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  • This is how I feel about Disney's hit show Kim Possible.

    It took me a very long time to sum up my words of this incredible Disney series. In a time where good television on that network was scarce, in the middle of the year 2002, came a godsend. 'Kim Possible', a show all about a crimefighting teenager, hit the airwaves and became an instant success.

    'Kim Possible' has so far lasted for three years and there is a possibility it may continue in the near future. For the entire time it has been on Disney Channel, it has enchanted me as well as others with its' jokes and action scenes. From Crush, the inaugural episode of KP, to Kim Possible: So the Drama, the movie, Kim and company have wormed their way into the hearts of millions.

    Two soundtracks have been released of this incredible show, and four DVDs. I happily own one soundtrack (the second one only really has two added songs) and one DVD, yet I have three KP posters. I believe that KP well deserves this merchandise, and it only furthers the show's popularity.

    KP also features an excellent voice cast, with Broadway star Christy Carlson Romano providing the voice of the title character) and 'Futurama''s John DiMaggio as the voice of her arch foe Dr. Drakken, also known as Drew Lipsky.

    All in all, KP is an awesome show and should be given a chance by everyone.
  • Disney's last great show and one of my all-time favorites.

    As my title says, this was truly Disney's last great show. Not since the early 90s has Disney made a cartoon that was so smartly written. Kim Possible had it all. Cool characters, creative plots, nice animation and art style, great music and voice acting, a cool theme, and plenty of action, drama, comedy and (once season 4 came around) romance. I admit that there were a few episodes I didn't like (mainly Royal Pain and a few of the half-length ones), but the rest of the show was fantastic!

    The characters, good and evil, are very likable, and they're all funny, particularly Ron and Shego. Kim breaks the usual animated cheerleader stereotype for being very kind and smart, and also has a great sense of humor. Not to mention her awesome moves on missions. And I'd be lying if I said she wasn't totally hot (don't look at me like that viewer). Ron is the typical goofball, but he isn't annoying. In fact, he's the best character in the show, just for how likable and carefree he is and how far he's willing to go to help Kim, at home and in her missions. I also like Rufus, who in many ways is more useful on missions than Ron, Wade, Monique, Kim's family, Mr. Barkin, even Bonnie is completely likable bitch. The villains are awesome. Guys like Dr. Drakken and Duff Killigan bring good comedy, while Monkey Fist is a more serious and threatening villain. And Shego of course, is just freakin' awesome. A perfect balance of hysterically funny and an actual threat to Kim. Their fights are always enjoyable to watch.

    The first season was really good (except for Royal Pain), even if the art style was different in some episodes. It was a good introduction to the characters. The second season was pretty good too, but for how big it was, the only really amazing episodes were A Sitch in Time, A Very Possible Christmas, Exchange, The Fearless Ferret, and Go Team Go. Of the four seasons, this one was probably my least favorite. The third season was the best season. Apart from Roachie, the whole season was amazing. I highly recommend watching So the Drama and Emotion Sickness. It was also great because this season started showing signs of Kim and Ron falling in love (seriously, who didn't see that coming from the very first episode?). The fourth season was the second best season. Almost all the episodes, except Grande Size Me and Chasing Rufus/Nursery Crimes, were either good or awesome, and I loved how the writers handled Kim and Ron's new relationship by not having them kiss in every episode and keeping their characterizations the same.

    Kim Possible was not only smartly written. It had good morals. You could learn a lot from watching this show. It's got likable characters, it's missions are very well thought out, it has an amazing sense of humor, and it's a show that anyone, guy or girl, kid or adult, can watch. And in my opinion, Kim and Ron are one of the greatest animated couples ever put on tv. If you watch the show, you see how much of a great bond they have. Despite Ron' goofiness, Kim still see's him as her best friend, and trusts him more than anyone to follow her on their missions. Also, their differing personalities complement and balance each other out to where their just a perfect match for each other. Kim Possible was an awesome show, it was one of the few cartoons that never got old, and it will always be one of the greatest cartoons ever conceived.
  • Before Fish Hooks,there was Kim Possible.

    For my 2nd old Disney Channel review-a-thon,I will review a cartoon that says that girls could be spies too,and it was called Kim Possible. This show is about a girl named Kim,who lives a normal life as a teenager,but is really an agent saving the world. It may seem a bit girly,but this also can be loved by the boys too. First off,let's start with the characters. Kim is a girl in school who isn't such a selfish brat,and really has great fighting moves. And she doesn't wear the same clothes every single day. Ron is the character who saved the show from being terrible. He is hilrailous in the show and loves eating at Buenos Nachos. Rufus,the naked mole rat however,is the best character of the show. Not only is he cute and awesome,he's actually an experiment,according to the Lilo and Stitch crossover episode. The villains are all morons for some reason and Doctor Draken and his daughter (forgot her name) are like Doofenswartz and Vanessa from Phineas and Ferb. And this show's humor doesn't rely on girly humor,it actually relies funny humor,since most of it comes from Ron and Rufus,who are saving the show's life,because without them,the show would suck. However,it ends up being great. This is not as good as Fish Hooks,but sill,looking back at it,it's a masterpiece of Disney.
  • Excellent cast combined with an awesome crew makes for a Disney cartoon that deserves attention. I recommend.

    Disney's recent cartoon shows really haven't caught my attention and to be honest, I really didn't get into this show until late last year. What amazes me about Kim Possible are the incredible cast and crew. Directors Chris Bailey, Steve Loter and Nick Filippi previously worked on the ill-fated Clerks animated TV series (you can really see their similar art styles in that series and KP) and it really surprised me to see them come from that adult-humored show to a family show. Director David Block hails from old cartoon hits and some of my favorites, like Ducktales and Gummi Bears. This crew provides some well-done writing and dialogue throughout the series, and what better than to have an amazing voice cast behind it.

    John DiMaggio, well-known for his role as Bender from Futurama, provides the voice of the neurotic villain Dr. Drakken. Gary Cole, popular for his role as Peter's boss from Office Space and the voice of the main character of Cartoon Network's Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, does the voice of Kim's dad. I can never forget Patrick Warburton, known for his tough amusing characters such as Puddy on Seinfeld and Joe from Family Guy; he voices the strict teacher Mr. Barkin. I could go on (don't even get me started with the guest stars), but what I want to point out is that with an outstanding cast like this, the characters of Kim Possible are certainly well-voiced and memorable and the show is definitely entertaining because of that.

    This series spawned two good movies and three seasons, each one as exceptional as the next. Kim Possible has a lot of heart and splendid character development and personally, I like the style, the animation and the way this show looks. Overall, it leaves a lasting impression on me and I can’t say enough good things about it. Go watch this show!

    This show is one of the most impressive kids' show I have ever seen. It entertains the younger audience AS WELL AS the older audience! I love that about this show. Kim Possible was always a role model to me when I was younger, because she taught me that I can do anything if I set my mind to it. I never cared if one episode was better than another, I only wanted to see Kim save the day. Also, People must remember, that this show isn't about whether its realistic or not, I mean look at all of the other kid cartoons out there, all of them have their unrealistic sides.

    What matters the most about this show is the cleverly written storyline, characters, etc. I have learned to appreciate cartoons more and look at the artistic side of them because of this show. IF YOU WANT THIS SHOW BACK THEN SIGN THE OFFICIAL PETITION: link to petition is here:
  • miss this show!!

    I miss this show! It was action packed and filled with romance! my two favorite things. I started watching this show when it first came on in 2002. I have to admit that i cried when the show went off but who didn't? I love this show and I know alot of other people do to! I hate all the shows on tv now! I miss the old ones like thats so Raven(like my favorite disney show ever!) I miss miss miss miss this show and want it back! I am glad though that they gave it a proper ending and didn't just canceled it like some shows.
  • While it's not a perfect cartoon,It's still better than Phineas and Ferb

    Phineas and Ferb is still such an overrated cartoon,and is still too repetitive. But before that show,there was a better cartoon that P&F ripped off. And it was known as Kim Possible. This show is about a teenage girl named well,Kim Possible,and while she is a average student in school,she is really a crime fighter with her best friend\sidedkick,Ron Stoppable,and they defend the world and city from evil and crime,and the evil Dr Drakken and his sidekick,Shego. Now,I loved this cartoon. We finally get a cartoon that proves how girls could actually not worry about boys and make-up,and are actually not selfish people. Instead of Totally Spies,and Atomic Betty,we get Kim Possible. The characters were all likable (except for Bonnie,that is). Kim is actually one of the best female protagonists around in a long time. Instead of being a selfish jerk who cares about herself,she is a respectful and trustworthy teenage girl who actually doesn't care about just her problems. Ron,on the other hand,is super hilrailious. He is a dim-witted sidekick who is a nerd,and is also caring. I also find his obsession with Bueno Nacho hilrailous too. Rufus is one of the greatest cartoon animals of all time. He is a mole rat who is super awesome,is smarter than a human,and is cute,(even though mole rats in real life are super creepy). The Tweebs are also funny and awesome twins,who have more funny moments than Phineas and Ferb. The villains are great,and instead of one,we get many. Dr Drakken is such an underrated villain,and is actually more dumber than he really is. Shego on the other hand,is the best villain of the entire show. She is smarter than Drakken,is epic,and I find it very funny on how sarcastic she is. We also have Duff Killigan,a Scottish genius who shoots exploding golf balls,and I find it hilrailious on how he's getting mistaken for a girl. There's Monkey Fist,an archaeologist who soon gains the power of Monkey Kung Fu,and even he could be an idiot at times. Finally,we have Senior Senior,who is a rich man that tries to be evil just for the heck of it,and his son Senior Senior Jr.,who just wants to be sexy and less evil. Yep,the show actually has humor in it,instead of girl jokes. Now,this show isn't perfect,because just like Phineas and Ferb,it's too repetitive. I mean,every episode is always about saving the world while having a problem during school and life. But at least there are more villains and more characters focused on. Overall,this show was great,and was one of the best DC cartoons ever made. Watch this,and not Phineas and Ferb

    I wish they were still making new episodes!!!!!! Kim should be my hero, but I think I like Ron even more. :)
  • Best Show Ever!

    For a Disney Cartoon this show defied the odds, At first Disney Channel was okay? but when this showed aired it basically built disney, I think this Show will remain in our hearts forever its still popular even from 2012 and beyond
  • You know that you always can call Kim Possible!

    This was one of my favorite Disney Channel shows as a child, and one of the last good shows on the network until P&F premiered. I remember owning a lot of the toys, books, clothes...heck, I was going through my old elementary school clothes and found my KP nightie.

    Kim Possible was a great role model for little girls. She was always helping people out, always being there for her friends, and not being a snobby cheerleader like in every other TV show. Ron Stoppable was adorable, and I had a crush on him as a little kid. Rufus...hey, he's Rufus! He rocks!

    And the villains were pretty good, too. Drakken is hilarious and evil at the same time, Shego is really cool (her sarcastic personality reminds me of June from KaBlam! a little). I loved the TV movies! I remember my mom getting me So the Drama on DVD the day I graduated from my first elementary school (I'm saying first because one of them is a PreK-3 elementary, the other is a 4-5). I haven't seen much of season four, but I know a lot of people hate it. I own all the DVDs, and I think I need to join the Disney Movie Club so I can get the first and second season complete on DVD.

    The theme song kicks *** and The Naked Mole Rat is pretty catchy. I love "Say the Word" and "Could it Be" as well.

    And this is one of the few Disney shows that lasted over 65 episodes!

  • This show is the best show on TV right now! It is smart, funny, action-packed, and all around entertaining! Great characters and villains.

    When I first heard of Kim Possible I was not a fan because it was made by Disney and they stink when it comes to making shows recently. But a miracle happened and Disney somehow got it right with this one. This show blows all their other shows right out of the water anyday! The animation may not be as good as Gargoyles but it's still good and original. After watching an ep.(Hidden Talent, I was a late K.P. bloomer!) I was addicted! I was watching the show everyday and I still do. The characters are very likeable some may be annoying ie: Kim's twin brothers, her friend Monique, and the ugliest villain in the show: DNAmy. And not all the episodes are the best. But the majority of them are. The villains are a hoot! They come up with funny ideas for world domination (Dr. Drakken & Shego - my 2 favs!), becoming the monkey king(Monkey Fist), billonairs version of evil schemes(Senior Senior Senior and his son Senior Senior Jr.) etc. I truly wish Disney wasn't cancelling the show because of their stupid "law". I guess Disney will just have to deal with losing many many viewers like myself because THEY are the ones who decided to this stupid 65 eps. per show law.
  • This show is a refreshing change of pace from other children's animation today. This is tryly a show that all ages can enjoy.

    This show is a refreshing change of pace from other children's animation today. The characters are presented with a great deal of depth, and the storylines show a great deal of subtlety and wit usually seen only in shows for older audiences. The show teaches morality by example instead of a different lesson learned each time. This creates a continuity of ethics and social nature that allows for more time to be devoted to full character development and social commentary. The balance of action and emotional drama is handled in such a way as to always be fresh and innovative. This is truly a show that all ages can enjoy.

    Sorry, but Shego is my favorite.
  • miss that show.

    I`d like to see more episodes of KP, the best show ever
  • Kim Possible: Fight for Five

    i love the show Kim Possible. Its my all time favorite for american cartoon. KP is a teenage hero and the show has great like Shego and Dr.Drakken. and of course one of the best thing is Ron Stoppable. the show has action with the right amount of comedy. Even 5 years after season 4 ended its still my fav. KP is way better then most cartoons nowadays. i want season 5 :D
  • Disneys Best

    It just started with Season 4 , why dont they continue the series.We need another 5 seasons
    Disneys best TV show ever after Duck Tales.
    Kp+Ron =love in season 4 was just awesome
    They Graduated and we want to know whats next after the graduation ,its not the end of the world either here
    The reality after graduation is the hardest part in everyones life , i like to have much episodes focusing on Ron too
    Last time i felt vey sad , when they stopped Duck Tales
    Though i thought they stopped kp by season 3 ,still they came up with even better show.
    Season 4 totally Rocked

    Waiting ...for other seasons

    And why not a bluray release for the show ?

    Anyway i like to know what do disney make now ? Movies ?
    Almost 80 yrs in the play and they dont even want to come back strong , there are many great shows Disney can continue ...
  • An awesome show about a high school girl who fights crime!

    Main villains are Doctor Drakken (perhaps an evil and mad scientist?) along with his partner Sheego. They create evil mastermind plans to create chaos and crime throughout the world, someone needs to stop them from trying to rule the world under their ruthless power, and who is that you say? Kim Possible! Of course she needs some help though by having a computer genius (name is... was it Wade?) And also a sidekick named Ron Stoppable with his pet naked mole rat Rufus! I like Rufus, he makes a special addition to the show, and Ron along with him are funny sometimes and I like how they are crazy about food like delicious nachos! I like Nachos too especially with that cheese, yummy! Great characters along with cool villains are what makes this a terrific tv show, it is animated gold on Disney! There's a lot of great episodes, and I can't resist saying that I think Kim is hot! A spectacular show with a well organized and thought-out concept is one of the many reasons as to why this show deserves some more seasons.
  • Possibly the only good Disney cartoon show!

    Kim Possible is all about a teen hero and her faithful sidekick! Kim, who is not only the hero but the head cheerleader and honor student, fights crime with her mad cheer skills, on her feet thinking, and that never give up attitude that makes her so limitless to any challenge! Then there's the guy that's everybody's friend, Ron Stoppable! Ron is the average kid in school, but doesn't let defeat keep him down, instead he gets right up on his feet and takes the bad guy down! With the help of his other best friend Rufus, the naked mole rat, and Wade, ten-year-old super genius, the brains of Team Possible!
    While the two are not in school, they battle the lights of evil; Dr. Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist, Duff Killagain, and foil their latest evil plans! Unlike most shows, the villains contribute so much into the show! Drakken having that Dr. Evil meets the Monarch vibe mixed in with his own ways, diffidently makes the show that more entertaining to all. His lovely sidekick Shego brings more to the table with her sarcasm and her raw attitude makes the duo one more reason to watch! Monkey Fist also contributes more then expected to the show. The monkey master takes no prisoners when he is out on his mission of evil.
    Enough with the villains and the main characters of the show, overall Kim Possible is worth watching for anybody of any age! The episodes how believable and followable story lines, and can keep you entertain for years to come! There's no way that this show will be forgotten at any time!
  • Noone knows I secretly watch this!

    Most of Disney's cartoon series are either poorly drawn waste of ink and pain, are geared towards children under 7, or are hollow sequels to their big screen counterparts. Kim Possible is none of the above!

    Kim Possible is about a teenager who juggles two lives, her everyday life, and the life of a heroin who saves the world on a regular basis, what sets this apart from other teen superher o shows is that Kim doesn't have a secret identity, she does have a sidekick, Ron Stoppable, who's the loveable goof, and as off the latest movie length episode, her boyfriend, there's also Rufus the naked mole rat who delivers alot of speechless comedy, speaking of comedy, the show is a good mix between that, and action. And it's a show you can let your kids watch!
    Some of the jokes are aimed at slightly older audiences, and some are references to stuff that people my age and up understand, like the Adam West episode, which is also my favorite considering it was a parody of Batman Beyond, and the voice actor who plays Ron also voice acts for Terry McGuiness from said series, and speaking of voice actors this show boasts quite a few of my favorites, like Gary Cole, Patrick Warburton, John Dimaggio to name a few.
    The series has a good blend of self contained stories, as well as character development, the art style looks to be a nice stylised mix of Western animation and Japanese animation.

    Anyone who reads my review can see that I grant great reviews sparingly, and tens are even less common. So a
    show has to be really good to impress me that much, and Kim Possible is one such show!
  • Every girl wants to be her, every boy wants to be with her

    This is the best show on the Disney Channel. Kim Is stong and adventurous, yet she is also very relatble. The predicaments she encounters in school and life are the same predicaments every high schooler faces. Boys, Reports, driving, she does it all and for some reason, when Kim makes mistakes and gets through them it is encouraging. Every girl wants to be her, every boy wants to be with her.
    Now lets talk about Ron. He is every thing Kim is not(which is not a whole lot), but adds a new depth to the show. He keeps Kim on track, and adds some humor in the process. The villain are hillarious (especially the bantering between Shego and Dr. Drakken.)In the end, its alot of fun and will always surprise you. Great show. Excellent Characters.
  • Ignore the other under-educated reviews. Read this one.

    A cartoon about a teenaged girl who saves the world on a school night. Sounds rubbish doesn't it? Makes you want to change the channel instantly, huh? DON'T! Avoid all of the childish and under-educated reviews on this website, the show packs a punch. It features many parodies of many Film Noir or Secret Agent movies; the first to come to mind is James Bond. It has lots of martial arts fighting too, and despite the fact that it's animated, it is good fun to watch. Not just action, but this show has intelligent and witty jokes in it too.
  • The best show that Disney has come out with in many, many years!

    The best show that Disney has come out with in many, many years!

    It's got a large cast of loveable characters, even the villains!

    And let's face it, who can't relate to any of the characters? Whether it be Ron in all his clumbsy, yet kind nature; Kim and her perfectionist and her leadership qualities; and so on and so on.

    These characters are good, positive role models, that learn from their mistakes and aren't perfect (let's face it, who is?). Many can argue that Kim's choice in wardrobe leave something to be desired, but how many pop\rock\whatever-the-heck stars where very...inappropriate clothing? Its kind of the "in" thing.

    But anyway, who can't learn from Kim, Ron, Rufus, and the rest of the gang on how to be a good friend (like Ron being there for Kim when she needed him more even though her relationship with Erik forced Ron to take a backseat)? They teach us how to be loyal and not care what others think of us ("Never be normal! That's the Ron Stoppable motto").

    Let's face it, this show "hurricane rocks!"
  • This show got me to start watching Disney Channel in 2003. Disney has been my favorite channel ever since. KP has great storylines, action, and great character designs!!! Disney should continue the series right where it left off: the junior prom scene at

    Disney's best!!! This show got me to start watching Disney Channel in 2003. Disney has been my favorite channel ever since. KP has great storylines, a lot of action, and the best character designs!!! 1 or 2 episodes were not that good, due to Disney Channel's 65 episode policy, but the whole series will always be my number one favorite! Disney should continue the series right where it left off: the junior prom scene at the end of So the Drama.
  • My no. one unbeatable fave! And its no wonder why!

    May 10 2003. The day KP first aired on local tv where I lived. (I didn't have cable yet)
    The minute I saw it, I knew this show was something good. It's been my top favorite ever since then!

    Kim Possible, is, as the theme song says, your basic average girl - by day at least. By night, she travels on numerous missions to save the world. Assisted by her hilarious best friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable, his pet naked mole rat Rufus, and ten-year-old super genius Wade who provides her with gadgets a-la James Bond, she manages to thwart the plans of power-hungry villains every time. Like they say, anything is possible for a Possible!

    Not only is the show funny and action-packed, it sometimes deals with every day problems like wearing branded labels and going to school dances. Certain episodes also have lessons attatched to them making it all the better for the younger kids who watch it.

    Apart from a few episodes which may seem to have silly storylines when compared to the rest, and another one or two where the drawing and animation style of the characters looked different from the other episodes, the show is actually quite flawless. I often find myself laughing at the funny lines and unique villains, and enjoying the highly detailed action sequences and the quality animation.

    But as always, I believe it is Disney's power of great and original storytelling and detailed, realistic characterization that makes this show a true winner, and my most favorite show EVER!
  • Kim Possible was great while it lasted!

    A very very good Animated and Action Packed show that when it was around, was a show liked by many because it was an incredible show to watch as a nice High School girl that goes by the Name as Kim, is secretly a very skillful Agent that stops mastermind Villains and criminals from ruling the world with their dangerous plans. She is also a good Cheerleader at School, which is nice to see as i am a big fan of Cheerleaders! When she is not on her Agent Jobs, she has to try her best at her regular school and home life, fortunately she has nice and caring Parents to watch out for her and aid her in times of need. She always has them to talk to for her Personal Matters. Event though i am a girl, i can still somehow see the hotness in her, I won't be suprised to see any guys drooling over her because she is pretty. Anyway, so yeah back to the show Description, Kim possible doesn't work alone,as she has a funny Assistant Named Ron Stoppable, and he also has a Naked Mole Rat as a pet! All three of them I think are cool! i don't know how long this show lasted, but it is quite unfortunate that Disney Channel gave this show the ax. Rats, but at least it was around for Five Years or so. Which means it was great while it lasted and is still good to catch reruns whenever Disney Channel decides to show them. Go Kim possible! Kim Possible is awesome!
  • This show has been a favourite of mine since I first watched it 6 years ago. The popular cheerleader who doubles as the worlds hero saving the world between classes with her best friend Ron Stoppable. They always get the job done.

    This show has been a favourite of mine since I first watched it 6 years ago. The popular cheerleader who doubles as the worlds hero saving the world between classes with her best friend Ron Stoppable, who is also the biggest loser at school. They always get the job done. After watching this show I have always wanted to own a naked mole rat and call it Rufus. He's the real star of this show. He's small but he's smart. The three of them make an awesome team and the other characters add to the entertainment. The bad guys are all strange with interesting mutations that make them "evil". The best "bad guys" are Drakken and Shego who prove that not all bad guys fit the stereotype.
  • Kim Possible is about a high-school student turned crime fighter, with her best friend Ron Stoppable, amidst other endearing characters along for the ride. Hilarious, and impressive on pretty much every front - one of the best animated shows out there.

    To be honest, I haven't been a huge fan of many of Disney's television programs; while most of their movies are top-notch (especially the ones with their computer-animated partner Pixar studios), I find many of their shows to be shallow and emotionally manipulative, and little to offer other than a blaring advertisement for their most basic themes. ("Follow your dreams", "Do your best", etc) I'm not saying these aren't good messages, but when a show seems like its characters exist solely for that purpose, and the messages are hammered in with the subtlety of a bulldozer, I simply don't find it very appealing. Initially, I delayed watching Kim Possible for a while, assuming it would resemble most of the rest of the Disney Channel; however, when I finally buckled down and watched it, I found the show to be wickedly creative and unexpectedly funny with a sly sense of satire. The premise of the show, as explained by the summary, may seem unoriginal, but a few episodes into it I realized this isn't the case; Kim Possible spans multiple topics and genres with grace and style. It's part superhero satire, part coming-of-age tale, part action, part comedy, and wholly entertaining.

    The best part of Kim Possible is by far the clever script. For those willing to watch for it, there's a lot of smart dialogue between characters, sly one-liners, and unexpected parody. The way the words are written and spoken is clever, surprising, and often blithely funny. One of the key ideas to the show is the superhero and arch-foe satire; Kim Possible is in many respects a standard student, and is without and kind of "powers", yet she functions as a superhero of sorts; in fact, her main rivals, Drakken and Shego, don't qualify as usual villains, as they not only rarely know the purpose for the devices they steal but also seem as interested in sarcastic interplay as they do world domination. With this setup, Kim Possible provides itself ample opportunity to poke fun at traditional hero and villain cliches - everything from lairs to world domination to henchmen to ultimatums to sidekicks. Combined with a keen sense of humor and clever play-on-words, the comedic aspect of the show succeeds admirably.

    Many times shows with good humor don't follow up with their characters, leaving them and their relationships undeveloped and insignificant. Fortunately Kim Possible provides a strong foundation with the (originally) platonic relationship between Kim and Ron, which fluctuates over time, but serves as a rock-solid core for the series. Worked in around that are a variety of loveable characters, from Kim's old-fashioned parents and annoying kid brothers to Middleton High's various players (like Principal Barkin, Monique, or Bonny) to the array of villains, including Drakken, Shego, Lord Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan. (Drakken and Shego have the best personalities for the role, as well as the wit and energy, but the others still function pretty well) In addition, Kim Possible adds a touch of sincerity to its comedic proceedings (as did other successful animated programs like Futurama and The Simpsons), mostly dealing with the coming-of-age aspect or Kim and Ron's friendship, which brings the characters to something more than mere pleasantries. Thematically, Kim Possible deals mostly with growing up and the ability of ordinary people to perform extraordinary feats and retain extraordinary friendships, but there's also a few scenes of wisdom about individuality, self-image, and familial relations.

    Combine that with solid voice-acting, wonderful music, attractive visuals (they still took the time to hand draw them), and some very creative plots, and you have a winner of a show. Kim Possible isn't without flaws, usually dealing with the fact not every episode is as strong as its best. (then again, few shows manage to achieve this) Honestly though, what struck me most about Kim Possible was its perspective; not only is it more mature than many of Disney's other cartoons, it provides a very unique and original perspective on many different types of events, from school to pop culture to superheroes. I suppose Disney just bothered to put forth some effort this time; rather than being childish and shoddily constructed, Kim Possible is smart, savvy, immensely enjoyable, hugely quotable, and defiantly original. I'm tough on many of my ratings (if you can see that from my profile), but Kim Possible earns all nine of its points - "Children's" programming has never looked better.
  • Kim Possible Review

    I think the reason it worked so well is because of the nice mixture so characters,Kim and Ron for the most part are what I'm talking about.
    Kim being the uptight,serious,bossy one and Ron being the...well...the opposite,it just worked and that is what for me is what made the show so likable.

    Not that the others were any less interesting,oh no.
    From Bonnie,Monique,Mr.Possible,Mrs.Possible,Mr. Barkin and lets not forget Wade or Rufus.

    Plus there's all those great villains. Dr. Drakken :You have got to love it how the writers mock him (it being on pertussis or not) by making him like that villain that had that one minor roll issue of some odd comic book that NO body cares about-you can kind of see where I'm coming from if you watch the episode "Bad Boy" where Ron after being hit by a ray that makes his personality mirror Drakken's.
    And then he becomes the a text comic book.
    Shego helps make my point also. Monkey Fist :He's so serious!!!
    And it makes it even funnier when the crack a joke at his experience. Plus being so rooted in mythological also makes his odd goofiness even funnier.
    Camille Leon : Pairs Hilton-nuff said.
    Professor Dementor :And again I like it how they mock the lame comic book villain gag.

    I am also impressed at how long it was able to go on for I mean,how many take over the world schemes are out there.
  • Awesome show! One of Disney's best animated shows.

    I love this show. It has great characters, cool villians, intense action, and hillarious humor. You can't help but fall in love with these characters. I really love the relationship that developes between Ron & Kim.

    My favorite characters though, were always Ron & Shego, but for some reason I never really cared for Dr. Drakken. I also must admit that the 4th season was my least favorite, and it felt rushed. I still get sick at even thinking Drakken & Shego could be a couple... ewww! I mean it doesn't make any sense, and it was a stupid decision by the writers period. Shego should remain single. I won't ran any more than that.

    Despite a less entertaining 4th season, seasons 1-3 were very well done and contained a lot of appeal for both kids & adults. It's a great show, and I'm glad to say I enjoyed watching it.
  • Just recently did this show managed to catch my eye... and not long after that my heart.

    Luckily the whole KP-craze that swept nations went right by me; the mass hysteria that surrounded this little gem, combined with the corporate name 'Disney' attached to it would probably have been enough to stop me from ever laying eye, not to mention heart, on this show out off mere principle.

    But I happened to watch a episode when I was visiting my nephews. As fate willed it was, I later discovered, a re-run of one of the first episodes; 'Tick-Tick-Tick'. And with the scene of KP's and Drakken's first encounter ("a-ha! I see my reputation precedes me!"/
    "Why don't you stay-","for lunch?","I wasn't going to say that")
    this single episode already had me hooked. And the rest of the series just kept feeding my addiction, left me hungering for more. I acquired the 4 seasons and, oh cool, 2 movies - and blew through it all within a single week. (vacation, loads of free time) The life expectancy of both my tv as my eyes dropped significantly during that week, but it was worth it.

    There are just so many things just so right with this show, and - for my taste, more importantly - no things wrong. Good animation: characters actually move from one stance to the other instead of just skipping from frame to frame. Simple and clean, but still very expressive character design; such as the female mouths. Very amusing and endearing characters. Original story lines. Nice music, something which sadly many productions tend to overlook. TIP: watch, or rather listen episode 2.07 - "Adventures in Rufus-Sitting" Great dialogues; a anticipating smile forms on my face just seeing Drakken and Shego enter my screen together. Loads of allusions, this show is packed! If you blinked while watching, you probably missed one. (I'm a sucker for these kind of details) And last but certainly not least: Top-rated voice acting; John Di Maggio is magnificent. Although most of the time you can clearly tell when a character's voice is his, the timbre he uses is very enjoyable each time. And of course a very expressive performance by Will Friedle who lets Ron say everything with such enthusiasm. Then there are the loads of stars (well, perhaps not stars, but decent names non the less) who contribute their voices. Every few episodes I was vexed with the question "I know that voice, who is that... Damn it I should know this!" until each time I ended up either here or at imdb. I won't list them, there're just too many (and that's what this site is for), but do a bit of searching, you'll be amazed. Neil Flynn for example; a very very small part, but he's in there. Ironically Christy Romano's performance is the least commendable (far from bad, don't get me wrong).
    In short - a bit late for that, I know -, a wonderful, fresh, ever-entertaining show with a great eye for detail (in which, I've been told, the devil resides)

    And now they're gone, no more Kimmycup or Shego. A great vacuum is the only thing left, apart from fond memories. (Yeah, and a few DVD's, but those don't count). I've searched hard for a show that could fill this aching gap, so far in vain. It will be hard finding one that meets the standards which this show has raised so much.
    In the meantime I've taken on the quest of convincing my friends to watch this show, as well as you... convince you to watch I mean, not my friends to watch you - anyway, just stop reading these idiotic reviews and start watching.
    snap to it!
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