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  • Just recently did this show managed to catch my eye... and not long after that my heart.

    Luckily the whole KP-craze that swept nations went right by me; the mass hysteria that surrounded this little gem, combined with the corporate name 'Disney' attached to it would probably have been enough to stop me from ever laying eye, not to mention heart, on this show out off mere principle.

    But I happened to watch a episode when I was visiting my nephews. As fate willed it was, I later discovered, a re-run of one of the first episodes; 'Tick-Tick-Tick'. And with the scene of KP's and Drakken's first encounter ("a-ha! I see my reputation precedes me!"/
    "Why don't you stay-","for lunch?","I wasn't going to say that")
    this single episode already had me hooked. And the rest of the series just kept feeding my addiction, left me hungering for more. I acquired the 4 seasons and, oh cool, 2 movies - and blew through it all within a single week. (vacation, loads of free time) The life expectancy of both my tv as my eyes dropped significantly during that week, but it was worth it.

    There are just so many things just so right with this show, and - for my taste, more importantly - no things wrong. Good animation: characters actually move from one stance to the other instead of just skipping from frame to frame. Simple and clean, but still very expressive character design; such as the female mouths. Very amusing and endearing characters. Original story lines. Nice music, something which sadly many productions tend to overlook. TIP: watch, or rather listen episode 2.07 - "Adventures in Rufus-Sitting" Great dialogues; a anticipating smile forms on my face just seeing Drakken and Shego enter my screen together. Loads of allusions, this show is packed! If you blinked while watching, you probably missed one. (I'm a sucker for these kind of details) And last but certainly not least: Top-rated voice acting; John Di Maggio is magnificent. Although most of the time you can clearly tell when a character's voice is his, the timbre he uses is very enjoyable each time. And of course a very expressive performance by Will Friedle who lets Ron say everything with such enthusiasm. Then there are the loads of stars (well, perhaps not stars, but decent names non the less) who contribute their voices. Every few episodes I was vexed with the question "I know that voice, who is that... Damn it I should know this!" until each time I ended up either here or at imdb. I won't list them, there're just too many (and that's what this site is for), but do a bit of searching, you'll be amazed. Neil Flynn for example; a very very small part, but he's in there. Ironically Christy Romano's performance is the least commendable (far from bad, don't get me wrong).
    In short - a bit late for that, I know -, a wonderful, fresh, ever-entertaining show with a great eye for detail (in which, I've been told, the devil resides)

    And now they're gone, no more Kimmycup or Shego. A great vacuum is the only thing left, apart from fond memories. (Yeah, and a few DVD's, but those don't count). I've searched hard for a show that could fill this aching gap, so far in vain. It will be hard finding one that meets the standards which this show has raised so much.
    In the meantime I've taken on the quest of convincing my friends to watch this show, as well as you... convince you to watch I mean, not my friends to watch you - anyway, just stop reading these idiotic reviews and start watching.
    snap to it!