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Disney Channel (ended 2007)





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  • Finally! Disney delivered an action packed cartoon show! It's just a shame that it's over.

    Wow, I remember being in love with this show when I was nine. Boy, does this show bring back some good memories! Was it one of Disney's funniest shows? No, but it did have some moments that were great for laughs. However, this series was definitely one of Disney's most suspenseful, action packed shows available. The episodes in season 1-3 were good, but after all they began to get a little old and I noticed that some were repetitive. Season 4 was awesome, though, especially the series finale, which is probably my favorite episode. I'd have to say that all of the movies-So the Drama, A Sitch in Time, and especially Graduation-were amazing and always exceeded my expectations. Kim was a cool character, and for once we've got a cheerleader who isn't shallow or an airhead. I thought Ron was funny, and he was the one who added humor to the show. Plus, I know that this is completely random, but I love the theme song! In fact, I usually find myself randomly singing it to myself. I wished Disney hadn't cancelled it-it should've gone on for a few more seasons. After all, it's much better than some of the other crap that Disney puts out there nowadays.