Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 34

Rewriting History

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 05, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Rewriting History
While Kim and Ron are at the Museum, she discovers that one of her ancestors was a thief and she decides to figure out what really happened in order to clear her family’s name. However, after a bunch of bizarre coincidences connects the events on that day with that of Wade and Dr. Drakken’s ancestors as well, she soon believes she may be close to figuring out what exactly happened to cause her ancestor to get framed, though Ron keeps feeling that something about their predicament just doesn’t feel right.moreless

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  • One of the best episodes

    While on a field trip Kim discovers that a relative of hers is accused of stealing a powerful invention. Heck committing then the crime of the (young) century. Kim takes on the cold case to find out what really happened. Even more numerous characters are shown to have ancestors/other older relatives that live during that time period around Middleton. It turns out that this detective work leads to all these coincendental events and more. Ultimately if they find the invention known as the Electro-Static Illuminator (or at least what happened to it) Kim, Ron, and Wade can find out what really happened and clear Miriam (Mim) Possible's name/reputation.

    An overall engrossing episode that gets you hooked although I have a beef with it; in the end it turns out the plot for this episode was a dream sequence that Ron and Kim shared. Makes me wonder if it happened at all.moreless
  • Don't know much about history...

    On a field trip to the history museum, Kim learns of a long-lost relative: Miriam Possible, better known as 'Mim'. Kim soon learns why she's not heard of this ancestor: dear Mim was accused of stealing a powerful invention, the Electro-Static Illuminator. Kim takes it upon herself to clear Mim's name. In addition, it turns out that the device was activated some hundred years ago and it's not long before a shockwave big enough to level Middleton is unleashed.

    This episode has one foot in the present and one in the past. The past features some amusing, olde-timey jargon and your typical Possible-Stoppable vs. ne'er-do-wells (in this case, Bartholomew Lipsky and his associate Miss Go) struggle while the present concentrates on a potentially interesting mystery angle.

    Unfortunately, it feels mechanical and it builds to a ridiculous conclusion that doesn't even pretend to make sense. A shame, as all the elements were there for a terrific episode. Oh, well...moreless
  • History - boring? Well, Kim and Ron discover it can be engrossing !

    Mr Barkin takes Middleton High students to museum. It appears to be extremely boring. At least until Kim and Ron discover history of their ancestors - Jonathan , detective, and Mim.. a thief ? Kim decides to solve that mystery !

    This episode is original, cause this time Kim and Ron will concentrate rather on investigation than fighting the villians. And the case is about 100 years old!

    The past Middleton made a really good background. I enjoyed watching Jonathan and Miriam in action, as well as ancestors of other characters. However, it'd be great to see past versions of other characters , such as Bonnie or Monique.

    "Rewriting History" is an special episode - definetely worth watching.moreless
  • This episode is about the main characters past.

    While Kim and Ron are at the Museum, she discovers that one of her ancestors was a thief and she decides to figure out what really happened in order to clear her family’s name. However, after a bunch of bizarre coincidences connects the events on that day with that of Wade and Dr. Drakken’s ancestors as well, she soon believes she may be close to figuring out what exactly happened to cause her ancestor to get framed, though Ron keeps feeling that something about their predicament just doesn’t feel right. This was like one of my favorite episodes. I can watch it again and again and again and never get tired of it. This is one of my total most favorite episodes ever and the title fits perfectly but the weird thing is that it was all a dream and what is weirder is that Kim and Ron had the same dream and what's weirder than that is that after all that we see more into the past of Kim and Ron but way farther back. This was a totally awesome episode. I would never ever ever get tired of this one.moreless
  • Kim and Ron discover a mystery involving theirs, Drakken’s, Shego’s, and Dementor’s ancestors, and a machine called the Electro-static Illuminator, in which Kim’s ancestor is accused of stealing. Now a hundred years later, the Illuminator threatens to demoreless

    This was a cute episode, even though it was obviously a dream sequence; it also had a bit of a surprise ending. I liked how the animation in the flashback sequences were muted, giving it an old footage feel. The sequences centered on reporter Mim Possible and Detective Jonathan Stoppable as they attempt to protect Professor Demens, Dementor’s ancestor, destructive machine from being stolen by Bartholomew Lepsky and Ms. Go, Drakken’s and Shego’s ancestors. The episode suggested a great deal of flirting and snippiness between Kim and Ron, especially the adorable moment when they wake up from their dream together. Another aspect of this episode I liked was Drakken and Shego’s interaction. Have you ever notice, how they sometimes act like a cranky old married couple. Just two people that have been around each other so long, that they know each other’s quarks. Fun stuff! It might have been nothing more than a filler episode that really didn’t go anywhere, but it was still fun to watch.

Estelle Harris

Estelle Harris

Mrs. Lipsky

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Dave Fennoy

Dave Fennoy


Guest Star

John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon


Guest Star

Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan

Shego and Miss Go

Recurring Role

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Dr. Drakken and Bartholemew Lipsky

Recurring Role

Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Jonathan and the man who sells Nacos are shaking hands, they use their left hands. In normal settings, people use their right hands.

    • When Kim and Ron are in the museum at the start of the episode, Kim is wearing her green tank top and capris and Ron is wearing his red jersey. When they wake up from the dream sequence, they are wearing the clothes they wore at the end of the dream, the yellow star shirt and the black and white shirt

    • The first time we see the electrostatic illuminator(in the flashback), it's working with seconds (we see the number 60 to refer a minute), but when we see the photo of Miss Go, it's working with minutes (52560000 minutes), and at the end of the episode, when it's about to explode, returns to work with seconds

    • When Kim looks through the glass at Mim and John's photo, her reflection shows her hair on its normal side, but it should've been on her opposite, since she was looking in something sort of like a mirror.

    • When Kim is holding the two photos, one of them is supposed to be of Miss Go holding the Electro-Static Illuminator and the other is supposed to be of the Taco stand. If you look closely at the two photos in the Museum, Ron takes the photo that is supposed to be of the Taco stand, but then it changes to the Hamburger stand.

    • Kim's great aunt Possible wouldn't look like her. Most of her looks come from her mothers side of the family.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Kim: (About the electrostatic illuminator, after getting it) There's gotta be some way to disable it.
      Wade: I haven't figured that part out yet.
      Ron: No worries! I'm sure we got a whole sixty seconds left.
      Wade: Actually, fifty-five seconds!
      Ron: Yeah, I got nothing.

    • Ron: (of Drakken's ancestor) You know what they say, Kim, 'The nut doesn't fall far from the tree.' (eats several Spark Rocks, causing his hair to stand on end)
      Kim: Acorn, but you're right, a Lipsky on the scene can't be good.

    • Ron: I was looking for 100 year old hot sauce, this stuff's got to pack a punch now.

    • Ron: (Crunching loudly on Spark Rocks) My hair standing on end?
      Kim: (raising her eyebrows while staring at Ron) No more so than usual.

    • Kim: (after waking from her dream) I can't believe I just zoned out like that.
      Ron: I can't believe the dream I had.
      Kim: About The World's Fair?
      Ron: And our ancestors?
      Kim: And Drakken and Shego too?
      Ron: So. . . we had the exact same dream!?
      Kim: Can't get much weirder than that.

    • Drakken: Kim Possible, you think you're all that, but. . . (sees the hovercraft Kim pulled him and Shego off of explode) Oh, you. . . uh, saved us.
      Shego: This is an awkward moment.
      Drakken: We must never speak of it again.
      Kim: Fair enough.

    • Ron: This is all like some crazy dream.
      (fade out to Ron and Kim sleeping)
      Barkin: Possible, Stoppable, wake up! The exhibit isn't that boring.

    • Exterminator: Under normal circumstances they would be gone in two, or three days, tops, but these seem to be mutant termites.
      Drakken: Mutant? Really, I can assure you, I have no idea how they got that way.

    • Drakken: No, it's someone named Demenz.
      Shego: Doy, that's Professor Dementor's real name.
      Drakken: (shocked) He uses a fake name?!?
      Shego: (sarcastically) Yeah, can you imagine, Drew Lipsky?

    • Barkin: 100 years ago the world came to Middleton-
      Ron: Where did they all stay?

    • Kim: (of photo) Doesn't that remind you of-
      Ron: A squid juggling lunch meat?
      Kim: No, Shego!
      Ron: O-Oh... yeah...

    • Kim: (thinking that Ron is looking for the electrostatic illuminator) Is it there?
      Ron: Found it!
      Kim: That's not the electrostatic illuminator!
      Ron: Oh, right. Yeah, I was looking for 100-year old hot sauce. This stuff's gotta pack a punch now!

    • Jonathan Stoppable: I have seen the future and it's name is taco!

    • Museum Guy: Some say that this mysterious female warrior was the true key behind the many victories of Ronicus.
      Kim: Hmmm. . . sounds about right.
      Ron: Hey! Who got the big statue? Uh, uh, Booyah.

    • Drakken: (About the cookies) Try one Shego! (Singsong voice) They have no calories!

    • Ron: You're 110 years old?!
      Wayne: And I still look better than you.

    • Drakken: To my mother's attic!
      Shego: I'm going, but I am not sure why.

    • Drakken: Shego, the electro-static illuminater is the reason I became a villain!
      Shego: I thought you became a villian because your friends laughed at you in nerd school.
      Drakken: Well, thank you for harshing my mellow, Shego.

    • Kim: (realizing) The musuem!
      Ron: (hair standing on end due to spark rocks) Another field trip?
      Wayne: You really don't have much going on in the upper story, do you, Spike?

    • Ron: Who cares about hundred-year-old timers? Uh, maybe this isn't the best place to talk about this.

    • MHS Sign: History Field Trip Yesterday.

    • MHS Sign: Those Who Fail History Are Doomed to Repeat It.

    • Jonathan Stoppable: (of the Electro-static Illuminator) You don't know what it does, do you?
      Prof. Demenz: No, but it makes lightning and that's got to be good for something!

    • Wayne: That was my last flash. The rest of the pictures I took that night might as well have been of coal miners in a blackout.

    • Shego: Wait, since when do we win?

    • Wayne: (On why he didn't tell Barkin what he saw) I was a ten year old kid with a theory, and Barkin was the Chief of Police, with his own theory.
      Ron: His theory made for a good headline.

    • Kim: (Of Mim) How could someone who'd done so much good go so bad?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Don't worry, Kimmie, I'm sure you won't end up like that. (Kim glares at him) Oh, that's not where you were going with this, was it?

    • Wade: I've been digitally enhancing the old photos!
      Wayne: "Digitally enhancing." Pah.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Pop Rocks:

      The candy Ron was eating in this episode was called Shocks Rocks, it send a burst of static electricity throughout the eater's body. This is a reference to Pop Rocks, the candy that crackles and pops as it dissolves in the eater's mouth.