Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 32

Ron Millionaire

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jun 04, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Ron Millionaire
When Ron gains Naco royalties from Bueno Nacho and becomes a multi-millionaire, he loses track of his persona and becomes a self-absorbed individual. However, when Dr. Drakken attempts to steal a huge diamond in order to power his laser, he takes notices of the now rich Ron and attempts to seize his finances, so it’s up to Kim to save the day and her friend Ron; despite the fact that he is no longer the Ron she used to know.moreless

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  • This episode is about when Ron becomes a millionare.

    When Ron gains Naco royalties from Bueno Nacho and becomes a multi-millionaire, he loses track of his personality and becomes a self-absorbed individual. However, when Dr. Drakken attempts to steal a huge diamond in order to power his laser, he takes notices of the now rich Ron and attempts to seize his finances, so it’s up to Kim to save the day and her friend Ron; despite the fact that he is no longer the Ron she used to know. My favorite part of this episode is when we see Ron handing out money to everyone. If only I were one of those people. I would want to be one of those people so that I don't have to spend my own money which is in Spanish A mi me gustaria ser una de esas gente para que yo no gastaria mi propio dinero.moreless
  • Not even worth a money-related pun.

    Thanks to his Bueno Nacho creation the Naco, Ron receives a healthy bit of royalties. 99 million dollars, to be exact, turning him into a materialistic snob.

    Overall, the show doesn't really say much about the mistreatment of Ron. Then, episodes like this open their mouths and all doubt is removed. Side note: as I see so much of myself in him, Ron is my favorite character, and it pains me to see me treated so badly. Given the way he's written sometimes, like here, comparisons to Kafka's "The Trial", where a man is put on trial and punished, but no one will tell him the exact nature of the crime(s) he's accused of committing, are in no way unreasonable.

    Let's count the plotholes, shall we: Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable (who surely could've guided their son in his windfall) are nowhere to be found. Ron ends up losing all of the money (or at least, what wasn't blown on squadrons and jewelry). ALL OF IT. I guess there are some people who've never heard of banks. Also, there's the fact that the Naco may still be a success (after all, no evidence to the contrary was given), guaranteeing future royalties, but this is never once mentioned. And doesn't it strike anyone else as unusual that a Smarty Mart shopper would be so careless with coin? Lastly, this is the episode that allowed my mere despising of Bonnie to curdle into outright hatred.

    Surprisingly, some funny moments escape the cesspool, like the 'Iceland-Greenland' conversation and the supposed origin of the Naco. And it was an admitted kick hearing the reunion between "Boy Meets World" vets Will Friedle and William Daniels.

    Overall, this episode is about as valid as a three-dollar bill.moreless
  • My favourite Epsisode

    Honestly this is my favourite episode on the Kim Possible serie. Ron gets paid 99 Million in Naco royalty movie and goes crazy with it. Calling himself The Ron, You would swear he trying to rip off The Donald AKA Donald Trump of Trump Hotel & Casino.

    With his peeps Ron goes on a crazy money give away & Spending spree. In this episode alone Ron bought a 12.5 Million dollar pinky ring (Which was stolen by Dr. D. in the store so I doubt he paid for it), A covert op commando, A gold plated limo, lots of bling and of course a private jet.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • This is one of four episodes where Ron changes his image to get more popular, with the other three being All The News, Ron the Man, and The New Ron.

    • Jump5's remake of 'Celebration' plays as Ron struts into school surrounded by his peeps, in his first appearance as 'the Ron.'

    • The character models in Ron's flashback to how he invented the Naco are the same ones used for Jonathan Stoppable and Miriam Possible in Rewriting History, which by production codes (and air dates) occurs two episodes after this.

    • Because Ron got a nickel for every naco, this means that 1,980,000,000 nacos were sold

    • It isn't even possible to carry $100,000 in cash, let alone 99 mil.

    • The one girl who was wandering around with Ron looks like one of the cheerleaders: The one with Dark Skin and her hair is Black Afro Style

    • Kim says something to the effect of "Just south of a billion" when Shego asks her how much Ron has acquired. 99 Million (the amount Ron acquires) is not just south of a billion. It is south of 100 Million... which is only ten percent of a billion.

    • At Jimmy Ding's store, when Kim was fighting Shego, for a brief moment, you see Ron on the floor with the giant diamond on his pinky wearing his old red sweater instead of his new outfit.

    • After Ron falls down from the weight of the diamond, you cut to Shego and Kim fighting. In the background, you can see Ron fallen on the floor, but he's wearing his red shirt/blue sweater instead of his new threads!

    • Kim's mouth is all but missing just before she jumps away after the "You're busted" exchange.

    • Ron spends alot of his money but near the end people say that there is still 99 mil.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • (Drakken discovers that Ron is rich)
      Drakken: The fool has money? A large ridiculous amount of money? (chuckling) Oh, I'll finish Operation Catastrophic Doom in style. (ordering his henchmen) Grab the buffoon!
      Ron: How can I be rich, and still be a buffoon?

    • Ron: The Ron needs to let people know that he is a man of wealth and taste.
      Kim: And the gold-plated stretch limo doesn't send that message?

    • (After Operation Catastrophic Doom fails)
      Shego: Colossal-waste-of-money!
      Drakken: Shego! No Iceland for you!

    • Jimmy: (after Drakken blasts through the wall) Gentlemen and beautiful lady friends, please. Jimmy Ding the Bling Bling King has more than enough ice to keep the situation cool.
      Kim: Sorry, Mr. Ding, but they're evil.
      Drakken: Oh, just because I do bad things that makes me evil.
      Kim: Uh, yeah. You're a villain.
      Drakken: You teenagers think you have it all figured out! Sometimes there are shades of grey!
      Kim: Not in this case.

    • MHS Sign: Lunch on The Ron

    • Kim: Wade, search for major spending and shipping addresses.
      Wade: Why?
      Kim: Because if theres anyone worse with money than Ron, it's Drakken.

    • Drakken: So Stoppable, my laser is pretty bling bling wouldn't you say?
      Ron: Not anymore, not since you used that term.
      Drakken: Oh come now, it was your fundage that made my evil dream come true.
      Ron: Oh great, take fundage from my vocab. too.

    • Kim: The Ron will get on The Nerves.

    • 1800s Ron: Possible, come quick! I need you!
      1800s Kim: (in a Southern Belle accent): Oh, Ronald! This'll do wonderment! (breathlessly and flirtatiously) It will change the world. (bats her eyelashes at 1800s Ron.)
      1800s Ron: Yes. Yes it shall.
      Present Kim: That's how you remember it?
      Present Ron: Yep.

    • Kim: You're busted, Drakken!
      Shego: No, he's filthy rich, but you will be busted when I'm done.

    • Ron: At least Bonnie's not with you. She stayed true to The Ron.
      Drakken: The brown haired girl? I had to let her go. I prefer to surround myself with genuine friends.

    • Ron: So I was like "Oh yeah?", and he was like "Yeah." in a real mean and tough kinda way.
      (all gasp)
      Bonnie: Then what did you say?
      Ron: Nothing, then I bought the place and fired his sorry self.

    • Jimmy Ding: So, you are "The Ron." Sir, this is an honor, or should I say, "Ronnor."
      Ron: You should.

    • Ron: (in Kim's jet) And you said money couldn't buy happiness.
      Kim: (sarcastically) Silly me.

    • Kim: Ron, let's suit up.
      Ron: "The Ron" Kim, "The Ron."
      Kim: I like the jet, let's not push it.

    • Drakken: I'll give you Greenland, that's a lot of land.
      Shego: Uh-huh, uh-huh. Greenland is the icy one.
      Drakken: You knew that!?
      Shego: I want Iceland.
      Drakken: The green one!?

    • Kim: But there are so many other things you could buy! Less tacky things! Like Denver.

    • Kim: Ron, you can't buy people!
      Ron: Have you been under a rock this past week? Of course you can!

    • Kim: We're going after Drakken.
      Ron: Coolio! We're getting my diamond back!
      Kim: (sarcastically) Yeah. And stopping his latest evil scheme will just be a bonus.

    • Ron: (drooling) So many zeros. . .

    • Ron: (of the diamond) At 12.5 million, it's a steal!
      (explosion breaks down part of the wall)
      Drakken: No, If you steal it, it's a steal!

    • Shego: Your sidekick bought you a squad?
      Kim: Uh, yeah.
      Shego: Man, I am definitely on the wrong side.

    • Ron: I think I learned a lesson from all this, Rufus.
      Rufus: Mm-hmm.
      Ron: Never carry ninety-nine million dollars in cash.

    • Kim: You carried the entire ninety-nine mil in your pockets?
      Ron: Bonnie thought it was fly.

    • Kim: (reading flyer) Jimmy Ding, the Bling Bling King? (pauses) I can't believe I just said those words with a straight face.

    • Kim: Ron, don't unspool the drool.

    • Wade: Well, he lost it quicker that last time, so maybe he'll snap out of it faster too.
      Kim: He's calling himself 'The Ron.'
      Wade: On the other hand, maybe he's lost to us forever.

    • Ron: The little people just don't understand.
      Bonnie: I understand, Ron! (Ron glares) The Ron!

    • Bonnie: Ron Stoppable, you are such a hottie.
      Ron: Are you just saying that becuase I'm rich?
      Bonnie: Yes.
      Ron: Cool!

    • Shego: Okay, let's get operation 'Too complicated to actually work' underway.

    • Ron: What do you think are the chances that Bonnie fell in love with the real me?
      Kim: Uh. . .

    • Ron: With a friend like you, I don't need anybody else.
      Kim: Nice save. Have enough to grande size?

  • NOTES (3)


    • Total Recall:

      The rotorcraft is similar to the USMC Boeing V-22 Osprey. Also, the robotic pilot recalls the robotic cab driver in Arnold Shwarzenegger's movie Total Recall.

    • Knight Rider:

      William Daniels, the voice of the Robot Pilot of Ron's plane, voiced K.I.T.T. in the classic '80s TV show "Knight Rider".

    • Ron: Possible, come quick, I need you!

      Ron's exclamation when he invents the naco echos the famed words of Alexander Graham Bell... the first words he spoke when he invented the telephone.

    • Kim: "He's calling himself 'The Ron'"

      New York entrepreneur and host of The Apprentice Donald Trump calls himself "The Donald." "The Ron" is a play on this nickname.

    • Drakken: New evil lair, 39 million dollars. New laser...

      This is a reference to the ever-popular "there are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's Mastercard" advertisements.

    • Ron Stoppable: "A man of wealth and taste!"

      This line, spoken by Ron on his way to the Bling-Bling King's, is a reference to the Rolling Stones song, "Sympathy for the Devil" ('Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste').