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  • Kim Possible proves you do not need powers... or a sidekick with a funcional brain... to save the world.

    Kim Possible is a hot redhead who saves the world from supervillains and does it all with the help of a dimwit boy, Ron Stoppable, and a naked mole rat, Rufus.

    This show is all about girl boy by makes the guys look like complete morons. Sure there are a few smart guys, but the smartest is a hermit. The villains are more annoying than threatening and use lame plans that almost never work.

    Although this series is for teenagers, it might be better if the villains was better, the sidekick was smarter, and if there wasn't so many cliched characters.
  • This is how I feel about Disney's hit show Kim Possible.

    It took me a very long time to sum up my words of this incredible Disney series. In a time where good television on that network was scarce, in the middle of the year 2002, came a godsend. 'Kim Possible', a show all about a crimefighting teenager, hit the airwaves and became an instant success.

    'Kim Possible' has so far lasted for three years and there is a possibility it may continue in the near future. For the entire time it has been on Disney Channel, it has enchanted me as well as others with its' jokes and action scenes. From Crush, the inaugural episode of KP, to Kim Possible: So the Drama, the movie, Kim and company have wormed their way into the hearts of millions.

    Two soundtracks have been released of this incredible show, and four DVDs. I happily own one soundtrack (the second one only really has two added songs) and one DVD, yet I have three KP posters. I believe that KP well deserves this merchandise, and it only furthers the show's popularity.

    KP also features an excellent voice cast, with Broadway star Christy Carlson Romano providing the voice of the title character) and 'Futurama''s John DiMaggio as the voice of her arch foe Dr. Drakken, also known as Drew Lipsky.

    All in all, KP is an awesome show and should be given a chance by everyone.
  • Kim Possible is a pretty good show, but it may annoy people who want deeper villians.

    Animation & Style: Its a very stylish and almost original design. It pretty much mimics the style of Penny Arcade's Comics. This style creates for more modern looking characters which have been absent in many cartoons today. The animation is clean and sometimes fluid. They use some little effects to make the show more enjoyable. The backgrounds are simple, but they don't interfere too much with whats on screen.

    Plot: In some episodes, the plots fail miserably, but this is because the show insists on making sure that every villian acts stereotypical. Sometimes to the point where even the villian will acknowledge that they are acting too cliché. With the mixture of comedy and action, it sort of makes us think less of this problem, but it is hard to avoid.

    Characters & Voices: Ron Stoppable practically steals the show. His voice, and his wacky oddness but chill character really makes him more entertaining than Kim. Dr. Drakken is a bit annoying. The Senor Seniors are alright, maybe Senor Senior Junior's voice is a bit too high. Two good voices that fit their characters well is Wade and Shego. It seems like Disney did an actual good job of picking voice actors, even though some of these are celebrities on other television shows.

    Sound: Sound Effects are normal, they do create some custom pop songs for the show. Some of them are cool, but nothing really special.

    Final Thoughts: Kim Possible is a pretty good show, but it may annoy people who want deeper villians.
  • Excellent cast combined with an awesome crew makes for a Disney cartoon that deserves attention. I recommend.

    Disney's recent cartoon shows really haven't caught my attention and to be honest, I really didn't get into this show until late last year. What amazes me about Kim Possible are the incredible cast and crew. Directors Chris Bailey, Steve Loter and Nick Filippi previously worked on the ill-fated Clerks animated TV series (you can really see their similar art styles in that series and KP) and it really surprised me to see them come from that adult-humored show to a family show. Director David Block hails from old cartoon hits and some of my favorites, like Ducktales and Gummi Bears. This crew provides some well-done writing and dialogue throughout the series, and what better than to have an amazing voice cast behind it.

    John DiMaggio, well-known for his role as Bender from Futurama, provides the voice of the neurotic villain Dr. Drakken. Gary Cole, popular for his role as Peter's boss from Office Space and the voice of the main character of Cartoon Network's Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, does the voice of Kim's dad. I can never forget Patrick Warburton, known for his tough amusing characters such as Puddy on Seinfeld and Joe from Family Guy; he voices the strict teacher Mr. Barkin. I could go on (don't even get me started with the guest stars), but what I want to point out is that with an outstanding cast like this, the characters of Kim Possible are certainly well-voiced and memorable and the show is definitely entertaining because of that.

    This series spawned two good movies and three seasons, each one as exceptional as the next. Kim Possible has a lot of heart and splendid character development and personally, I like the style, the animation and the way this show looks. Overall, it leaves a lasting impression on me and I can’t say enough good things about it. Go watch this show!
  • I love the show. The animation is very colorful and the voices are fantastic!

    Kim Possible is a great show for many kids. It's got very clear animation and wonderful voices. The voices match the characters personalities perfectly! All of the characters are unique and have a great personality. Everyone can relate to a certain character in many ways! I know I certainly can relate to Kim!
  • Classic when it first aired, classic now.

    Classic. What else can describe it? Excellent cast and crew. Some of the roles and VAs are irreplaceable! Ron and Drakken are hilarious! Best show from Disney in a LONG time.. if not ever.. I give a solid 10. I wish the scale went higher though. 10 just doesn't seem high enough to me...
  • My no. one unbeatable fave! And its no wonder why!

    May 10 2003. The day KP first aired on local tv where I lived. (I didn't have cable yet)
    The minute I saw it, I knew this show was something good. It's been my top favorite ever since then!

    Kim Possible, is, as the theme song says, your basic average girl - by day at least. By night, she travels on numerous missions to save the world. Assisted by her hilarious best friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable, his pet naked mole rat Rufus, and ten-year-old super genius Wade who provides her with gadgets a-la James Bond, she manages to thwart the plans of power-hungry villains every time. Like they say, anything is possible for a Possible!

    Not only is the show funny and action-packed, it sometimes deals with every day problems like wearing branded labels and going to school dances. Certain episodes also have lessons attatched to them making it all the better for the younger kids who watch it.

    Apart from a few episodes which may seem to have silly storylines when compared to the rest, and another one or two where the drawing and animation style of the characters looked different from the other episodes, the show is actually quite flawless. I often find myself laughing at the funny lines and unique villains, and enjoying the highly detailed action sequences and the quality animation.

    But as always, I believe it is Disney's power of great and original storytelling and detailed, realistic characterization that makes this show a true winner, and my most favorite show EVER!
  • An intstant classic, no doubt about it

    I was one of the few KP fans that watched the show from its pilot in '02. And even then, I was amazed at how they could take such a simple concept and make it great.

    It's been done before: Teenager is a superhero at night, normal by day, yadda yadda yadda. But its more than what the basic summary may say (The often used "Cheerleader by day, crime-fighter by night, she can do anything: including save the world in her spare time") it is. I almost can't list the reasons why. The charecters, romance, and plots in general make this show one of a kind.

    Of course, this quality leaks and even pours from its movie, So the Drama. It could get anybody hooked on a series, including me (I have been watchging since it first aired, I just wasn't obsessed with it then).

    Not to mention the great charecter designs. It uses a creative and original style like no show before it.

    In short: If Disney had brains, there would be more of this series.
  • why not like kim possible?

    i like it because i've always been into shows that are part teen lifes part action.ex-danny phantom,teen titians,kinda american dragon jake long,my life as a teenage robot, shows like that.i like iit becuse kim is so real person can jump kick or do any of that stuff in the real world , but thats why i like it.that and it is so the one were kim is stuck to bonnie and ron is stuck to could they stad each was trying to have fun and kill ron at the same time.the show is so unreal but what good things to watch on tv are real.fear factor is real but peoplle are so very,very,very well paid for it or just aren't human.the point is i like kim possible and i hope it never ends.
  • I love this show. It's genious. Pure. Genious.

    I LOVE Kim Possible, Ron, Wade, ALL of them. The show ROCKS. There's definitely a good chemistry between Kim AND Ron and I hope this show gets extended out of popularity. It ROCKS. While the characters and the plots are NOT so in-depth, it's a good show for people like me, who don't have the time to "follow" shows. I try to catch it in my busy schedule, and it rocks cause I don't have to know a whole lot about the show to watch any episode. I really want to watch So The Drama and feel compelled to BECAUSE this show rocks. I recommend it to ANYONE from the ages of 4-114 years old.
  • Good

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • Kim Possible is about a high-school student turned crime fighter, with her best friend Ron Stoppable, amidst other endearing characters along for the ride. Hilarious, and impressive on pretty much every front - one of the best animated shows out there.

    To be honest, I haven't been a huge fan of many of Disney's television programs; while most of their movies are top-notch (especially the ones with their computer-animated partner Pixar studios), I find many of their shows to be shallow and emotionally manipulative, and little to offer other than a blaring advertisement for their most basic themes. ("Follow your dreams", "Do your best", etc) I'm not saying these aren't good messages, but when a show seems like its characters exist solely for that purpose, and the messages are hammered in with the subtlety of a bulldozer, I simply don't find it very appealing. Initially, I delayed watching Kim Possible for a while, assuming it would resemble most of the rest of the Disney Channel; however, when I finally buckled down and watched it, I found the show to be wickedly creative and unexpectedly funny with a sly sense of satire. The premise of the show, as explained by the summary, may seem unoriginal, but a few episodes into it I realized this isn't the case; Kim Possible spans multiple topics and genres with grace and style. It's part superhero satire, part coming-of-age tale, part action, part comedy, and wholly entertaining.

    The best part of Kim Possible is by far the clever script. For those willing to watch for it, there's a lot of smart dialogue between characters, sly one-liners, and unexpected parody. The way the words are written and spoken is clever, surprising, and often blithely funny. One of the key ideas to the show is the superhero and arch-foe satire; Kim Possible is in many respects a standard student, and is without and kind of "powers", yet she functions as a superhero of sorts; in fact, her main rivals, Drakken and Shego, don't qualify as usual villains, as they not only rarely know the purpose for the devices they steal but also seem as interested in sarcastic interplay as they do world domination. With this setup, Kim Possible provides itself ample opportunity to poke fun at traditional hero and villain cliches - everything from lairs to world domination to henchmen to ultimatums to sidekicks. Combined with a keen sense of humor and clever play-on-words, the comedic aspect of the show succeeds admirably.

    Many times shows with good humor don't follow up with their characters, leaving them and their relationships undeveloped and insignificant. Fortunately Kim Possible provides a strong foundation with the (originally) platonic relationship between Kim and Ron, which fluctuates over time, but serves as a rock-solid core for the series. Worked in around that are a variety of loveable characters, from Kim's old-fashioned parents and annoying kid brothers to Middleton High's various players (like Principal Barkin, Monique, or Bonny) to the array of villains, including Drakken, Shego, Lord Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan. (Drakken and Shego have the best personalities for the role, as well as the wit and energy, but the others still function pretty well) In addition, Kim Possible adds a touch of sincerity to its comedic proceedings (as did other successful animated programs like Futurama and The Simpsons), mostly dealing with the coming-of-age aspect or Kim and Ron's friendship, which brings the characters to something more than mere pleasantries. Thematically, Kim Possible deals mostly with growing up and the ability of ordinary people to perform extraordinary feats and retain extraordinary friendships, but there's also a few scenes of wisdom about individuality, self-image, and familial relations.

    Combine that with solid voice-acting, wonderful music, attractive visuals (they still took the time to hand draw them), and some very creative plots, and you have a winner of a show. Kim Possible isn't without flaws, usually dealing with the fact not every episode is as strong as its best. (then again, few shows manage to achieve this) Honestly though, what struck me most about Kim Possible was its perspective; not only is it more mature than many of Disney's other cartoons, it provides a very unique and original perspective on many different types of events, from school to pop culture to superheroes. I suppose Disney just bothered to put forth some effort this time; rather than being childish and shoddily constructed, Kim Possible is smart, savvy, immensely enjoyable, hugely quotable, and defiantly original. I'm tough on many of my ratings (if you can see that from my profile), but Kim Possible earns all nine of its points - "Children's" programming has never looked better.
  • My second favorite. And one of the best! This is got to be one of the greatest ideas!

    This is my second favorite show. It s one of my favorite. It is about a girl named Kim Possible and a guy named Ron Stopable. They have to go through adventures andd defeat villans together. Kim i the one with kung-fu moves and stuff. Ron is the one thats more comady and no moves. Ron also has a naked mole rat as a pet named Rufes. I think its a comady,adventure,action type of show. Watch this show and you will love it! I give this show a 9.5 because it has a good plot and it is awsome and is a must watch show!
  • Kim Possible: She can do anything...

    ...except be saved from disney from the evil 65 episode policy. This show is a very good show for people everywhere. I know boys and girls who watch it. I know 8 to 20 year olds who watch it. This show is so good, that no one can stay away from it.

    As Kim Possible draws nearer to it's end. Most people don't want to see it go. The acting is wonderful, the plotlines are funny and action filled, yet the show hasn't seemed to be abole to excape cancelation.

    While the show may still have a couple more years of reruns, we can without a doubt say that the show almost is gone. Well that stinks...
  • Kim Possible is a show that needs to stick around.

    Kim Possible and her sidekick Ron Stoppable, with Rufus (the naked mole rat) in his pocket, is in my oppinon the best disney show that is currently on.

    The relationship between Kim and Ron is awsome. You have that deep bounding relationship that they would do anything for each other. Like going on dangerous missions eventhough your scared out of your mind of everything, especialy monkeys. Or giving you best freing a chance of being the mascout for the cheerleading team.

    All in all this show has everything in it for the young and old, but still young in heart, to enjoy.

    Let keep KP alive.
    More new episodes.
  • Take 1 part "Jonny Quest", 1 part "Tomb Raider", add a heap of comedy and stir.

    A bowdlerized 'Girl Power' version of "Jonny Quest". Well, if one is going to 'borrow', it might as well be from the archetype of the genre.

    Like "Jonny Quest", the protagonist of "Kim Possible" is a teenager. Like on "Jonny Quest" there's a male best friend. Also like on "Jonny Quest" there's a cute animal sidekick. And to round it all out, just like on "Jonny Quest" the protagonist has a scientist father.

    As far as the set up goes, there's nothing wrong with it. A female version of Jonny Quest is an interesting concept. But the problem is the tongue in cheek aspect of the show. It doesn't take itself seriously, which prevents the audience of doing so as well.

    Had this series been given the serious treatment that "Jonny Quest" had, it could have really been something. Instead it's more like a weak knock-off of "The Tick", an attempt to simultaneously satire and be a part of its given genre.

    Lots of potential, not much done with it, which at the end of the day is the biggest shame.
  • I\'m new at this, so give me a break!

    Disney\'s Kim Possible & I have a history. Upon viewing previews in \'02, I thought \"that looks like the dumbest show ever.\" You see how wrong I was!! Words don\'t describe this show. Sure, some episodes are cliches, and some are just painful to watch in the presence of others, but that\'s what makes it an interesting show. You don\'t know what to expect. When it\'s good, it\'s very good, and I don\'t feel weird about watching it & going into High School at the same time. People just have to respect us for that. Plus drawing characters from the show gives me a great rep. as the school\'s best artist (2 years running, baby!!). So if you don\'t watch this show, that\'s fine. I\'m not going to tell you what to do. Those who watch it with me, you keep rocking on!
  • Kim Possible is one of the best shows on Disney. Once again Disney cancels another great show. Its because of this crap Disney is going down the tube, you should never cancel this show. Darn you Disney. Kim Possible has great animation, a wonderful cast,

    Kim Possible is one of the best shows on Disney. Once again Disney cancels another great show. Its because of this crap Disney is going down the tube, you should never cancel this show. Darn you Disney. Kim Possible has great animation, a wonderful cast, and great characters. It’s just wonderful.
  • Everything is possible for a Possible... except surviving the Disney 65 episode limit.

    From the start Kim was an instant success in our household. My daughter and her best friend (Blake) play KP with our dog being Rufus. They watch the episodes then develop their own stories. They even go so far as to analyze the story and define where the villian went wrong. Their biggest question - why doesn't Shego take Senor Senior Sr's money and take over the world herself?

    Too bad Disney doesn't recognize what they have here. We'll all miss you, Kim!
  • Show about hero Kim Possible and her sidekick and best-friend Ron Stoppable and their missoons to save the world.

    Great show even though I'm a guy... its hilarius. Ron and Rufus are my definite favs and Drakken my favorite villain. Great show but don't understand how Kim isn't recognized for saving the world more often.. its not like I do. Liked both movies and liked how Ron and Kim finally hooked up in the @nd movie.
  • I like this show and I am 13 years old!

    Wow! This show is pretty good. I really used to hate it but now that I watch it, it is pretty good. Everything is well drawn, with the exception of Dr. Drakken, and the missions kim has to go on are unique and well thought about. I think that this show shouldn't leave Disney Channel or change time slots. I know that there are only 2 or 3 episodes left but it still is pretty good.
  • This show is a refreshing change of pace from other children's animation today. This is tryly a show that all ages can enjoy.

    This show is a refreshing change of pace from other children's animation today. The characters are presented with a great deal of depth, and the storylines show a great deal of subtlety and wit usually seen only in shows for older audiences. The show teaches morality by example instead of a different lesson learned each time. This creates a continuity of ethics and social nature that allows for more time to be devoted to full character development and social commentary. The balance of action and emotional drama is handled in such a way as to always be fresh and innovative. This is truly a show that all ages can enjoy.
  • This is one of my best tv shows of all time! I like the way that Kim and Ron does crime fighting. That's what I like the most! This show rocks the world!

    Since crime fighting came to my mind, Kim Possible would make the best show that Disney has to offer. Everyone saw the show and it was much better crime fighting style that the world has seen. Luckly for me that I'll be like them and saving the world is the #1 source that it can make it happen. Way to go Kim and Ron! And remember, just say the word and they will be there!
  • The best show on Disney or any cable channel.

    Disney's Kim Possible shows just what you need to make a cartoon and make it right. Mixing action, humorous sidekicks and villains alike, and a girl who can do anything (as her website claims) offers up a recepie for greatness. While on the surface this may seem like a show aimed primarily at young girls, I found my brother and myself both compleatly sucked into the world of Kim Possible with the help of her sidekick Ron Stoppable and his naked mole rat Rufus. Not only does KP offer up great fun for kids, but it's for the entire family to enjoy. I highly recomend this show to anyone with a pulse.
  • I watched this show and loved it.

    I remember when i first watched this show i thought it was just for girls but then the cool kid Ron Stoppable came along and made me laugh.I also stayed because i found out John Dimaggio was in this cartoon and John is a talented actor.Well i think it must be rough on a girl balancing all the chores of a high schooler as well as saving the world from mutants,evil villians,and even a once evil Ron.I think this show should be for any one boy or girl who enjoys action and comedy.

    I think this show may be one of my favorites on the disney channel so far.I guess it will always be a good show I hope it doesn't get cancelled.
  • Redhead heroine can do anything...

    One of the better Disney shows not based off a motion picture movie.

    It's got its share of great episodes, and some mildly interesting ones. But it's enjoyable nonetheless.

    Shego, Bonnie and Ron really make the show for me.

    The theme song is pretty catchy too. Christina Milian. Yeah...


  • Best Disney Channle show ever.

    Kim Possible was a short lived funny action cartoon for the disney channle. It was no doubt the sponge bob for the disney channle. I can't belive disney killed one of it's best shows because of that silly 65 episode rule. Kim Possible was a great show and will be miss!
  • About a teenage girl who has total style and a job savin the world! She has a various number of villans to fight who all have weird and funny attitudes. Her sidekick Ron Stoppable is a dim-witted guy but is a big part of every mission in his weird ways.

    This show is a classic. I love everytime they fight, (especially Drakken) because the producers always seem to put the haha in it. Kim has so much style and she is so talented even when she dosen't fight crime. She sets a total trend to people because she rocks out-loud!
  • A Show for all Ages...

    Kim Possible is intended for only girls ages 5-16. But guys love this show just as much. This is a show that shows that personal strength and individuality can help you do anything. It has great original characters, twisted humorous storylines, and can even act like a day-time soap, but for kids...Definately a treat for anyone of any age.
  • Not Disney's best show

    It's not Disney's best, or it's worst. It's OK. It's got good charachters, and a good basic outline, but it's not funny, and not the Voicing isn't to good either. It's not really realistic, but it's not as bad as the other animated shows Disney channel has, But it definetly isn't as good as the shows like Phil of the future, The suite life. ect.
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