Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 32

Ron Millionaire

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jun 04, 2004 on Disney Channel

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  • Not even worth a money-related pun.

    Thanks to his Bueno Nacho creation the Naco, Ron receives a healthy bit of royalties. 99 million dollars, to be exact, turning him into a materialistic snob.

    Overall, the show doesn't really say much about the mistreatment of Ron. Then, episodes like this open their mouths and all doubt is removed. Side note: as I see so much of myself in him, Ron is my favorite character, and it pains me to see me treated so badly. Given the way he's written sometimes, like here, comparisons to Kafka's "The Trial", where a man is put on trial and punished, but no one will tell him the exact nature of the crime(s) he's accused of committing, are in no way unreasonable.

    Let's count the plotholes, shall we: Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable (who surely could've guided their son in his windfall) are nowhere to be found. Ron ends up losing all of the money (or at least, what wasn't blown on squadrons and jewelry). ALL OF IT. I guess there are some people who've never heard of banks. Also, there's the fact that the Naco may still be a success (after all, no evidence to the contrary was given), guaranteeing future royalties, but this is never once mentioned. And doesn't it strike anyone else as unusual that a Smarty Mart shopper would be so careless with coin? Lastly, this is the episode that allowed my mere despising of Bonnie to curdle into outright hatred.

    Surprisingly, some funny moments escape the cesspool, like the 'Iceland-Greenland' conversation and the supposed origin of the Naco. And it was an admitted kick hearing the reunion between "Boy Meets World" vets Will Friedle and William Daniels.

    Overall, this episode is about as valid as a three-dollar bill.
  • My favourite Epsisode

    Honestly this is my favourite episode on the Kim Possible serie. Ron gets paid 99 Million in Naco royalty movie and goes crazy with it. Calling himself The Ron, You would swear he trying to rip off The Donald AKA Donald Trump of Trump Hotel & Casino.

    With his peeps Ron goes on a crazy money give away & Spending spree. In this episode alone Ron bought a 12.5 Million dollar pinky ring (Which was stolen by Dr. D. in the store so I doubt he paid for it), A covert op commando, A gold plated limo, lots of bling and of course a private jet.