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  • Good. Went a little downhill.

    This cartoon is good in every ways but in season 4, it's a little downhill. I didn't like Kim and Ron's pairing that much.

    Plot: Kimberly Ann Possible, has their own secret organization that stops terrorists or evil villains who want to destroy the peace and order, the organization consists of Ron Stoppable, her sidekick, Rufus, their intelligent pet mole, Wade Load, their hacker and tech whiz. The plot changes every one episode. In season 4, not too much of a change. A little, but still bland.

    Characters: They are well detailed and some had back stories with them, including villains like Dr. Drakken, and other characters had a little stories in them. Voice acting is great, except for Ron's voice at seasons 2-4. Ron's voice at the first season fits him. But the newer seasons, it grates in my ears.

    Humor/Action Value: What this cartoon is unique about that it balances humor and the action very well, the humor is good. Also the action is good.

    Art: It's nice, the animation and their appearances are very nice.

    Overall: 7.5. It went a little downhill in season 4. But this show is really good and worth watching it for your time.