SUCKS. Don't watch, oh please for the love of the Earth, don't watch it.
  • Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    This show is stupid. A teenage girl has a friend that can put a laser in a hand mirror and help her save the world but we are still at war. Why cant he make trap weapons for the military and really help save the world. This show really sucks.
  • This show is about a girl (age 16)who must save the world and deal with school at the same time,

    I think the show is horrible and needs a major adgystment to make it at all good. If you can find a worse show please contact me because i think there is nothing worse than Kim Possible and her friend Ron and Ron's girbel dude. I HATE IT, THIS SHOW STINKS!.
  • This show is HORRIBLE!

    This is probably going to be my worst review since that horrible nick show Rocket Power. This show is about a teenage girl who saves the world using gadgets that look like beauty items how Boring, Stupid, and Lame. And what is up with Ron stoppable Kim's stupid sidekick I mean he is a complete idiot. I don't even know how he passed first grade! The action of this show is a piece of extreme CRAP! Don't I repeat Don't watch this show it is just BAD!
  • This was cancelled? About time.

    This was a lame show. A teenager that saves the world? I think it's been done before. The voice over acting was ok, but the plot was sub-par. Plus her brothers where named Tim and Jim? That is a joke done for something, what I don't want to know. And I am saying this in a kind way, I could not say what I think of this drek cartoon on the net. Kids shows today have lost a lot of punch, they are just not as good as they where, back along time ago.
  • This show is weird. And lame.

    I don't get it. So it's this girl who is a cheeleader and a superhero at the same time. She uses weapons to kill enemies. How boring is that? There are hundreds of shows with that annoying thing. A team of girls fighting evil.

    Also, it has this annoying little theme tune that buzzes arodun in your head like an angry European wasp. And that stupid little rat with large squirrel buck teeth called Rufus. God thsi show is crazy. Amnd it's so annoying I can't see why everyone likes it. This show is terrible.
  • cant watch

    because ts say this video is special. how can watch?
  • This show is so unrealistic

    This is another show that i skip when im looking for somethung with at least a little realism. I mean look Kim is to perfect and she always victories. There has not been one episode with a death or a gun. Which makes this too stupid and unrealistic. Try watching Goldeneye.
  • This show is so retarded

    I found my self watching the disney channel one afternoon bvecause I had nothing better to do I saw a good show and a few okay shows then this came on and I sat through the whole episode hoping it would go off soon this show had horrible plot structure and stupid villians
  • Disney Channel's smash hit?

    More like Disney got smashed in the head,which could only be the reason as to why they put this horrible show on.It was okay in the beginning but now they're trying to surpress the K/R relationship through thick layers of comedy.Which is fine but it's just forced out to cover up any real involvement they might have.The flashy new car and everything is just to deter viewers away from any romance & Ron getting an adoptive sister while is a senior is bizzare.

    I mean,his parents are what,in their 50's?!Just do yourself a favor and don't watch it.It's not worth seeing them cover up any real emotion between Kim and Ron.Also,Kim still thinks she's SOOOO perfect.Egh.The replacements are better.
  • Kim Possible, A teenager in highschool battles between evil and making it to cheerleading practice. With the help of Ron Stoppable they fight evil forces and manage to make it to school on time.

    Kim Possible is very well known as the teenage superhero. Many little kids adore her and place her as their idol. Kim Possible has been on Disney Channel for quite some time now and the show is becoming old. The show is becoming boring and each year the number of people who watch Kim Possible decreases. Kim Possible is an appropriate show for younger children and does give them an appropriate role model. Although she does fight evil she does give a great example of how one person can make a difference. Kim shows young girls how much power they can have and how friends will always have your back even if you need them immediately.
  • I have a reason for my hatred...

    I'll sum it up in one word...Ron.Now that that's settled...

    Do yer Shego hang low,when you wobble to da floor.

    Does she shine in da light.

    Iz she plantinum,iz she gold?

    Could you throw'er over your shoulder if you...something or other.

    Do yer Shego low?

    It's a Kim.

    'Bout twenty four inches to the ground.

    Shego let her hang...


    Do yet Kigo...hang...low?


  • It's eh...

    Really,you know,kinda good but not really.Don't get me wrong.Cause this show rocks but then it again it sort of really doesn't.I wouldn't say this show sucks but it really doesn't un-suck.So...yeah,there's a lot left to be desired.

    Ah,heck.KP FOR NEVER!This crap of a show is why ADJL isn't on anymore.I mean,really.This show is what?A girl who can do anything and a dude who if his ears were any biggert he could just fly them from mission to mission.The only cool one is Shego and yet she has to put up one dude Freakin' or whatever his name is.Then the twins Twerp and Jerk. lol.
  • A girl who can do anything and a guy who can do nothing?

    This show is trash.A major rip of Johnny Hunt and Totally Spies.The red haired chick never loses a match and this Ron guy is the king of clutz's.I hope this show would just stay buried and forgotten in the land of hopelessness where it belonged but nooooo,everyone had to cry and this crap got a bloody renewal.Everyone's just so annoying and too full of themselves.Shego's okay though.Here's hoping the next eps will be major flops and they'll demote it to Toon Disney.=)
  • This show is getting old.

    I tell you,back in the day it was great.Diverse villans galore,great actions scenes and a rocking storyline.Then I saw the episode where Ron turns into a fat glob.Ew.And then I heard the tweebs would be on more.Great.And that Ron and Kim were going to be 'more' then just sidekicks.What joy.I still think the show is okay but it's getting kind of weak.

    Seriously,their running out of ideas.Shego a teacher?How messed up is that.It's still funny but your better off just finding something else to watch then this miserable show.
  • A completely boring show with an all-too-perfect heroine.

    I know that "Kim Possible" may be a huge trend to some, but I personally find it boring and unoriginal. Secret-agent films and cartoons have been done to death, and "Kim Possible" is just another one of those shows.

    That's not what peeves me, though. What peeves me most is Kim--I'd like the show a lot better if she weren't so perfect. She's got a great body, she's head of the cheerleading squad, she gets straight A's on practically everything, and in every episode I watch she NEVER suffers defeat--not even a crash into the wall or an accidental fall. What's the fun in watching the show if the main heroine is way too perfect? I'd like to see her show some more emotion, have some flaws--maybe even be a little clumsy. I know that Ron covers for most of the slapstick, but that doesn't mean that Kim can't screw things up, too.

    I would've given this show a lower score, but extra brownie points go to my rating for the development of the characters of Ron Stoppable and Dr. Drakken--they're positively hilarious and probably the only reason I watched the show in the first place. Drakken might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, and neither is Ron, but their comical antics make up for everything.

    I'm sorry, but I just don't like it.
  • Compared to Loonatics? Dull. Boring. Pointless. Not funny.

    This is the most pathetic excuse for an 'action' show I have ever seen. Most of every episode is about Kim's school life, not the Kung-fu stuff that EVERYBODY loves! It can be slightly amusing, but Kim is unrealistically perfect. I mean, puh-LEEZE, NOBODY could possibly be the daughter of a brain-surgeon AND a rocket scientist, be the leader of a cheer squad, NOT have a job...and save the world? HELLO!!!!!!! Fans of this show, pick up the remote on Saturday at 9:30 and watch Loonatics Unleashed. MUCH more action AND humor. Kim Possible is a waste of valuable time!
  • Statistically, Kim is not your "basic, average girl."

    The producers of "Kim Possible" are out of touch with reality. Kim is not an accurate representation of what statistics prove to be "basic" and "average." If Kim were a reflection of a realistic counterpart, she would be heavier, less athletic, and be less involved in intramural, interscholastic, and extracurricular activities. Today's teens are more sedentary than previous generations, participate in less athletic activities, and are often apathetic when it comes to after-school programs. An intelligent, highly-athletic, socially responsible cheerleader is the exception, not the rule. "Kim" gives the impression that in order to be "average" (or to phrase it better: "like everyone else"), teens must be ultra-thin, highly-involved, and trend-forward. The fact of the matter is, that "average" is none of those things. One of the show's redeeming qualities is that Ron Stoppable tries to fit in, but always seems to learn that it's better to be yourself. However, Ron is not the one depicted as being "basic" and "average", In reality, he's the closest to it.
  • Teenage cheerleader and her goofy sidekick save the world while still making it home in time for supper?

    A mildly interesting, though ridiculously unrealistic show. Definately not something I'm jumping up and down to watch, but I can stand to watch if nothing else is on TV. What i like least about it is how unrealistic it is. I can recall that in one episode, Kim was fighting someone in midair, after jumping out of a plane. Not only should she have passed out from all the blood in her body being pulled down by gravity, but she should have fallin at a much greater speed, and not had a five minute midair fight. Also, while she was falling with, she basicly did a midair jump and propelled herself upwardds through the air, defying gravity. Aside from its blatant unrealisticness, I don't like how most characters are almost perfectly molded into some type of stereotype. Actually, the only reason i even watch the show at all is because of Ron, Rufus, Dr. Draken, and Shego, because I don't like any other characters. Also, basic average girl? Her parents are a brain sergion and a rocket scientist! That's not average!
  • I absolutely hate the show Kim Possible, it's so impossible and stupid. It doesn't really make any sense, but I have to admit when I was younger I would watch it sometimes. But it's never ever been one of my favorites, and it never will be.

    Kim Possible is a very obnoxious show, whenever I see Kim Possible, I think "Change the Channel", but when I was younger, some of the episodes were pretty funny, but I never would kill myself to watch Kim Possible, I'd just watch it when nothing was on t.v. but now if there was nothing on t.v., and Kim Possible was on, I'll just turn the t.v. off. I absolutely can't stand Kim Possible.
  • An utterly rubish show.

    Of all the TV shows I have watched. Of all the good ones, bad ones and down right terrible ones, this is one of the worst. Never in my life have I seen a show so repetitive, and mundane. The villains never win, the hero is an idiot, her side kick is even worse. You can predict the sequence of the episodes, from the starting to the end. With no new jokes added, and no new characters appearing. With a heroin who is infallible, and extra quirky it is no fun to watch after the first season, after which nothing new comes along.
  • Not a good show at all! It tells about a teenage girl who saves the world, when she's not doing homework. I mean, COME ON!

    I Guess this show is ok, if you like that kind of stuff. But, seriously, can a girl save the world, go to school, get really good grades, and still have a social life? I mean, COME ON! It's also really really REALLY predictable. Whenever she battles villains she always wins! I don't think I have EVER seen her loose. Well, I don't want to sound mean if you do like this show, this is just my opinion. No offense, but I'm pretty glad the show is canceled. Now I don't have to watch it anymore. Good bye, Kim Possible! Not a good show at all! It tells about a teenage girl who saves the world, when she's not doing homework. I mean, COME ON!
  • Kim Possible isnt far behind from being cancelled either.

    I just can't get into tune with this show. It's about two white mountain-bound teens with near average families that attends a typical white mountian-bound school. Then they repeats the same schemes of the villians all over again. Come on now, how many times has Drakken tried to do something deceiving while Shego helps him. Come on now, that's every episode. At least come out with new villians. The creators are basically getting free money. This was never one of my favorites. However, the animation is good. I do think though that they need to do a little more work on the show and create a more diverse environment and more villians for Kim Possible and more plots for her also, because these people are being cheated out of a good entertainment experience on Disney Channel.
  • Kim Possible was awesome but when Season 4 came it ruined it.

    I loved this show a few years ago but when it finally got a forth season it just wrecked the whole thing. I just don't like how Kim and Ron are seniors at Middleton High. Wouldn't they be over crime fighting by now? And I always think what would they do in the future. Also, the Kim/Ron pairing was something I didn't like. Also, the villains are getting weirder and a bit babyish.Everything was so much better when the characters are younger. But, speaking of Seasons 1-3, the show was outstanding and I enjoyed the action, humour and the setting of the cartoon.
  • Not the worst of Disney's many flops, but still not to great.

    This show isnt the worst in the world, I will be the first to admitt that, but it isnt that good. Like more of the recent Disney Channel shows, the story line isnt that believable. I mean a teenage cheerleader who saves the world everyday? COME ON! I know its a cartoon, so things can be very easily exagerated, but they are pushing the limits with this show. If you just watch her, no cheerleader, no person, and actually flip off the ground and land atop of a 3 story building. They can atleast make it semi-believable. Then every so often the show will just throw in Monkey magic, with that Monkeyfist guy. And if there really was a 10 year old super genius, I'm sure that he would be doing something more important than building gadgets for Kim and Ron. Rufus, the naked mole rat, was an original and clever addition to the show, but I dont like how he can talk. It is like how Scooby Doo can talk. Well I know I am showing alot of criticism, but I just want to express my opinion on this show. I dont really like it, but hey maybe you guys will.
  • Take 1 part "Jonny Quest", 1 part "Tomb Raider", add a heap of comedy and stir.

    A bowdlerized 'Girl Power' version of "Jonny Quest". Well, if one is going to 'borrow', it might as well be from the archetype of the genre.

    Like "Jonny Quest", the protagonist of "Kim Possible" is a teenager. Like on "Jonny Quest" there's a male best friend. Also like on "Jonny Quest" there's a cute animal sidekick. And to round it all out, just like on "Jonny Quest" the protagonist has a scientist father.

    As far as the set up goes, there's nothing wrong with it. A female version of Jonny Quest is an interesting concept. But the problem is the tongue in cheek aspect of the show. It doesn't take itself seriously, which prevents the audience of doing so as well.

    Had this series been given the serious treatment that "Jonny Quest" had, it could have really been something. Instead it's more like a weak knock-off of "The Tick", an attempt to simultaneously satire and be a part of its given genre.

    Lots of potential, not much done with it, which at the end of the day is the biggest shame.
  • Um...about Ron.

    Ron's stupid,wacky,got a nasally's awful oh and since when do blondes are reds go together?This dork wasn't even worthy of being Kim's sidekick much less her boyfriend.
    If Kim wanted to get some real kicks out of her life,she'd confess her undying love to shego and they'd put aside their differences to be together and Ron can go make out in some dark closet with the nude rat or the blue dude Druggin.
  • Kim possible Rules!

    Kim possible is definately one and if not the best cartoon show out there, it's all modern, she's a normal kid with a side-kick, Ron who is just the funniest thing in the world, the blind mole rat is so cute lol.. This is a daily routine for me. I get home, turn on Disney and watch kim possible.

    I really like kim possibles personality, style etc. She is like a real person who is just in a cartoon, Kim Possible could become a TV show (non animation) anyday.. I will be it's biggest supporter!

    Off to go watch kim possible and Ron!
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