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Disney Channel (ended 2007)





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  • Back in the days when Disney Channel was fantastic

    Not your typical secret agent/spy show (which can count as a super hero show) that you see every year. Intriguing plots, great villains, awesome comedy, good dialogue, real character development, with good animation= a real winner. No doubt this is one of the best Disney Channel shows and one of the best products made by Disney before they cancelled it to make room for a bunch of over hyped, half baked teen sitcoms with overused themes.

    The series starts off with a teenage girl Kim Possible who has gained a reputation for hero work, has a sidekick/best friend Ron Stoppable who despite his clumsiness manages to aid her and on occasions save the day himself. Ron himself also has a sidekick Rufus the mole rat. Kim and Ron travel the globe dealing with villains and other troubles while dealing with high school drama and even family life.

    The best part of this series is adults can like this as well as boys. This isn't really a girl show. It proves that the main character can be female and adults can like kid friendly cartoons. One of Disney's biggest blunders was cancelling this show for less worthy shows.