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  • Disney's last great show and one of my all-time favorites.

    As my title says, this was truly Disney's last great show. Not since the early 90s has Disney made a cartoon that was so smartly written. Kim Possible had it all. Cool characters, creative plots, nice animation and art style, great music and voice acting, a cool theme, and plenty of action, drama, comedy and (once season 4 came around) romance. I admit that there were a few episodes I didn't like (mainly Royal Pain and a few of the half-length ones), but the rest of the show was fantastic!

    The characters, good and evil, are very likable, and they're all funny, particularly Ron and Shego. Kim breaks the usual animated cheerleader stereotype for being very kind and smart, and also has a great sense of humor. Not to mention her awesome moves on missions. And I'd be lying if I said she wasn't totally hot (don't look at me like that viewer). Ron is the typical goofball, but he isn't annoying. In fact, he's the best character in the show, just for how likable and carefree he is and how far he's willing to go to help Kim, at home and in her missions. I also like Rufus, who in many ways is more useful on missions than Ron, Wade, Monique, Kim's family, Mr. Barkin, even Bonnie is completely likable bitch. The villains are awesome. Guys like Dr. Drakken and Duff Killigan bring good comedy, while Monkey Fist is a more serious and threatening villain. And Shego of course, is just freakin' awesome. A perfect balance of hysterically funny and an actual threat to Kim. Their fights are always enjoyable to watch.

    The first season was really good (except for Royal Pain), even if the art style was different in some episodes. It was a good introduction to the characters. The second season was pretty good too, but for how big it was, the only really amazing episodes were A Sitch in Time, A Very Possible Christmas, Exchange, The Fearless Ferret, and Go Team Go. Of the four seasons, this one was probably my least favorite. The third season was the best season. Apart from Roachie, the whole season was amazing. I highly recommend watching So the Drama and Emotion Sickness. It was also great because this season started showing signs of Kim and Ron falling in love (seriously, who didn't see that coming from the very first episode?). The fourth season was the second best season. Almost all the episodes, except Grande Size Me and Chasing Rufus/Nursery Crimes, were either good or awesome, and I loved how the writers handled Kim and Ron's new relationship by not having them kiss in every episode and keeping their characterizations the same.

    Kim Possible was not only smartly written. It had good morals. You could learn a lot from watching this show. It's got likable characters, it's missions are very well thought out, it has an amazing sense of humor, and it's a show that anyone, guy or girl, kid or adult, can watch. And in my opinion, Kim and Ron are one of the greatest animated couples ever put on tv. If you watch the show, you see how much of a great bond they have. Despite Ron' goofiness, Kim still see's him as her best friend, and trusts him more than anyone to follow her on their missions. Also, their differing personalities complement and balance each other out to where their just a perfect match for each other. Kim Possible was an awesome show, it was one of the few cartoons that never got old, and it will always be one of the greatest cartoons ever conceived.
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