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Disney Channel (ended 2007)





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  • While it's not a perfect cartoon,It's still better than Phineas and Ferb

    Phineas and Ferb is still such an overrated cartoon,and is still too repetitive. But before that show,there was a better cartoon that P&F ripped off. And it was known as Kim Possible. This show is about a teenage girl named well,Kim Possible,and while she is a average student in school,she is really a crime fighter with her best friend\sidedkick,Ron Stoppable,and they defend the world and city from evil and crime,and the evil Dr Drakken and his sidekick,Shego. Now,I loved this cartoon. We finally get a cartoon that proves how girls could actually not worry about boys and make-up,and are actually not selfish people. Instead of Totally Spies,and Atomic Betty,we get Kim Possible. The characters were all likable (except for Bonnie,that is). Kim is actually one of the best female protagonists around in a long time. Instead of being a selfish jerk who cares about herself,she is a respectful and trustworthy teenage girl who actually doesn't care about just her problems. Ron,on the other hand,is super hilrailious. He is a dim-witted sidekick who is a nerd,and is also caring. I also find his obsession with Bueno Nacho hilrailous too. Rufus is one of the greatest cartoon animals of all time. He is a mole rat who is super awesome,is smarter than a human,and is cute,(even though mole rats in real life are super creepy). The Tweebs are also funny and awesome twins,who have more funny moments than Phineas and Ferb. The villains are great,and instead of one,we get many. Dr Drakken is such an underrated villain,and is actually more dumber than he really is. Shego on the other hand,is the best villain of the entire show. She is smarter than Drakken,is epic,and I find it very funny on how sarcastic she is. We also have Duff Killigan,a Scottish genius who shoots exploding golf balls,and I find it hilrailious on how he's getting mistaken for a girl. There's Monkey Fist,an archaeologist who soon gains the power of Monkey Kung Fu,and even he could be an idiot at times. Finally,we have Senior Senior,who is a rich man that tries to be evil just for the heck of it,and his son Senior Senior Jr.,who just wants to be sexy and less evil. Yep,the show actually has humor in it,instead of girl jokes. Now,this show isn't perfect,because just like Phineas and Ferb,it's too repetitive. I mean,every episode is always about saving the world while having a problem during school and life. But at least there are more villains and more characters focused on. Overall,this show was great,and was one of the best DC cartoons ever made. Watch this,and not Phineas and Ferb