Kim Possible

Disney Channel (ended 2007)





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  • Kim Possible was great while it lasted!

    A very very good Animated and Action Packed show that when it was around, was a show liked by many because it was an incredible show to watch as a nice High School girl that goes by the Name as Kim, is secretly a very skillful Agent that stops mastermind Villains and criminals from ruling the world with their dangerous plans. She is also a good Cheerleader at School, which is nice to see as i am a big fan of Cheerleaders! When she is not on her Agent Jobs, she has to try her best at her regular school and home life, fortunately she has nice and caring Parents to watch out for her and aid her in times of need. She always has them to talk to for her Personal Matters. Event though i am a girl, i can still somehow see the hotness in her, I won't be suprised to see any guys drooling over her because she is pretty. Anyway, so yeah back to the show Description, Kim possible doesn't work alone,as she has a funny Assistant Named Ron Stoppable, and he also has a Naked Mole Rat as a pet! All three of them I think are cool! i don't know how long this show lasted, but it is quite unfortunate that Disney Channel gave this show the ax. Rats, but at least it was around for Five Years or so. Which means it was great while it lasted and is still good to catch reruns whenever Disney Channel decides to show them. Go Kim possible! Kim Possible is awesome!