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  • Before Fish Hooks,there was Kim Possible.

    For my 2nd old Disney Channel review-a-thon,I will review a cartoon that says that girls could be spies too,and it was called Kim Possible. This show is about a girl named Kim,who lives a normal life as a teenager,but is really an agent saving the world. It may seem a bit girly,but this also can be loved by the boys too. First off,let's start with the characters. Kim is a girl in school who isn't such a selfish brat,and really has great fighting moves. And she doesn't wear the same clothes every single day. Ron is the character who saved the show from being terrible. He is hilrailous in the show and loves eating at Buenos Nachos. Rufus,the naked mole rat however,is the best character of the show. Not only is he cute and awesome,he's actually an experiment,according to the Lilo and Stitch crossover episode. The villains are all morons for some reason and Doctor Draken and his daughter (forgot her name) are like Doofenswartz and Vanessa from Phineas and Ferb. And this show's humor doesn't rely on girly humor,it actually relies funny humor,since most of it comes from Ron and Rufus,who are saving the show's life,because without them,the show would suck. However,it ends up being great. This is not as good as Fish Hooks,but sill,looking back at it,it's a masterpiece of Disney.